45 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

When you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom with some rustic, vintage farmhouse decals – you want to make sure that it’s done in the style to avoid it looking tacky or overdone. It’s about finding the right balance between farmhouse details and something out of a theme park. So wondering how to balance the two? Well, let’s keep reading together to learn some new farmhouse bedroom ideas.

1. Shades of White

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One of the crispest and cleanest ways to incorporate some farmhouse style into your bedroom is to play up shades of white. You want to look for a cushiony comforter, wooden details, and tie it all together with repurposed (with a weathered look) furniture. It’s all about the small details, not an overwhelming amount of stuff crammed into the room.

2. Wooden Ceilings

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Think outside the box and offer a unique look to your bedroom by installing a wooden paneled ceiling instead of the generic drywall. You want to keep the color light when choosing this method or you can run the risk of making the room look tiny. Let the natural grains of the wood shine through and follow up with a modern light fixture.

3. Sliding Wooden Doors

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Instead of installing your typical wooden doors, go for a different approach and offer a rustic farmhouse look at the same time with sliding barn doors. These doors are fitted onto a track and slide apart at the seam. They offer the same level of privacy but with a rustic punch of décor.

4. Wooden Baskets

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Sometimes, the best way to refresh and redecorate your bedroom isn’t to overhaul the entire space but rather, it’s to change up the little details of the room. In this case, a modern bedroom with a wood-paneled wall gets a major makeover with a coat of paint and some woven farmhouse baskets.

5. Carved Bench and Exposed Beams

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Older homes have amazing bones that are just begging for attention. Don’t cover up or paint over the bare support beams in your home! Instead, restore them to their natural wooden state and treat them with varnish to give a rustic farmhouse look. End the overall visual with an ornately carved wooden bench seat at the end of the bed.

6. Woven Rugs

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Nothing screams farmhouse chic like a woven rug. Not only will these thick and plush cushiony pillows of softness keep your toes cozy warm on the coldest of mornings, but they also will never miss a fashionable beat while doing so. Go for a vintage and simplistic pattern, one that you can envision being created next to a black wood stove over candlelight.

7. Bring Nature In

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One surefire way to dress up, revive, and transform your bedroom into a farmhouse ready showpiece is to add not only wooden detailing in terms of the furniture (note the weathered dresser) but it is to also add in touches of greenery. You want real plants in the corners of the room to bring a touch of nature inside the home.

8. Glass Planters

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We just finished talking about how greenery and plants can turn a bedroom into a nature-filled oasis with the right touches but take it a step further and complete that farmhouse style with glass jugs that have been repurposed into a planter. These glass jugs are sturdy and made from thicker glass so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

9. Canopy Bed

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When someone mentions a farmhouse, one of the first things that tend to come to mind is a large canopy bed with lots of natural light and exposed windows, a scenic view of rolling hills, and vintage wooden furniture. That is what is recreated in this image and shows why this look is coveted by many. It’s all about the subtle details, not the large pieces of the room.

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10. Throw Pillows Galore

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You can never have too many throw pillows on your couch and your bed. These little clouds of softness are ideal for propping up a book during a great reading session, they are ideal for décor items because they are actually practical, and they fit right at home with a farmhouse interior design theme.

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11. Patchwork Comforter

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Another thing that automatically comes to mind when you think about farmhouses and their interior design would have to be patchwork. Harkening back to a simpler time when items were reused and recycled for other purposes – clothing and curtains would be cut into strips that were then pieced together to create a cozy comforter.

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12. Woven and Straw Rugs

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You don’t need to stick to only woven rugs on bare floors; you can mix up the textures and patterns at the same time. For example, this bedroom features two different woven rugs on a knotted carpeted floor. But the part that catches the eye is the straw rug that is under the bed and peeking around the woven rugs. It’s a great background piece for the rest of the décor.

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13. Hanging Candle Light Fixture

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References keep being made to simpler days when things were completed in the evening time on the farm with the use of kerosene lanterns and candlelight. So why not recapture that sense of whimsy by installing a hanging light fixture over the bed that features candle-shaped light bulbs? It’s stylish on its own but when paired with the right details – it’s stunning to behold.


14. Patchwork and Wrought Iron Bed Frame

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Let the natural light shine onto your farmhouse bedroom when wooden slat windows are paired with airy, light curtains (to avoid trapping the light) and a brightly patterned quilt on the bed. The real MVP of this farmhouse bedroom, however, would have to be the wrought iron bed frame that is like something out of a museum for years gone by.

15. Iron Bed Frame

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Another take on the iron bed frame that is right at home in a wood-slatted bedroom at any farmhouse, this iron bed frame doesn’t have ornate rails but it does feature slight detailing on the footboard and the headboard. This bed frame is simplistic and minimalistic but definitely not lacking in style. When paired with a cozy, crisp comforter and pastel throw pillows? It’s superb.

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16. DIY Headboard

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Do you have some pieces of wood lying around that you just can’t figure out what to use it for but it’s good enough that you don’t want it cluttering up a landfill? Then why not make it into a DIY headboard for your farmhouse bedroom? With the help of online tutorials and some power tools, these neglected wood slats can become an exclusive headboard that was made with your own two hands.

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17. Pops of Color

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Just because this is a farmhouse bedroom, it doesn’t mean that it has to be drab and boring with minimal details. You can easily slip pops of color into the room with ease that not only brightens the room but also gives it a more welcoming and comforting vibe. Check out this example, the peeks of color on the bed, the brightly colored wall hanging, and the arranged wildflowers bring everything together in harmony.

18. Mirrors on the Wall

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Every bedroom, farmhouse or not, needs mirrors on the wall. You use these to check your hair and makeup, your outfit, the progress of an exercise program, etc. but branch outside of typical mirrors that are hung on the wall and go for broke with decorative mirrors in a funky shape. Hang them in a trio over a large wooden bed frame with crisp lines for the best results.

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19. Wrought-Iron Beds and Book Racks

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If you have children that have to share a room, then twin wrought iron bed frames with matching curved rails are a must. These bed frames keep everything rustic and vintage with the additional bonus of being able to withstand anything. Keep clutter off the floor of the room as well by installing a hanging wire rack for their favorite novels. The covers add a pop of color to the room as well!

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20. Sheer Curtains but not on the Window

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There is no written or even unwritten rule that states curtains are only allowed on the windows of the bedroom. They can be hung anywhere you want them to be, especially in a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. With this look, you can hang a sheer, gauzy curtain that is big enough to cover up the bed and is strung off of the exposed wooden beam for a minimalist look with a major impact.

21. White Bedding and Caged Lighting

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Combine both innocence and wickedness within the bedroom with a couple of easy pieces. All you need is a crisp, stark white comforter on the bed, some minimal wooden furniture pieces (think seat at the end of the bed, night table, storage basket, etc.), and finish the look with a futuristic caged lighting fixture. It’s that easy!

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22. Pillow Covers

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One of the greatest things about a farmhouse bedroom is the ability to play it up during the holidays. Just because it’s your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that your holiday décor has to be confined to the well-trafficked areas of the home. This farmhouse bedroom is decked out in its best holiday style and the matching wreath pillow covers to tie the overall look together.

23. Wooden Wall with Hidden Bookcase

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Transform your farmhouse bedroom into a gateway to another universe or realm when you pair a handsomely paneled wall with a hidden bookcase. The old-fashioned and vintage door handle on this hidden bookcase is what the perfect ending is for this chapter in the bedroom and the blended shelving above the bed is the ideal place to display your prized treasures.

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24. Minimalist Updates

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The bedroom doesn’t need to be gutted and remade from top to bottom if you are simply looking to upgrade the interior to a farmhouse or minimalist approach to décor. You simply need to invest in the right pieces that can change the room from blah to brilliant. This bedroom uses natural wood and fixed light fixtures that come out of the wall for a unique but minimalist look.

25. Vintage Black Bed Frame

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The only thing better than a white or gray vintage steel bed frame is a vintage black bed frame. This style of bed frame fits perfectly into a design theme, including a farmhouse, and will blend or contrast with literally any color in the color wheel. The potential is limitless when you use a bed frame such as this one in your theme.

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26. Weathered Wood Walls

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Bring out the natural charm and beauty that is found throughout your farmhouse residence by allowing the natural wooden walls to shine through. This bedroom is instantly refreshed and transformed into a paradise of simplicity when you notice the focal wall of gray weathered boards that tell a story in the grains.

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27. Slatted Ceiling

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The natural wood found in a farmhouse bedroom doesn’t have to be limited to just the walls. Under the layers of paint and drywall, there is also a sturdy and stylish wooden ceiling that is made from slat boards. The key is to take the time to restore them, then you can either leave them natural or paint them stark white to make the room appear larger to the naked eye.

28. Slanted Ceiling and Sheer Curtains

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Embrace the slanted and lower ceilings of your farmhouse bedroom by using them as the accent piece for a sheer curtain canopy around your bed. Place the bed up against the lower part of the slant to allow the rest of the bed to flow out into the room. Ensure your privacy with your canopy that is strung across the exposed wooden beam for a stylish approach.

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29. Stark White

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Maintain the true vibes of a farmhouse bedroom by avoiding lots of color and exposure. You want simple pieces that look as if they were made from hand and small details in the form of rounded bedposts, wicker baskets, and braided rugs. Let the stark white color of the room be both the backdrop and foreground.

30. Fall Décor

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Remember the entry we did for Christmas décor? Well, what about celebrating the beginning of fall in your farmhouse bedroom? This simple décor change featuring touches of orange textures, pumpkin patch references, and even little pumpkins allows you to celebrate the season of bonfires, warm drinks, and an array of natural beauty from Mother Nature with her changing colors.

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31. Abstract Paintings

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Are you looking to add pops of color to your farmhouse bedroom but you don’t want to take away from the natural beauty of the wooden walls or distract from the simplicity of the style? Then invest in an abstract painting, one that features multiple colors but doesn’t have any theme or reason. They are ideal to draw the eye but not distract from the other features of the room.

32. Rustic Princess

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Turn the farmhouse bedroom of your little princess into something fit for royalty with the smallest touches such as a draped canopy over their bed, luxurious wallpaper, hanging wall art, and even a rabbit lamp. It’s the small details that make or break the room and in this case – it was done perfectly right for the make.

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33. Antique Bronze Bed

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A braided rug that resembles the straw grown on the farm? Check. A unique and homespun light fixture? Check. Sheer curtains and French doors that allow natural light into play? Check. The perfect finishing touch in the form of an antique bronze bed frame with vintage finishes and a stark white comforter that begs you to curl up for a bit? Phenomenal and check.

34. Wood, Wood, and More Wood

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You want a bedroom that has a combination of modern style which you get here in the form of bedside lamps and crisp striped linens but you also want a bedroom that has the farmhouse vibes you are going for. That is where wood details come into play. Note the wooden ceiling portion, the bedside tables, and the bench at the foot of the bed. All wood and all gorgeous.


35. Embrace the Natural Beauty

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The best thing about farmhouse bedrooms is that they never try to be something they aren’t. They have older character quirks, such as slanted ceilings and a lot of exposed wood. The key to making these bedrooms into modern masterpieces is to embrace it as it is. Play up the good parts and use them as distractions for the parts you would like to get rid of but can’t.

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36. Fairyland

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Turn your child’s bedroom into something out of their favorite fantasy novel with richly printed wallpaper and a starry night canopy that drapes gently over their bed. Add a unique light fixture while placing a vintage, weathered trunk at the foot of their bed to hold their most secret and prized treasures. Wicker bins provide storage and décor at the same time.

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37. Let’s Get Cozy

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Just how cozy does this farmhouse bedroom look? Don’t you just want to run right in and make yourself at home? It’s hard to pinpoint which element of the room makes you feel this way but it’s easy to see how all pieces of the puzzle came together to create a beautiful masterpiece. The weathered dressers that are pulling double duty as night tables are just the cherry on top, in our opinion.

38. Modern Light Fixture

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To instantly brighten the room and not just in terms of the lighting – you want to install a modern light fixture that still carries vintage vibes. This three globe light fixture does exactly that by using modern technology to power stronger light bulbs while the design is reminiscent of a candlelit fixture from the days gone by.

39. Windmill Light Fixture

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Bring a part of the farm into the bedroom without it being in a literal sense when you install a uniquely designed windmill light fixture onto the ceiling. This exposed lightbulb design has blades that have the same construction features as the windmill on the farm. While these blades do not turn, that’s a small inconvenience when you notice how big the style is.

40. White Paneling

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If your farmhouse is one of the rare ones that doesn’t feature paneled walls but you know that’s the look you are trying to achieve – then why not invest in premade paneling? These panels fit easily over drywall and can be adhered to existing paint, decals, and the like. You can choose between numerous color and grain schemes to find the best fit for your bedroom.

41. White Paneling

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Not all wood detailing in the home has to be in the form of slats or flat boards. Sometimes, the best pieces are those that are left in the closest form to their natural state as possible. Not quite sure what this looks like? Then check out this example of a farmhouse bedroom featuring full logs as the support beats and even log handrails as you step down into the room.

42. Plaid

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One steadfast characteristic that has been maintained in farmhouse homes, and especially farmhouse bedrooms, would have to be the inclusion of plaid somewhere within the décor. In this case, a wood bunk bed gets an upgrade and overhaul with the black and white plaid comforter and matching pillow sham. While it’s not competing with the rest of the room, it isn’t hiding away either.

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43. Luxurious Leather

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You can easily mix other materials and textures into your farmhouse bedroom – it doesn’t always have to be plaid, homespun, or weathered. Sometimes, it’s more about capturing the vibes of a farmhouse bedroom and not the actual look per se. You want a bedroom that is filled with crisp, clean lines and simple pieces but with added touches of luxury – such as this padded leather bench.

44. Accent Wall

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Breathe new life into your farmhouse bedroom with the use of an accent wall. This can be done in a couple of ways – the first is to paint a wall an entirely different color than the rest of the room, and the second is to create an artwork wall featuring your favorite framed pieces. You can even make a wall that features ivy and vines surrounding a written saying; as long as it is an art that you love.

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45. Crisscrossed Beams

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One thing to remember when it comes to crisscrossed support beams in your farmhouse bedroom is that you don’t want the room to look cavernous and overly large. You want to acknowledge your higher ceilings but you don’t want to draw all the attention to them as it takes away from the cozy interior. That’s why painting them clean white increases the brightness and the cozy atmosphere.

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The Bottom Line

Did you enjoy our list of awesome farmhouse bedroom ideas? Are you inspired to start a makeover for your own home or bedroom? Let us know which idea was your favorite! And be sure to check out our other bedroom decorating tips like this guide to choosing bedroom lighting!