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Avocado Green Mattress
Matthew & Julie Balkman

TOO FIRM, we returned it. We loved the idea of the Avocado and their on line shopping experience. We told them what we wanted, a soft mattress. They suggested we get the softest one and the extra topper sewn in, we did because we are partial side sleepers. It was expensive and we felt great about it. We knew immediately that it was too firm. Customer service told us to give it some time, we gave it 60 days. They told us to make it softer we needed to buy ANOTHER topper, we did, although we thought that was a bit of a cheesy and expensive ‘work around’. After 8 months, it was still too firm and we now had troughs where we slept in the toppers (bad sign). It was sad, we loved the quality, workmanship, and materials; we wanted to like the mattress but we couldn’t. Just too firm. They did allow us to return it and gave us a refund. The guy who picked it up was a vendor that only picks up returns for Avocado and when I told him it was just too firm, he said, “yeah, I hear that from most I pick up, it seems to be a common complaint”. Still sad about not having an option with Avocado.

Jake N.

My rating is 0 stars for 1 reason and 1 reason only: 8 weeks from ordering and still no mattress. Avocado is having a terrible time fulfilling orders right now. Supply chain issues I was told (COVID-19 being what it is). They’ve now blown 3 ship-by estimates (2-4 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks), and I fully expect to be given another fanciful/optimistic shipping date once their painfully slow customer service team gets back to me.

I just want my stupidly expensive mattress please.


Does the queen pillowtop have zones where the pelvic area has firmer foam, or is the foam consistent throughout the pillow top? I am referring just to the pillowtop since I know that the mattress has zones.

Dawn Henderson

We ordered the avocado mattress for many reasons. We are impressed with the organic materials and we did not experience off gassing. I have fibromyalgia and MS so sometimes the firmness even with the topper still leaves my body sore. I am 5’2” 125 lbs.
My husband has had 2 back surgeries and shoulder surgery. He loves our new mattress. He is 6’2” and weighs 225lbs.
The delivery experience was disappointing. We paid for the white glove delivery mostly for disposal of our old mattress. The men who delivered our mattress seemed surprised when I asked them to take the old mattress but they did take it.
The Avacado wooden frame was delivered the day after the mattress which left us sleeping on the floor for one night. With our above mentioned health issues was less than what we expected when we purchased a bed and mattress costing approximately $4,500.00. The website implies that the delivery of the 2 would be scheduled together. The customer service rep from Avacado told us that due too the mattress and frame being delivered by different companies coordination of same day delivery was not possible. That business model for a company who is green is a poor business model. Also most people work so having to take 2 days off for delivery was not ideal. I was credited $100 for my inconvenience but I would rather have had them delivered on the same day then to have been credited $100.
I was never contacted by this specialty furniture manufacturer to ensure that I was satisfied with my experience and product. I do know that this mattress is by far not one of the most expensive but I also know that $4,500 is not a budget purchase. My word of advice is to make sure that when you purchase from Avacado is to know that mattress and frame will not be guaranteed to be delivered on the same day and if you pay the $199 for white glove delivery for removal of your old mattress be firm and do not let the delivery guy leave without taking it with them.

Anil Ambati

i am 164 pounds and my wife is 120 pounds , we both sleep either on side (mostly) or back. I have lower back pain. We are looking to replace our 10+ year old inner spring mattress. We would like to try foam mattress, we are concerned about off gasing (as we experienced with Casper). I was wondering if Avacado mattress with pillowtop is a good option for us. Please let us know.


Jess RJ

Great question! I think the Avocado would be a good fit considering it’s plushness in the top and strong innerspring unit for support. If you’d prefer all-foam, I’d suggest the Helix mattress. It provides dual and blended firmness options to better cater to you and your sleep partners’ specific needs. Use promo code SleepJudge75 for $75 off your order!

Offgassing occurs to some degree with any mattress. There’s a link below for information on how to clear it out.

Helix Mattress-

James Waters

Avocado Green’s “White Glove Delivery” – is definitely NOT what you get… But you pay for it. Your readers will want to know that. The experience that you describe is definitely not the experience I had. Avocado Green does not charge anything to ship a mattress to your house. But they charge $199.00 extra for “White Glove Delivery”. This includes removal of the old mattress to somewhere else on the premises and unpacking and placement of the new mattress. (The mattresses are delivered compressed, so they have to be unpacked a certain way.) After paying $200.00 for this “White Glove Delivery”, when it arrived, it was delivered by one old man obviously in his middle to late 60’s and not in the best of shape. And this guy was supposed to remove a king size mattress and box springs down two flights of stairs, and then bring a 167lb mattress up two flights of stairs. Furthermore,this person had never heard of Avocado Green, or unpacked a single mattress like the one he had on his van. Rather than take the mattress back, he hired someone off the street to help him (which means in my experience at least, he gives better service than Avocado Green). But it had rained all night before delivery, and he had no covers for his shoes, or his hired help. And the mattress had to be carried up two flights of carpeted stairs and placed in a carpeted room. The box that the mattress was shipped in was so filthy, the delivery person had to remove the mattress from it before he brought the compressed and rolled mattress into the house. But then once the compressed mattress was removed from the box, it was obvious that the plastic wrapper the mattress was in was dirty also. But it could not be removed until the mattress had been placed on the bed platform, so it had to be wiped off with damp cloths and towels to get it clean before it was carried through the house and placed on the bed. As previously mentioned, this delivery person had never unpacked a mattress like this before and did not have a clue what to expect. Luckily, I had read the basic instructions at Avocado’s website, or there is no telling what kind of mess we would have gotten into. (Cutting the inner wrapper would have resulted in immediate expansion of the mattress – imagine having that happen before bringing a 167lb king size mattress up two flights off stairs and around two landings that turn back on their selves.) When I tried to call Avocado Green to get this delivery issue resolved, I discovered that they do not have a phone number listed on their website. Nor did they give me one with the emailed receipt, or in any of the emails that they sent me. I sent them an email, but as of the time I am writing this, I have not received a reply… Nor will I get one-they are closed today! In any event, with no phone number and therefore no phone call, the delivery issue could not be resolved while the delivery person was waiting. And that is what Avocado Green charged $199.00 for! Compare that to normal delivery, which is delivered to your house free of charge. Avocado Green is simply not delivering what they are selling. After this experience, I had to ask myself… If this is what Avocado Green calls “White Glove” delivery, what would their service be like if after owning one of their mattresses for four or five years, I need warranty service?


Jessica Jones

I’m really sorry this happened. I’ve had white glove delivery service with a couple of companies, and both times everything went great. I think it’s important to point out that Avocado isn’t a shipping company. They hire one. So, it seems the shipping company needs to make some changes in their business model. I’d definitely call the shipping company and tell them what happened or even call Avocado and tell them they may want to consider a new shipper.

Jess RJ

I am so sorry you had a negative experience.


How is this mattress for a 150lb + 230lb couple? We purchased a Casper about a year ago and my girlfriend (150lbs) loves it however it has given me incredible lower back pain since day 1 — right in the tailbone / lumbar region. I think my hips sink too low and causes strain. Usually goes away when im up and about but haven’t had a consistent night sleep in months.

Which is odd because I used to sleep on a true memory foam and never had any problems or back pain, but my girlfriend hates those because she sinks or rolls towards me since I’m heavy.

Not sure what to get. Was looking at Avocado but a lot of people say it’s too firm. is this the case? Would it feel too hard for a 320lb man?


Very impressed with this mattresss from packing to unpacking, although it wasn’t delivered correctly which the company immediately remediate. Several nights sleep with mattress+ separate plush topper) on the floor (new bed frame hadn’t arrived) was comfortable from day one, although a bit firmer than used to. No motion transfer was most impressive. We are tall but not large & the queen is too small – good thing the mattress is on the floor as we both kept falling out of bed. The quality of manufacturing is ompressive & the handles are very quality upgrade over any other mattresses at same or higher price. We’re always trying bedding that we can recommend without reservation to our design clients & this one would top our list. Our only big challenge is to figure out how to fit ourselves on the bed. We’d keep this one for guest room but buying another larger mattress isn’t in the budget ??.


Will this mattress fit on top of our current box springs?


How does this compare the Brentwood Cedar mattress?


What type of box spring do you recommend with this mattress?

Cindy Bryant

Hi! Can you use this product on top of your current box spring?

Alice eller

We have purchased 3 pillow tops, different brands from local retailers over the last 10 years. All 3 have “failed”, and required replacing, rechoosing. I always seem to prefer softer mattresses, as I am a side sleeper with multiple orthopedic issues. My husband sleeps on his tummy, and prefers firmer mattresses. We are both average size. I’m very interested in the pillow top, but have 2 questions concerns. Will the pillow top break down, and more importantly, is it still quite firm ?? Thanks for your advice.


Is this mattress meant to be put on a boxspring? If not, then do I have to have a platform bed?

Vicki Hooper

How does this mattress go for someone who is 55 kg


My Avocado bed was delivered last night. I bought the queen size with the pillow top. I do sleep warm and I found it to be warmer than I was hoping for an warmer than other foam mattresses I have slept in. Going to sleep on it for 30 days before making a final decision.


We are used to European sleep works mattress. We love that it is soft yet very supportive. I have joint problems and I’m bony. Do you know how this mattress would compare? I’m concerned because you mentioned it can feel firm and you felt a button. Would that apply even with the pillow top which we would definitely get?


I’m slightly concerned with how firm it is reading some of the reviews but I am a female back sleeper, weigh about 165 and currently need a mattress ASAP due to waking up due to lower back pains my current mattress is causing. Any suggestions? Also, does this work on a box spring mattress that is adjustable? Thanks in advance for your help!

Steve B

I’ve had the Avocado Queen w/ pillow top for a week now, and I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep yet. I find it way to firm for this side sleeper. I’m a decently fit person, and weigh around 185-190lbs. I’m waking throughout the night relieving arm numbness, shoulder soreness, as well as ribs, hip, and legs. I would rate it a 9 for firmness. I will be returning it, and think I’ll be going for an all-latex layered mattress.


I am considering using this matttess on the floor with pillow top. Will that effect the integrity of the mattress?

Cynthia Moon

How is this avacado rated for an adjustable frame?Thank you.


Frank Apodaca

This mattress will work just fine on an adjustable base.


I found this mattress (Queen w/ pillow-top) to be the most firm mattress I’ve ever experienced, anywhere I’ve ever slept. Any part of my body that was touching the mattress, whether lying on my back or side, started to become numb after a few minutes. I recently was sleeping on a spring mattress w/ a 2 inch foam top (w/ Zinus box foundation). I’ve had the Avocado for 2 nights now, and and have found it hard to fall asleep, and once asleep, would frequently awake in various positions, which I can only assume to be my body’s way of relieving pressure. I’ve never felt this type of all-over pressure/numbing anywhere I’ve slept (including sleeping bags on floors or camping). I weigh about 185-190lbs and am fairly fit. I’m going to give it a little more time, but this is not pleasant at all, so far.
I really love the eco-friendly measures, and healthful nature of the company though.

I would also rate the firmness of this mattress a 9 or 10, not a 6 or 7, as I’ve seen on other review sites.



Thanks you JS! I’ve had the same experience and I’ve had mine 11 days. I toss and turn ALL NIGHT LONG and after 11 days of crappy sleep I’m turning into a zombie. I also think it’s super bouncy. I can’t get comfortable no matter which way I lay. I’m 130 pounds so that may matter but I prefer firmer mattresses and I did get the optional pillow top. I’m seriously considering the free return but I’ll give it another week to a month (if I can stand it) before I decide because I really love the “healthy/eco-friendly” aspect of the mattress.


Now that more time has passed, have you adjusted better to the firmness? We have their pillows and love them, but a mattress is a much bigger decision. Just want to sleep with no discomfort – our last mattress (an overpriced pillow top from a local mattress chain store, 6 years old) has caused us pain for nearly 5 years.


Hi JS. I see on the Avocado website they offer both plush and firm toppers. Which one did you get?

Frank Apodaca

We rated the firmness as an 8 with the pillow top option. Did you get the pillow top?



I love what the company is doing for the environment, health, and workers, but I just wish the would make a less firm option. Maybe if the even just put more “soft” Dunlop latex in the pillow top.


Yes, the pillow top.

Beth Muth

I see most of the mattresses are on platform beds. We use my parents old headboard/footboard bed with the metal rails the mattress rests on. Is this a good match with this mattress


Would I be able to use this mattress if I have a sensitivity to wool clothing and to latex gloves?


very good useful information. In regards to Kellis’ question about the buttons on the pillow topper, would a bamboo mattress pad help solve that issue. I own one and it is only one month old.



I am comparing this mattress and the Zenhaven. This one has coil springs while the Zenhaven does not (appears to be all latex). Is it safe to assume that mattresses with coils are more durable, and less prone to sagging over time?


Frank Apodaca

Not necessarily Eric. It really depends on the qualities of the materials used. The amount of and gauge of the coils will affect the longevity of an innerspring mattress. Avocado uses high quality materials and same with Zenhaven. Latex is known to be be a very durable mattress material.


Is the pillow top attached to the mattress? Can it be purchased separately?

I like a very firm mattress. Not because I carry extra weight, but because I prefer to feel lifted rather than sinking. Our current memory foam mattress is a nightmare for my body.

Have you done any testing on the Avocado mattress without the pillow top? I am concerned about noticing the soft buttons in the pillow top.



We bought an ethan allen signature firm – rated a 9 on the firmness scale – and so far we like it. It’s a major change from a Tempur pedic mattress (which I hated!!). My neck is finally not hurting and I don’t wake up in pools of sweat. my husband who has major spin and disk issues feels like his legs are less fatigued and generally feels better. I like feeling lifted too. We are also ordinary size people 5’6″-5’10” and 150-185.

Frank Apodaca

Hey Kelli,

The topper is sewn into the mattress. What you can do is get the Avocado mattress without the topper and add a third party mattress topper after.

We haven’t done any testing of the Avocado without the pillow top unfortunately.


Your video and page state: “The Avocado cover features a poly-blend, four way stitch knit.” Is that info on a tag somewhere on the mattress or topper?

Avocado says there’s nothing “poly” – ??


Frank Apodaca

Hey Carol,

An excerpt from their site: “For a luxurious and premium finish, we use a breathable organic cotton / poly-blend 4-way stretch-knit (rather than a traditional weave) in a soft, natural color, and GOTS-certified by our supplier.” you can find here.


Mark Abrials

At Avocado, we don’t use any polyurethane foams (or memory foams) in our mattresses. The filling materials inside our mattress are labeled in great detail on our product page. (FYI: The materials used are natural latex foam, natural wool fiber and organic cotton, plus natural hydrated silica which serves as a chemical-free fire barrier.) Our mattress ticking is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, and includes a small percentage of poly fiber for flexibility and durability (to match the 25 year warranty). Our mattress is also Greenguard Gold Certified by UL Environment. Hope this helps!


Thank you for your in depth review. I am seriously considering this mattress and found your investigation very helpful!


Frank Apodaca

Glad we could help.

Frank Apodaca

Hey Cheryl,

You’re absolutely correct. We have manufacturers fill out a form and the info on that I guess was incorrect. Looking at the website the pillow top top comfort layer is 24-28. I’ve edited our table to reflect that and made a note in the description of the youtube video. Thanks for the feedback!

Stephen Bulman

Thanks for the review..
Very educational for me.
Thank you.
I was wondering how this Mattress would be for a Stomach/ Side Sleeper.
I just can’t seem to find any info on all the Matresses online.
And stores just want me to come into there show room..
So anyhelp on helping find a mattress for Stomach/ Side Sleepers would be great.
Thanks again,
Stephen Bulman


Michael Terrell

Can you please recommend adjustable bed frames that will accommodate a Cal King size of the Avocado Green mattress including pillow top? Thanks very much – Mike & Cathy

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