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My Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Choosing the best feature of the Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle isn’t easy because there’s so much to love about this sheet and duvet set. It’s the definition of affordable luxury coming in at less than $250 for a set of sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet for your bed. The thread count of the sheets aren’t as high as you might expect in a set of luxury sheets but don’t let the number fool you, these sheets are super soft and are of the highest quality. There’s more to a set of sheets than just the thread count, though.

I ordered this bundle recently and tried it out for myself. Keep reading to find out what I thought, how others who’ve bought them feel about them, and what the manufacturer wants you to know.

Brooklinen Luxe Sheet Bundle Specs

 Size – Queen Size Sheet Set

 480-thread count set of sheets

 Material – Long – Staple cotton

 Warranty – Lifetime Warranty

What You Get in This Sheet Bundle – and What to Expect

When the package arrived – earlier than expected, I should add – I was pleasantly surprised by the expert packaging. It was beautifully tucked away in a little tote bag and came with a card from Brooklinen inviting me to let them know if everything is to my satisfaction. I slipped the sheets out of the bag and immediately took a look at what was included.


As with most linen sets, this one came with a fitted sheet and a flat one. The queen size fitted sheet is meant to fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep, which is technically a deep pocket fitted sheet. My mattress isn’t quite that tall, but the elastic was tight enough to snugly fit my bed without any leftover sheet sagging at the edges. The flat sheet for a queen-sized bed is generous at 92 inches by 104 inches. There was enough on either side of my bed that I didn’t totally hog the covers from my partner.

4 Pillowcases

Many sheet sets include two pillowcases, but Brooklinen gives you four standard size pillowcases in the same fabric and thread count as the sheets. The envelope style pillowcases are my favorite because they keep their pillows securely tucked into the cases.

The only thing that I found a bit peculiar was the stitching on the pillowcases. It was a quality stitch, and I wasn’t worried about them coming apart or anything, but it was quite simple. This gives the appearance of cheap quality, even though they aren’t. Typically, in sheet sets, the pillowcases match the sheets topstitching, but that isn’t the case here.

Duvet Cover

The queen-sized duvet cover has all sorts of neat extras to help keep your duvet inside in place. Naturally, the duvet cover matches the sheet set, so it has a monochromatic appearance, which I like. The cover itself is a bit heavy, which makes sense for me and where I live, as we see all four seasons here. It might not work well for you if you live in a southern location with, say, subtropical weather. In that case, you could always look at getting a cooling mattress pad to counteract the warmth of this sheet set.

Like most duvet covers, this one includes buttons to shore up the open side and keep the duvet in place. It also includes inside ties at the corners to keep your duvet from shifting. This is really only helpful, though, if you have a duvet or comforter with loops. At 90 inches by 90 inches, my queen-sized duvet cover looked great on my bed. However, I woke up a few nights with only half of my body covered. I still prefer a duvet cover that’s a little bigger because I sleep with a blanket hog.

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Special Detergent

It’s always a good idea to wash your sheets before you make your bed with them and these particular ones come with their own special detergent. Many sheets are finished with chemicals that may irritate your lungs or sinuses. Brooklinen is an exception, though. Their sheets and other linens are certified Oeko-Tex, so they’re free of chemicals that could be harmful. It’s still a good idea to wash them, though, and if you need incentive, consider this: They get softer! I was surprised by how soft they were after the first wash, but they continued to get softer after each additional wash.

Features & Benefits

When you take a look at each feature and its corresponding benefit, you can see why Brooklinen luxury sheet sets are so popular. There’s more to the quality and feel of a set of sheets than just thread count. Let’s go over what the manufacturer claims about its luxe sheets, and how it could be a benefit you – the customer who wants a comfy bed.

Thread Count & Cotton Type

The official thread count of Brooklinen’s luxe sheet set is 480. It doesn’t sound like much when you consider all those set of sheets out there claiming 600, 800, and even 1,200 thread counts. The problem with thread count is that some manufacturers aren’t always honest about it. You can use a short thread, split them, and then double your thread count “officially.” So, what’s really a 250-thread count can suddenly be a 500-thread count set of sheets. They’re still going to feel like 250, though.

The difference in Brooklinen is that the company uses a long-staple cotton, like Egyptian cotton, and they don’t fudge the numbers. Each thread is counted separately to come to that 480 threads. There’s a balance between softness and crispness there. Typically, the higher the thread count, the tighter the weave and the heavier the sheet.

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Yarn Count

While many of us have been taught to look for the thread count as being the best indicator of luxury sheets that are soft and of high quality, many of us have been overlooking the yarn count. Fine yard counts are at about 60, and superfine come in at about 80, which is where the Brooklinen luxe sheets and duvet cover are. If you’re using a superfine yarn, like Brooklinen, it takes more of those yarn threads to fill up a one-inch space, hence the 80-yarn count. This produces a softer feel than, say, a 60-yarn count.


You may notice that this set of sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover have a slight sheen to them. That’s where the term sateen comes in. Because of the thread count and yarn count, this bundle of linens leans more toward soft than crisp. They’re a little heavier than a percale, which has that cool, crisp feel to them. The sateen finish looks great, feels amazing, and is more suitable to use during the winter or in cooler climates. They don’t sleep hot by any means, but they are a bit heavier.

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Sheet Size

Most queen-sized beds measure 60 inches by 80 inches. If you had a sheet set to match that, you’d likely wake up cold every night or play sheet tug-of-war with your partner. Brooklinen produces sheets that are a bit longer and wider than the size of your bed. This gives you a nice overhang on each side of the bed, which is enough at the bottom to cover your feet and enough at the top to reach your headboard.

Duvet Details

Most duvet covers come with at least buttons to keep your insert from slipping out at the bottom. Brooklinen took security one step further by including ties at the inside corners of the duvet cover. If your duvet insert has loops at the corners, you can tie each one to the cover, which keeps it from sliding around. Plus, the duvet is made with the same high-quality, high-yarn count, and softness as the sheets.

Extra Pillowcases

You’d be hard-pressed to find a sheet set without pillowcases, but most of them only come with two. Brooklinen stepped up its sheet bundle game by including four pillowcases. I don’t know many people who only sleep with one pillow, and Brooklinen gets that.

Pillowcase Design

Speaking of pillowcases, have you ever stuffed a pillow into a standard pillowcase, only to find you’re having to re-stuff it by morning? Many pillowcases are just sheaths for your pillows, but Brooklinen took great care in making sure your pillows are as secure as your duvet insert. The envelope design ensures that your pillow is snug and tightly tucked inside, and even if you shake your pillow in its case upside down, it won’t easily slide out.

Oeko-Tex Certified

To get this certification from this independent testing system, Brooklinen had to manufacture its linens without formaldehyde, Azo colorants, and other harmful chemicals. This is simply one of the best ways to communicate to customers that the products from Brooklinen are safe for you and your family.


You could buy the sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover separately, but you’d end up spending about 25 percent more. The bundle saves you money overall, and the price isn’t all that steep to begin with – especially considering you’re paying for luxury and not just a standard set of sheets and duvet cover.

Lifetime Warranty

Here’s the part about Brooklinen sheets I was most excited about: a lifetime warranty. The company promises that if your sheets ever pill, fray, or rip, you can return them to be repaired or replaced- not within the first 30 days, 120 days, or for any limited years. This is a lifetime thing. And that is kind of amazing.

What Customers are Saying

Although it’s clear that I love this sheet set and duvet cover bundle from Brooklinen, I’m not the only one who has an opinion. Thousands of other customers reported back with their take on this bundle. Most of it is positive, but not everyone’s expectations were met.

Feel of Sheets

Overall, customers said the sheets were silky soft and became softer after washing. Many pointed out that the sheets were thinner than they expected, though. Fewer people still mentioned that the sheets were a bit scratchy. Personally, I thought they were perfectly soft.

Cool vs Hot

Sheets made with super fine yarn are going to be a little denser and heavier, which means they don’t breathe as well as sheets with a lower thread count. Therefore, some people noted that the sheets hold in heat and make for a warm sleep at night. More often than not, though, reviewers said they were comfortable at night.


Many customers commented on how high quality the sheet and duvet cover bundle seemed- with a few exceptions. Those who did not get what they expected were disappointed in what they saw as a lower-quality product. However, stitching seemed to be good all around. The simple stitch for the pillowcases wasn’t a deal breaker for most buyers, but it was perplexing for most.


To be fair, this sheet and duvet cover set from Brooklinen will cost a pretty penny, but many thought it was worth it for the quality. Many others believe it wasn’t a good value at all. Considering cost is such a subjective point, though, it’s hard to find an equalizer here. But when you consider the lifetime warranty, it’s hard for me to personally argue otherwise. I vote that it’s a great investment.


If you’re looking for the best sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases all designed to work with your bed, pillows, and duvet insert, you very may well find them all in the Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle. The fitted sheet fits almost any mattress well, up to 15 inches thick. The flat sheet has enough width and length for tucking in or letting them hang over the sides.

You get four pillowcases that have an envelope flap design to keep your pillows from slipping out. And the duvet cover includes ties at the corners and buttons to prevent your insert from shifting or sliding out the bottom. On top of all those design features, the fabric is made from a high-count superfine yarn and a 480-thread count, which gives you a balance between soft and crisp. The sheets feel soft and satiny with its sateen finish, and you can rest assured that they’re free of any harmful chemicals.

The sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover get softer each time you wash them, and the price of the bundle won’t break the bank. If you live in an area where you get more cool nights than warm, these could be your favorite year-round sheets and duvet cover. And considering they come in 14 different colors and patterns, you may even find yourself buying another set.

What did you think of this review? If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment and share below!

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