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Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Foam

Finding a crib mattress that your child actually likes to sleep on can be a struggle, trust me, I know. There are so many out there that promise the same thing and once you buy, that is when you truly know whether or not it lives up to it’s hype.

What if I told you I could take out all of that frustration and introduce you to an eco-friendly, dual sided crib mattress that keeps its promise? Well, today is your lucky day. Let’s take a look at the Colgate Eco Classica III crib mattress.

The Colgate Promise

Colgate takes pride in the products that they manufacture, especially crib mattresses. They have created the dual sided crib mattress so that as baby grows, they are hitting their growth and developmental marks. Infants need a firm, flat surface for when they begin to push up, turn, and stand. The solid base provides the ideal surface for developing and strengthening muscles.

Colgate puts the safety of the baby first when they are creating their mattresses. The firmness helps to protect baby from SIDS and SUDS. With all of that said, Colgate promises that your child will have the ideal firmness level for their development and comfort. Once they transition to toddler standards, flip the mattress over and they’ll have a much softer surface to sleep on.

Presenting The Colgate Eco Classica III

The Colgate Eco Classica III is a GREENGUARD Gold certified crib mattress made of CertiPUR-US certified safe foam. This ensures that there are no harmful air emissions which makes for a better sleeping environment for baby. The Eco Classica III is manufactured by Colgate, a third generation family-owned and operated company since 1955. Since an infant will spend 70% of their time on the mattress and a toddler spends 50% of their time on it, it is important that a crib mattress is as safe as possible, which is why Colgate dedicates so much time and effort into creating the perfect mattress for baby.

Thoughts About The Box

The box is just a plain brown box that has the Colgate logo printed in the middle of it. It doesn’t scream “I’m a crib mattress, come steal me” while it is sitting on your front porch, which is totally fine by me. If they don’t know what’s inside, they’re probably less likely to steal it. Anyway, I don’t really think a plain box is going to hurt their marketing because it’s really what’s on the inside that matters. No, really, the marketing is all on the inside with the mattress inside of the plastic.

Features & Benefits

By far the most important part of this review, the features and benefits of the Colgate Eco-Classica III.

What Sets It Apart?

Unlike some other crib mattresses that have that undesirable polyurethane cover or toxic foams, the Colgate Eco-Classica III is completely non-toxic. There are specific regulations that manufacturers must meet in regard to the chemicals in the raw materials. Colgate not only meets these standards, but they exceed them. There are mattress companies out there that only do the bare minimum for their consumers, but not Colgate.

There have been recent reports that certain mattress companies use a specific type of flame retardant in their foams for baby and child products. These chemicals include chlorinated Tris, Penta-BDE, and TCEP. These chemicals have been suspected of causing cancer. Now, I want to assure you that Colgate does not use these chemical agents in their crib mattresses. They do, however, use a barrier fabric that surpasses the newest and strictest Federal Flammability standards. You can be rest assured that the child you care for is on a safe sleeping surface.


So you can get all of the information possible about this crib mattress, I am going to divide this area into two sections, one for the toddler side and one for the infant side. I think that it is important to talk about them separately so that there is no confusion as to what each side has to offer.


I do not have an infant at home, so I cannot say for sure as to whether or not they would sleep well on it or not. But, what I can say is that is does seem to be firm enough for an infant to sleep on without having to worry about the risk of SIDS or SUDS. It takes a lot of effort for me to try to push my hand into the infant side. If a grown person has trouble, I don’t think that a baby would have an issue being supported, especially while they are learning how to push themselves up.

It may seem like it is too firm for you, but I assure you, it is the safest thing for the baby. You can’t have a child getting stuck in their own crater that they may create with other mattresses. This poses a suffocation risk, something no caregiver or parent wants to encounter.


The toddler side of the mattress is much softer than the infant side, which is fine by me. My son would never sleep on something that was as firm as what the infant side is. I love that the toddler side is noticeably softer than the infant side. I have encountered crib mattresses that claimed to be dual sided but there were no distinct differences between the sides.

Unfortunately, my son was teething during this test, which made for some sleepless nights for both him and I. Although, on the nights that he was feeling little to no pain, he slept through the night, which is a plus. I cannot say for certain whether or not he thought it was comfortable, mostly because he’s a little under two years old and doesn’t talk much. I do, however, think that it would be comfortable for the average toddler.

Generally speaking, the cover for the mattress is nice and soft, which adds to the initial comfort. I wouldn’t want to put my child on something that felt like plastic. And honestly, if you wanted to use the mattress without a sheet, you could, that’s how soft it feels.


The support of this crib mattress is about as good as it can get. Proper support in a crib mattress is vital to their development.

Infant Side

The infant side is nice and firm which means that they are going to be able to easily turn their head and get up on their hands and knees when they are first learning how to do so. It will support their legs when they start to pull themselves up and it will keep them from tossing and turning from indentations that other mattresses can have.

If you take a look at the pictures, you can see that the infant side holds my 30 pound daughter just fine. It doesn’t sink in much, which think about this, if a 30 pound kid can sit on the mattress and have hardly any indentation, what will it be like for a 7 pound infant? I think that it will be plenty safe.

Toddler Side

In my opinion, the toddler side has quite a bit of support even though it is much softer than the infant side. When my 3 year old sits on it, it hardly sinks in. Proper support for a toddler is just as important as an infant because if your toddler doesn’t sleep well, neither do you.

Again, if you take a look at the other picture, you can see that the toddler side holds my 30 pound daughter with almost the same support strength as the infant side.

The Two Finger Test

You may be wondering what on earth the two finger test is. Well, part of the crib mattress safety standards include this two finger test. If you can fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib rails, it is considered a suffocation/entrapment hazard for your baby. That gap allows the baby to potentially get a limb or even their heads stuck in it, we don’t want that now do we?

This is why I do the two finger test on all of my mattresses before I lay my son on them. The Colgate Eco-Classica III surpassed the two finger test. As you can see from the picture, I could barely fit one finger in there, which means there is really no gap. Since the Colgate is meant to fit most US standard cribs, there should not have been a problem anyway. If you have a crib that is not US standard, please check the measurements to ensure that there will not be a gap.

Edge Support

Okay, so the edge support may not be a big deal since the mattress fits pretty snugly into the crib, but once it comes time for the toddler to use it on their bed, it may become an issue.

As toddlers are learning how to transition from the crib to the toddler bed, they may find themselves falling off of the bed a lot. You aren’t going to want them to sleep on something that is going to aid in their night time mishaps with rolling out of bed. You want something that is going to keep them in place and help reduce these accidents.

The Colgate Eco-Classica III has pretty nice edge support, I must say. I had my daughter sit on the edge and as you can see from the picture, there is hardly any sinkage. This will help a lot when it comes time to transition the child from crib to toddler bed.

If they continue to have a problem falling out of bed despite the great edge support, you can do what I use to do. Instead of buying an expensive bed rail/net, go to the dollar store, buy a pool noodle and place it under the sheet. That bump will help keep the child from falling out.


Depending on what type of crib you have, the corners of the crib mattress may pose a problem with the mattress staying tightly in place. The Colgate has rounded corners, which may cause a problem with some cribs. My crib, which is an older Delta, still keeps the mattress in place and it did not move around.

Honestly, I like the rounded corners more than the square ones because they aren’t as sharp. Some square corners that I have seen had a sharp edge where the plastic was pinched. I think these rounded corners are the better route to go, that is if you have a crib that will accommodate it.


No matter what I test, whether it be a regular mattress, crib mattress, or a mattress pad, I always check the seams and stitching. Nothing aggravates me more than when a seam pops and there is that little string hanging there. I have that urge to pull the string but if I do, it will be a domino effect. So, this is why I make sure all the seams on all the products are nice and tight.

As for this crib mattress, the seams seem tight and in place as they should be. Not to mention, if my child sees a string hanging, he’s going to want to play with it, which could turn into a choking hazard or suffocation risk of the string is long enough.

True story: My son has a blanket in his crib that he loves to sleep with. It is one of those kid throws that you can find in the $10 WalMart bin that all kids seem to have. Well, he found a string that has busted from the seam and pulled it out. I was unaware of this because it was during his nap time and I was doing my parental duties on the other end of the house.

I had gone in to check on him and I saw the string, which is quite thick, wrapped around his neck. I snapped the string and immediately threw out the blanket. He was okay, the string was not tight enough to hurt him, but it was still scary and that is exactly why it is important that the seams are checked regularly to ensure that they are nice and tight.

Ease Of Transport

It’s the middle of the night and you are suddenly awoken by the sound of your child heaving or the smell of a soiled diaper. You walk over to the crib and see a puddle or pile, yeah, I have been there. So of course we take out the messy child and have no choice but to strip the mattress of its cover and throw it in the washing machine.

Now, in order to do this you will probably have to lift up the mattress, luckily for you it is lightweight. The Colgate Eco-Classica III only weighs around 9 pounds, or around the same weight as your 1 month old, or newborn if you grow them big like I do. The fact this mattress is so lightweight makes it super easy to lift up or take out if necessary.

So, I can definitely say that this crib mattress is easy to move around and transport from place to place if you decide to use it on a toddler bed. Just lift it up and out of the crib with ease and place it on the toddler bed.

How Does It Feel?

The feel of a mattress is a huge deal for me. If a mattress feels like plastic, I usually won’t put my child on it. I did not have this issue with the Colgate because it has a soft shell. It feels like cotton and it has tiny breathable holes.

This is a huge advantage if you do not put a mattress sheet on, whether it is your own personal preference or your child just pulls them off like mine does. Your child may like the feel of this mattress because of how soft and smooth it is.

Motion Transfer/Bounce

If your crib mattress is too bouncy, your child may have a hard time sleeping on it. If every time they move they can feel the rest of the mattress bouncing, it could lead up to a sleepless night for you and baby.

If you check out the video below, you can see how the crib mattress reacts to bounce and pressure. I placed a very lightweight toy bowling ball on one side of the mattress and had my 3 year old jump on the other side. As you can see, the ball barely moves, and this is a very lightweight plastic ball.

Heat Retention

Children are going to sweat in their sleep if they get too hot. They aren’t able to tell you if they are too hot if they can’t talk yet. All they are going to do is cry until your figure it out or see sweat beads. This is why is is very important to me to make sure these mattresses aren’t going to make the child sweat, which could cause them to overheat.

So, I am going to take my trusty heating sock and heat gun and get the mattress up to 130 degrees and see how long it takes for it to cool down to normal body temperature, which is around 98 degrees.

After I was done with the test, my results showed that the toddler side took 13 seconds to cool down and the infant side took around 13 seconds. I was thinking that since one side was softer than the other that the times would be different, but they aren’t, which is great. This mattress is one of the quickest one to cool down so far.


Depending on what certain mattresses are made from, they do tend to carry a chemical-like odor. The Colgate has no odor at all, which is great. Since it is GREENGUARD Gold certified, I was hoping that it wouldn’t have a smell.

Since this mattress does not have a smell, I definitely trust it to keep my child’s air supply healthy while they are sleeping on it. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are making the switch to organic. There are less chemicals and harmful emissions.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here is what some other parents and caregivers had to say about the Colgate Eco-Classica III crib mattress.

  • Has tight seams
  • Complaints of indentations after a few months
Comfort For Baby
  • Just the right amount of firmness for baby
  • Baby sleeps well on it
  • Cover is water resistant
  • Spills stay on top of the mattress
  • Cleaning is a breeze
Customer Support
  • Customer support is very helpful
  • Babies don’t sink in
  • It isn’t bouncy like coil mattresses
  • Toddler side is supportive
Comfort For Toddler
  • Soft enough for even the pickiest toddler
  • toddlers sleep well on it
  • Toddlers don’t sink in
Ease Of Movement
  • Easy to lift for sheet changing
  • Lightweight and easy to move

Is The Colgate Eco Classica III Right For Your Baby/Toddler?

Since this is a dual sided crib mattress, you have the option to use it on a toddler bed after it is done being used in the crib. But, will it be the right fit for your child or the child you may care for? Let’s take a look at some of these options to see if the Colgate Eco Classica III is right for the child:

Do you want to use it for your toddler?

Instead of buying a new mattress for when the child transitions to a toddler bed, you can simply flip this one over to the designated toddler side. If you end up having another child or caring for another child, you can simply rotate the mattress again back to the infant side once the toddler is done with it.

Do you want something a little healthier for the child?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. This crib mattress meets and/or exceeds all federal and state requirements for flammability and chemical composition. And instead of using petroleum-based oils, they use plant-based oils. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified and CertiPUR-US Certified for a healthier sleeping environment for the child.

Are you looking for easy cleanup?

At some point in the child’s life, they are going to go through the “I want to be diaper-free” stage or the “I hate the top on my sippy cup” stage. This means more spills, stains, and smells. The Colgate Eco Classica III can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild soap. It is also quite water resistant. There is a video below to show this.

Not looking to spend a ton?

This crib mattress, even with everything it has to offer, is quite affordable. You can pay upwards of $400 for a good quality, eco-friendly mattress. This mattress is just a fraction of that.


I would definitely recommend this crib mattress to any parent or caregiver. Sure, you are going to pay a little more for it than others, but it’s organic makeup should keep your mind at ease. My son may not have slept well on it for the first week, thanks to teething, but after that he slept just fine.

I think that this would be a great mattress if you are looking to go down the organic route. It is much healthier for the children, does not affect their breathing, won’t fill the room with a gross smell and will last a lot longer. Not to mention, it is dual sided, so you will get more use out of it rather than just a year or so.

Colgate Crib Mattress Specs

Material Organic Degassing Period Firmness Level for Baby Firmness Level for Toddler
Plant Based Oil Eco Foam and Cotton Yes None 9 7


Weight Minimum Weight Recommendation Maximum Weight Recommended Warranty
9.4 pounds 5 pounds 65 pounds Limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?


Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

Recommended but not required.

Are returns hassle free?

Yes, for manufacturer-related issues.

Is There A Trial Available?


How long is the warranty?


Does It Need To Be Rotated?

No, but you can flip it to adjust firmness as your child grows.

Is there offgassing?


What's the firmness?

Extra firm for baby. Medium firm for toddler.