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Every structure relies on a solid foundation, and your mattress is no exception. Just some issues that can arise when the wrong frame is in use include sagging in the middle of your mattress, increased motion transfer, and even a decrease in the durability of your mattress. The great news is that your bed frame can do a whole lot more than just support your mattress.

I recently got the chance to try out the Yaasa adjustable base, and it offers numerous unique features that help you transform your bedroom. It features a minimalist design that allows you plenty of room to store things under the bed, all without compromising on cool, high-tech features. When you use promo code SLEEPJUDGE100, you can enjoy a $100 discount!

Yaasa Features 

An adjustable base allows the user to change their positioning in bed. Most of us realize this. However, the Yaasa frame allows for much more than just that. Just some of the features you’ll be able to take advantage of include:

  • Zero Gravity and Pressure Relief
    • This preset slightly elevates your head and feet, specifically helping if you suffer with painful pressure points or poor circulation. By elevating the areas of the body that are sore, you’re better able to relax them. It also works to decrease lower back pain, alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux, and accommodate reading or watching television in bed. 
  • Anti-Snoring Preset
    • This preset slightly elevates the head to open up the airway. 
  • Wall-Sliding Technology
    • This features ensures that any adjustment made keeps the space between your wall and the bed constant
  • USB chargers allow you to charge your computer and mobile devices.
  • One-touch flat sleep button on remote allows you to return mattress to a flat position without having to hold down on buttons and wear out your batteries.
  • And much more!

Simple Setup

With so many awesome features, you may be inclined to believe setup of the Yaasa bed frame would be complicated. Quite the opposite is true. The entire unit comes packaged in two boxes, and I was able to put everything together on my own using the detailed instructions provided. 

The electronic components that allow for USB charging and the movement of the frame are as easy as plugging in a couple of cords. I was able to get my Yaasa bed frame completely unboxed and assembled in around an hour. You only need one tool to tighten the connector wheel, and it’s included.

Sleek Design That’s Easy to Clean

The design of the Yaasa bed frame is a unique one. Its aluminum construction makes it lightweight for an adjustable frame, and I really like the shine of the matte finish. Best of all, since it doesn’t use any type of fabric, it’s simple to keep clean. In the event you do soil your frame, the solid surface allows you to easily clean it off with a cloth.

If you’re preparing to get a new mattress and want a reliable, sturdy base on which to place it, or the time has come to replace your current bed frame, the Yaasa bed frame has a lot to offer. If you’re not quite sure, check out our full review before you make your purchase. Just don’t forget to take advantage of your coupon code upon checkout!