The Best Down Comforter Buyer’s Guide

Contrary to what some people may think, a heavy down comforter is not an all-season choice. Manufacturers have this bad habit of overselling their comforters, but the phrases “750 fill power” and “good for all seasons” just don’t fit in the same sentence. A heavy down comforter is characterized by a lot of insulation, and a lot of insulation is not something you want sleeping under on a hot summer night.

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Understanding Down

Down is the material that’s used to fill the outer shell of a comforter. It is typically divided into two main categories: natural and synthetic, the latter options also being known as a down alternative. To know what you’re buying, we’re going to give you some information about each of these two categories, which will help you understand the difference between down and alternative down.

Natural Down

Inside a comforter that’s made from natural down, you will find a filling that comes from either ducks or geese. On a general note, goose down is typically warmer and has better insulating properties compared to duck. Naturally, this also makes it more expensive. This happens because geese are bigger than ducks, which means their down adds more loft to the comforter.

Even so, there are comforters made with down that doesn’t come from mature geese, in which case, duck down may be a better option. Down clusters will provide better insulation and more warmth, which means that if you buy a duck comforter that has a high percentage of clusters, you might end up with a product that’s even warmed than one made with a low percentage of geese clusters.

There are manufacturers that like to advertise the region of the provenance of the duck/goose down used to make their comforters. However, this is not exactly a sign of quality, so buyers should not consider that down sources from a particular location is not superior to one from another location.

Other Fill Material

The general consensus is that natural down comforters are made with down coming from geese and ducks. However, there are other types of fill materials and blends that can be useful when you’re out shopping for a good comforter:

  • Down alternative is blended of several types of synthetic materials that are designed to copy the insulation properties of down and pose a number of advantages and disadvantages. While down alternative is normally cheaper and a better choice for sleepers that may be allergic to natural down, it’s not always as efficient in terms of warmth and durability.
  • Wool is a material that’s sometimes used as filling for comforters. It’s the kind of fabric that does a really good job in keeping you warm and is also capable of wicking away moisture at the same time. However, comforters that are made with wool fill are normally heavier compared to other types of comforters, and they are also more expensive to make. That’s why comforters that contain wool are difficult to find.
  • Cotton is the materials that we all know and love, especially when we’re out clothes shopping. Because of its softness and comforter, cotton is now being used to make bed sheets and several other bed-related accessories. As far as comforters are concerned, it can be used as part of the alternative blends we spoke of. However, cotton is not as warm as natural down, so it doesn’t have the same insulating capacity that natural down comforters have.

  • Some blends will also include silk, but this material is not very efficient at retaining warmth, particularly due to its airy composition. Silk is normally used to make comforters that are designed for summer use, giving the sleeper more breathability.

Understanding External Fabrics

In order to keep the down in place, every comforter needs an outer shell, which is made out of different kinds of materials. Of course, each material does have its ups and downs, and here is what you should know about the outer shell materials that manufacturers opt for:

  • Cotton is, by far, the most common materials used to make the shell of a down comforter. That’s because it has so many wonderful natural properties, which make it the most comfortable fabric in the clothes industry, as well. Cotton provides a great balance between price and durability, while also being soft and pleasant against the skin. However, some people don’t find cotton naturally breathable, so they should much rather go with another type of outer shell fabric.
  • As we mentioned above, wool is not a very common choice, mostly because of its weight and production costs. However, wool has really great insulating properties and is capable of wicking away moisture, which makes it a great match for a down comforter designed for winter nights in really cold climates, especially when paired with a good heated mattress pad.
  • Silk has been used to make luxury bed sheets for a very long time, mostly because of its smooth and soft nature. Even so, there aren’t many down comforters made with a silk outer shell, typically because it’s expensive and hard to care for.

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Best Heavy Down Comforters

One way to classify down comforters is by referring to their weight. This is actually a reflection of the fill power of each comforter, indicating the insulation of the product. A heavyweight down comforter is one that has a fill power between 650 and 1,000, and it’s best suited for winter use, as it will keep sleepers really warm and cozy. Today, we’ve examined some of the best heavy down comforters on the market, and here is what you should know about each of them.

Globon Fusion White Goose Duvet


  • Product Dimension (Queen): 90 x 90 x 2 inches
  • Product Weight (Queen): 8.5 pounds
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Available Sizes: All Seasons Twin, Winter Twin, All Seasons Queen, Winter Queen, All Seasons King, Winter King

Made with a pure cotton outer shell and featuring a fill power of 650, this might just be your new down comforter. It’s made with goose down filling, which is the more qualitative one out of the two commonly-known down comforter fill choices. In fact, Globon uses its patented Suprelle Fusion fill, which is a blend of high-quality down with some other down that’s similar in quality.

The result is a soft and fluffy comforter, that’s also easy to care for, and provides breathability for those of you that normally can’t stand the heat from under the comforter. The baffle box design was used to make the Globon comforter, mostly because it’s a very common stitching choice, keeping down evenly divided across the surface of the comforter.

The external cotton that’s used to make the outer shell has a light brush finish, for added softness that feels excellent against the skin. Even more, the comforter has a safety certification, meeting the Oeko-Tex standard. That means that the geese down used to make the comforter doesn’t come from force-fed animals, or geese that have been subjected to any form of violence or discomfort.


  • Cotton outer shell.
  • 650 fill power.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Made with quality goose down.
  • Baffle box construction.
  • Meets Oeko-Tex standards.


  • Not as fluffy as described.

Who Should Purchase This?
The Globon down comforter may not be the cheapest option amongst the best products of its kind, but it does provide a series of benefits and features that you know you want to have from a winter comforter.

Egyptian Bedding Heavy Down Comforter


  • Product Dimension (Queen): 90 x 90 inches
  • Product Weight (Queen): 7.15 pounds
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Available Sizes: Queen

Egyptian Bedding does make some of the finest down comforters on the market, and this one is no exception. The cover is made with Egyptian cotton, known for being one of the finest types of cotton fabrics in the world. It has a 60 oz fill weight, combining into a fill power of 750. While it may be advertised as an all seasons product, it is definitely more suitable for winter nights.

The filling is made with goose down, providing great insulation and fluffiness to the comforter. The baffle box design creates an even distribution of the filling across the entire surface of the comforter, making sure that the down won’t shift to create uneven patches of material that could affect its insulation properties.

The comforter itself is hypoallergenic and great for people who suffer from allergies, but still, want to enjoy the comfort of natural down. With a thread count of 600, you can rest assured that the weaving of the outer shell fabric is solid enough to withstand the test of time and won’t cave in too quickly because of severe wear and tear.


  • Efficient during cold winter nights.
  • Egyptian cotton outer shell.
  • Baffle box design.
  • 600 thread count.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • 750 fill power.


  • Too heavy for light sleepers.

Who Should Purchase This?
Regardless of what the product page tells you, this is too warm to be sued throughout the entire year. However, if you’re looking for a down comforter to keep you warm during the winter, this is an excellent choice.

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Down Comforter


  • Product Dimension (Queen): 90 x 90 inches
  • Product Weight (Queen): 6 pounds
  • Thread Count: 1200
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Cal King

Everything about this Egyptian Bedding down comforter is of good quality. It’s made with goose down filling, which makes it very warm, fluffy, and comfortable. The fill power if 750, which is more than enough to keep you warm and toasty during the winter.

The outer shell of the comforter is made with the best Egyptian cotton around and features a thread count of 1,200. While generous, you know where we stand vis-a-vis these promises of luxury that’s reflected solely by the thread count. Weave also matters, but overall, this comforter does not fail to deliver in terms of comfort and durability. It’s constructed by using the ever-so-popular baffle box design, preventing fill movement from one corner of the comforter to the other.


  • Four different sizes.
  • Egyptian cotton outer shell.
  • 1,200 thread count.
  • Baffle box construction.
  • Made with quality goose down inserts.
  • Popular customer choice.


  • A bit noisy.

Who Should Purchase This?
Once again, the customers have spoken, and in an almost unanimous voice, they’ve decided they love this Egyptian Bedding down comforter. If you feel that the wisest purchase it buying a product that people just like you have tested and approved, this is one item worth looking into.

C&W Luxurious Down Comforter


  • Product Dimension (Queen): 90 x 92 inches
  • Product Weight (Queen): 8.2 pounds
  • Thread Count: 1200
  • Available Sizes: Queen, King

The C&W comforter is the kind of underrated product that’s not getting the amount of attention it deserves. It’s made with an Egyptian cotton cover that features a thread count of 1,200, with a fine weave that makes it both durable and soft. The entire filling is goose down, providing great insulation properties, especially since it has a fill power of 750.

The baffle box stitching it’s making its way into people’s bedrooms once again
since it’s proven itself to be the best option in keeping down in place. If your product has the specific goose down odor when you unbox it, air it for a few hours before putting it on the bed.

You might also notice that the comforter isn’t as fluffy when you first take it out of its original packaging. That happens because the products are wrapped really tight before being delivered, so you want to give your comforter a little bit of time after unboxing, for it to regain its natural shape. Keep in mind that this comforter is not machine washable, which means that you will need to take it to a professional cleaner for proper maintenance.


  • Hypoallergenic.
  • High thread count.
  • Baffle box construction.
  • Egyptian cotton shell.
  • 750 fill power.
  • Great for winter use.


  • Not machine washable.

Who Should Purchase This?
If you’re looking for the underdog of the heavy down comforter pack, you’ve found him. The C&W is our choice of the day, because it’s a product with great features, a convenient price tag, and it’s not getting all the attention it deserves, despite having features worthy of competing in the race for the best down comforter.

SNOWMAN White Goose Down Comforter


  • Product Dimension (Queen): 90 x 90 inches
  • Product Weight (Queen): 7.05 pounds
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Queen, King

If you’re bored of the same old white down comforters, the SNOWMAN line has some models available in colors such as blue, coffee, or khaki. But this is just one of the cool things that the SNOWMAN line has in store for you.

The comforter itself is made with a shell that’s 100 percent pure cotton, being soft and durable on the long run. The filling is made from goose down, which we already mentioned is the best choice of all. With a thread count of 600, we like that this comforter doesn’t exaggerate with features that aren’t all that necessary.

The comforter should be dry cleaned only, without using any form of bleach whatsoever. Buying a duvet cover might be a great idea, especially if you opt for the full-white comforter. This will help it stay clean for a longer period of time.


  • More color options.
  • 750 fill power.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Cotton outer shell.
  • Baffle box stitching.


  • Runs extremely hot.
  • Can only be dry cleaned.

Who Should Purchase This?
One of the most common complaints about natural down comforters is not having enough colors and pattern versatility. The SNOWMAN down comforter gives buyers more choices in terms of colors, but keep in mind that synthetic dyes are toxic, so the comforter wouldn’t exactly be hypoallergenic and natural if it were bright pink with yellow polka dots.

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Bottom Line

The best heavy down comforters are a blend between a comfortable and breathable outer shell, with enough quality insulation to make sure that you stay nice and toasty despite the cold weather. There is no absolute formula that we can give you to help you find the best of the best. Overall, down comforters are meant to provide their sleepers with excellent warmth, to be light enough without weighing a ton, and to be durable enough not to make you regret having spent that much money on it.

Some people can’t seem to get used to heavy comforters, no matter how much they like feeling warm in the winter. These people find comforters with a lot fill power to be simply too hot and would much rather opt for an all-seasons choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality down comforter?

Down is the airy clusters beneath the bird’s feathers and is breathable and quill-less but it is not naturally hypoallergenic. A top quality down comforter is made from goose down because geese create larger down clusters that result in a fluffier, cozier product. A European goose down is high quality down but the highest, and most rare is European Eitherdown which is hand collected from Iceland and Scandinavia. But the filling is not the only thing that speaks to the quality of a comforter. Baffle Box construction creates a higher quality end product as the thin internal walls that keep the down from shifting results in a fluffier, longer lasting comforter. Finally, take a look at the outer material used. You will want to choose an outer shell of Eygptian or Organic cotton with a thread count between 400 - 600.

What is a good fill weight for a down comforter?

When you want a cozy night’s sleep in winter a heavyweight down comforter is exactly what you may be looking for. But how heavy should your comforter be? The insulation power of a comforter is gauged by the fill power which you will find listed in the product information. Fill power is the space that one ounce of down occupies in one cubic inch so that the higher the fill power, the more down occupies that space hence making a denser and more insulated product. A comforter that has a fill power between 600 and 1000 is perfectly suited for winter use. If you live in a more temperate climate but like to keep warm at night stay in the 450-550 range. A fill power of 650 or above may feel too warm for you if you keep your thermostat above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing a comforter with a fill power of 650-750 is a great target for a product that will keep you cozy through cold winters. If you look beyond an 800 fill you will notice a much higher price tag and is probably more insulation than you need.

How do I choose a good heavy down comforter?

When choosing a down comforter consider these questions: Are you a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper? What climate do you live in? Do you have a warm or drafty bedroom? Will you use your comforter year-round or seasonally? Then there are three aspects of the product you want to pay attention to. They are; the fill power, material, and construction. Fill power refers to the loft, or fluff of the comforter. It is tested by measuring the amount of space one ounce of down takes in one cubic inch. The more space it takes, the higher the fill power. A higher fill power will give you a lighter, more fluffy comforter with a higher warmth level. You may think that a down comforter is just filled with down and that is it, however there are different kinds of down and some comforters are a blend and are using other fillers. Check the content of the comforter for fill information and look for one that is 100% down or has a high down percentage. Down comes in both duck down and goose down. Goose down is a more expensive fill as geese are larger animals so their down clusters are larger. There is a higher population of ducks versus geese and that makes duck down more readily available and thus it costs less than goose down. If you live in a warmer climate duck down is a great choice for you. You will also want to take in consideration the construction of the comforter. The construction has to do with how the down is held within the comforter. The two main constructs are baffle box and sewn through. The baffle box adds thin strips of material creating thin interior walls that keep the down in place. Sewn through construction means that the top and bottom layer of your comforter are sewn together to create the barrier for the down. The baffle box construction makes for a fluffier and longer lasting product. Down is not naturally hypoallergenic but there are some manufacturers who are using a process to create hypoallergenic down. Oo if you have allergies or asthma make sure this is a feature in your selection. Finally look at the size of the comforter you wish to purchase and decide if you are looking for a comforter that fits the size of your bed or if you want a larger one that will hang over the edges. A down comforter lasts a long time so consider your options and decide what will work for you before you make your purchase.