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LinenSpa Waterproof Mattress Protector

When you’re asleep, you lose an awful lot of water in your body. It’s not a particularly nice image, but it does happen. Various age groups have this happen in different ways but considering each person spends around 8 hours a day in bed, it’s hardly a surprising thought. Like anything you spend a long time using, your mattress is something you should take good care of.

Making the most of what you buy, if you’ve got a new mattress you may well want to prolong the good care and wear of it by buying an additional cover to protect it from liquid damage of any kind, be that bodily, drink (it can happen) and pet damage. I’ve taken a look at the LinenSpa waterproof mattress cover to see whether it meets the standards you would like to see in a waterproof lining.

Breakdown of the LinenSpa Waterproof Mattress Protector

The LinenSpa waterproof mattress protector is a thin, waterproof cover to put over your mattress to ensure any kind of water leakage doesn’t penetrate or stain your bed ensuring it remains clean for the long-term, no matter how much money you spend. Or at least that’s what we’re here to test.

This is a great product for those who are looking to save their guest bed from nasty spills, or to add a hypoallergenic layer to their own mattress. Compared to other mattress protectors, it holds up well.

LinenSpa is a company that focuses on bed attire, meaning bedding, protectors, and pillows. They are available in a wide range of outlets online, including Amazon. I’ve gotten a hold of their premium mattress protectors to test and to give you an unbiased view on how well it works. Find below some of the best points, and a few of the not-so-great points.

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Features & Benefits

Before testing the product myself I took a look at a lot of the online feedback. It is safe to say that feedback was really mixed. Many customers loved the product and found it to work perfectly.

They stated that the cover was perfectly waterproof, easy to use and a perfect price. I, too, was impressed by the price, but a lot of customers suggested spending money on something a little ‘better’. I was excited to try this on my bed at home. Some of the features that I was most looking forward to testing were the noise, the water-retention and how easy it was to use.


I tested this product over a number of hours, placing liquid on one position on the cover which was spread over a Queen sized mattress. The protection that is offered by way of manufacturer promise is 100% waterproof, soft and quiet and allergen/bedbug protection.

There’s little way to short-term test the product for allergen protection, but the waterproof protection was faultless. I would be happy to use this product at home, and for the price, I was really happy. For less than twenty dollars, you are getting an excellent deal on protective covering.

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Spill Test

The product was backed up by a towel underneath, in case for leakage and poor quality of the product. Then I gently poured 8 ounces of liquid in the center. After leaving it there for about 8 hours, I came back to check on it periodically throughout. Once at 10 minutes, 2 hours, 4, 6, and then 8 hours. After the eventual 8 hours testing, the liquid had barely seeped through the product.

I was impressed. The liquid, unlike other protectors I’ve tested before, lay on top of the bed as a puddle. I was unsure how I would like this in practical terms, but the promise of 100% waterproof protection was kept by LinenSpa.


This product was easy to use, like a standard bed sheet, with elasticated corners covering all of my Queen-sized bed. The surface is a thin cotton material and the underside is made of polyurethane. The great thing is that LinenSpa also offers a multitude of sizes to go with the Queen offering, and all at similarly reasonable pricing.


This part of the review is one of the few that lets the product down. LinenSpa states that the premium cover is soft and noiseless, something I would consider important if I was to ever buy this for my home. After sleeping on it for a couple of nights, I found the product to be a little noisy, and while it was soft enough, I would advise anyone buying this to use an additional cover over the top.

The product was thin, more like a fine lining then a sheet and I was suspicious of how well it would protect. It protected, and while sleeping I barely noticed it was there in terms of comfort, but as stated previously, the noise was an issue.

Heat Retention

This feature is hard to judge. As it is thin, it isn’t going to hold much heat at all, and as for while there is liquid on the sheet, it will naturally be slightly cooler. The material of the product was a slight mix between plastic and cotton, which gave it a strange feel but didn’t make the product any colder to touch.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The warranty on this product spans across 10 years, a feature which is really excellent, and in line with other competitors on the market. Whereas I never came across any faults, and the protector proved to be waterproof, other users have stated otherwise, while also saying that the material often wore thin after multiple washes and uses. I tested the product across a few days and one wash, and it treated me fine.

The amount of negative feedback this product had would concern me if I was making a purchase. Maintenance of the product was self-explanatory. As the liquid rested atop the protector, you would need to clean this up before washing. To wash the product in a machine, use either hot or cold water with a small amount of detergent, and to tumble-dry, use a low heat with other pieces of bedding. If you dry this item over 125 degrees, it will affect its ability to remain waterproof, possibly a reason behind some of the poor feedback.


Because I couldn’t test the product over a number of weeks and months, I’m merely going on what LinenSpa state on their site, but for me, the allergen protection is a great feature. An underrated problem, and something a lot of consumers barely think about, if I was buying myself a brand new mattress, I would invest in this sheet for this feature alone, regardless of the waterproofing feature.

Online Consumer Feedback

Here’s what the online shoppers had to say about the product.


Similar to the above. Some customers found this product to be weak.

One thing I will say is that it is a very thin sheet, and under vigorous movement, maybe it does start to wear away.

Customer Support

I found no issues with this, and unlike previous protectors I have reviewed, there seemed to be no complaint about the 10-year warranty provided by LinenSpa.


This was not an issue for me and likewise for any other user.


Although I had a great experience with this protector, I can’t help but keep some of the less positive online reviews out of my mind. Almost 10% I came across were bad, stating the product was not waterproof. This could, however, be down to their washing method.

Many unhappy customers stated they had used the sheet a few times, and after a couple of washes found the material to deteriorate. As stated by LinenSpa, if you dry this above 125 degrees, the cover will start to fall apart. This could be a reason being some people’s complaints, which is more their fault than a problem with the protector.

Feedback on its Features

The feedback on the features of this product is that it basically works well. The high volume of positive reviews online is a good figure, if not spectacular. Many stated the waterproof feature to be a success, and as for the warranty, again, there seemed to be no issue.


My personal conclusion on this product is that it is excellent, especially for the low price point. It would be great on a spare room mattress. Throughout all of my tests and reviews previously, this is on the list of one of my favorites. The water sits on top of the sheet once tested, which is great for clean up but not so great when it comes to actually sleeping.

If it were sweat, or a child who had a nighttime accident, I would want the moisture to soak in and kept away from my body as much as possible. The price, too, is a real plus point, while I am impressed by the lack of poor feedback for the 10-year warranty. I don’t see any real reason not to buy this product if you are in the market for one.

If you have any questions, concerns, or have tried out for yourself and have anything to add, feel free to comment and share. If you have interest in the product and want to see for yourself what it has to offer, kindly click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is protector attached with corner anchors or fitted like a sheet?

Attaches like a fitted sheet.

Is this protector machine-washable?

Yes, machine wash hot and tumble dry low.

Will the pocket depth be enough for my mattress?

Fits mattresses up to 18 inches thick.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, 10 years.