Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle Tester Review

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Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle Tester

Finding the right set of sheets for your bed means doing the research – and knowing what you want. Some people prefer a slick sateen feel to their sheets, while others like a crisp, cool set of sheets that keeps the temperature down in bed. If you’re more of the latter, then the Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle might be ideal. Brooklinen promises a breathable sheet set, an extra pair of pillowcases, and even a duvet cover in this bundle. Keep reading to find out more about what’s included, how the sheets feel, and use my experience with this bundle to decide whether these are right for you.

Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle Specs

 Two extra pillowcases included

 270-thread count set of sheets

 Material – 100 percent percale cotton

 Warranty – Lifetime Warranty

What the Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle is Really Like

Often the first thing people look for in a set of sheets is the thread count, but that’s not always as telling as you may think. I’m guilty of it. I’ve been in department stores looking at sheets, and I’d pass over any sheet set that claimed 200, 300, even 400-thread count. It’s so easy for a manufacturer to manipulate the numbers by splitting hairs, or in this case, threads. Brooklinen doesn’t do that. So, a 270-thread count set of sheets, like its Classic Core set or Luxe, is accurate. And 270 isn’t bad when you consider that these sheets are made of 100 percent cotton and a long-staple thread.


  • 14 different colors, patterns
  • Two extra pillowcases included
  • 270 thread count
  • Made of percale cotton
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stays cool at night
  • Crisp feel, matte finish
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable bundle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not very soft
  • Seem a bit thin
  • Duvet cover is somewhat small

Thread Count

The lower thread count is a good thing if you’re a hot sleeper. In the winter, I prefer a softer, thicker sheet to keep me warm, and in the summer, I switch to a crisp, cool set of sheets made with percale cotton, like these. If it were up to my partner, we’d stick to the percale year-round. That’s because he’s a hot sleeper, and these sheets are incredibly breathable – but I’m getting ahead of myself.


When my Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle came, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. The sheets arrived quickly, and the box was, well, a standard box with some logos. Inside, though, was all of my linens nestled in a neat bag. In fact, I’ve used that tote for other things already, and it’s of high quality, as well.


It’s a good idea to wash all of your sheets and duvet cover before using them on your bed, which is exactly what I did. When I pulled them out of the dryer, I noticed that they already looked well-worn. I mean, what did I expect from a set of cotton sheets made with a low thread count? They’re going to wrinkle. Personally, I like that relaxed look, so this didn’t count against the sheet set. And no, I’m not going to iron my sheets.

Smart Design

As I was making my bed with these sheets, I praised Brooklinen out loud for including labels on the inside of the fitted sheet. The long and short sides were labeled, which meant I didn’t flip the sheet over and over to try to figure out which side went which way. My mattress isn’t terribly tall – it’s 10 inches thick – but the sheets fit my bed well without any extra fabric bunching up, thanks to the strong elastic on the fitted sheet. Brooklinen claims its fitted sheet will fit a mattress up to 15 inches thick so that’s good news for you if you have a pillowtop mattress.


A potential issue with these sheets, though, is that they could shrink a little. I always wash my sheets in warm or hot water, and I definitely don’t line dry. I didn’t notice a difference in the way the sheets fit my bed, but if you have a thicker mattress and you launder your sheets the same way as I do, you might notice the sheets fitting a little tighter.


You get four pillowcases with this bundle, which is great for most people. I can’t think of the last time I only had two pillows on my bed. You can choose between standard size or king-sized pillowcases, but you’ll pay a little extra for the larger pillowcases. The great thing about these pillowcases is that they’re an envelope style, so my pillows stayed put. The flap was secure enough to keep the pillows from shifting at all.

Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is made of the same material as the sheets, which means you can still use a lightweight duvet insert in summer and not feel overheated, especially if you swap out your heavy feather duvet for a light comforter. The fabric is as breathable as the sheets and matches perfectly. You can secure your duvet in the cover with the ties on the inside (if your insert has loops), and you can fasten the small, almost invisible buttons to prevent your duvet from sliding out. The duvet cover suffers the same fate as the sheets after being washed: wrinkles. If you don’t mind that lived-in look, though, this isn’t a big deal. I won’t iron sheets, but I considered ironing my duvet cover.


I also liked that I had the option of 14 different colors and patterns for this bundle. The colors are mostly muted, which makes it easy to match them with almost any décor. I chose the Reverse Smoke Stripe, which gave my room a great look. The windowpane style is also a great pattern for any room.


The only things I didn’t like about the Brooklinen Hardcore Classic Core Bundle were related to shrinkage and size. I know my sheets shrank a little in the wash, but it didn’t affect my bedding enough to send them back. If you have a thicker mattress, it could be an issue. The duvet cover is great, but it’s a bit smaller than I expected. At 90 inches by 90 inches, it was just a square on my rectangular bed. It looked great, but my duvet was a little poofy because my insert was bigger than the cover.

No Pilling

One of the most remarkable things about these sheets, even after several runs through my washing machine and dryer is that they didn’t pill. I ran my hand over the made bed, and there were no raised bumpy things that sheets get over time. They were still cool, crisp, and comfortable.

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Features & Benefits

Brooklinen made these sheets specifically for the consumer who prefers a cooler night’s sleep. Between the thread count and the choice of fabric, these sheets are meant to be lightweight, crisp, and only slightly soft. So, let’s go over the features and their benefits to you.


When it comes to buying sheets, you have a lot of fabric options, but Brooklinen sticks to 100 percent cotton. It’s one of the most comfortable, breathable, and durable sheet fabric choices. For the classic core set, Brooklinen uses percale cotton, which ends up being a matte finish, and not quite as soft as sateen finishes. Although you miss out on the thickness and softness, you get more breathability, which means you get a cooler sleep. The best way to describe the feel of these sheets is that they feel like crisp sheets that have just been line-dried on a Spring day.

Thread Count

Don’t let the 270-thread count fool you – these sheets are high quality. The lower the thread count, the looser the weave. That means these percale sheets and duvet cover are great to use in the summer. The more you wash a lower-thread count set of sheets, the softer they’ll get. But you won’t have to worry as much about pilling like you would with a thicker set of sheets.

Elastic on Fitted Sheet

Not all sheets are made with such attention to detail as Brooklinen. The fitted sheet includes a thick elastic band all the way around, which provides a snug fit on your mattress, regardless of its size. My queen-sized mattress is only 10 inches thick, but the fitted sheet fits like a glove. And it’ll fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick.

Extra Tags

Making a bed is already a pain, and it starts with the fitted sheet. It looks like it’ll fit no matter which way you turn it. Brooklinen gets it, and the company included tags with “long” and “short” side tags. I know it doesn’t save me that much time, but it does save me a bit of frustration.

Duvet Cover Securing

The duvet cover is made well as the sheets, and it includes little extras that make it awesome. There are ties at the corners of the inside of the cover, which makes it easy to secure an insert with loops. They keep my duvet insert from shifting inside. The buttons, while tiny and somewhat hard to fasten, are hard to detect, which gives my bed a neat look.

Pillowcase Design

If you’ve ever used standard pillowcases, you know how frustrating it can be to wake up with a pillow sneaking its way out of its case. Brooklinen creates their pillowcases with envelope-like flaps that keep your pillow in place.

Return Policy

Sometimes we buy sheets online and find that they aren’t anything like we expected. They’re either too slippery, not soft enough, or the wrong color for our décor. Whatever the issue, Brooklinen offers a 60-day return policy. You can exchange your sheet bundle free or get a full refund. You’re only charged a fee if you’ve washed or used the set.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the most incredible features of Brooklinen’s sheet bundle is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. These sheets shouldn’t pill or rip, but if they do, the company will do what it can to repair your sheets for free. If they can’t be repaired, you get a replacement at no charge to you.

The Customer Consensus

Everyone has an opinion about, well, everything. And the opinions on Brooklinen’s Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle are varied, for sure.


For the most part, customers understood what they were getting with percale cotton sheets, so they’re overall happy with the feel of these cool sheets. However, a few noted that the fabric is so thin that you can see labels through the pillowcases.


You’re going to spend a little extra money on this sheet bundle, but most customers say it’s worth it. The value is good when you consider you’re getting better quality than from a big-box store, and you’re getting more out of it (duvet cover and two extra pillowcases).


Although there have been a few reports of rips and snags early on with the Classic Core Bundle, most people have reported that it would’ve happened with any set of sheets.

Customer Support

There are mixed reviews when it comes to customer service from Brooklinen. On one hand, some customers say support was excellent from the point of purchase to getting returns started. However, there are near as many who say they never got a response from customer service about a return or exchange, and back orders were a big deal for some consumers.


Most people got their sheets in a reasonable amount of time, but some buyers offered a word of caution about Brooklinen. Several people noted that there was no tracking information or option to get quicker shipping.

Washing & Drying

Although many customers reported that these sheets and duvet cover got softer after washing and drying them, some said the sheets came out rougher to the touch. Overall, most people noted that the sheets get considerably wrinkly.

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There’s no such thing as the perfect set of sheets because we all have different needs, wants, and expectations. Given that buying the right set of sheets relies on you picking the ones that feel best to you, then this Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle is best for you if you prefer a lightweight sheet set that’s breathable and easy to assemble on your bed. Yes, the fabric is a bit thin, and they wrinkle easily. If you don’t mind, or even like, that lived-in look, these could be the sheets for you. While this bundle is a bit more expensive than what you’d find at a department store with similar 270-thread count sheets, you get more with this bundle – namely, two extra pillowcases and a matching duvet cover.

Brooklinen considers the details with ties and buttons to secure a duvet insert, “long” and “short” tags to help you fit your fitted sheet on your mattress easier, and a variety of colors and patterns that can work with a variety of décor styles. You also get the opportunity to return or exchange your bundle if you have any issues, and a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong with your set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Machine wash and tumble dry.

Do they include organic materials?


What sizes are available?

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King