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Updated October 5, 2019

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Karen Davis

Trying to find the Insta EZ bed with never flat technology in the UK. I can only find the air mattress ones, not the ones on legs. I have found a copy supplied by JML but I don’t think it is an Insta version. It does not suggest that the never flat technology which if it had it I am sure would have been mentioned. Can you advise if it is available in the UK and who might supply it,

Marta Rodriguez

Hi, I purchased this bed in October 2018, and it was fabulous. I noticed this week, that it’s making a noise while it is inflated, and it hadn’t done that before? Out of curiosity, I then pressed “inflate” and it did , for about 3 -4 sends, though it didn’t look deflated? Any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks in advance!!


Jess RJ

That’s not normal. As long as you’ve done nothing to void it, you are still under warranty. I’d call the company and see what can be done.


I’ve read comments on other EZ Bed websites where the main complaint seems to be that the mattress pops a leak that can not be repaired. Can you speak to the frequency of this problem with this air bed? Thank you.


We recently purchased our first EZ Bed and were very impressed with ease and functionality. Our disappointment came when we brought it to our recreation condo and inflated for our son who was visiting (first time use, second time inflated) and discovered a significant hole between the controls and NeverFlat pump. The bed inflated however had difficulty maintaining. We were going to repair however the ‘included’ repair kit was not there. We returned this bed and requested a second bed.
This arrived and again impressed however the NeverFlat pump is not quiet and runs quite often waking both myself and wife throughout the night. I will be returning this as well


Just read your “best of category” post and Coleman was listed as #1 pick for the raised air mattresses with a 9.0 rating. Didn’t see any dates but wondered if perhaps the EZ mattress came out after the article was written, or am I missing something else? Really appreciate your thorough and informative reviews. It saves a ton of time for consumers. Thank you.


Frank Apodaca

We are updating as we have recently revamped all air mattress reviews. You mean cot style? I’d go with EZ bed. If it’s just raised air mattress I’d go with SOundAsleep at a rating of 9.2.


Is there a particular type of topper or cover you’d recommend for this? I just bought it as a space saver at home. Think it’s good as is but willing to make the additional investment if that would make it more comfortable for my guests.


Frank Apodaca

Any of our recommended toppers would work to make it more comfortable.


So found this review whilst looking for camping items. Can it be inflated where there is no power source / electricity does anyone know?


Frank Apodaca

Unfortunately you can’t. You could use an inverter for your vehicle.

Roxanna Harberts

Just purchased ours. So excited, will let everyone know how it goes will sleep on it as soon as I get it

Steve May

what size is the bed when it comes to you in a box, or when its deflated and put in the bag


Frank Apodaca

Hey Steve,
When it’s put back into its bag or casing its 34″x15″x22″


sarah harris

Super glad to see this review! We just purchased one and it hasn’t been delivered quite yet, but we were wondering if it was actually comfortable. We loved all of the other features like the ease of set up/take down and the height as it’s on “legs”. Now that we now that it’s comfortable as well….I’m even more excited to receive the bed. Thanks for the review, great job!


Lois Siegel

I slept on one for a long weekend at my friend’s home-very very comfortable. Since I slept in the living room of the house we had to put it up and take it down each day and it was soo easy. I am going to get one for my guest.

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