Good Morning Snore Solution vs ZQuiet: Choose Right the First Time

Snoring is more common than you may realize, and it impacts both men and women. While we could probably agree that all snoring is annoying, not all snoring has the same root cause. There are many anti-snoring devices on the market, and today, we’re going to be taking a look at two different types as we break down Good Morning Snore Solution vs. ZQuiet.

While they both work to treat snoring, they take two approaches:

My sleep partner suffers with obstructive sleep apnea, and we put both of these products to the test. I’m not a doctor, but I do have firsthand experience to share that can help you make the most effective decision, so let’s dive in and determine which of these devices will work best for you.

The ABCs of MADs and TSDs

CPAP… MAD… TSD… there are a lot of acronyms in the world of anti-snoring devices, and we’re here to help you make sense of this alphabet soup of sleep products. Although the names sound complicated, they’re pretty self-explanatory when you break them down.

Mandibular Advancement Device

“Mandible” is just a fancy word for the jawbone, and it typically refers to the lower jaw. Thus, it becomes clear a mandibular advancement would refer to the adjustment of the lower jaw in an advanced position. By pushing the lower jaw forward, more tension prevents the tongue and soft tissue from blocking the airway when relaxed.

Tongue Stabilizing Device

One of the biggest contributors to snoring is the tongue. When it relaxes into the back of the throat, it can block the airway. Tongue stabilizing devices keep the tongue in place through suction.

The TSD- Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is a TSD, and it kind of resembles a baby’s pacifier. It’s very flexible and simple to fit. Some types of anti snoring devices, especially MADs, can be too big or small, but TSDs offer a pretty universal fit. Therefore, there isn’t a customization process you need to go through.
To use it, you place the device in your mouth between your lips and front teeth. After squeezing the tip and sucking the air out of the bulb, stick your tongue into the tip, and the suction created does an excellent job at keeping your tongue in place.

The MAD- ZQuiet

ZQuiet employs a different concept. It’s a MAD, and, rather than offering a customization process like the popular boil-and-bite method, they send you two devices, one a little smaller than the other. This allows you to try them both and use the one that fits better. They suggest you start with the smaller one and, if it doesn’t work for the first couple of nights, move on to the larger version.

Excellence in Comfort

In terms of comfort, both of these products get an A+. Many mouthpieces cause a lot of jaw soreness the first several nights. However, both Good Morning Snore Solution and ZQuiet are pretty easy to get used to.

A Couple Slight Hangups

ZQuiet did cause some drooling during this break-in period. Once he got the hang of it, however, my sleep partner reported the product being comfortable for a mouthpiece. If you have a smaller jaw, you may have a different experience. I found it to be very comfortable for a mouthpiece as a female with a smaller jaw.
Since most snorers are men, it can be difficult for ladies to find a product that’ll fit. Good Morning Snore Solution is very comfortable once you figure out how to get the suction right. When I used it, it felt like there wasn’t enough suction, and others have experienced too much. The good new is, both problems are easy to fix:

  • Not enough suction- add a couple drops of olive oil into the bulb. This creates a stronger seal.
  • Too much suction- suck less air out of the bulb before you insert your tongue. When you find the suction that’s comfortable for you, it’s pretty effortless to sleep with the device in place.

GMSS- Among Our Top Picks for TSD

It’s normal for the device to fall out of place during the first night or two, but, in my sleep partner’s experience, he got used to it pretty quickly. Some TSDs apply suction to the whole tongue, and Michael and I have both found this method to be pretty uncomfortable. We both really like how Good Morning Snore Solution only focuses on the tip.
We’ve tried other TSDs that were extremely uncomfortable to the point where we were unable to wear them through the night, so we rank Good Morning Snore Solution as one of our top picks for tongue stabilizers.

Good Morning Snore Solution vs. ZQuiet- Which Stops Snoring?

You’re in the market for an anti-snoring device to put a stop to snoring, so, do these products get the job done? In my sleep partner’s experience, they both had their ups and downs. Both were able to reduce snoring but not put a complete stop to it.

However, keep reading! Results are circumstantial, and one or both could still work for you!

Good Morning Snore Solution an Option for Mild to Moderate Snoring

My sleep partner snores on a very regular basis. Good Morning Snore Solution, with its focus on the tongue, isn’t as effective in addressing the contribution made by the relaxation of the nasal soft tissue, and this is something my sleep partner relies on.

A study performed on this device by the Journal of Sleep and Breathing reported that around 70% of participants who used the Good Morning Snore Solution found it effective. I found their website to be very transparent about the fact that it won’t work for everyone, and it mentioned that it’s not for people with central or obstructive sleep apnea.

Considering my sleep partner has obstructive sleep apnea, I think this gives Good Morning Snore Solution merit and makes it worth a try if you suffer with mild to moderate snoring since it’s minimally-intrusive and doesn’t cause much discomfort.

Small Jaw? Consider ZQuiet

If you do need that additional focus on the soft tissue, ZQuiet can be a good choice for people with smaller jaws. My sleep partner had trouble keeping both the large and small versions in place. The larger version was more effective, and, when it was in his mouth, it was effective in stopping his snoring.
If you have a large jaw, this may not be the best fit. On the other hand, females or males with smaller jaws may find this to be a great solution. Not only will its smaller size be more accommodating than many other MADs on the market, but it can be cut down to size to more comfortably fit your mouth if it’s too big.

Special Note for Mouth-Breathers

If you have a strong reliance on mouth breathing, Good Morning Snore Solution isn’t going to work for you since it requires you to breathe through your nose. On the other hand, ZQuiet is an excellent choice with its use of Living Hinge Technology that allows mouth movement and even speaking while wearing.

Although this freedom of movement contributed to the trouble we had with the product falling out, I think that, if consideration for mouth breathing is a big buying point for you, this is definitely a product worth trying out.

Tip for Increased ZQuiet Effectiveness

If you think ZQuiet sounds like it may be a good option, but you’re not a big fan of mouth breathing, there’s a tip we found to be very effective. The supplemental purchase of an anti-snoring chinstrap works to keep the mouth closed, and it helped my sleep partner keep his ZQuiet device in place. Not to mention, chin straps in themselves help keep snoring at bay. We recommend My Snoring Solution.

Simple Maintenance with Each Option

Maintenance for both products is very easy as they can be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush. It’s important, for durability purposes, to clean your device after every use, so the toothpaste method always makes it easy, in our experience, to fit into your daily routine.

Good Morning Snore Solution does come with a small packet of Efferdent Power Clean Crystals. Keep in mind they do contain persulfates, and these are known to cause allergic reactions. If you have allergies or experience irritation, gum rash, or other symptoms following use, you’ll definitely want to go with the toothpaste or denture cleaning maintenance options.

Durability & Cost: What’s the Best Value?

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right anti-snoring mouthpiece. While expected effectiveness should be your primary deciding factor, price is still important. However, never consider the cost without factoring in durability. Let’s take a side-by-side look at what you can expect with Good Morning Snore Solution vs. ZQuiet:

You can see these two products offer pretty similar value, so, when choosing between Good Morning Snore Solution versus ZQuiet, it’s going to be heavily dependent on your unique snoring factors.
It can be helpful to speak to your doctor, and we recommend you do so before you make your final decision.

They can use tools like the Mallampati Score to predict the chance you have obstructive sleep apnea by measuring the degree to which the tongue blocks the trachea. The information they provide can prove instrumental in making the right choice for you.

Zyppah vs SnoreRx Comparison Table

Good Morning Snore Solution ZQuiet
Can be used with dentures
Can clean with toothpaste Longer durability expectation of around 15 months
90 day trial period FDA-approved
Certified byHealth Canada, FDA, EEA, andAustralian Register of Therapeutic Products Two devices provided, one larger than the other, for customization
Can reduce or eliminate teeth grinding 30-day trial period, but you don’t get your initial $9.95
payment back
Doesn’t cause jaw soreness Allows mouth breathing through Living Hinge Technology that allows you to open and close your mouth freely
Small bulb doesn’t require restraint of entire tongue No lower mandibular advancement customization
Doesn’t allow for mouth breathing Can be cleaned with toothpaste
We experienced slight drooling the first couple days Can’t be used with dentures
Falls out easily if you have a large jaw
No certifications


In our experience, both of these products were effective in stopping snoring, but there were limitations. If you wear dentures, Good Morning Snore Solution could be a great option since MADs typically restrict use. However, if you’re a mouth breather, ZQuiet’s definitely going to be the way to go.
If you’re like my sleep partner and suffer with central or obstructive sleep apnea, you’ll definitely want to go with ZQuiet. Both of these products are compatible with smaller jaws, but those with larger jaws may not find the right fit with ZQuiet. ZQuiet, however, is a great option for mouth breathers.

If you’re really not sure and can see ways in which each product may suit you well, I’d definitely start off with Good Morning Snore Solution to take advantage of their 90 day free trial. ZQuiet doesn’t return your initial $9.95 after the 30 day trial, so, see if the TSD will work. If not, you lose nothing. Then go ahead and try out ZQuiet.

In a Nutshell:

Choose Good Morning Snore Solution if:

  • You wear dentures
  • You grind your teeth
  • You want a product that doesn’t cause jaw soreness
  • You want a TSD that doesn’t constrain your entire tongue

Choose ZQuiet if:

  • You’re a mouth breather
  • You don’t like your mouth being locked shut while you sleep
  • You appreciate the use of BPA and latex-free materials
  • You have an average-sized mouth and don’t want to have to go through a customization process like boil-and-bite

There are dozens of anti-snoring products out there, and I hope we’ve made your decision a little easier. If you still have some lingering thoughts, questions, or concerns, we’d love to hear them! Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.