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InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress

The InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress was one of the best air mattresses I’ve ever used. It’s self inflating as well as deflating and folds up to bed compactly stored in a duffle bag size case. I was pleasantly surprised by so many things with this air bed, so here’s a detailed breakdown of my findings. Hopefully it helps you in your decision when looking for a stellar air mattress.

The InstaBed Promise

The InstaBed EZ Bed Air Mattress is a great product and step above the regular blow up beds you’ve come to know. It promises to offer the easiest and super fast setup as well as take-down by handling most of that itself. Just open it up, plug it in, and then turn it on.

Within seconds, you can watch it go from a folded piece of plastic to a fully developed unit. And it claims to provide a comfortable, good night’s rest and minimal motion transfer from sleeping partners which is a major bonus that most air mattresses don’t offer.

But the main feature that I personally enjoyed was the NeverFlat pump which monitors the air pressures throughout the night and re-inflates periodically to ensure firmness.

Presenting The EZ Bed By InstaBed

This particular air bed is best for residential use. Either as an extra guest bed or a mattress for a teenager. But I’d mostly recommend it as a spare guest bed. The compact nature makes it a quick stow and the high quality lets you offer your guests something better than the couch.

Features & Benefits

There’s so many great features and benefits to this product, I could sing its praises all day long. But let’s break them down in a way that clearly explains why this air bed is in a class all its own.

Comfort & Support

I loved that I could adjust the firmness of the mattress to plush, medium, or firm. It really helps when you’re in need of particular back aligning support. Most air beds kill my back. But being able to set mine at medium kept my back in perfect alignment.

The NeverFlat pump, which kicks in throughout the night to re-inflate any lost air, made sure that the bed never lost its firmness throughout the night. It literally never deflated, and the pump is so quiet that we never woke when it kicked in.

The edge support was probably the best I’ve seen in an air mattress. I was pretty impressed with it. Overall, the comfort and support was probably a 9 or 10 as far as air mattresses are concerned.

Motion Transfer

This air bed is well designed for minimal motion transfer. My wife and I slept on this bed for a few nights and each night had the same results. As she moved throughout the night, I felt no motion transfer from it and didn’t even wake. She had the same result from any movement made by me.


Most air mattresses have one major issue; noise. They’re noisy when you lay on them and move so much as an inch, but they’re also noisy when the pump is in action. The InstaBed main large pump is pretty much the same as any regular one in terms of noise, but it only takes less than two minutes to inflate or deflate, so who cares?

But the NeverFlat pump which is inside the bed and inflates throughout the night was virtually silent. It made hardly a noise at all. That was beyond impressive.

As for the noise when moving around on the surface, it’s really quite subtle. There’s no irritating squeak of rubber which really helps when you’re sleeping next to a partner. This was especially so once the sheets and bedding were added.


The initial size when you remove from the shipping packaging is about what you’d expect of a large duffle bag. Very compact and easy to stow away. The case which the bed comes in is actually on a roller system so you never have to lift it.

To unpack, simply unzip the end and unfold the top. Just give the frame a slight pull to stretch it out and then plug in the cord.

Inflation was easy. Just set the easy to read dial to your desired setting and watch as it inflates before your eyes. It took less than two minutes’ total. Same with deflation. Just turn the dial and click the button. The bed does the rest; it even folds itself up. Then all you have to do is squeeze it back into its bag and zip it up. The compact size can easily be stored at the bottom of any closet, or underneath a bed (depending on the clearance it has)

Standard queen sized bed sheets fit perfectly and never pull at the corners throughout the night. That was a major bonus; not having to go out and buy new sheets.

When the unit is tightly packed, the size is about what you’d imagine a large plastic tote to be. When it’s fully inflated and set up, the bed measures about 79.5” long and 61” wide. Nice and roomy for two people.

Insta-Bed EZ Bed Unboxing Video


The mattress itself is made from a high quality PVC product which not only makes it extremely durable but also really easy to clean. The tan color is easy on the eyes and can go with just about any décor. Although that doesn’t often matter.

It’s got a 500lb weight capacity, which is far more than enough for two full grown adults. My wife and I never felt the frame falter under our weight.

The majority of owners each state the same thing; it’s extremely comfortable for an air bed and very easy to set up. Those are two things I definitely look for in an inflatable mattress.

Customer Service

The InstaBed comes with a full 1-year warranty which is great for an air bed.

Other Features

The firmness can be adjusted to your liking through three different settings; plush, medium, and firm. It has an auto pump shut off for inflating, deflating, as well as the NeverFlat pump.

The sturdy metal frame comes built-in to the mattress itself. There’s virtually no set up with it, either. Just a slight tug here or there, but the self-inflating/deflating feature takes care of the rest.

Edge support was excellent and having the bed elevated off the floor didn’t seem to affect the cold air inside. We were warm all night.


My verdict is that this air bed is one of the best I’ve ever slept on. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality comfort during long trips, college students, or for anyone searching for a really great spare guest bed. If you think this is the right product for you then check it out and get one for yourself right here.

InstaBed Specs

Measurements Pump Shipping Weight Capacity Warranty
79.25″x61″x19″ Internal Pump with a
Secondary NeverFLAT
60lbs 500lbs 1 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a manual pump?


Is built-in pump available?

Yes, Internal Pump with a secondary NeverFLAT pump.

How high off the ground?

19 inches.

Good option for camping?


How long is the warranty?

1 year.