54 Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Are you fascinated by industrial designs when applied to home decor? Perhaps you live in a building that has exposed brick walls and piping. If you do, there’s so many ideas out there to inspire you to make the most of your room, no matter the size. Today we will show you 54 ideas that you can use to create the bedroom of your dreams in an industrial style space.

1. Urban Grey Industrial Bedroom

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You can see in this bedroom that it’s definitely an urban industrial modern bedroom.  It has a dark theme throughout the whole space, a view of the city, and a gorgeous swinging chair next to the bed.

2. Industrial Bedroom with Exposed Brick

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Exposed brick walls are very popular in industrial modern bedrooms such as this one. It has a nice luxurious king size bed with brown bedding and a huge closet on the left side of the room.

Photo credit: Koj Design

3. Antlers and Mixed Wood

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This rustic industrial modern bedroom has antlers just above the bed. There’s a gorgeous mix of dark and light wood themes throughout the bedroom through the walls and the bed set on the bed.

4. Homey and Inviting

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Home is where it’s at with this industrial modern bedroom. It’s a grey and white theme throughout the room and there’s also nice wall art on the wall. There’s a grey exposed brick wall which also adds to the element of the room.

5. Rustic Urban Style

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Sometimes you want a little nature in your room when you live in the city, so for this industrial modern bedroom you definitely get the rustic feel with the wall and floor. The king size bed with headboard and grey bedding fits perfectly with the look this room is going for. There’s also a black chair near the window that looks out to the city.

6. Urban Elegance 

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You can see a lot of elegance in this space with the king size bed, wall length headboard and the awesome light fixtures next to the bed. We love the candle display that’s next to the chair in this large industrial modern bedroom.

Photo credit: motasem Al twair

7. Industrial Modernism

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We love the metal frame on this bed as well as the neutral bed set.  There’s also a similar colored pattern rug on the floor that matches the overall theme of the room. Couldn’t you just curl up with a good book and a cup of tea?

8. Role Model

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The exposed brick wall in this industrial modern bedroom is one of our favorite things about the bedroom.  There is a wood headboard with a bed that has neutral bedding on it. It’s bright in this room and there’s plants on each side of the bed.

9.  Metal Framing

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The metal frame on the bed compliments the simplicity in this industrial modern bedroom. The bed itself has neutral color bedding and looks very inviting. There is interesting wall art on the wall that’s on top of the bed. There are also cool plant holder frames on the left side of the bed.

10. Inviting Industrial Modern

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We love how bright and inviting this modern industrial bedroom is and the wall art as well.  It’s an overall neutral theme from the bed to the floor to the ceiling. The art pieces on the wall makes this room very inviting as well as the light fixture.

11. Modern Vintage

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Some industrial modern bedrooms can be vintage like this one, with the vintage light fixtures and wall art. It does have some rustic elements to it with the wall, but it has a nice bedspread that looks very inviting.

12. Tiny But Mighty

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If you’re looking for an idea for a small room, this modern industrial bedroom is a good example. It has a beautiful white exposed brick wall, dark bedding on the bed and really cool light fixtures on top of the bed.

13. Glass Pane Black Metal Door

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The glass pane metal black door is one of the features of this industrial modern bedroom that makes it very inviting.  The black and white bedding matches perfectly with the look in the room.  We also love that touch of plants that’s near the door as well.

14. Newspaper Print Wallpaper

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If you have old newspapers, you can use them like this modern industrial bedroom did for the walls.  It has a bed with dark bedding and it’s next to a balcony with a decent number of plants on it.

Photo credit: sviatoslavskaya

15. Concrete Panel Walls

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A lot of older buildings have concrete walls such as this bedroom and it can make the perfect industrial modern bedroom.  The wood floors make this room appear extremely roomy and inviting.  The bed has neutral bedding on it and is on a platform. There’s also great artwork on the wall as well as a TV in the room.

Photo credit: Denis Osmanbegovic

16. Grey is the New Blue

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Grey is really popular for industrial bedrooms because it’s modern and a universal color that everyone loves. To balance out the grey, there is a green wall length headboard over the bed. There is a modern light fixture on each side and original pipelines on the wall.

17.  Masculine but Lovely

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This is more of a manly room but it’s still super stylish with the amazing, slanted skylight that’s just over the bed. The entire room is primarily dark and grey, with dark bedding, white exposed brick wall and white flooring.

18. Lair of a Seducer

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This is a huge studio with a huge room divider between the bed and the kitchen behind it. It can still be considered an industrial modern bedroom because of the way it’s designed, from the design on the wall to the platform bed. We also love the wall length windows that let in a lot of light.

19. A Gentleman’s Bedroom

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This is a very nice industrial modern bedroom for men who like sleek and stylish. There is a king size bed with grey and black bedding as well as a large closet next to the bed. Perfect for the ultimate bachelor.

20. Modern 4 Post Bed

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We love this 4-post frame because it’s the first thing you notice when you walk into this bedroom. It has beautiful wood throughout the room making it a beautiful modern rustic industrial bedroom. There is a dark and white bedding on the bed and lots of natural light coming into the room.

21. White Brick Wall

Brick walls are fairly popular in older farmhouses, such as this bedroom. It is industrial looking and very inviting.  There is wall art and a wall piece to add more elements to the room. There’s also a couple of nice plants on the left side of the bed.

22. Farmhouse Loft

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This is a loft style industrial farmhouse bedroom that has an overall modern rustic theme. The bed itself is on a platform and there is a lovely pillow set on it as well.

23.  Dark Wood Tones

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Living in the city doesn’t mean you have to give up the vibe of the farm in this industrial bedroom. It has a dark theme, with a wood desk against the bed to do work.

Photo credit: Igor Martin

24.  Fancy Carts

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The bed on the cart is one of the unique things about this industrial farmhouse bedroom. It looks like you are in a factory with the wall and flooring. There’s also some decor that helps make this room very inviting.

Photo credit: Kuda Photography

25. Modern Farmhouse

Image Source

By looking at this industrial farmhouse bedroom, you can’t even tell it’s in one.  It’s modern and sleek, thanks to the modern colors such as grey, white, and black on the bed. It’s situated on a wooden frame that also has a nice headboard.

26. Rustic Farmhouse Style

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For this tiny industrial farmhouse bedroom, you get a rustic theme going on with the headboard and food/beverage tray that is on the bed.  The bed has a black and white bedding and there is a ladder like shelf next to the bed.

27. Metal Meets Wood

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You get the farm in this modern industrial bedroom because of the headboard. There is also an exposed brick wall and a neutral color bedding on the bed. There is a cool plant collection on the tree “stand” that completes the overall rustic theme in this bedroom.

28. Chic White Exposed Brick

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White exposed brick walls never get old, even in this industrial chic bedroom.  It’s an overall light theme from the bedding to the nice fan that’s above the bed.  The wood light fixtures add a nice touch to this room.

29. Blue & Yellows

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This is a very minimalist industrial chic bedroom idea that you can use if you are fan of that. It has some blue and yellow hues on the bed but primarily white. We love the wall art and the light fixture as well.

30. The Iron Bedroom

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You see a king sized bed that’s sitting on an iron bed frame against the  beige wall.  The bed is neutral with exotic dark colors that compliment well with each other, making this an ideal industrial chic bedroom idea.

Photo credit: Oliver Burns

31. Metal Bookcase Beauty

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When you walk in this room, you see the unique metal bookcase where you can store books and other items on it.  It’s an overall grey theme throughout this bedroom from the bedding to the walls so if you want to transform your loft, you’ll love this industrial chic bedroom idea.

Photo credit: Annalena design studio

32. High Ceilings are to Die For!

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High ceilings in industrial bedrooms are actually fairly common. For this industrial chic bedroom, you get both the high ceiling and a really cool swinging bed that has neutral color bedding on it which makes the room extremely inviting.

Photo credit: Barasona Diseno y Comunicacion

33. Exposed Brick with Florals

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The pairing of painted exposed brick and simple geometric designs is stunning when mixed with a touch of floral flare in this space. The rug is so unique and adds a certain personal flare.

34. Nice and Natural

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You definitely get the natural feeling in this bedroom with the bed frame. There are earthy colors on the bed for bedding and there is a fur rug on the floor, making this an industrial chic bedroom idea for those who love rustic.

35. Modern Mix

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Modern and rustic is what you think when you walk into this bedroom.  It has the wooden panel wall, with some pictures and wall art on it as well as the overall earthy tones that takes over the room. The bed also has the earthy tones color and there’s a gorgeous light fixture in the room, making this a very inviting bedroom.

36. Locker Room Love

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You almost feel like you’re back in high school in this room, as it has a gym like lockers in this industrial chic bedroom. There’s also a cute single bed that has pastel colors (light blue, pink and white) bedding.

37. Sleek and Stylish Lights

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We love the lights that’s in the bedroom on the bed frame. The bedding it’s full of luxurious colors such as gold and bronze. This industrial chic bedroom also has nice wall art and it’s very sleek.

38. Carbon Loft

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This is a gorgeous carbon loft bed that compliments the white brick wall.  There is a cool custom shelf on the left side of the bed.  It has a brown rug on the floor making this a true industrial minimalist bedroom.

39. Swing Chair Delight

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The swing chair in this minimalist industrial bedroom and the platform bed is the very first thing you notice when you walk into this big inviting bedroom. There is also exposed white brick and large windows that let in a lot of light.

Photo credit: Usona Philadelphia

40. Perfect Parsons Bed

Image Source

The Parsons Bed with the gorgeous bedding is the one thing that stands out in this minimalist industrial bedroom.  It’s an overall neutral color in this room and there’s some plants next to the window.

41. King Size Wonder

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The king size white metal frame bed matches perfectly with the exposed wall against it.  There is black and white bedding on the bed.  There’s also a few pieces of wall art and plants on the side of the bed making this the perfect industrial minimalist bedroom.

42. Defalco Simplicity

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The Defalco Platform Bed has grey and white bedding, and it looks extremely luxurious. It’s the perfect example of an industrial minimalist bedroom because, besides the two light fixtures and art on the wall, it doesn’t need much else.

43.  Textured Suede and Charcoal

Image Source

The textured Faux Suede charcoal modern lounger looks perfect in this bedroom. It is next to the metal glass doors, which opens up to the bedroom. This industrial teen bedroom is definitely a bicycle lover’s room as it has road signs and wheels on the wall, as well as an overall grey/dark theme for the room.

44. Hanging Bicycle

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This is a very large and airy teen industrial bedroom with an exposed brick wall and a hanging bicycle.  Next to the bicycle there is also a king-sized bed with dark bedding and a grey headboard.

Photo credit: Vic Nguyen

45. Wood and Metal Medley

Image Source

When it comes to industrial bedrooms, metal really works, as you can see in this one. There’s also a wood panel near the ceiling. The bed itself is why it’s a perfect teen industrial bedroom idea, because what teen wouldn’t love a swinging bed?

46.  Industrial Teen

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This bedroom is very simple but stylish. It has the Jaiden Panel Bed with a plaid bed set. It also has a desk near the bed with warm lighting that comes in the room. This is the perfect teen industrial bedroom for a teen.

47. A Marvel

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Some teens are big fans of Marvel, so for a teen industrial bedroom idea, you can always add the Venom poster in the bedroom.  There’s also a nice, exposed brick wall as well as the wooden bedframe and treasure chest that’s in front of the bed.

48. We Love Exposed Brick!

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You make use of the exposed brick wall as one of the industrial teen bedroom ideas for your teen. It has a nice metal bed with crisscross headboard and patterned bed set. The original pipelines that are shown in this picture show how cool industrial bedrooms can be.

49. Awesome Armoire

Image Source

Rustic is sometimes the way to go, as it’s shown on this bedroom’s floor, ceiling, nightstand and closet doors. This is a really cool industrial teen bedroom area as it is big, airy and has industrial colors throughout the bedroom.  There is also some wall art that’s on a chain frame to add to the industrial theme.

Photo credit: Barker and Stonehouse

50. Cement Wall with Perforated Headboard

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With the combination of the cement wall and the perforated headboard, this is an epic teen industrial bedroom. There’s a lot of natural light coming in, a decent gray bed set and there’s a closet in the wall to store clothes and other things.

Photo credit: Vudu Motion

51. Bachelor Pad

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Men like luxury too, as it shows in this bedroom.  This industrial teen bedroom is made with the science lover in mind as it has some of the periodic table symbols on the wall and there’s two customized lights up letters on the wall.  The bed itself is inviting with its neutral color bed set.

52. Chain, Chain, Chain

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We love the metal frame bed with the chain, as it pairs perfectly well as an industrial teen bedroom. The concrete wall with the rug just pairs well with the overall feel in this bedroom.

53.  Universally Grey

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Gray is a universal color that can work in any bedroom and that includes this industrial teen bedroom. It has gray in all the right areas from the walls, the bed and even to the wall art. We love the light fixtures in this room as well.

54. Gorgeous Bedside Tables

Image Source

The metal bedside table and the metal lockers make the perfect industrial teen bedroom. It has a blue bed set and white flooring which pairs well with the metal theme that’s happening in this bedroom.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy all of these ideas on how to transform an industrial room in your apartment or house? You don’t have to cover up that gorgeous, exposed brick or the uncovered piping. Play it up! Add some flare and a few personal touches. Own that industrial look. If you loved this list, feel free to comment and share below!