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Morphiis Customizable Pillow

With the sleep industry recognizing the many needs a person may have in relation to their sleep comfort, more and more products have become adjustable for better market coverage. Morphiis is a new company, recently making its debut in 2017. Influenced by the Greek myths of Morpheus, the god of sleep, the company has set forth to help as many consumers as possible to get the rest they deserve. Because of this, their products are able to morph, or change for the consumer to better fit personal comfort goals.

The Sleep Judge Review Team received a Customizable Pillow to review. Our results pertaining to our review can be found below.

Morphiis Customizable Pillow Specs

 Filling: polyester fill / memory foam

 Loft: Adjustable

 Sleep Positions: All

 Warranty: 3 years

Morphiis Sleep Company History

Morphiis is a fairly new company overall, making its debut in 2017. The idea behind their customizable comfort products began with a mattress when the founder and his wife couldn’t agree on the level of firmness they preferred. This problem blossomed into a mattress design that has three different firmness layers, which soon became popular among consumers who wanted more control over their sleep surface. This idea has driven an entire line of mattress, pillow, and mattress topper concepts that continue to grow in popularity.

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Breakdown of the Morphiis Customizable Pillow

Morphiis is a fairly new company overall, making its debut in 2017. The idea behind their customizable comfort products began with a mattress when the founder and his wife couldn’t agree on the level of firmness they preferred. This problem blossomed into a mattress design that has three different firmness layers, which soon became popular among consumers who wanted more control over their sleep surface. This idea has driven an entire line of mattress, pillow, and mattress topper concepts that continue to grow in popularity.


The pillow came with some fun packaging in a rolled, fairly weather-proof carryall. Inside it was vacuum sealed tight, rolled, and then wrapped and taped to create a compact, easy to transport package. It was easy enough to unwrap and allow to expand, which has me shocked overall at how well sealed it had been as this is not a small pillow overall with all inserts in place. It needed minimum fluffing and had no offgassing smell.

First Impressions

My first impression was pertaining to how thick, and solid a pillow it seemed. Even though I was aware that it was adjustable, I truly cannot see how anyone could use it with all 6 layers. I am a huge fan of adjustable pillows, so I immediately unzipped it to to check out how it was configured to get a better idea about personalized comfort.

Overall I am not a huge fan of layered style adjustability. It is generally very effective, but I do personally struggle with the patience it occasionally takes to get it just right. This pillow has 4 poly filled, soft feeling pillows, and 2 memory foam core of variable density feel. I did like these differences in materials as a feature because it provides a bit more opportunity to get your comfort right from the start- especially with the helpful guide that is provided to give you an idea about how to layer it for comfort. Because of this I had high hopes that I wouldn’t struggle to find just the right comfort.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of a product are what help define your decision surrounding a purchase. Breaking these down into each featured benefit to highlight what this pillow has to offer provides us the opportunity to showcase the details of the products, and our own experiences with each.


The Morphiis Customizable Pillow is available in a Queen and King size choice. They both measure slightly shorter that the standard industry size (18 x 30 and 18 x 36 respectively), but not only is that not noticeable, it also provides a bit less material overall in order to fit better in your pillowcase. This especially helpful in the event you do choose to layer it thicker- which allows the pillowcase to accommodate the higher loft.

6 Variable Fill Layers

There are 6 layers overall, 4 of a microfiber, polyfill, and 2 memory foam. There are all encased in a light, breathable cotton casing, and as shown, are all interchangeable with one another to create your own customized sleep experience. These layers measure approximately 1 ¼ inch and when all are encompassed within the case, the pillow is a very firm, approximate 7 inches of loft. There is very little give overall to the pillow as the case zips tight over the layers and slightly compresses them.

Adjustment Directions

The pillow does come with a booklet to help you visualize how to adjust the layers for variable comfort. You can use everything from all 6 layers (although I feel there are very few people who could take advantage of this), to just one single layer depending on your sleep position and body needs for support.

The blue and yellow pillows shown in the booklet do coincide with the actual pillow layers and their colors to provide you with easy location of the memory foam choices. The blue is a bit more dense and firm feeling, where the yellow has a slightly more responsive give. Each of the white layers are a soft microfiber polyfill, allowing you to create everything from a very firm, yet giving surface, to a soft, malleable one- and everything in between.

100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count Casing

Each individual layer is encased in 100% cotton, plus the cover is also a quality, 300 thread count cotton to ensure maximum airflow. The cover is also box like in nature in order to layer your pillow as you see fit, and be held secure without shifting. For the most part I found this to be true as long as you had at least 3 to 4 layers in use. The casing material didn’t become too loose or baggy feeling until only 1 or 2 layers were used.

Of course you should be using your own pillowcase over the provided case and this looser material feel is firmed up with the added layer. I actually expected this to happen, as many companies struggle to meet the needs of many stomach, and some back sleepers, who require a thinner pillow since this is not a preferred position for the majority. With an adjustable layered pillow such as this, and a gusseted side design, it was bound to happen.

Accessible, 3-Sided Zipper

The zipper placement is very easily accessible and wraps around a full 3 sides of the pillow along what would be considered the bottom of the pillow. This allows for easy access and adjustment of the layers- and removing, or adding, is not at all a problem. Even though with all 6 layers enclosed within, zipping the case back up is not difficult as the cotton provides enough give to easily bring the two zipper sides together. You do need to watch the extra material a bit when zipping up to avoid getting it caught, but it is not at all difficult.

Pillow Care

Although the pillow is considered full machine washable and dryable, it is suggested to make sure you separate the layers and case before laundering. I actually was surprised to see that ALL the layers could be washed as memory foam does not traditionally do well in a washing machine. Because of this I would hesitate to place the foam layers in the wash and spot clean only if needed. If they needed a full laundering I personally will wash by hand and leave out to dry thoroughly.

Warranty: 3 Years, 30 Night Sleep Trial

Morphiis offers a generous warranty on workmanship and materials, and provides you with 3 years of worry free coverage for anything not related to normal wear and tear (or misuse). They also offer a 30 day return that is truly hassle free in the event you simply cannot find a comfort position for you.

Consumer Reviews

This is a very new company, and not surprisingly, this is a very new product. There is very little in the way of consumer feedback found across internet searches, but of the few I found provide a pretty decent overview of how this design will be accepted by those in search of a customizable pillow.

Those who preferred this pillow were, for the most part, back and side sleepers who took advantage of the memory foam layers and already slept on a firmer surface. The liked how they could manipulate the softer layers to provide a pillowtop like comfort of varying depths. Cons included that it was too firm, or not malleable enough for those who preferred a softer surface. There were no complaints about quality or material workmanship.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

I am a stomach and side sleeper, and prefer a responsive pillow that I can manipulate due to my combination sleeping. Soft pillows, or highly responsive foams are my typical go to, so I did like the many options this particular pillow offered. Although I prefer an adjustable pillow that requires the removal or addition of filling, these layers were intriguing to me as I have appreciated thin memory foam for stomach sleeping in the past, as well as layered polyfill.


I am not a back sleeper, although I do like to catch a quick nap on my back from time to time to help straighten my spine and influence alignment. A back sleeper needs a thinner pillow that allows for support under the head to keep it from falling forward or back, as well as to support the soft tissues of the neck. The weight and size of a person also plays an important role in pillow choice, so being able to find the exact height for me to be comfortable was actually very easy. I layered the yellow memory foam with 2 poly layers and this to work for my shorter stature.


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My side sleeping more defined by propping myself onto a pillow to keep myself from rolling onto my stomach than being a true side sleeper. Because of this I generally prefer a VERY responsive, supportive surface that I can manipulate up under my head and neck to stay in alignment. Folding and bunching are a must, and this pillow does not support these movements well. Even without the memory foam, I struggled to find the feel and height I preferred.

Now, if I was a true side sleeper who aligned their spine and basically slept in the position without much movement, I could definitely see taking advantage of the layers to manipulate the perfect loft and supportive give for head and neck alignment. The potential is there- just not for me.


A stomach sleeper really should avoid a pillow altogether, or use a thin, responsive choice to get their head as flat in line with their spine as possible. Since many people who stomach sleep prefer to sleep on a pillow, finding one thin enough to keep from adding strain to the shoulders and lower back can be difficult. I found the thin memory foam layers to work as an excellent stand alone either together or one at a time.

The poly layers in pairs were also okay, but I felt moved around to much due to the space left in the case. What is also awesome is you can take advantage of a layer to tuck it up under your hips to alleviate strain to your back. This is also an option for the above positions as well- you can roll a pillow under your neck, knees, and hips to alleviate pressure points.

Other Opinions

With very few reviews available overall online, I was curious to see what other people might like to say about it, so I ran two more trials. The first trial involved a side sleeping, shorter, but heavier set, and broad male, while the second trial was a back sleeping, slender, tall female.

Their reviews are as follows:
Trial one found the pillow to be comfortable once he managed to find the perfect amount of layers and the order he was most comfortable with. He did complain that this took a few nights as he would think he had what he wanted and then wake up uncomfortable. He eventually settled on 4 layers that mix and matched the memory foam and polyfill layers. He started with the blue foam on top, followed by polyfill, then yellow foam, and finally polyfill again. It was high enough for his board frame, but responsive enough to hold his head and neck comfortably.

Trial two started with 4 layers: 2 polyfill stacked on top of the blue foam and then the yellow foam. She ended up removing the yellow foam, but leaving the 2 polyfill on top of the blue. She felt 4 layers were too tall, but 3 layers were perfect. She also liked how she could roll an extra polyfill layer to place under her neck and knees to help stretch and align her spine for a deeper relaxation.

Overall Rating: 4.6

Although this wasn’t a go to pillow design for me personally, I most definitely respected the quality materials and thought put into the design that really does address a huge array of sleep positions and preferences. I was able to get comfortable within in more than one position, and alternate trials also showed that it was a promising idea for others of various needs and wants as well.

It is an easy to care for product, and highlights the needs many have and want to be able to customize their sleep experience. When a person invests in their comfort they want to know that it is guaranteed, and they also want to know they aren’t wasting their time or money. This company provides the sleep trial, as well as the ability to truly shape your sleep needs for peace of mind.

Memory foam probably shouldn’t be washed, but the rest is easy to care for. Initially I felt 6 layers was a bit of overkill, but depending on your needs, you may need all polyfill, or only memory foam- making them quite necessary. To use altogether, however, probably isn’t as good suggestion due to how high and firm the pillow becomes.

Because of how many different ways this pillow can be configured, it can be a bit of a pain to work your way through the many different scenarios. It can cause a bit of frustration, and maybe even some uncomfortable nights. That isn’t appealing to everyone, and you should be aware that some patience might be needed prior to purchase to make the most of it in the long run.


A customizable sleep product definitely has an advantage over other products. There is not true one size fits all, but the Morphiis Customizable Pillow comes awfully close overall. The layering design that mixes and matches a microfiber polyfill and memory foam is truly unique and allows you to get probably one of the best solid core foam adjustments currently available in the current sleep industry. This design also allows for good airflow for a cooler sleep, and can be layered for all sleep positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Stomach, Back, and Side.

What is the loft?


Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Minimal. Wears off within around 24-48 hours.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

3 years.