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My Saatva Lofton Organic Sheet Set

It may seem like the sheets you buy don’t matter nearly as much as the mattress you use. However, when it comes to comfort and assurance that you’ll have a great night’s sleep, you need to be concerned with the type of sheets you purchase. What material is best, and how do you measure quality? These are things I have to consider carefully when I check out new sheets, and then I try to convey those in my reviews.

Here, I’ve taken the time to test out the Lofton Organic Sheet Set by My Saatva, a long standing mattress manufacturer who is branching out into the overall bedding market. In this case, I ordered queen sized white sheets, though you have options for size and color. Take a look to see what I found when I ordered and received my Saatva sheets.

The Company and Standards

Saatva has been in the mattress industry for several years, starting as a regional company and expanding into one of the largest online mattress companies in the United States. Now, they have started offering Saatva Dreams bed sheets, called Lofton Organic Sheet Set. From previous experience, I know that their customer service is excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable, which makes it easy to work with them should something go wrong in any part of the process.

Saatva uses Fair Trade factories to produce these sheets, which means they are economically, socially, and environmentally responsible. These factories are certified to adhere to rigorous standards in these areas, so purchasing these sheets makes me feel like a responsible citizen who is actively reducing my carbon footprint.

Ordering is done online, and I found it to be an easy process to follow. The site is extremely streamlined, so it’s hard to get lost, and it guides you through every step of the way. You can only order the sheets through the manufacturer website, so you don’t have to worry about searching third party sites for the right product or paying additional fees.

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Shipping and Receipt

Shipping was free, which is always a plus in my book. It wasn’t overnight, but that was fine because the state of the package when it arrived at my door was incredible. I’ve rarely seen anything packaged so neatly and professionally. It was aesthetically pleasing in a way that makes the Saatva Lofton sheets a great gift for anyone, whether for Christmas, wedding, or housewarming.

The sheets arrive in a pristine cardboard box with a handle and the brand name on the box. When you open that, you find another treasure – another box lined in Tiffany blue that you’ll want to keep because it’s just so nice. It has a fabric tab on the front you can use to open the box for frustration free unboxing. Inside that box is a lovely Lofton fabric bag that is reusable and definitely worth keeping, for shopping or anything you like.

Finally, inside the bag, you’ll find the sheets you ordered, folded neatly. The twin set comes with only one pillow case. All other sets come with two pillow cases aside from the flat and fitted sheets.

The Sheets

As I stated, I ordered the white sheets. Saatva also offers these in ivory and gray. When I unfolded my sheets and first inspected them, I was thoroughly pleased with the color. There was no variance, no discoloration, and nothing at all wrong with them. I didn’t find any loose threads when I inspected the stitching, which is very basic and neat across the board for sheets and pillow cases.

Something I found delightful is the labeling on the sheets. The fitted sheet’s tag shows which end is intended to be the head of the bed versus the foot, and you also clearly see the size as well as the ‘Made In’ details on those labels. Overall, my initial inspection had me quite happy with the sheets.


Here’s a quick rundown of how the Saatva Lofton sheets are constructed before I pick apart their performance.

  • Material – Long staple cotton was used to create softness and durability without peeling.
  • Thread count – 300 thread count, which is medium-high.
  • Ply – Single ply, which increases breathability and lightness of the material.
  • Mattress depth – Up to 15 inches for thicker mattresses.
  • Care – Machine wash cold and tumble dry low heat, with no bleaching.

How does this stack up in terms of performance? I’ve provided all those details below.

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Feel – Soft or Rough?

I’ve had a lot of experience with various cotton sheets, and I was interested to see what sort of feel the Saatva sheets would have. When I took them out of the box, they felt very smooth, though they were a bit stiff. I decided to wash them prior to using them the first time, as cotton often gets softer with each wash.

Once they dried, I was pleased with the softness, and I put them on the bed. I have a 10-inch-thick mattress, and the fitted sheet stayed on just fine, though I might suggest a different option if your mattress is any thicker despite the claims that it will fit up to a 15-inch mattress. I felt it was at its capacity with my mattress.

I also appreciated that the material was organic, with no additives. The fewer chemicals and other additives used in the harvesting and manufacturing process, the better in my book. These are labeled as Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified, which gives you that organic guarantee.

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Overall Performance

Of course, the initial impression is only part of the picture. I slept on these sheets for many nights prior to reviewing so I would have greater insight into performance, durability, and overall satisfaction, and I was definitely satisfied all the way around.


One concern I have, especially with cotton, is the shrinking factor, especially if you tumble dry. Measuring the sheets, I experienced almost no shrinking – after three washes and dries, I only saw about 2 percent difference, which maintained excellent standards, since typically you see 4-5 percent shrinkage in 100 percent cotton sheets.


Another problem with cotton is pilling. However, that usually occurs with short staple cotton that is a lower quality. I didn’t notice any pilling at all, no matter how many times I washed the sheets, which proves that the cotton is truly long staple and high quality. In addition, I didn’t find any loose threads over time, speaking to the high standards of manufacturing on these sheets.


While the softness improved over time, I didn’t find any problem with durability. The Saatva sheets maintained a high standard of overall durability, with the elastic on the fitted sheet still tight, no thinning to sheets or pillow cases, and no holes or weak points. The stitching remained intact beautifully, and I enjoyed the continued performance.


As I mentioned, I tend to sleep very warm and need the heat to be disbursed. While the initial sleep gave me that breathability I needed to stay cool through the night, the test of time was important. Even with multiple washes and time spent sleeping between these sheets and on the pillow cases, I found that they maintained the early standards, staying cool even on warm nights.


A lot of people like me, who sleep hot, tend to sweat during the night. There are outside factors that can cause this, rather than just the actual temperature, including underlying disease (such as diabetes) or medications that cause night sweats. For this reason, it’s important to determine if a sheet set can handle the moisture produced.

The Lofton sheets, being cotton, absorbed a bit more of the moisture than I would have liked when I did sweat and didn’t particularly do an excellent job of wicking away that moisture. However, because they are light and well made, they dried quickly and reduced the amount of sweating significantly. I would still suggest having a mattress protector to keep the moisture from seeping into the mattress when you do sweat at night.


Not only was there no odor upon first receiving the Lofton sheets; they maintained a ‘clean and crisp’ smell with washing. Even though I slept on these every night, they didn’t retain a smell, regardless of sweating or otherwise. I typically washed them about every ten days to two weeks without an issue, which is excellent for a 100 percent cotton sheet set.

Basically, the overall performance of the sheets, initially and over time, was excellent with very few complaints. I would have preferred better moisture wicking, but the quick drying and breathability that kept sweating to a minimum controlled this enough that all of the other features and elements overrode true concern in this particular area of performance.


The ‘limited’ condition on the warranty refers to certain things that are not covered under the warranty. That includes stains, discoloration, or anything considered ‘abuse of product’. In other words, if your Saatva sheets tear because you’ve stretched them over a 17-inch-thick mattress, you’ve voided the warranty. You should also avoid bleach since this causes discoloration. These are just examples of situations in which the warranty is void.

Return Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your Saatva sheets, you can return them within 45 days of delivery for a full refund to the initial payment form, with no restocking or penalty fee. Returns are easy – simply wash the sheets and then call or email to contact customer service, and then package and return. However, based on my experience, I don’t think very many people will return the sheets. I find that they are some of the best cotton sheets I’ve ever tested. Still, it’s nice to have the trial period so you can get accustomed to the sheets and make an informed decision without risking your investment.

Color and Size Options

I prefer white because I can change my décor around without worrying that it doesn’t match my sheets, and I was very happy with the brightness of the Saatva white sheets. However, you can also choose either gray or ivory, both of which work well in almost any environment. While I didn’t experience these firsthand, I feel that the quality of the color will be similar to the white sheets and provide excellent satisfaction.

In terms of sizes, you have several options:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

New Size Options

Saatva now offers their Solaire mattress model. Intended to meet the unique firmness preferences of sleep partners, the Upper Flex Queen and Upper Flex King sizes of this model feature a split heat that can move up and down on an adjustable base independently of the sleep partner.

Obviously, this poses an issue if the sheets aren’t able to accommodate. That’s why the Lofton sheets are now available in the following sizes:

  • Split King
  • Queen Upper-Flex
  • King Upper-Flex


Unlike many luxury linens, the Saatva sheets don’t cost a fortune, and the investment is completely justified based on durability, performance, and longevity. This is based on the savings passed on by not maintaining a storefront and therefore not having a lot of excess overhead. Basic pricing is as follows:

  • Twin – $125
  • Twin XL – $135
  • Full – $175
  • Queen – $195
  • King/Cali King – $215

You also have an option to add an additional pair of pillowcases (Queen or King sized) to any order, in case you are like me and have more than 2 pillows on your bed. I actually keep 4 pillows on my queen-sized bed, so after the initial test, I actually went back and ordered two more pillow cases based on my assessment and satisfaction with performance.

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When it comes to quality, the Saatva Dreams Lofton Organic Sheet Set rates pretty high on my list. I’ve tried numerous sheets out, especially 100 percent cotton, and often, I find that the pillow cases may irritate the skin on my face or that they sleep hot. None of these issues arose with the Lofton sheets, and based on the overall standards of manufacturing for these sheets, it’s easy to see the care and detail put into the process.

I would recommend these to just about anyone, with the exception of someone who has extremely sensitive skin, who has bad night sweats every night regardless of the season, or someone who has an extremely thick mattress. The lightness and breathability make them ideal especially in the summer, and the durability means that they work for children as well as adults. I certainly have hung onto them and use them all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat- no bleaching!

Do they include organic materials?


What colors are available?

White, Ivory, and Grey.