Do You Need a Bedframe for a Memory Foam Mattress?

Ever since they first revolutionized the bedding industry, memory foam mattresses have gained terrain to become the most popular and most comfortable beds on the market. Invented by NASA as a means to counteract the pressure that astronauts had to deal with when leaving and entering the planet’s atmosphere, memory foam has turned into a material widely used in the bedding industry, and for good reasons. Let’s take a look at the question and see what’s the best foundation for memory foam mattresses.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress, you probably don’t need convincing on why these beds are absolute gems, But people who have never tried one might be reluctant in buying one because they’ve heard all sorts of myths related to them. So, what makes these beds as popular as they are?

  • First of all, memory foam uses the body’s natural heat in order to take its shape and provides comfortable contouring for all body types. That means that support is targeted a.k.a. the mattress knows where your body presses against the bed and offers support as needed. However, this property of memory foam is often its biggest flaw: memory foam retains heat, so unless you buy a mattress that has some other form of airflow facilitation, you might find yourself sweating in the middle of the night.
  • Memory foam is not a bouncy a fabric, and if you’re particularly interested in keeping motion transfer to a minimum, that’s a good thing. Motion transfer basically means that the mattress creates sort of a ripple effect when you move, which means that one sleeping partner can disturb another. Because memory foam contours the body, you basically create your personalized sleeping space, and your movement will not be felt on other zones of the mattress.

  • Another great thing about memory foam mattresses is that they are rather inexpensive. Even if they started off expensive, memory foam is now a widely-spread material, and you can find plenty of high-quality mattresses made entirely from this material priced at just a few hundred dollars.
  • Last, but not least, memory foam provides excellent pressure point relief. When you lie down on the bed, certain body parts weight down heavily than others. When these parts press against the bed, a rough surface will fight back, causing you to feel pressure and pain in these areas. Since memory foam takes the shape of your body because it’s a really flexible fabric, you will not feel these pressure points as you would on other materials.

What’s a Bed Frame?

Bed frames are a very broad term used to describe mattress support. In other words, they are sleep surfaces that your mattress rests upon. In today’s day and age, these bed frames can be made from several different materials, such as:

  • Wood: Probably the most common type of bed frame is the one made from wood. Of course, the pieces of wood that are actually used to make a bed frame can vary quite a lot. For instance, there are plenty of beds that have a solid wooden panel that serves as a headboard, while the actual mattress lies on a construction made from several wooden slats that have some spacing between them (this airs out the mattress and prolongs its lifespan). Wood is also used to make a platform bed frame for memory foam mattresses, which is essentialy just a box that sits on the floor.

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  • Metal: Because metal is a much more sturdy material and can support a lot of weight, it has gained popularity, so you can now find plenty of bed frames made from metal.
  • Fabric: Modern decors now integrate bed frames that are made from fabric such as leather, giving the entire bedroom a more stylish and contemporary look. Whether you need a full-size bed frame for memory foam mattress or just a small one, adding a sense of style is always a bonus.

What Kind of Bed Frame Do You Need for a Memory Foam Mattress?

What is the best bed frame for a memory foam mattress? In order for a memory foam mattress to be truly efficient, it has to be set on a firm surface. It doesn’t particularly matter what type of bed frame you use (although plenty of people feel that the mattress is best paired with a box spring), the important thing is for the mattress to lie on a supportive foundation.

A picture of a bed-bug on the mattressBed frames that have slats on the bottom are preferred because there is plenty of air circulation underneath a mattress that’s placed on this type of foundation. That means that the mattress has fewer chances of retaining humidity, dust mites, bed bugs, and the likes. You want to choose a bed frame with slats that are at least a few inches apart from one another, for the best results. But it’s up to you to figure out what’s the best foundation for your memory foam mattress.

Do You Need a Platform Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattress?

You can probably use a memory foam mattress directly on the floor, but that really is a bad idea for several reasons. Your body’s natural moisture will be drawn to the bottom side of the mattress, which has no means of ventilation when you place it directly on the floor. This can lead to mold, and generally creates a favorable environment for all sorts of bacteria and germs. Speaking of which, the simple fact that you put your bed directly on the floor exposes you to a nasty environment that you don’t want to sleep close to.

In other words, if you were to place a memory foam mattress directly on the floor instead of opting to put it on top of a foundation, you would have to flip the mattress and place it against the wall every day, in order for the bottom side to air out and prevent any mattress damage.

So, what is the best bed frame for a memory foam mattress? The best advice we can give you at this point is to look into the mattress you’re looking to buy, and perhaps discuss with the manufacturer and see what they recommend. In fact, you might be surprised to know that certain sellers require you to use their mattresses with a specific bed frame, otherwise you may void the warranty.

What about an adjustable bed frame for memory foam mattress? Some people assume they can’t use an adjustable base or frame with memory foam, but the truth is that it’s probably one of the best mattresses for it. The most affordable bed frames for memory foam mattresses are from IKEA, but there are tons of other great places to get one.

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So, bottom line, what kind of bed frame do you need for a memory foam mattress? Regardless of what other people will tell you, the best idea would be to use your bed with a frame, whether that’s an adjustable bed frame for memory foam mattress or not. First of all, it prolongs the lifespan of your mattress because of the proper ventilation it benefits from. Then, it creates a much healthier sleeping environment for you, because you will reduce the odds of having to deal with problems like mold, bed bugs, dust mites, and the likes.