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Hypnoser is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling weighted blankets. Their main goal was to create a product that would help people with different sensory disorders calm down the anxiety and stress they might be feeling, and induce a state that people need to be in so that they can sleep.

Products & Materials

Hypnoser is all about weighted blankets, so they offer a limited number of products that are strictly related to this concept:

  • They have a duvet cover that’s designed specifically for a weighted blanket. It’s made out of cotton, available in four different colors, and comes in two different size options.
  • They sell a weighted blanket that is made from cotton and features glass beads filling. It weighs 15 lbs. and has the right size to fit a Queen-sized bed.
  • Their signature weighted blanket comes in a much more generous offer of sizes and weights, suitable for all kinds of sleepers. You have blankets that are as light as 5 lbs., but ones that are as heavy as 20. Much like the other one, this weighted blanket is also made from cotton and has glass beads inside.
  • They also sell second-hand duvet covers and blankets that are in pristine condition but have been used before, so they are available at lower prices.


The prices for Hypnoser’s products largely depend on the size and weight of the blanket chosen. Here are a few examples:

  • A blanket that weighs 5 pounds is available for $70.
  • The 15 lbs. version of the same blanket costs $110.
  • The largest version of the same blanket weighs in at 20 pounds and costs $150.

The company often puts its products on sale, so you can benefit from 10 percent discounts when you least expect it.

Warranty & Returns

Hypnoser’s website is a bit confusing when it comes to giving customers precise details related to warranty information. They do mention the fact that the offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the equivalent of a return window. The weighted blanket page also stated that you have a 3-year warranty that covers free mending.

As far as the return process is concerned, you have a 30-day window to test the blanket and see if it meets your expectations. What the company does require from you is that you use the product for about 10 to 14 days in order to give your body time to adjust to it (which is particularly important if you’ve never used a weighted blanket before). To initiate a return, you can contact the company at [email protected]. Make sure that you keep the original package and that the blanket is in top condition.

Shipping Information

You can order your Hypnoser product whether you live in the US or Canada, but your shipping costs will be calculated once you’ve entered your shipping address. No other shipping information is given, so you’ll have to enter your region and info in order to get clear information related to shipping fees.