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Coleman QueenCot With Airbed

Do you find yourself camping out a lot and in need of a comfortable, portable bed to sleep on? Are you on a tight budget where you can’t afford a conventional bed and mattress, but you still want to make an investment that is durable, comfortable and affordable?

The Coleman QueenCot With Airbed is one of the best choices for you in these circumstances, and several others, in terms of economy, durability and comfort.

Comfort and Convenience

The most prominent feature of the Coleman QueenCot With Airbed is that it has been designed to provide comfort and relaxation in both indoor and outdoor usage conditions. Sporting a portable and compact frame that is 22 inches off the ground, thanks to the cot that comes with the airbed, it gives the feel of a conventional bed even when you’re using it outdoors.

The elevation protects you from being affected by the damp or cold seeping from the groundand also keeps you safe from insects that may be crawling about. The airbed comes with a side table on both sides that can be used to hold small personal items such as coffee mugs, drinks, books and glasses. This kind of convenience can only be expected from a real bed having additional side tables – but the Coleman QueenCot With Airbed gives it to you in an affordable, and more importantly, single unit. You can have the convenience of indoor comfort even when you are outdoors without having to carry anything extra!

The QueenCot inflates on its own, thanks to an included 4D battery air pump, while the cot unfolds just as easily, so the whole set up can be done without any considerable effort, as a 5’2’’, 120 pounds mother of two has affirmed approvingly. The air pump also allows you to rapidly deflate the airbed whereas the foldable steel frame of the cot allows for additional compaction – you can travel with total ease thanks to its ability to fit inside a carry bag.

With the QueenCot, the devil is in the details, because the manufacturers have meticulously added a thin cotton sleeve on the top of the cot to prevent the inflated air mattress from sliding around as you lay on it! Apparently, they were quite concerned about providing their customers with the maximum level of comfort possible through their product.

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The Coleman QueenCot With Airbed has a number of features that guarantee lasting life – the durable steel frame of the cot for one, ensures that it won’t collapse even under a weight of 600 pounds! This means that two individuals can easily use this airbed just like they would any ordinary bedding structure. Those who have bought it have claimed to use it for years without experiencing any dips in the level of comfort it provides.

Users have also praised its ability to hold air for extended periods of time without requiring to be topped off. In most cases, one top off, after the initial one is all that is required for the mattress to be in optimal condition – this is because the airbed ‘settles’ and frees up more room for air.

Double The Sleeping Space

This airbed covers a 59’’ x 72’’ inch area that is more than enough to allow two people to sleep comfortably but it gets better – the cot and the mattress are separable. You can double the sleeping space by using them individually. The air mattress can be used to accommodate two individuals and two others can utilize sleeping bags on top of the cot.

Basically, for the price of bedding for two, you are actually getting a sleeping space for four, ideal for when you get more guests than anticipated.

Pros and Cons

You can’t make a decision about a bed without being meticulous in your research and evaluation of the products in question. The best way to quickly assess an air mattress is to compare its pros and cons, and see if they match your demands for a good sleeping space.

The Coleman QueenCot With Airbed is so versatile in its advantages that it is sure to be tempting bargain for many types of consumers.

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As the above breakdown of benefits and drawbacks indicates, the Coleman QueenCot With Airbed is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor activities which do not involve a lot of travelling on foot. It is an ideal investment for those who want a spacious, durable and highly comfortable bed to sleep on without footing a huge bill.

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2 feet.

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1 year limited.