What is a Low Profile Box Springs and Why You May Need One

Attempting to find that perfect sleeping space but not sure what you’re doing wrong? Do you wake up several times a night and start the day feeling like you haven’t slept a wink? These are awful things to go through, but really, the fix could be quite simple.

Maybe it’s your box spring. If your particular one is old, tired and outdated, it’s more than likely time to go purchase yourself a new one. Ever heard of a low profile box spring? These definitely aren’t your grandmother’s mattress foundations. These designs are modern, nifty and way easier to use than the more traditional version you’re probably used to.

If you think you need more information before you’re sold, no worries on that front. We’ve got all the essential information about short mattress foundations you’ll need to decide for yourself if a low profile box spring is the best thing for your sleeping situation.

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Low Profile Box Spring – Benefits and Downsides

Benefits of a low profile box spring Downsides to a low profile box spring
Weighs less May not absorb as much body movement as you’re used to
Absorbs body motion like a traditional box spring May not offer you enough support
Easier to move Could make your sleep space seem too low to the ground
Good way to reduce bed height May be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it


So, What Exactly is a Low Profile Box Spring?

Take everything you think you know about spring made mattress foundations and throw them out the window. A shorter design is the hip, modern version to the old, traditional version. Not that old versions and options are a bad thing, there’s a reason why they’re still around, but shorter design types are ideal for the person on the go. Or, just someone who needs a little extra support without all the weight and hassle of a traditional box foundation.

A low profile box spring kept all the best attributes of the old-fashioned one as far as support, weight distribution, and height, but considering how nifty newer mattresses are on the market these days, the low version acts more like a sidekick. These box foundations still have the comfort coils and padding, just on a lower height scale. Low profile box springs are reduced in height in order to let your modern mattress shine like the star it’s meant to be.

In other words, the shorter mattress base is the slimmed down version of a traditional model, so it won’t take away from the height and density of modern mattresses. Modern mattresses have come a long way since just springs and cushions, so a lower profile foundation has adequately adapted, as well. Instead of a super high boxy frame, the low kind features a smoother, sleeker, thinner version with just as much support. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t worry, in this case, there are no gimmicks.


Benefits of a Low Profile Box Spring

These particular products, also known as a low profile foundation, measure in at about a sleek five inches, compared to a traditional design and model that can measure up to nine inches. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but many people prefer the lower options because they cut the sleep height in half. For example, imagine adding a mattress, which is at least six to ten inches tall on its own, on top of an already 9-inch base support? Woah – hope you have a pretty long bed skirt.

A low profile foundation reduces the space of the floor to your mattress, which many people prefer these days. Plus, odds are, you have a pretty modern mattress. Modern mattresses are much higher these days than they used to be due to all those orthopedic layers and cushions for varying ailments. A foundation that’s too high could make the sleeping space much too tall for some.

A lower designed model still brings you all that durability and bounce, just with a reduced height. So, that means your weight distribution and ease of getting in and out of bed will remain the same. In fact, the reduced height in box spring could even make it easier to get in and out of bed in the morning. Sometimes a mattress with a box foundation can just be too high for comfort. A shorter box support brings in the best of both worlds without too much hassle.


Downsides to a Low Profile Box Spring

Although the reduced box spring height seems great, truth is, this nifty new model may not be for everyone. If you’re someone who prefers to be sleeping up high, you may not like the nifty reduced height. Sometimes even the elderly will find it harder to get in and out of bed in the mornings depending on what they’re used to or if they suffer from back pain. So, if you’re used to the standard, more traditional bed supports, this may not be the ideal sleep setup for you.

Although these particular products come with all the bells and whistles of a kind of model, there just may not be enough density for someone who is a particular picky sleeper or for someone who needs that extra thickness in support. This is perfectly fine, it just means that a lower mattress foundation may be too short for you. This all depends on your body and your sleep preferences.

Although thicker is not necessarily better, a thicker foundation base will naturally absorb more body movement. If you’re a super sensitive sleeper with a partner who tosses and turns constantly throughout the night, a thinner box base may not cut it for you. Although short profiled models still absorb body movement, again, if you’re used to having thicker layers between you and the bed frame, it could just be a matter of preference.



Overall, the goal is to find the perfect mattress/box spring combo that will invoke more restful nights than sleepless ones. Whether you feel a low profile box spring would be the best thing for you is entirely up to you.

Personally, I think the lower designs and models are super great because it brings all the fantastic elements of a traditional mattress foundation to the table with added ease of movement and weight. I’ve tried moving a standard boxed foundation alone, and let me tell you, it’s not fun.

So, what do you think? Leaning toward the low profile box spring or ready to look for something else? Don’t just take my word for it – feel free to add your advice, suggestions or any expertise you may have on the matter. If you’re familiar with a shorter mattress foundation, let us know in the comments! Until then, happy shopping and good luck finding your perfect sleep setup!