68 Rustic Bedroom Ideas That’ll Ignite Your Creative Brain

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy creating new things. If you’re even more like me, you like them to look a little rustic. When I think of rustic, all I see is wood, peeled paint, and very old style furniture. This has got to be one of my favorite looks and this list is chocked full of them. Here, you’ll find 68 rustic bedroom ideas from vintage to modern. This list is sure to ease an itchy brain looking for something creative to do.

#1. Beautiful Wood Work

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To start off this list is an absolutely beautiful all wood bedroom. There are some intricate details going on here, which makes this bedroom irreplaceable and one of a kind. Whoever did this had a lot of time on their hands and awesome creativity. It’s very rustic and I love how the bookshelves are built into the walls leading into the bedroom. It’s rather remarkable and if you can find somebody to do this for you or even if you can do this yourself, I highly recommend it.

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#2. Open Log Room

Usually in the newer log cabin homes, you see that all of the rooms are sheetrocked, hiding the beauty of natural wood. This room, however, only kept one or two walls closed and the others are open, exposing the logs. Inside of the room is some beautiful cherry wood furniture, such as the bedframe, dresser and night stands. It flows wonderfully with the rest of the room, giving it an elegant feel while remaining rustic.

#3. Rustic Furnishings

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If you like your bedroom, walls the way they are or you can’t possibly change the way they look, try swapping out your furniture instead. Changing your furnishings can completely alter the way your room looks. Check out the color of the dressers, bed and night stand. It’s a beautiful, rustic brown with the horizontal lined pattern. I want to point out that ladder in the corner. I’m not sure if it’s there for decoration or if there’s another room up top. Either way, it’s a pretty cool idea.

#4. Small & Rustic

If you looking to redo an attic space or turn a smaller space into a guest room? This room design is one that you can easily recreate. It’s very simple and extremely rustic. It looks as if they caulked in between the wood to not allow a draft to enter. It’s definitely a small space, to be sure to keep the furnishings to a minimum like they did here. By the looks of it, they only have a bed, dresser, and that nightstand.

#5. Mediterranean Masterpiece

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As I look at this bedroom, the first thing I notice is the giant custom headboard. It’s absolutely stunning. It has end tables built right into it for lamps and other accessories and enough room to maybe hang some pictures. The comforter has a rustic color to it, which goes very well with the coloring of the wall. It’s not too dark and not too bright. The other thing that I adore about this room is the glass door because you usually don’t see these in traditional homes.

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#6. Full Log Room

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These people had the right idea when they decided to keep their logs exposed. It is definitely very outdoorsy and brings the feel of nature into the bedroom. To compliment the wood color, they have a darker color furniture set and that beautiful wooden chest at the end of the bed, which is ideal for storage. This bedroom is plenty big and they take that away with a ton of decor and furnishings.

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#7. Large Guest Room

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When it comes to a room like this, the possibilities are endless. Based on how the one side of the roof pitches, it makes furniture arrangements a little difficult when trying to place them against the wall. In this case, they used their furniture wisely. They used dark colors to accent the light cedar color of the walls and flooring. It makes the room blend better, rather than being completely light colored. It may be a little sore on the eyes if it were done like that.

#9. Hanging Lamps

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This is a very modern room, but making it more rustic looking was easy. All they had to do was add those hanging lamps. They completely change the feel of the room, especially with that cage design. They also used a rustic headboard to add to the feel of those lights. It’s kind of a hybrid between the modern and rustic world. They didn’t do anything too fancy and kept it to a minimum. The brown and white coloring is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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#10. White & Wicker

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Have you ever looked at a picture of a room and said “wow, I love that idea!”? For me, this is one of those rooms. I absolutely love those white planks behind the bed. With it, the wicker decor. Wicker is one of my favorite materials to add to my home. They are extremely rustic and give any room a touch of vintage. In this case, mixed with the planks and the wrought iron bed, it’s very homey and old-school.

#11. Log Furniture

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Clearly, the focal point in this room, other than the windows, is that bed. It is stunning and difficult to come by unless you make it yourself. This is one of those homes that you find way up in the mountains. This room features high ceilings, that wood bed, a sitting area by the window and plenty of natural lighting. It’s one of my dream bedrooms, but may be hard to create without some skill and a lot of free time.

#12. Mountain View Room

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Alright, we all aren’t going to be able to get that mountain view that this place has, but the inside of the room is rather attainable. In here, they have a fireplace, which is perfect for those cold nights and saving money by not running the furnace. Paired with that is the darker wood colored furnishings to match the color of the accent beams on the ceiling. On the bed is a beautiful red velvet comforter to go with the little area rug in front of the dresser. This is definitely something you could recreate or at least get close to.

#13. High Wood Ceilings

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I love how high the ceilings are in this room and how they pitch. I have always a thing for slanted ceilings made from wood. The shine on the wood allows the natural light from the door to reflect off of it, brightening up the whole room. Notice how there are only 3 lights? One on each side of the bed and the other one hanging is all that is needed with this kind of setup. The topping on the cake would be the beautiful dark furniture to break up the lighter colors of the wall, ceiling, and carpeting.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

#14. Made Of Stone

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I’ve been in some pretty cool looking bedrooms, but this one probably takes the cake. This room has a completely stone wall with a doorway that goes into the master bathroom, which also has a stone tub. Along with all of the stone are those old wooden beams. This kind of gives you a castle-like atmosphere. The other thing that I want to point out is that fireplace that gives you a see through look into the bathroom so you can view it from either side.

#15. Repurposed Wood Headboard

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You don’t have to completely redecorate your bedroom to give it a rustic feel. Take this room as an example. All they did here was take some old repurposed wood and create a headboard out of it. It gives the room that modern & rustic touch without having to spend a ton of money. You can even use wood that is just laying around the house or from an old barn. They kept the rest of the room a nice blue color and that large window allows for natural light to enter.

#16. Rounded Room

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This is one of those rooms that you just don’t see very often. It is a rounded room, making it rather difficult to place any other kinds of furniture, which is why you don’t see any. The headboard is rounded, making it fit better and there’s a great view of the outdoors. I’m not honestly sure what’s going on with that angel in the center of the bed, but you could probably find those at a craft store or decoration store if you really wanted to add that into your room.

#17. Rustic Coloring

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This is another example of not having to put a ton of work into making a room remain modern, but have that rustic touch. Here, we see some rustic colors rather than furniture. Those darker greens and browns are very woodsy. They also added a cute rock climbing wall behind the bed for decoration using light colored wood, which would be the modern part of the bedroom.

#18. Striped Walls

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I wouldn’t exactly call this room rustic, but it’s definitely more modern. I’m honestly not a fan of those blue and white striped walls, but it might be something that you would like. Even though I say the room isn’t rustic, the furniture is. The dark wood stained dressers and storage chest along with the canopy style bed definitely brings a bit of “old” style to the room. There’s quite a bit of different styles going on here, but they all seem to work together.

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#19. Attic Guest Room

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If your attic is empty and you need more space for sleeping guests, why not turn it into a guest room such as this one. This room is beautifully designed, featuring a leather bed frame, a fireplace, flatscreen television, and a ceiling fan. It has light colored walls to allow the lighting to reflect off of it, which is best for small spaces like this that might only have one window. Over on the other side of the room is that rustic brick wall to complete this modern/rustic look.

#20. Exposed Ceiling

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Most people would want to cover their ceiling work with sheetrock rather than keeping it exposed such as this one. This rustic white bedroom features those darker colored ceiling beams and vintage nightstand. It is topped off with those very modern lamps and the artwork above the bed. This is a super cute and cheap bedroom idea. If you have a room with exposed ceilings, keep them as they are to save you some money on other materials that aren’t necessarily needed.

Rustic Chic Bedroom Ideas

#21. Beautifully Contemporary

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Looking for something super chic and contemporary? This bedroom is small, but has a lot going on with it. It features those gorgeous wood panel half walls and a pick and red color scheme. Behind the bed, they made a headboard to look like barn windows or a small barn door. This is a very popular look in bedrooms that want a rustic feel to them. The other standout piece here is that chair. It’s extremely chic and would fit in just about any style bedroom.

#22. Dark Hardwood

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I cannot tell you enough how much I love the dark colored hardwood flooring and ceilings. These floors seem to go on forever and make the room look bigger than it really is. It’s a chic little bedroom featuring those star decorations above the bed and a traditional style bed frame. The ceiling fan, however, is kind of what pulls this room together. It’s rather large and is a very trendy style.

#23. Chic Wood

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This exposed log cabin wood is by far the best I think I have seen. It’s beautifully set, wide open, and there’s plenty of room for decor. Here, they are set up for the holidays, showing off how you can create space for all of that holiday cheer. This room uses brown and red as its main colors, while giving it an even more rustic touch with those patterned curtains. There’s plenty of lighting with all of those windows, but thanks to that shiny hardwood flooring, it bounces off and created even more natural light.

#24. Gorgeous White Wood

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This is about as chic and rustic as a bedroom can get. I actually have a friend who likes to design her home similar to this way. It’s very popular because most of this stuff you can find at garage sales or it might be stuff that people are throwing away. It’s a very cheap DIY project. You can find old windows laying around, that old dresser at a goodwill, and the other furnishings and decorations at your local home goods store.

#25. Iron Beauty

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One thing I notice in a lot of these chic bedrooms is that they have wrought iron bed frames. I love this idea because you can find them just about anywhere and they go with anything. In this room, it pairs perfectly with the coloring of the floor and ceiling. One of the nifty things that caught my attention was the unique ceiling fans. It’s not an actual ceiling fan, but two desk fans attached to a light on the ceiling. Pretty crafty if you ask me.

#26. Stone Fireplace

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I’m not going to lie, I’m stunned by that awesome fireplace. Depending on how you want to do it, it could either be an affordable or expensive idea. You can recreate a look like that with fake stone or gather all of the flat stones yourself and put them together and trim it up with a log like they have here. They did a great job pairing up the colors of the wood behind the bed and the bed frame. Very woodsy and chic.

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White Rustic Bedroom Ideas

#27. Old & Stylish

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There are definitely two different worlds inside of this unique white bedroom. This room features all white walls and a beautiful hanging chandelier. On the other side of the world there are those old doors being used as a headboard. They look as if they are still in their original shape and haven’t been altered. The rest of the room is both rustic and modern at the same time. This is an easy look to recreate if you know where to get the old style doors and a fancy chandelier.

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#28. White For Light

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It’s widely known that bright colors reflect the light better than dark colors. This is the best way to get natural light in smaller rooms that may only have one window and not a lot of space for other lighting. If you have a small bedroom and need more light, white is the way to go and it’s affordable. You can also pair it with a white comforter, like they did here, for even more reflective lighting.

#29. Farmhouse Style

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I can’t say enough how much I really like this design. It’s not something that you would see every day, but it’s rather stunning. Personally, I love the old country look and this is something that you would be able to recreate with just a few things from a garage sale or thrift shop. The only thing that you would probably have to buy new is the bed frame and the area rug under the bed.

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#30. Wood Ceilings

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If you’re looking for something bright and rustic, here it is. It might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, but if you have the skills, I suggest this look. The obvious focal point in here is the ceiling, which is made from what appears to be repurposed wood beams cut at an angle. The rest of the room is a bright white, which allows natural light to reflect. The one piece of decor that you can find at your local Home Depot or Lowes is that chandelier.

#31. Exposed Beams

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Here we have a grey and white rustic style bedroom. This is something that you could easily recreate if you have access to those beautiful beams on the ceiling. They can even be repurposed and painted like they are in this room. As for the other decor, you can probably find a big mirror like that at a garage sale or home store. I love this room and how well everything works together with those beams.

Vintage Rustic Bedroom Ideas

#32. Simply Vintage

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I’m a huge fan of the vintage look, but more affordable that this room looks to be. If you want to go the cheap route rather than buying brand new furniture that looks like these, check out some thrift shops or online garage sale sites. You can find beautiful vintage items that only need a fresh coat of paint and those four post beds are very easy to find, but they may not look exactly like this one. All together, it’s a beautiful room, but very expensive looking.

#33. Vintage Elegance

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Oh golly, Miss Molly! This bedroom has got to be one of the most intricate rooms I think I have come across, other than number 1 on the list. This is obviously something that you may not be able to easily recreate, but it’s certainly amazing to look at. They have those beautiful wood ceilings that wrap the walls as well and a vintage 4 post high low bed frame. Since there’s an awful lot of brown going on here, they broke it up with that vibrant white and black area rug and a black and white comforter set.

#34. Octagon Room

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If you have a room in your house that’s in the shape of an octagon, here’s a simple way to design it. In the octagon area, all that’s in there is the bed and that storage chest at the end of it. Leading off of that part of the room is a regular style room with the fireplace and all of the other furnishings. Saving space are those built-in bookshelves, which is rather easy to accomplish if you have the skills. It’s quite the unique room and they did very well with furniture placement.

#35. Castle-esque

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You know, I watched an episode of Game Of Thrones last night and this bedroom reminds me of one that I had seen. I wouldn’t so much call this vintage as I would medieval. It has that candle chandelier and everything is made from stone and wood beams, other than the bed frame. It’s all very well put together. The fireplace is something that a stone mason could do for you and any contractor, like my husband, could put in those beams.

#36. Vintage Iron

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95% of this room is more rustic than anything. The ceilings and wall is made from a beautiful dark wood and the floors are hardwood as well. Leading to the outdoors is a beautiful set of french doors with matching windows on each side. This gives you a beautiful view of nature, good or bad. The vintage part of this room would be those iron light fixtures and the iron bedframe. If you are a good metal manipulator, you may be able to recreate this design.

Rustic Country Bedroom Ideas

#37. Small Log Cabin

This is clearly a smaller log cabin in the woods. This small room is completely exposed to the logs, making it super rustic and woodsy. The one thing about this room that makes it very country-ish is the quilt. I see a lot of these in older country homes. If you are into this style, you can purchase these quilts at almost every wal mart or store that sells blankets and comforters. They aren’t overly expensive either.

#38. Completely Wooden

This is about as country rustic as you can possibly get. This room is completely exposed to the logs of the house, the dresser is made from wood and the bedframe is made from wood. The country look comes from those green curtains and the green carpeting. Hey, you have to break up all of that brown somehow, right?

#39. Country Bed

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Without the bed in that room, it would look rather ordinary, don’t you agree? The wood bed, which is one that you may be able to purchase online, is what gives the room that country look. ALong with those patterned curtains. This would be a simple look to recreate if you have the funds for that style bed.

#40. Antlers

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From the looks of it, this house is definitely surrounded by woods, making this a completely country home to begin with. However, inside of this room, there is more even more country. Check out those antler decorations and furniture. This room is clearly all about the antlers, which can be picked up in various places, fake or real.

#41. Plenty Of Seating

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This is one of those bedrooms that has plenty of seating and resting places for whoever may be using the room. It features two lounges over in the corner and a very country style fireplace with a seating area around it. You can recreate the lighting with some hanging lights from a thrift shop or your local home goods store.

#42. Attic Space

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I love this idea for an attic guest room. It’s very cozy and has a lot of country style to it. The ceiling effect with the wood is probably very easy to create with some stain and repurposed wood, along with the paneling around the walls. The room is filled with wood and country-esque furniture and minimal lighting.

Romantic Rustic Bedroom Ideas

#43. Lovely Red Walls

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The bedroom we are looking at here has a loving effect. The patterned red wallpaper isn’t tough on the eyes and it’s complemented beautifully by the dark wood furniture. The window treatments are a simple white valance and vintage pull down shades. This reminds me of a hotel room or a bed and breakfast type room for honeymooners.

#44. Mr & Mrs

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This is clearly decorated for a couple who are deeply in love. They created that beautiful upholstered headboard with the shelving attached for mood-setting candles up top. The bed is designed with what looks to be love letters and the cliché “Mr & Mrs” pillows. On each side of the bed on the dressers are wicker and twine style lamps and storage boxes. This is such a cute look for a newlywed bedroom.

#45. Rustic & Romantic

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As simple as this room is, it’s also very romantic. Just the simple lighting bouncing off of those wooden walls and ceiling is more than enough to set the mood. Under the bed with the red, white and grey comforter, is a beautiful printed area rug. Everything about this room is about as simple as it can get an very easy to create yourself.

#46. Vintage Romance

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First, check out those floors. They are very old, but they managed to restore them into something beautiful, which is something that you could do on your own. The furniture is a very vintage white with elegant designs on them surrounded by brown leather furniture next to a very romantic fireplace. The high ceilings are perfect for opening up the room and making it seem larger than it really is.

#47. A Place Of Love

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This is a lovely bedroom with a romantic setting to it. There is a very obvious color favorite here, which is the red and white-traditional colors of love. The doorway from one room to the next is an extremely unique one. It’s something that you would see in a castle or older style home. Not generally something you can pick up anywhere, but definitely do-able. The log beams are do-able as well, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Rustic Baby Room Decorating Ideas

#48. For The Outdoor Kids

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This bedroom is clearly rustic and woodsy. It is decorated with brown and white colors and it has the barn style wood trim around the walls. The bed is a super cute single size with the wood frame without sharp edges. All of the coloring mix well together and this is definitely one of those looks that you could easily recreate for your child.

#49. A “Beary” Friendly Nursery

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It’s clear that the theme here is bears. The first thing I noticed was the giant bear on the wall, which may or may not be easy to acquire. All of the furniture in the room is made from very clean repurposed wood. You can either do it yourself or purchase it. The entire room is very minimal, which will be easy for you to accomplish. All it requires is a few little rugs and some stuffed animals.

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#50. Traditional Style

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It’s a bit of a twist on a traditional style, but it’s still pretty achievable. The crib, dresser and armoire are obviously part of a set that you can purchase. The walls, however, are very easily DIY-ish. It appears to be white wood paneling that gives the room a very rustic appeal to it. The rest of the room is a white and brown color, allowing natural light to reflect to make the room brighter.

#51. Simplistic

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This is by far one of the easiest looks to achieve if you want something really minimalistic and simple. This room consists of only a dresser, toy shelf and a playpen. The playpens are rather cheap if you go for the ones that don’t have a bunch of bells and whistles. The dresser is also one piece that you can pick up for a reasonable price. On the other hand, the wood walls may be more on the expensive side unless they are already there.

Rustic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

#52. Hunters Kids

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I would honestly expect this to be in a room that belongs to a hunters kid. Those deer heads mounted on the wall are clearly trophy pieces, unless they were bought from a thrift store or found at a garage sale. The rest of the room looks to be cedar, which is one of my favorites. This is an easy look to recreate and it’s very rustic and simple.

#53. Simply Plaid

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There isn’t much going on in this bedroom, but the one thing that does stick out is the plaid curtains. This is a very country-ish look and honestly reminds me of a picnic table. Both of the beds have matching comforters and pillows, making sure not to clash with each other. The rest of the room is covered in simple wood paneling-easy to recreate.

#54. Rustic Bunk Beds

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This is probably the best way to get multiple kids to sleep in one room comfortably. Two sets of bunk beds are what we see here. They are a very light wood color surrounded by salmon colored walls and a light colored wooden ceiling. I would say that this look is highly achievable-that is if you like the color scheme. If not, you can always change it up to a sage green or something of the sorts.

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#55. Very White

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If your child is a fan of bright rooms, they will love this. This room is almost completely white with the exception of the tan area rug and the tan curtains. Too much white can be heavy on the eyes, especially when the sun shines in and allows that natural light to reflect. However, it eliminates the need for artificial lighting, saving you tons of money on your electric bill!

#56. Treehouse-esque

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You can’t tell me that when you look at this, you don’t think of the inside of a treehouse, even just a little bit. Those giant polished wood logs are absolutely beautiful, but might not be the easiest thing to recreate. However, those bunk beds are rather awesome and easy to find. It’s a single over a double and on the other side is the same thing. It’s perfect for three or four kids to sleep in the same room.

#57. Girly & Rustic

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Got a girly girl on your hands? Keep her happy with a purple themed bedroom. The walls are a beautiful magenta color surrounded by the wood panels on the ceiling. Everything else in the room is a lighter purple or matching the walls, mixing up the color scheme is also some blue thrown in there. This look is very simple to achieve with just some paint and wood panels.

Rustic Mens Bedroom Ideas

#58. For The Fisherman

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Along with having that rustic woodsy look, the owner of this room is also proud to show off his trophy fish. This is an idea that would be ideal for somebody who loves to fish and show off their prized catch(es). Everything about this room is appealing and easily attainable, well, other than those fish unless you can find some at a garage sale.

#59. A Lot Going On

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This room is for the man that just doesn’t care about color schemes. There is so much going on here and a lot of different patterns. We have a little bit of manly leather, patterned linoleum, bamboo shades, and a black bed frame with white linens. It all honestly works well together, but I would love to take that linoleum out and replace it with some beige carpeting or hardwood flooring for natural light to reflect from.

#60. A Simple Man’s Room

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This is a room that could go either way. I could see both a man and a woman owning this room because of how neutral the colors and furniture are. If you are looking for a room that has quite a bit of closet space, this would be a good option. The closet is built into the wall, leaving more space for other things such as a dresser or armoire.

#61. The Man’s Guest Room

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It’s pretty clear that this room is inside of a log cabin and they decided to leave the logs exposed. The bed is a beautiful solid wood log frame with a matching nightstand to boot. Everything about the inside of this guest room screams “no women allowed!”. Even the comforter is a manly rustic color.

#62. All Repurposed Wood

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I love how this bedroom is both rustic and simple. The floor is made from concrete with the thin area rug for some kind of cushioning for the feet. The walls and bed frame are made from repurposed wood, giving it that woodsy look. On the side of the bed is what appears to be a block of stone as a bedside table. Definitely something to consider if you want a chic man’s room.

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#63. Winter Inspiration

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Okay, so you aren’t going to want to sleep with a heavy animal fur throw blanket in the middle of the summer are you? This room is inspirational if you are going for a winter theme. IT features a beautiful dark hardwood flooring and the heavy comforter set. Now, if all you want to do is create the winter look, just get the right blankets and switch them out for a summer look. It’s simple and affordable.

Rustic Cottage Bedroom Ideas

#64. A Tiny Loft

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Cottages aren’t known for being big, which is why this tiny loft sleeping area is perfect. This small room has enough space for a sitting area and some other small furniture since the bed is up in the air and attached to the wall. It’s the simple way to create more room for playing if it’s a kids room.

#65. A Quaint Space

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This bedroom is the perfect guest study or even a master bedroom for a cottage setting. The room is made from beautiful wood panels that allow that natural light to reflect and light up such a small space. It features a desk for work and a cute armchair for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day.

#66. Large Loft Room

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Lofts are perfect for saving space in smaller areas. This mezzanine type area is on the larger side and offers enough space for a bed, dressers and lamps. This would be the perfect setting for a guest room or a kids room in that woodsy cabin. The shine of those hardwood floors reflect light rather nicely and eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

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#67. Tiny Cottage

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It’s pretty clear that this cottage is small, so they have to make the best out of it. This room is definitely on the smaller side, but they were able to fit in the bed, a few nightstands and that comfy looking chair. Placing a white quilt over the bed and allowing the light to reflect off of it makes the room appear larger.

#68. Barn Style

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When I say barn style, I am speaking in terms of the window that resembles one that you would see in a horse stall. It opens just like one of those would. The room is very dark and there isn’t much to work with when it comes to natural light. It’s the perfect getaway if you want to be alone or just need to be in a dark place.


Well, there you have it! 68 very unique rustic bedroom ideas. You have a mix of different styles to think about such as traditional, vintage, rustic, contemporary and chic. There’s a little bit of everything in here, making it easy to pick a theme. If you know somebody that would love to recreate their room to go with their brand new mattress or bed frame, show them this list!