Best Wood King Bed Frame

The right bed can enhance your sleep quality, which makes a big difference in your overall health and well-being. Finding a good bed frame to support your king mattress is an important decision. If you are reading this article, you are likely considering the purchase of a wooden king bed frame. King beds are spacious, and a great investment that can affect your life daily. Purchasing a sturdy, and attractive wooden bed frame to add additional support for your mattress and to keep it off the floor is a wise decision. There are different reasons people think about purchasing a wooden king bed frame. Many people seek out wooden mattress frames for their reputation for sturdiness. Wooden bed frames are attractive and can complement all different types of bedroom decors. You can often find coordinating or complementing furniture, such as dressers and end tables that match wooden bed frames, even if they are not manufactured by the same company.

Almost every different king wood bed frame that is available on the market has subtle, yet distinct differences and can either contribute, or hinder your sleep experience, and/or the aesthetics of your bedroom, depending on your needs and preferences. You could spend a lot of time and energy searching through all of the information available, reading product descriptions and comparing and contrasting the fine details, but you don’t have to waste your valuable time and energy. You can get the information you need to make a good purchase and find some great picks for wooden king bed frames just by reading this article! Our Sleep Judge experts have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top-rated wood king bed frames available on the market and put them together for you right here in this article. We have sifted through numerous products, gathering information and details and have summarized the information all right here. We have highlighted notable product features along with pros and cons that will help you compare different mattresses.

Rank Product

Mellow Naturalista Classic – 12 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

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Zinus Tonja Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation

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MUSEHOMEINC California Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed 

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Home Styles Seaside Lodge White King Bed with “X” Frame Pattern

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Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame

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Best Wooden Bed Frames

1) Best Color Choices King Platform King Bed Frame – Mellow Naturalista Classic 

The Mellow Naturalista Classic king platform bed frame is a great pick for a sturdy bed frame with a natural, organic look. This bed frame is made from solid wood and is supported with wooden slats, so no box spring is needed. There is also non-slip tape on the wooden slats that help reduce movement and noise from the mattress. This mattress is shipped ready to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions. Measuring 75.5 x 79.5 x 12 inches this platform bed is a nice size and has a clearance of about 8.5 inches under the bed. This mattress is reasonably priced and comes in four color options: black, cherry, espresso, and pine.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Attractive color options, a great match to any home decor
  • Non-slip tape on slats can reduce noise and mattress movement
  • Made of solid wood
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wood type is undefined.

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2) Best Wooden King Bed Frame With Headboard – Zinus Tonja Platform Bed 

The Tonja Wooden King Platform Bed Frame with Headboard is a great pick that offers an attractive design with strong, reliable support. This bed frame is not solid wood, but it has a stylish, rustic design with a wood-finished headboard and frame, that has a clean and polished look. The bed offers support for the mattress with wooden slats, so a box spring mattress is not necessary. The slats also have non-slip tape to prevent movement and noise. This bed comes shipped with all assembly tools and instructions and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Attractive design
  • Wooden slats offer support and stability
  • Non-slip tape on slats prevents movement and noise
  • Constructed of both wood and metal, sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Wood finished, not solid wood

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3) Best Low-Profile Wooden King Bed Frame – MUSEHOMEINC California Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed 

The MUSEHOMENIC Calfornia Solid Wood Platform king wooden bed frame is our top recommendation for a low-profile option. This bed frame has a contemporary design with a distinctive look. It is constructed of solid wood, and the 12 support slats are reinforced by steel tubing support. The slats also have no-slip tape to prevent movement and noise. This bed is shipped in all-in-one packaging and is easy to assemble.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Make of solid wood
  • Attractive color
  • Contemporary design
  • Low profile
  • Easy to assemble


  • No headboard option, some reviewers were unsatisfied with the gap from the head of the bed to the wall, when the mattress was centered on the slats.

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4) Best Wooden King Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard – Home Styles Seaside Lodge White King Bed with “X” Frame Pattern

The Home Styles Company offers this elegant looking king bed frame that has a headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats. This bed has the rustic look of weathered wood with “X” framed pattern details. This bed is constructed and detailed with wire brushed solid mahogany wood frames and wire brushed wainscot inset mahogany veneer panels. The white finished offers a warm, inviting cottage feel. You can purchase additional matching furniture including dressers and nightstands from the same company to complement the look and style.


  • Attractive design
  • Mahogany wood construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Excellent quality


  • The headboard comes in two pieces, so there is a visible seam


5) Most Budget-Friendly Wooden King Bed Frame – Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame

The Olee Sleep Smart Wood Included Mattress Frame is a great pick, the five-years huge price setback. This bed frame offers sturdiness and security, with a frame that encloses the mattress to prevent slipping. All tools and hardware are included with your purchase and there is a five year limited manufacturer warranty. This king bed frame comes in two color options: light brown and black.


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Quiet
  • The simplistic design is a complement to any bedroom decor
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Low-cost


  • Not as solid wood as some other bed frames.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a wooden bed frame for my king mattress?

Wooden bed frames have a reputation for being strong and durable. All of the wooden bed frames featured in this article have extra support slats made from wood, most of which have a non-slip tape that prevents noise and movement. Wooden bed frames are typically quieter (less squeaking or creaking) compared to metal bed frames. Because wood is a natural material it offers a “warmer” less industrial feeling to a room. Wood bed frames can be painted and come in a variety of color finishes. Wood bed frames can come in multiple shapes and sizes and can include a headboard, footer, side rails, and wooden slats.

Do I need a bed frame?

The answer depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a sleeping arrangement. Bed frames elevate your bed, which can make it easier to get in and out of. This can also help keep your mattress cleaner and extend its life. When your bed is off the ground, it increases airflow to your mattress, which can help prevent the buildup of dust, dirt and other allergens. A bed frame makes your room look more complete and put together. Bed frames also offer additional support. Elevated bed frames also offer under-bed storage. These reasons alone should be valid enough to justify purchasing a wooden bed frame for your king mattress.

What to look for when choosing a good king wooden bed frame

As you can see, there are many different styles of king wooden bed frames available on the market today. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing one that will be the best pick given your needs and preferences.

Wood Material Type

When purchasing a wood bed frame, be sure to consider what kind of wood or wood products it is made from. Some bed frames are made from solid wood while others are made from manufactured wood or coated with a wood veneer layer. Some beds have metal components.


Each different type of bed frame has a unique style. Some have a headboard and/or footboard, while others do not. Some have a more modern look, while others have a more rustic design. The thing about which kind of bed frame you are seeking out, and what space you have when making your purchase.

Size and Shape

Even bed frames designed specifically for king mattresses vary in their size and shape. Some sit flat on the ground, while others are elevated. How high they are off the ground can vary as well. Product descriptions will note the measurement of the size and dimensions of the bed frame. which will help you determine if it will work for you.

Support System

When choosing a good wooden bed frame, you want to make sure the support system is sturdy. You can consider the number of slats and the spacing between them. The more slats, the more supportive the bed will be.  One of the beds featured in this article has edging support that holds the mattress in place to prevent shifting, while the others have a non-slip tape that prevents slipping and noise. The wooden bed frames featured in this article offer enough support that you will not need an additional box spring mattress for support.

Wood Finish

A wood finish is applied on wood to protect wood against wearing, staining, swelling off-gassing and cracking. It also enhances the appearance of wood. The finish on the wooden bed frame you purchase can affect its color and aesthetics, as well as the long term durability of the product. Some individuals have sensitivities to synthetic chemical products with off-gassing properties, which should be a consideration if this is an issue.


Just like with any purchase, some king wooden bed frames cost more than others. Higher price points typically correlate with the quality and durability of materials as well as function and design. But, you don’t have to spend too much money to purchase an effective wooden king bed frame, just make sure you are getting the features you desire.


A wooden king bed frame is a smart purchase that can add style and comfort to your sleeping arrangements. A wooden bed frame can also extend the life of your mattress. Knowing what to look for when making a purchase can help you make a confident decision, especially with all of the choices that are available on the market today. Each of the highlighted king wooden bed frames in this feature is highly recommended. Consider all of the information provided and your individual preferences in terms of features, style, and design when making your choice of which wooden king bed frame will be the best pick for you given your needs and preferences.