15 of the Best Gold Blackout Curtains: #12 is So Gorgeous!

Updated September 9, 2019

If there’s one thing they teach you about colors in marketing school, is that gold is the primary emblem of all things premium. It’s used to create the fonts on the finest chocolate bonbons, it’s used to wrap the most expensive flower bouquets, and it’s the color of one of the world’s most expensive materials. Gold has always been the color of elegance and richness. It’s the color of engagement rings, expensive watches, and diamond necklaces.

Because of that, golden curtains are more than just drapes: they are an element of luxury and a fashion statement, found only in the homes of the bold. Whether in a solid color or with intricate patterns and imprint to decorate them, we’ve chosen some of the most beautiful gold blackout curtains that will surely make your guests stare and envy your home-decorating taste.

1. Playful Polkas

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If it’s white and gold blackout curtains you’re looking for, check out this polka dot beauty. The golden dots are symmetrically distributed on the white background, creating an amazing visual effect of hundreds of shining suns. The combination of colors is easy to match with almost any type of furniture, although it would look best when paired with modern and contemporary design elements. It’s the perfect choice for a playful bedroom, a kid’s room, or that window that’s next to your reading corner.

2. Vintage & Modern Perfection

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Everything about this gold blackout curtain inspires elegant and class. The Damask pattern is a choice that never goes out of style, mostly because it’s a delicate imprint that suggests you are a person of good taste. The golden shade of the curtains is suitable for both modern and vintage settings because the timeless beautify of gold makes it suitable for a lot of different room setups.

3. Nature’s Back

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Nature patterns and imprint will never go out of style, and this golden blackout curtain is here to prove it. The dusty golden shade is paired with a delicate leaf pattern, in a nuance that shines almost like jewelry gold. It’s one of the cutest options in our list for the day, perfect for a room with other floral elements, or neutral shades of brown and yellow.

4. Premium Patterns

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The first thing this curtain inspired is the kind of gift wrapping you’d expect to see packing an expensive cashmere sweater. There’s something about the golden pattern that suggests this is a premium product, an expensive blackout curtain that not every home can afford. It’s the perfect wall centerpiece for homeowners that are looking to impress, creating an elegant ambiance that pleases them each time they come home at the end of a long day.

5. Elegant Simplicity

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This is the perfect example of how gradient curtains are darn right beautiful. Starting with white and working its way down to an almost orange-like golden shade, this curtain is the perfect urban choice for people that like to add a drop of color to their modern interior décor. With its minimalistic design and the geometrical pattern located on the upper side, the curtain is inspiring through its simplicity and elegance.

6. Monochrome Choices

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The simplest gold blackout curtains are sometimes the most beautiful choices. Without any imprints of different others colors embedded with the golden background, they are easier to match, not to mention the fact that they relieve you from the stress of picking from so many different other models. This particular curtain is a monochrome option, perfect for those of you who want to buy a gold curtain, but simply can’t decide which one.

7. Suave Silk

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This blackout curtain features generous horizontal stripes, with a choice of colors that’s almost reminiscent of the Roman toga. The white silk is combined with an intense shade of gold, in a choice that seems to be very aesthetically pleasing. The choice for silk makes the curtain the perfect addition for offices, guest rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms.

8. With Cherries on Top

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Just how cute is this golden blackout curtain, with a playful imprint that makes you want to impulse-buy it in an instant? The red dots that adorn the curtain resemble ripped cherries, while the intertwined red curves create a sense of height. The pattern is simply astonishing and lively, so it’s best to hand these curtains in a room where everyone can enjoy their awesomeness.

9. Golden Grace

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If we had to choose just one word to describe this curtain, it would be “graceful”. If you like the silk blackout curtains at number 7, but felt like the horizontal stripes aren’t your thing, this is the vertically-striped option. Each curtain piece has generous golden borders on the left and right sides, being completed with white faux pieces in the center.

10. Subtle & Stylish

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It’s time to dress your windows with an elegant set of gold blackout curtains! The delicate geometrical imprint is very subtle, almost unnoticeable, not until light falls on the surface of the fabric to reveal its playful style. The golden shade itself adds a touch of class to every room, making this a great choice for people who love how this particular color draws attention.

11. Metallic Masterpiece

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If you want your rooms to truly shine to their fullest potential, these metallic gold blackout curtains are the final touch. The metallic finish is a sight for sore eyes, covering your windows like the finest chocolate wrapped brought for the most expensive Swiss chocolate atelier. With no patterns or imprints that give them a heavy look, these curtains are easy to mix and match with a lot of different urban room styles and furniture choices.

12. Dominant Diamond

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If it’s elegant light insulation you’re looking for, it’s elegant light insulation you’re going to get. The refined texture and beautiful golden imprints create a stunning visual effect. The diamond shapes are enhanced by the diagonal golden stripes, giving every room a sense of depths. These white and gold blackout curtains are the optimal choice for people who love a different type of curtain.

13. Solid Gold

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When looking at curtains like these, the “less is more” saying always comes to mind. If you want to buy a set of gold grommet blackout curtains in a solid color, losing the fancy intricate details that are hard to match with your interior décor elements, here is something straight up your alley!

14. Voluptuous Velvet

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Velvet is a heavy option, but one that’s perfect for vintage-style rooms. The illusion of gradient adds even more versatility to the curtain, being the best choice for people who have always believed velvet is an underrated, but very romantic fabric. It’s time to add privacy and style into any room, personalizing the décor with counterintuitive golden elements, such as this set of blackout curtains.

15. Hollywood Harmony

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Straight out of a Paris Hilton video, this golden blackout curtain is just screaming “come and get it”! The dreamy golden dot pattern makes this curtain look like ball gown material, being perfectly exquisite, elegant, and downright luxurious. It goes great with other golden décor elements that you might have inside your room.


Gold curtains inspire prosperity and wealth, not to mention that they are visually appealing, to say the least. They have made their way into homes all across the globe, as a statement made by homeowners that dare to be different. Which one of the 15 golden blackout curtains would you feel is more suitable inside your house, and which other décor elements you have would best match them?