The Best Breakdown of the Saatva VS Helix

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Have you tried shopping for a mattress recently? If you’ve had the same mattress for ten years or more, it’s time to start your search for a new one. But you’ll also find the market has changed drastically in that time, and you have more options than you can begin to fathom. With that said, you might get overwhelmed with the options or even the method of narrowing down those options.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go into a mattress shop or department store to check out what’s available. In fact, the number of mattresses you’ll find there are extremely limited by comparison to what’s truly available. You can actually save a bundle and find even more choices with similar attributes online. And the best way to figure out which type of mattress is the best one for you and your needs is with research and reading reviews.

A Closer Look

First, you’ll need to realize there are different types of mattresses, from traditional springs and coils to the more popular foam and latex, as well as adjustable beds. When you start narrowing down the field, you’ll find that some mattresses stand out from others, and in many cases, opting for a hybrid mattress type can really make for a great experience. Take a look at the Saatva mattress and the Helix mattress side by side, two very popular hybrid mattresses that could be the solution to your need for a new mattress.

Saatva VS Helix Comparison


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Layers Used     four layers
  • 1.25” Euro pillow top cover
  • ¾” Visco lumbar pad
  • 4” layer individually wrapped comfort coils
  • 7” layer steel coil base support system
3 customized layers
  • 2 – 4” proprietary Helix Dynamic foam
  • 2 – 4” Pocketed Microcoils
  • 2 – 4” Poly Memory foam base
Height     13 inches10 inches
Firmness     Plush, Medium, or FirmTotally Customizable
Motion Transfer     Very MinimalVery Minimal
Breathability     Average-HighAverage
Trial Period     120 nights100 nights
Warranty     15 year, limited10 year, limited
Pricing (Queen)     $999.00 USD$995.00 USD
Shipping     Free across the US (extra to Canada)Free across the US (Charge to Canada)

A Total Breakdown on the Saatva Mattress


The hybrid design of the Saatva mattress includes both coil springs and memory foam, which comes to a total of 13 inches of absolute comfort. If you like a firm mattress and something with a more traditional design, you’ll like the way the Saatva mattress sleeps.


When it comes to health, the fact that the cover of the Saatva mattress is organic can be a bonus. This top is made of a cotton knit with Euro pillow padding, and being organic is hypoallergenic so is better for you if you have allergies. It has a clean look, and it stays still and even because it’s actually attached inside the mattress, something unusual for a cover. This means you won’t have that annoying shifting during the night and will sleep soundly.

Lumbar Pad

Between the cover and the coils inside, the Saatva mattress includes a lumbar pad. Which is a thin layer of memory foam that is meant to perform several functions, including supporting the health of back and joints by relieving pressure points. It also helps keep the surface smoother, with less chance of super sensitive people feeling the individual coils, giving you a flat and even surface instead. In addition, the memory foam Saatva uses is Certi-PUR US Certified, so you don’t have to worry about environmental factors or indoor emissions.


Comfort Coils

The Saatva mattress uses two levels of coils. The first layer, the comfort coils, are individually wrapped. This means that, with each 4-inch coil able to function and move independently, you don’t get the bounce and wave that you get with older, traditional coil mattresses. You also don’t have the single coils poking you in the back here and there when you find that just-right sleep position. Instead, this technology allows all the coils to adjust to you and your needs so that you have greater relief of pressure and less chance of pinching a nerve while you sleep.

Steel Coil Base

Under the comfort coils, you’ll find another 7 inches of steel coils that are the base of the mattress. These steel coils are very firm and achieve long-lasting support so that you never experience any sort of unwanted sinkage into the mattress. You won’t find that your favorite spot sags over time, and yet, because there’s a certain amount of giving, you’ll never feel like you’re resting on a sheet of metal with no comfort. This is very important for those who need a little extra spinal support.


Unlike the original mattresses offered as a ‘bed in a box’ solution that you could purchase online and have delivered, the Saatva mattress comes in an array of firmness levels. You can choose your level of firmness based on your personal preference, with 3 options available. If firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 sink you to the bottom and 10 is a wooden slat, you have the ability to choose between the plush mattress (3-4), the luxury firm mattress (5-6), and the firm mattress (7.5-8). The plush option is probably not best for those who sleep on their backs or sides since you might feel like you’re sinking too far into the mattress. However, stomach sleepers could find this mattress quite comfortable. For back sleepers, a luxury firm mattress is a great option, and those who like a little extra support will enjoy the Saatva firm option. All of these are set up to offer excellent support for joints and relief of pressure points, so depending on your preference, you’ll be satisfied with the way you sleep.

The Saatva mattress company offers you a trial period because you’ll need to spend a little time getting used to your new mattress and learning how it contours to help you sleep more comfortably. Keep in mind that the mattress has a more traditional feel than today’s straight memory foam mattress, so you should take the time to test it out. If you find you’ve broken in the mattress and are still unsatisfied, you have options to return it, so you’re covered completely.


The fact that the coils are individually wrapped in the Saatva mattress negates a lot of the bounce you find with traditional coil mattresses. However, this still has some of that more old-fashioned feel and isn’t perfectly still like foam. The good news is, this style of coil mattress, complete with the thin layer of memory foam on top, pretty much negates any motion transfer. That means you can easily sleep soundly, even with a partner who tosses and turns or gets up frequently at night.

Edge support is sometimes a problem for memory foam mattresses, and this hybrid does a great job of keeping this from turning into an issue. The bottom layer of 7-inch steel coils that is the base is solid enough that the edges are just as supportive as the center, and you get a nice, smooth transition all the way across the bed, never feeling like there’s a chance for uneven sleep. So, whether you like to sprawl out or sleep toward the edge of the bed, you’ll be secure.

The Saatva mattress doesn’t include any special features to make for a cooler sleeping environment. However, there isn’t a lot of memory foam to hold in heat, and the organic cotton cover does a good job of disbursing heat, so you don’t get too warm at night.

Unique Features

Perhaps the most unique feature in the Saatva mattress is the inclusion of dual layers of coils. This not only gives great, firm support that translates into pressure point relief and excellent contouring for better alignment but also allows for a bit of traditional ‘bounce’ without a lot of motion transfer. It also helps to create a cushion with softer coils that are individually wrapped and don’t end up poking you in the back.

A Total Breakdown on the Helix Mattress


When you order a Helix mattress, the construction begins with a list of questions you fill out based on your sleep habits and needs. From this information, the company will customize the construction of the mattress so that each option is slightly different and created specifically to meet your requirements. The questionnaire takes feel, temperature, support, and more into consideration before determining the construction of your mattress.

Top Layer – Cover

Regardless of the construction of the rest of the mattress, the Helix mattress comes with a 100% polyester cover. It’s very thin and patterned with subtle spots for a nice look. The material and thinness keep the area cool, disbursing heat so you don’t sleep too hot through the night. The cover is also unique in that the sides are firmer, with blue panels that provide extra protection for the mattress against stains and other issues. However, because the top is white, you may still want to use a mattress cover to keep it clean and safe.

Next Three Layers

Defining the layers of the Helix bed is a little different than most mattresses because, while there is a basic design, your responses to the list of questions change the entire setup of the mattress. Being completely honest in the survey will achieve the best results for you, so make sure you think your answers through. Once you’ve finished, the company will use the algorithm to determine the order of layers and thickness of each layer. You’ll have the exclusive dynamic foam of the Helix brand, special pocket microcoils, and high-quality poly foam bottom. The actual order and how thick each section is will be customized to your needs.

Exclusive Dynamic Foam

Because the materials used in this layer of the Helix mattress are proprietary, it’s not possible to actually list out those materials. However, the dynamic foam layer has a feel that is similar to what you get if you take the best qualities of foam and latex and put them together. Like latex, this level reacts to your body weight, giving you a little bounce when you push and relieve pressure. It also disburses heat rather than holding it, which is similar to latex as opposed to memory types of foam.

On the other hand, similar to memory foam, you get little motion transfer, which makes it easier to sleep with a partner and not disturb each other during the night. It’s also easily contoured to your preferred sleep position for better support and alignment, with relief of pressure points. The thickness of this layer will vary, reliant on your responses to the questionnaire, but the performance will pretty much be the same. Usually, this will be the top layer, but it could be located differently as well.


Your micro coil layer could switch positions as well, and depending on your personal needs, will be around 2 to 4 inches thick. If you require greater temperature control and cooling, this layer could very well be the top layer of your mattress. The same is true if you prefer a little more bounce like a traditional mattress. However, these coils provide sturdier support and firmer contouring with greater pressure point relief and spinal alignment.

Poly Foam Bottom Layer

This polyfoam layer is the foundation of the Helix bed and helps keep its shape. The company doesn’t say so, but it seems like this is partially where firmness is determined, with the thickness of this layer variable as well. The high-quality foam is dense and firm, and it’s reliable as a good base for the rest of the mattress to be built on.



Firmness is one of the main concerns of the questionnaire you’ll complete for customization of your Helix bed. When you’ve finished, you’ll see the recommendation made for you and be able to change it if you so desire. Because there is such a wide range of options based on the customized build, it’s impossible to truly calculate the overall firmness. However, since you can also choose your own mattress now, without taking the quiz, here is a basic description of the various designs they will offer based on your responses.

  • Helix Sunset – Plush with balanced support for side sleepers
  • Helix Moonlight – Plush with extra support for contouring in all sleep positions
  • Helix Midnight – Medium firmness with balanced support for pressure relief for side sleepers
  • Helix Dusk – Medium firmness with extra support for contouring in all sleep positions
  • Helix Twilight – Firm with balanced support for pressure relief for side sleepers
  • Helix Dawn – Firm with extra support for contouring in all sleep positions
  • Helix Nightfall – Medium firmness with maximum support for plus size and big and tall with contouring for all sleep positions
  • Helix Dual Balanced – Plush on one side and firm on the other with balanced support and pressure relief for side sleepers
  • Helix Dual Extra – Plush on one side and firm on the other with extra support and contouring for all sleep positions


Feel is a component of the customized design of your Helix bed. The variation in ‘feel’ is created based on the thickness as well as the positioning of the center layers. The best way to discuss feelings of the Helix model is that it works for people with all sleep styles since that’s one of the questions you’ll address.

One caveat is in regard to the edge support, it may not seem as stable as some other models on the market. If you like to sleep on the very edge of your mattress, that may be the one condition that is a deal breaker for the Helix mattress and your needs. Otherwise, you should find appropriate firmness, support, and comfort from this mattress.

Also, depending on your answers and the configuration of your mattress, you may experience a bit of bounciness like a standard mattress. The hybrid design makes it possible to have this without the annoying disruption of bouncing around as you roll over at night.

Note that, if you suffer from night sweating, you can also specify this, and the Helix model can be customized to oblige. However, even the standard mattress option offers heat disbursement and doesn’t leave you wishing for a cooler space.

Unique Features


Lots of mattress designers, including bed in box manufacturers, offer multiple models to meet your needs. However, the Helix mattress is unique in its complete customization of construction to meet your needs based on a questionnaire and an algorithm to make sense of your answers based on available options.

Dual Zone

In addition to full customization, the Helix also offers you the chance to work with a partner to create a mattress designed to meet both your needs. You can input information for the two of you and then either opt for a blended design that meets you in the middle so you are both satisfied or to get a dual zone mattress, with one half of the mattress customized to each of your individual needs.

Which One To Get


The Helix model is a hybrid design, but its entire construction is based on the idea of customization to individual needs. It’s a great way to get a bed in a box that still offers the individualization you want that means your mattress will contour to your body and keep you cozy throughout the night. The design takes into account all the necessary details, including feel, firmness, sleep style, and sleep temperature. Best of all, you never have to step foot in a store to find that perfect match. And if you don’t fall in love with it, the Helix mattress won’t be restocked because it’s customized. Instead, it will be donated. The Helix bed is a great option if you want convenience, customization, and cost-effectiveness.


The Saatva mattress is a hybrid that leans more toward the traditional coil style mattress, though it adds the comfort of the second layer of coils that are individually wrapped for better support, movement, and control. Your sleeping experience won’t include a lot of bouncing when you roll over, though, with only a fine layer of foam, you’ll have a little more of that natural, old-style feel. You also have the contouring similar to a latex mattress to look forward to for excellent pressure point relief. And if you like to sleep near the edge of the bed, a great mattress for you, with incredible edge support. For quality, updated tradition, and an even mattress that is reasonably priced, the Saatva model is definitely a good choice.


Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid mattresses, and especially the Saatva and Helix mattresses, you can more readily be determined if this is the right style bed for you and which of these is more likely to please you. The best news is that, with either bed, you’re likely to sleep more soundly and rest without joint pain due to the pressure point relief that hybrid mattresses provide.

Be sure to shop around and don’t buy the first mattress you come across. The more you know, the better your overall decision will be. Take into account all the creature habits you have, and use these to weed out the mattresses that won’t work, and then to compare the remaining ones for the best fit. But above all, pay attention to reviews that give you all the details you need to know.

Everything in life depends on how well you function, and that rests on how well you sleep. Be sure you create the right sleep environment by starting with the right mattress.