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Morphiis Pressure Mattress Topper Plus

Updated May 6, 2021

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Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams; the one who helped you fall peacefully to sleep, and shaped your night with visions of the future and past, images, and stories. Of course our reasoning behind what we experience as we sleep has altered quite a bit in the last few thousand years, but that does not mean the name of the god believed to be responsible for your night’s rest has been forgotten.

The Morphiis Sleep Company name is influenced by this ancient name and what it stood for, and applies the deep rest of dreams to their products. The Sleep Judge Review Team has had the opportunity to experience one of their newest products, the Perfect Pressure Mattress Topper Plus: an adjustable foam mattress topper. Our findings are detailed below.

Morphiis Topper Plus Specs

 Filling: Ultrafoam Polyurethane Foam

 Loft: Adjustable

 Comfort Positions: All

 Warranty: 3 year limited

Morphiis Sleep Company History

In 2017 the Morphiis Sleep Company made their debut with a fully customizable, and adjustable bed that cold provide comfort for both sleepers. When the founder and his wife couldn’t reach an agreement on mattress firmness, he set about creating a design they would both be happy with. From this birthed even more products made to provide you with the perfect sleep surface.

Breakdown of the Perfect Pressure Mattress Topper Plus

The Perfect Pressure Mattress Topper Plus is the company’s answer to how differently each person responds to various sleep surfaces to help influence proper spinal alignment, and more more restful night’s sleep. The patented UltraFoam is considered breathable, and is slotted across the topper in 7 different places to provide adjustability to the firmness levels you experience. It also can be adjusted to fit various needs from one sleeper to the next if you and your partner have differences in defining comfort.


The topper came double boxed in a brown cardboard that did state what was inside. Within was a more detailed box that held the topper well vacuum packed into a much smaller space that seemed physically impossible. Although the box was incredibly detailed, it also came with an instruction booklet as well and razor cutter to more easily access the topper wrapped tightly in plastic without causing damage.

The topper was vacuum sealed and then folded and tightly rolled before being wrapped again in plastic and taped. It was a bit overwhelming to consider how I was going to open it, but luckily the company thought of that with the inclusion of a razor. This allowed me to carefully cut through each plastic layer without damaging the actual topper.

Set Up and Adjustments

Once unrolled and unfolded, I was able to place the topper across where I wanted it to sit on the mattress and then release the vacuum pressure. It immediately began to inflate, and with a few cuts down the side the plastic came away easily. There was some initial offgassing, but it dissipated very quickly (within an hour) and was not overwhelming in any way. Overall the setup was very easy and not at all messy as I stuffed the layers of plastic into the box as I worked. The topper is fairly lightweight, not extremely awkward for something so large, and was easy to place and move around as needed.

The company suggests you not make any adjustments at first in order to let the topper inflate all the way and settle. Any new surface also take some time to get used to, and since a more firm surface is recommended for health purposes, you should start there, and then adjust as needed. I did go ahead and check the adjustability out right away in order to report on it, and describe those results below.

First Impressions

First off, it’s important to note that the mattress I am currently sleeping on is a firm, traditional innerspring design with a pillow top. This most definitely can influence the overall feel of your topper; the softer your mattress surface, the softer your topper will feel.

Although I was impressed with the ease of the setup, it did seem to me that the topper itself was a bit soft overall- a concern for me as I prefer a firmer surface due to being a stomach and side sleeper with some hip and lower back tension. I also immediately noticed that the topper was slightly wider than my queen size bed, which made me wonder if my sheets were going to fit over it.

Of course I did hop on right away before making the bed, and noticed that it provided a pretty decent contour under my weight, but also felt slightly ‘bouncy’- almost like a latex surface. I was a bit concerned that the center was not firm enough. Since this is the area that your hips rest, it also is where a lot of your weight concentrates, and too deep a sink in any position can create lower back strain. Of course adding a mattress protector and/or sheets can change the feel of a topper, I decided to wait before making any assumptions of the initial comfort.

Features and Benefits

Before making an investment in your sleep, you probably want to make sure you are happy with what you are seeing in relation to a particular product. The features, and associated benefits of any item you are considering, are important to review in advance– and with such a new product that can be hard to dig up. Below we have have broken down these details with our own experiences to provide you a good overview of the topper.


The topper is available in twin, full, queen, and king measurements to fit the needs of anyone in your household. Since adding a topper to your mattress helps extend the life of your mattress, they are a popular item, but many times are only available in queen and king sizes- leaving out smaller bed choices.

As mentioned, I noticed right away that the queen size topper was wider than my mattress by about 3 inches overall. That left about and inch and a half hanging over each end that I was concerned would interfere with my sheets. I was able to fit my deep pocketed sheets over it (and a thin mattress protector) without any problem, but did notice that along the sides they do not tuck up under the mattress like normal, placing a bit of strain on them overall.

I did not have any problems with them pulling lose however when I laid on it, so they aren’t pulled too tight. This also helped tighten the topper to the bed very well, making it feel a bit more firm- and allowing me to get my hopes up that this was a product that would deliver on its comfort promises.

3 Inch, Comfort UltraFoam

The topper sits 3 inches tall and for the most part feels uniform across the entire surface in relation to contouring and response with all the inserts in. The company’s patented UltraFoam design was created to avoid the heat sinks that often occur with memory foam, and to allow better surface breathability.

The foam provides instant response rather than the slower sink of memory foam, but also has a slight spring to it, and no impression is left behind after you remove weight. I found it to be more ‘uplifting’ in nature- making me wonder if the polyurethane foam wasn’t created to include more of a latex feel in its construction. I also did not notice any difference in temperature when sleeping on it, but this could be influenced by my choices of protector and sheet. Regardless – there was no noticeable heat sink.

Adjustable Foam Inserts

There are 7 foam inserts that fit within the bottom of the topper lengthwise. These are settled into cutouts within the bottom of the topper, and are not secured by anything but the snug casing. The foam of these inserts are made from the same foam as the rest of the topper, and are not more firm or soft in anyway. Removing these inserts can influence the feel of your sleep surface, and you can easily cut them in half to customize each side of the bed if you sleep with a partner.

I actually was disappointed that the insert foam was not a bit more dense in feel as that would provide even more adjustability (neither is it blue as their images represent). The casing is snug enough to keep them in place, and the adjustment does work to make your sleep surface feel more soft or firm to your preference, but the adjustment process is a pain.

The company suggests you do not remove the cover for adjustment, rather unzip it enough to remove the inserts you want to remove and then zip it back up. Despite the zipper running along three sides, the design is not made to run down the length initially, but the top, meaning you have to unzip across the whole top and down the side to access the inserts.

This, in short, is a pain,as you will discover, when you try to zip it back up. Luckily there is good stretch to the case in order to pull the sides back together to enclose the topper again. I managed alone but another set of hands would have been useful. Adding the inserts back in was horrific and felt like I was wrestling three toddlers into clothes- all at once (if you have children you know what I mean). My suggestion is to do this with the topper flipped upside down with the inserts facing up to keep them in place while you zip it all back up.

Smooth, Quilted Outer Cover with Non-Slip Bottom

The case is a polyester spandex blend and is quilted to provide a breathable, smooth surface. It is thick enough to provide a slightly plush feel, and the spandex allows for a slight stretch, which can come in handy as explained above. The bottom is micro- dotted with what feels like a rubber polymer to help keep the topper from slipping. I did lay on it and moved around without the sheets and never had it slip or move around unless I physically made it move.

Accessible, 3-Sided Zipper

As mentioned, the zipper placement is not my favorite feature. The fact that is can only be unzipped from one side is a pain too. It would have been smarter to run them along the length for easier adjustable access. It is almost easier to unzip the entire thing when adjusting than try to slip the inserts in and out. To remove it entirely and try to get it back on is not even something I attempted as I do not have high hopes for my sanity through the process. The positive through it all? The zipper is well sewn and seems durable enough to handle all the tugging and pulling, and does move along the track well.

How to Care For the Topper

The company must be aware of their failed zipper placement as I read multiple times to try and avoid removing the cover unless you absolutely need to launder it, as I quote, “it can be challenging to replace it” and, my personal favorite, “replacing the cover after washing can be taxing”. Ya think??? These warnings, and my experiences with it, are what led me to decide to place a mattress protector over it; I want to avoid removing that cover at all cost.

It is machine washable and dryable though, which is a great thing as your sleep surface is rather personal in nature and should be laundered if needed. Just mentally prepare yourself to wrestle it back on. The foam is easily spot cleaned as well, with most anything being able to be blotted up with gentle fabric cleansers and patience.

The topper should also be rotated, end to end, every 6 months to help support even wear. The slots from head to foot are identical in nature not only for full body personalization, but to help extend the life of the topper with this attention to detail.

Warranty: 3 Year Limited, 30 Day Sleep Trial

You do have a 30 day, no questions asked return policy for a full refund. The company will send you a return authorization, and no worries, you do not have to try and fit it back inside the impossibly small packaging it came in. They simply request you fold it in half as many times as possible and tape tight in a a large plastic bag; garbage bags included.

The three year limited warranty applies to any manufacturing defect to the case or the foam core. They will replace, repair, or remedy the defect depending on severity. This does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse.

Consumer Reviews

This isn’t a product that has been around long, and so hasn’t gathered a large amount of feedback or reviews yet, and what I found was somewhat of a mixed bag. Overall, consumers were happy. They praised the comfort, the design, and the way is can be customized for two sleepers of varying needs. Almost all positive customer reviews commented that it reduced pressure, and allowed them to rest easier.

Negative reviews were not at all detailed, and only provided brief explanations as to it not being what they expected. Comments were made about the overlap that I mentioned earlier, and although I actually found it to help secure the topper, it wasn’t necessarily liked by all consumers.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

Although initially I did feel like the center of the topper did not have enough support for the hip and lower back area prior to adding my protector and sheet, it did firm up significantly after this addition. I still would have liked to have seen a firmer insert, at least for this mid-section as this is the area of your body that requires the most support. With that being said- My overall sleep experience was positive, and I may just make my own firmer support over time for this.

As a stomach and side sleeper I prefer a firm, yet responsive mattress top, hence my innerspring and pillow top combo. Adding a topper to a tried and true mattress top had me skeptical, but I was willing to sacrifice myself for the review. And I’m glad I did. Remember, I did leave all the inserts intact as suggested by the company, and also my own personal preferences for a firm surface.

As a long distance runner, my body is usually in some form of recovery, and I often find myself a bit stiff in the morning until my muscles loosen and warmup. This never takes long, but I do notice a difference after a good night’s sleep- and this topper seriously delivered! I woke the first night, and every subsequent night) after sleeping on this with a noticeable lack of stiffness- making me rethink pressure points in my mattress (it is starting to age after all). It felt a bit like getting a new mattress overall, and I was happy with the firmness level, but appreciated the added padding to the hip and shoulder areas.


On my back it kept me fairly level with a very slight, noticeable sink under my hips. Without the sheets you can see how the edges raise up in response to my weight, and when the sheets were added this provided even more support. I did not feel like it was placing strain on my lower back however, as it contoured to my shape nicely.

This is by far the most comfortable position for me on this topper. As you can see, the topper conforms under my shoulders and hips as seen in where the edge raises from the side of the bed. With a sheet this is even more supportive, and reduces pressure points significantly while supporting spinal alignment.

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As a stomach sleeper I always want to avoid any surface that pulls my hips down to further misalign my spine. I was impressed with this topper in how it contoured under the weight of my shoulders and cradled my hips. As you can see, the topper contoured to my weight from my shoulders to hips to hold them in a fairly straight line. I did feel some sink under my hips initially, but once the sheets were on this felt much more level.



As happy as I am with the feel of this topper so far, I’m going to explain what takes this product down a notch to a 4.5 rather than a 5 star rating. First, the comfort truly does deliver. Despite my initial impression and reserve about the feel, I do find it to work well with my firm mattress to provide support where needed – especially in relation to pressure points. The adaptability and adjustment features are good. They could be improved upon, but are effective, and the fact that you can personalize both sides of the bed is a huge perk.

Now- this product works for me, and I do believe it would be an excellent choice for most anyone of any size simply because it works with your mattress. If you already have a mattress that works for you, this should enhance the experience, not replace it. It may give some new, extended life to a mattress that is starting to get tired, but don’t expect any drastic changes if you have a worn, sagging or poorly responsive surface already.

The ugly of this topper is that case. It is seriously a poor design that allows neither easy access for adjustment purposes, nor for washing. If you are looking to adjust and need the time to play with different levels of firmness until you find the one that works for you – be prepared for a workout. At least the company warns you… The adjustment inserts could be better designed as well. Only the case holds them snug, and so it takes some finesse to get them all back in order if you have removed them as they will want to move around until you have wrestled the case back over them.

If you need to alleviate pressure points, and are looking for a way to accommodate two different sleep positions and comfort needs, the Morphiis Perfect Pressure Mattress Topper Plus should definitely top your list of products to try out. With a responsive foam that provides support and pressure relief where needed, and decent adjustability – this is a topper that is definitely creating a new way to view sleep. Even though there are some design flaws, the product is pretty solid in its overall conception, and it is effective and delivers what it claims to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?

Can go both ways with 8 firmness options for each sleeper.

How thick is it?


Is it easy to store?

Bulky for storage.

Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?

Smooth quilted cover with zipper with non-slip bottom included.

How long is the warranty?

3 years limited.