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Hypnoser Weighted Blanket

At some point in time, most people struggle with insomnia, stress and anxiety, or even depression due to challenging moments in their lives, an abundance of work, or simply due to hormonal changes. In their search for relief, and in order to go about their day as normal as possible, those struggling often turn to doctors and psychologists for both medical advice and suggestions for holistic approaches.

What is often overlooked is how crucial sleep is to healing during these times, and if insomnia is an issue, then the problem can seem compounded. Luckily, advanced studies pertaining to weight therapy in conjunction with those who have certain disorders have made their way into the general population- resulting in an explosion of weighted blanket therapy options.

The Hypnoser Weighted Blanket is one such option that is both affordable and beneficial. I went ahead and took it upon myself to purchase and check this product out for myself as I was intrigued by a review overview I had done. My review details my findings below.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are used in the study of deep touch pressure (DPS) stimulation which increases serotonin levels as it relaxes the nervous system. This triggers a response on a hormonal level related to stress and anxiety to allow your body to enter into a state of rest. Used in children diagnosed with autism, as well as those struggling with various disorders and addictions, the science behind the success in their use can be very helpful to anyone taking advantage of the therapy.

About the Hypnoser Company

The Hypnoser company provides a quality weighted blanket at an affordable cost. When I first reviewed the company and their products, I was a bit skeptical of a company that offered little in the way of information about themselves. Although I found plenty of reviews ( the majority very positive online) to confirm they were, in fact, a legit company–I still was left with questions about the blanket since I review many various products that claim quality and take advantage of their customer’s ignorance.

They offer a discount program for second-hand blankets–basically those that were opened and returned, or had some sort of flaw involved. I figured for such a discounted price it was worth checking out for myself since many other quality blankets have high price points. And I can state right now I am not sorry I did.

Shipping & Unboxing

Because of the deep discount, I decided to take the plunge and ordered three blankets- one for myself, one for a friend with a higher weight point, and one for my oldest child (he’s 9 and weighs 74 lbs). Although I ordered on their website, two of the blankets arrived within 10 business days from Amazon, which the company is affiliated with. I had not received a shipping notification, but that did arrive within 24 hours after I received the blanket- so there may be a delay in shipping confirmation from the company vs the actual shipping.

I emailed the company to check on the third blanket and they returned my email within 24 hours stating they were processing that order still, but not to worry. I was impressed with the communication, and when it still hadn’t shown up a few weeks later, and I emailed again, they stated it was on its way! It arrived with an extra blanket thrown in. I believe some of the blanket sizes may be coming from overseas while some are located in warehouses in the US- hence the delay.

Initial Impressions

Overall? Great communication and customer service if you don’t mind waiting for a little for your product to arrive. It arrived well packaged and in great shape. 3 of the 4 blankets looked brand new in new packaging and one was folded and wrapped securely in shipping plastic. If they were secondhand, it truly wasn’t noticeable.

The first impression was of quality. There were no loose threads, the material was smooth and thick feeling, and the stitching was secure. There was no smell or off-gassing at all. Plus, the bags have no particle residue to suggest leaking seems to allow the filling to come out.


The shell of the blanket is of 100% breathable cotton, under which is layered a thin polyester pad. The baffle boxes are securely stitched and hold glass micro-beads to provide uniform weight distribution. Unless you press the material between your fingers and rub them together you cannot feel these sand-like particles, and they are very efficient in how they conform to the body.

Features and Benefits

To keep cost low the company sells the blankets and duvet covers separately so you can take advantage of your own cover if you already have one. Each blanket comes with tabs at each corner and in the middle of each length to tie it securely to a cover. These are durably sewn and I could easily pick the entire 15 lbs blanket up by just the tabs without it looking or feeling strained.

The edge stitching is also well sewn and durable, which is very important as loose edges allow the beaded filling to escape. These tiny glass beads can easily work their way through poorly sewn seams and I was happy to see that upon arrival none has escaped through shipping, and none have escaped even after regular use for over a month in any of the blankets.

The baffled boxes are a 4 x 4 square and allowed for what I felt was the perfect size to distribute the bead filling. I never felt that the product was too heavily distributed along one side or the other, and when it is laid over the body- it feels like a ‘hug’ has settled over you. This is exactly what supports the pressure points to trigger serotonin release and allow for a calming effect. These too are well sewn with thick threads for long-lasting use and to keep the beads where they belong.

Size Options

The blankets are designed for one person to use as the weight is specific to body weight and size. Scientifically it has been proven to use a blanket that is approximately 10%-12% of your own body weight to trigger hormonal responses but not feels too heavy. As you can see, the 15lb queen size fits from edge to edge on my queen-sized bed. It folds nicely down the middle to create a layered effect as well and provided what I was the perfect length to hang my feet out from under as the weight was a bit more than I preferred on my ankles.

The company offers 15 different weight size/ratios, including dual sleeping blankets for two people. Just be sure you both have the same requirements for weight as too heavy an option may be very uncomfortable.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

It is suggested to use the blanket with a cover to keep it clean and fresh. I used mine over a sheet so it did not come in direct contact with my body, but will be purchasing a cover for it. They can be machine washed, but take care not to place any blanket over 15 lbs in your own machine- and opt for a commercial washer instead. They do need to hang to dry as they will not tumble well in a dryer.


Never use a weighted blanket with children under 3, and always adhere to the 10%-12% body weight rule. These blankets are hefty and may create a limitation in the movement to those using it. Also, avoid any sharp objects on or around it, and protect against the sharp claws of any pets you have to keep filling from making its way out of punctures.


As mentioned, I was impressed with their customer service response time and accommodations. Your blanket is guaranteed for 30 days, after which you can return for a full refund- however, shipping cost is up to you. Be sure to authorize returns through the company in advance as well.

They also fully guarantee workmanship and quality, and if it arrives damaged or begins to leak- I have seen reviews mention that they have been fully taken care of by the company.


I decided to take a gamble on these blankets because of the price point. Their blankets are priced lower (by almost half) than comparable products, and their second-hand, recycled options are drastically reduced. I am not even sure any of mine was a second-hand choice as they were new looking. This is only available through their website.

This discount is only available with what is in stock and changes with what is ready to ship. I found that a reasonably discounted option also exists through Amazon when compared to their website as well.

Reviews and Feedback

Online reviews and feedback of the company and their products are highly favorable, with almost all customers providing 4 to 5-star ratings. They praise the size, the heft, the quality, and the ability it provides for a deeper, more restful sleep. For those who bought it specifically for stress and anxiety issues, it also received positive feedback and ratings – claiming it allows for full-body relaxation and better focus abilities.

Complaints surrounding receiving damaged goods, filling leaking through seams, or overall size as many expected a full bed sized blanket. It also does sleep hot, and a cooling cover is recommended if you want to use it during the warmer months. These reviews only represent 6-8% of overall sales, making them few and far between.

Who We Recommend the Hypnoser Blanket For

I definitely recommend the product, and as a person who suffers from occasional insomnia, stress, and anxiety over how busy my life is, I absolutely found relief in the use of it to help me get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply.

For anyone struggling with the above-mentioned issues on any level, I definitely believe it can help. It also has proved to be highly effective in aiding in sensory disorder conditions, as well as other disorders related to post-traumatic stress, chronic anxiety disorders, and insomnia. Studies also conclude it can help with easing depression symptoms, restless leg syndrome, lower blood pressure, and even work to decrease chronic pain.

Our Final Verdict

When I first took a close look at the Hypnoser blanket and company I was a bit skeptical. It first received a decent rating from e due to the high positive consumer feedback, but I was concerned that ignorance about the use of the product may have been an issue.

I was wrong.

I would give this product 5/5 stars without hesitation. It not only was a great product for my own use, my kiddo who tried it slept without waking to climb into my bed as he is wont to do, and the third blanket I bought for a larger, heavier body also was well received.

Does it sleep hot? If you already sleep on the warm side, then yes it does. In a warm atmosphere, it also is not comfortable for long periods of time despite the cooling, breathable cotton. This is the nature of the filling, however, and many reviews indicate that with a cooling cover to help draw heat away from the body it was much more comfortable.


If insomnia, stress, and anxiety are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, then you definitely should check out the Hypnoser Weighted Blanket options. Offered at an excellent price point, my initial hesitation about the company and products was put to rest when I was able to see how well their customer service responds and try out the blanket personally.

Highly recommended by consumers, and by us here at The Sleep Judge, this is the perfect weighted blanket to try out if you have been on the fence at any time about the use of this type of therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a duvet cover needed?

No, but it is recommended to keep it clean. A cooling duvet is good for hot sleepers as well.

How does the returns process work?

Contact the company within 30 days for authorization and pay for return shipping.

Where can these be shipped?


Do they fit a bed?

Yes and no. They are designed for single sleeper use and do not quite cover the whole bed. However the company does provide whole bed sized for dual sleeping, and they are always accommodating customer needs and adding to what is wanted.