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Behind every good mattress, there should be a really great mattress protector. Luna mattress protectors are made and manufactured in the United States. They tout impressive airflow technology, breathability and varying sizes in order to protect each and every mattress that needs protecting. They’re basically super heroes for mattresses, so to speak. Luna mattress protectors save your mattress from any accidental stains or spills – promoting the features of your mattress and definitely extending the use of your mattress.

Products & Materials

Sometimes it’s best to take one thing and do it right. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Luna mattress protection products. Specializing in one thing, these mattress protectors have a lot to offer in a very small package. Some of the greatest features of the Luna mattress protector is:

Waterproof – Luna mattress protectors are waterproof. This means there will be no fluids penetrating your actual mattress, no matter how much fluid is spilled onto the mattress surface. This saves your mattress form stains and from mold, since liquids won’t seep in.

Airflow – These mattress protectors, while waterproof, also promote airflow. This will help your mattress breathe better and allow air to come in and out of the cover. This makes the mattress less likely to hold in moisture and grow potential mold.

Sized Right – Because Luna mattress protectors come with stretchy elastic sidings, you can virtually fit the mattress protector on varying sized mattresses. As you’ll want to stick to the relative size of your mattress, it’s good to know that you could slide on a Luna mattress protector and know that there will be that little extra give just in case you encounter a tight fit.

Thin Protection – Because the Luna mattress cover is meant to protect and not interfere, these covers will lay flat on your mattress and not add any extra thickness or padding. This will let the cover do its job without interfering with your sleep.


Luna mattress protectors start at around $69.95 and become a bit pricier as the sizes grow. Since there are a lot of benefits to using a mattress protector, most find the cost of a mattress protector to be small considering the health benefits. Plus, since these are highly durable, these will prove to be a small investment that will last for many, many years.

Warranty & Returns

Luna mattress protectors have a 15-year warranty, boasting that these protectors will not break or war down. If anything happens to your protector, you can simply send the protector back for a full refund. This also goes for factory mishaps that would warrant a return for full reimbursement.


Shipping is a breeze with Luna since it would only take up to about three to five days to process an order before shipping out. Luna provides domestic and international shipping, so the prices will be dependent on the region and the weight or number of the products. Pretty standard stuff as far as shipping goes. There is a customer service department to help along the way.