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Canadian born and bred, Vivere started out in Guelph, Ontario with a couple different styles of hammocks and grew from there. Now they offer multiple types of hammocks, a variety of designs and colors and also other camping accessories that you didn’t know you needed until you seen them. Their line of hammock and stand combinations has been a best-seller and takes the guesswork out of setting up a hammock on an outdoor adventure, trying to find the best trees or rocks to support both you and the hammock. You simply set up the hammock stand, attach your hammock and watch that sunset right over your head or watch the stars move across the sky in all of their glory.

Products & Materials

Vivere might have expanded their product line to include chairs, umbrellas, umbrella stands, and replacement accessories for each of these items but their mainstay and most well-known product continues to be their hammock and stand combinations:

  • The Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Stand is a popular seller for those looking for a high-end product. Available in a variety of colors at no additional costs, the hammock is wide enough to comfortably sleep two and can hold up to 450 lbs. the stitched cotton allows for a high level of breathability and reduces trapped body heat in the hammock. The solid pine hammock stand is not only attractive to look at, it is also built to withstand wear and tear so that your purchase lasts and you definitely get your money’s worth.
  • The Parachute Double Hammock is one of the top selling products that Vivere has to offer. It can be purchased in a rainbow of colors and is made from pure nylon material to repel water and moisture while offering a strong fabric to support the body. Comes complete with an attached sack for carrying and storage while easily folding up to a small size that can hold 400 lbs. easy.
  • Want a hammock and stand combination bundle but can’t or don’t want to spend the money for a solid pine stand? Then check out the Double Cotton Hammock with a Stand that reaches 9 feet in height. One of the bestselling combination bundles, this double cotton stand is naturally moisture wicking and offers a breathability that is definitely appreciated when in the woods. It is available in solid colors, striped patterns and even fringed looks to suit any aesthetic. The stand is powdered coated steel and can hold up to 350 lbs.


Pricing for Vivere products depend on what you chose to purchase. Hammocks separately can run from $39.97 to $399.97 while single stands (without a hammock) are priced between $179.97 and $349.97. Combination bundles of both a hammock and a hammock stand can run from $199.97 to $427.97. This range of pricing allows for customers of all financial means to purchase a Vivere hammock or stand.

Warranty & Returns

Vivere is proud to offer warranty on all of their products and accessories for an entire year. Your purchased will be covered by a warranty for exactly 12 months from the purchase date and any product in need of replacement or repair must be accompanied by the original receipt as proof of purchase.

Vivere will offer a full refund or replacement, depending on the damage caused by the manufacturer’s defects or at the discretion of the customer.

Shipping Information

Whatever product you purchased from Vivere, it will ship via Canada Post from their warehouse in Ontario, Canada right to your door. International shipping is available and they do ship worldwide, but there will be custom fees and duty charges added on to your purchase.