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Updated March 12, 2021

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Jessica Koslen

I agree that the bed is nice but the platform bed is very poor design and quality. The slats don’t line up at all and the overhang for the slats to sit on either side of the bed is far too narrow. I came in to find my son sleeping at a 45 degree angle because the slats fell through on one side of the bed. We tried to line the slats back up and it was impossible. As soon as one side is set, the other side falls through. And I didn’t realize they only give a 50 day trial for the platform. Really disappointed because now I’m out that cost and I still have to go out and buy a replacement from another company. Don’t waste your money buying this platform!


DreamCloud is a 15” luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, tufting and coil technology to provide the best sleep money can buy. Every feature except nightly tuck-in service.

This is the description from last year 2018. Now there are only 5 layers. I ordered one last year but there was such a delay in production and shipping, I couldn’t wait and had to cancel. Sorry to see the cut backs and what appears to be an inferior product. I was going consider it again but in light of the changes I don’t think so.

Lorraine Thomas

WHERE can I PLEASE buy a Dreamcloud Queen mattress in New Zealand – or is it called by a different name??

Thank you!

Kathy Sutton

Don’t buy the Dream Cloud platform bed!!!!!! We ordered the bed and we are so/so on it. But the platform bed is EXTREMELY cheaply made. They have a very limited and short return policy. They offered the replace the broken parts but that wouldn’t do us any good to replace broken parts with the same cheap parts. And their customer service wasn’t great. i sent a detailed email with pictures and an explanation of where the bed was broken. Their email reply asked me what the problem was. So not impressed with Dream Cloud.


Jessica Jones

Sorry you had a negative experience. This kind of feedback doesn’t seem to be the norm, so maybe this was just an unfortunate situation. Either way, though, that must have been very frustrating. Did you ever get it figured out?


Our mattress was delivered in good shape, but about a week later than the time stated on the website prior to ordering. Two items of note: 1) it’s a one piece heavy mattress and weighed 145 lbs on the doorstep. Managed to get it on the bed (no smell!) and it had a bit of a muffin top on the platform. For an older or frail person, it would be very difficult to put fitted sheet on if it’s in the Dream Cloud platform frame we bought to go with it. Mostly due to weight and the way it fits in frame. 2) Because it poofs out and over mattress frame a bit, you can’t tuck the sides of the fitted sheet in neatly. No biggie, just an FYI. But after much research, I’ve concluded the online price for this bed is a good value and the bed is well made. Very firm but soft on top. Big improvement over our ten year old Sleep Number. Platform frame nice quality – definitely a tan, not cream – and pretty easy to assemble. I think the company is having a bit of a challenge keeping up with the orders at this point. Never ordered a mattress online and so far we’re loving this mattress!

Gayle Deneen

We have had our Dream Cloud for about a month and absolutely love it. Very comfortable for both of us (side sleepers). Previously we had a very firm coil mattress and don’t miss it at all. Dream Cloud sleeps very cool and feels as if you are sleeping on a somewhat firm mattress wrapped in a cloud. I sigh with contentment every night when I get in bed. Love it! Only downside is the weight. It is very heavy and makes it hard to make the bed and tuck in sheets.


Jess RJ

Congrats! We’d love to hear back in the future on how this works out for you guys!


If you are not supposed to use on a adjustable bed frame, why do they sell them on there website?


Jess RJ

You could use it with their adjustable base if you wanted to. I tried using it on my adjustable base, and, due to the innerspring unit, the bed was very stiff and didn’t want to conform. I’d suggest a foam or latex mattress… or something with a thinner innerspring unit.


My order of two twin XL DreamCloud adjustable beds was great until it wasn’t. The mattresses are lovely- cool, firm yet soft. One of the adjustable beds wouldn’t work, however and that’s when hell broke loose. $600 white glove service, my eye! They wouldn’t take it back. Customer service sucks in the worst way. It’s been a month and still no repair. Not a manager in the house, apparently. They sent 3 remotes and finally a damaged parcel of parts. Left and right hands have no idea. Bed made in China, customer service made in the bowels of hell.


I ordered the dreamcloud bed and the ordering process was a nightmare, first they were delayed and they sent a defective mattress then it took them almost 2 months to get me a new one not to mention everytime I talked to them they told me it would be sent out next week… But I am wondering about the longterm quality of the mattress I have not even had the mattress for a year and you can clearly feel a body impression on the mattress when you lay on it. I am a light person. What is the timeframe for when you should notice body impressions on a mattress?
Also please note this mattress is not supposed to be used with an adjustable bed frame as I was told it will void the warranty.


Jess RJ

The answer depends on the quality of the materials used. In the case of DreamCloud, body impressions shouldn’t develop for a long time, especially if you don’t carry much weight.

Tory Capron

i hate feeling stuck in a mattress. i like a firm feel and have a bad back . will this be a good mattress for me?



We received our dream cloud a week ago. Sadly, despite all the positive reviews, it isn’t a good fit for us. My husband has some back pain, and found it too soft for his back. He’s added a firm rubber camping mat to his side of the bed for now to compensate for the squishy foam. I am a side sleeper but am only comfortable on this bed sleeping on my back. The deep quilting on the top layer has hard grooves between its rectangles, and painfully hard tufting buttons that I feel when lying on my side, even though we added a quilted mattress pad on top. Finally, it’s a lousy bed for couples, esp. with high body mass. Together, we are about 400 lbs. The mattress construction, may be durable, and it certainly has support, but it flexes alarmingly. If we want to sleep touching each other, we find ourselves lying in a trough in the middle. This is the worst.
It’s going back—just as soon as we can find a reasonable alternative. We previously had a Tempurpedic for 10 years and then an original Casper which was useable only for three. Both of these mattresses started out ok, but sagged badly over time, and especially the Casper. One good thing: delivery for the Dream Cloud was problem free,.

Shay Kiddy

Hello I ordered this mattress today in a king. I need a heavy duty bed frame as the ones they offer are not rated high enough. Would i be able to use any heavy duty bedframe or would i need to use a specific kind?

Barbara Freeman

I spoke with a Dream Cloud concierge today in Los Angeles and told him I wanted to order a King Dream Cloud mattress to be delivered to our new home in Quechee Vt on May 1. He told me that I would not receive it until 4 to 5 weeks. I said we had no mattress and needed by May 1 He said there was nothing he could do and that was the end of the conversation. I asked if there was some way of expediting it and he stated flatly no. Is there anything you can suggest because after reading your blog I am very interested in ordering this.
Thank you for anyone you can recommend I can speak with who can help me with this order.
Barbara Freeman

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