Mosaic Weighted Blankets: Calming Weighted Comfort

Updated November 4, 2019

With all the newfound hype surrounding weighted blankets, you probably are wondering if they are worth your attention. Based on proven scientific principles, a weighted blanket hosts a whole plethora of benefits you can take advantage of. Many companies are also taking advantage of this burst of product popularity, and have been flooding the market with their various brand names and weighted blanket design.

Narrowing down which company may be putting out the best product might be tricky, but an article like this exists because we did all the leg work in advance for you. The Mosaic Weighted Blanket reviews found below showcase a popular, best-selling brand and their weighted blanket options to provide you with exactly what you need.

About the Mosaic Blanket Company

Founded by a woman searching for comforting sensory input, she created her first blanket after the birth of her first child to help mimic the womb sensation babies experience before birth. The science behind this pressure influenced her to apply the same reasoning to adults, and hence the first Mosaic blanket was born.

In business since 2012, the company is based in Austin, Texas and besides selling direct, it also offers an affiliate program. Plus, they regularly offer deals and coupons to help save on costs at various times of the year.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Claims

The blanket claims are based on tried and true scientific studies surrounding autism and related sensory disorders. Through the years the benefits of the consistent pressure a weighted blanket creates have been associated with aiding in a variety of other ailments, such as stress, anxiety, and attention disorders, as well as depression and insomnia- to name only a few.

The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket helps release the chemical serotonin to the brain, providing a calming, relaxing, feel-good result. This increases a slow down of body responses to stress and allows a general relaxation which is conducive for attention and focus, a slowing of the heartbeat, and an influence for sleep.

Mosaic claims an overall well being with its wide range of blanket styles, sizes, and weights to accommodate a large range of ages and body types. They also are very stylish and even provide a customization option.

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Mosaic is probably the only company that offers a fully customized blanket experience. These are hand-sewn and non-refundable, but allow you to pick and choose materials, sizes, and weights. They even allow for dual-sided fabric choices. Basically, if you can think it up and they can make it, they will.

Size Availability

Blankets are designed to fit a standard size bed. Twin, full, queen and king-sized blankets are available for single and partnered use. They are available in 8 different weight options ranging from 5 to 25 lbs. You should choose a blanket based on an approximate 10% of your overall body weight. Partnered sleepers should also have a blanket that is comparable to both sleepers to ensure both reap all the benefits.


Mosaic uses microplastic pellets sewn into individual square pockets to keep their weight evenly distributed. The size of these pellets are almost sand-like in nature and cannot be felt through the blanket layers unless you purposely press into them.

Cover Material Options

There are various material options from which you can choose from, all of which are the initial casing cover of the blanket, making an additional cover not needed. These blankets are designed to appeal to your personal preference and allow you to choose them for both need and comfort. They also come is a huge array of colors and patterns.

— CoolMax

Coolmax material is made from a 65% cotton and 35% patented CoolMax fabric blend. This helps draw heat from your body and allow it to dissipate away. This option is the solution to hot sleepers, and since the filling of the blanket is heavy, it can create heat retention.

— Minkey

Mikey material is a soft, fuzzy polyester with a textured surface. Popular with children due to the sensory effect it creates, it is also a warmer option for cooler weather.

— Cotton

Made with 100% cotton, these opinions are amongst the most diverse in color and pattern choice. They are naturally breathable and cooling as well.

— Organic

The 100% certified organic cotton covers of these choices are designed with sustainability in mind and appeal to those who want to assure themselves of a more environmentally favorable cover choice.

— Waterproof Hospital Fabric

The specialized, anti-microbial, waterproof fabric used in these blankets are perfect for young children or those suffering from occasional incontinence. These blankets also come with a 100% cotton cover as well to provide a softer, breathable feel.

How to Care for a Mosaic Weighted Blanket

All Mosaic blankets are machine washable with simple washing instructions. Wash in cold water and then lay flat to dry. You can, from time to time, toss your blanket in the dryer on low heat to fluff. The addition of a towel to the dryer makes them even more fluffy.

Anything weighing 12 lbs and over should be laundered in a commercial washer to avoid throwing your machine off balance. All covers are also machine washable and dryable.

Returns and Warranty

Due to the personal nature of the product, it is only guaranteed for 30 days after arrival, if you change your mind or would like an exchange for a different weight or size. You are responsible for shipping charges but will be refunded them once the blanket arrives as part of your overall refund or exchange.

Other Products Offered by the Company

The company also offers a throw size option, as well as weighted neck wraps, sleep masks, and lap pads so you can take advantage of comfort therapeutic weight at any time. These also come in the material choices explained above.

Consumer Reviews

The Mosaic Weighted Blanket Reviews highlight the company products as favorable and praise the weight, comfort, and array of materials and colors/patterns. Their use does donate a calming effect, as well as an aide for insomnia in many adults. It is also commented on how breathable they are, with the CoolMax choices being a perfect solution for hot sleepers.



If you have been looking for a dependable weighted blanket brand, Mosaic Weighted Blankets are an excellent option to consider. They have a huge array of material and stylistic choices to match any decor, as well as size choices for children to larger adults. Plus, the sizes offered are compatible with mattress sizes, which is not as commonly found in other brand options.