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In 2009 Phil Torbet first created his successful mattress product, but there was only one problem with this; the materials were too expensive. So, his research continued until he was able to create a cheaper alternative in 2014 with polyurethane foam rather than memory foam.

By the time this was achieved, a new problem arose: the mattress was too firm. Not everyone enjoys the same firmness. So after much trial and error, Phil Torbet created the Morphiis line, where customers can customize their own mattress to their own perfection.

Morphis sells toppers, mattresses, and pillows that all come with a personal touch when you buy them.

Products & Materials

The Morphiis Mattress is uniquely different from others. It comes with comfort-inserts that you can place in your bed for the best night’s rest.

Twin and Twin XL bed sizes come with 18 comfort-inserts; 6 soft, 6 medium, and 6 firm. Full, Queen, King, and Cal King size come with 36 comfort-inserts, 12 soft, 12 medium, and 12 firm. Rather than fighting with memory foam that heats up over time and stiffens, Morphiis beds use Ultrafoam which stays cool, makes no body impressions, and allows you to move freely.

You get an inclusive storage bag for the extra comfort inserts and the mattress can adjust to adjustable frames.

You can also get mattress toppers to further personalize your mattress. Eight different firmness levels are provided with the topper for each side of the bed. The Pillow comes with six interchangeable layers of cooling foam. These layers are broken down to four layers of microfiber-fill and 2 foam layers. This pillow comes in standard-queen and king sizes.


The Customizable Morphiis Mattress comes in different sizes. All of these different sizes come with a different price-tag:

  • Queen sizes cost $895
  • Twin sized mattresses cost $495
  • Twin XL sizes cost $550
  • Full sizes cost $750
  • Both King and Cal King sizes cost $1095

Toppers also come in different sizes to compliment the mattress you have:

  • Twin sizes are priced at $175
  • Full sizes are priced at $200
  • Queen sizes are priced at $225
  • King Sizes are priced at $250

Finally, there are pillows which come in two sizes, King and Queen:

  • Queen sized pillows cost $85
  • King sized pillows cost $95
  • Queen sized replacement covers are priced at $15
  • King sized replacement covers are priced at $17

Warranty & Returns

All Morphiis mattresses come with a 25-year warranty. This applies to any defective parts or workmanship that you may find on the mattress. This warranty is not transferable, therefore to apply for a warranty claim, you need both proof of the damaged and proof of your purchase.

The warranty does not cover any damage that was caused after purchase and occurred due to usage. If you want to return your mattress rather than get it repaired, then you can do so within the first 100 days of your purchase and receive a full refund. It must have been used for 30 days prior to return.

All mattresses that have been returned will go to local charities.

Shipping Information

All products come with free shipping as well as free pickup. If you wish to return the mattress or have it repaired under your warranty, then the return shipment is on the company.