A Mix of the #26 Best Vintage and Modern Romantic Bedroom Ideas

There’s something incredibly romantic about vintage décor. Some of the most romantic places on earth are considered vintage – everything to romantic bed and breakfasts along a coastline or a country inn nestled quietly in a forest setting. Vintage will always be in when it comes to the romance department. Instead of having to travel to aforementioned romantic vintage getaways, why not incorporate some of these classic elements into your own bedroom? We’ve compiled some of the best vintage romantic bedroom ideas within this article so you can easily choose some styles you’d like to try out for yourself.

Vintage Romantic Bedroom Ideas

#1. Antique Escape

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This bedroom makes it seem as if you’ve time traveled into a vintage dream. These antique portraits are a great way to make a space feel more vintage and help set the theme. The vintage, antique chandelier glistening in the natural sunlight also sets the tone to a more vintage time.

#2. Gold Dream

The golden daydream is set real time, although the warmth in this bedroom makes it feel as if you’ve just woken up on a country hillside in the 1800s. The golden glow all throughout this cozy bedroom can be found in everything from the golden bedspread to the shimmering golden wallpaper.

#3. Vintage Farmhouse

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This crisp, vintage farmhouse look brings in the romance in soft ruffles of sheer white. The bedspread is a lofty, almost ethereal addition to this more romantic bedroom setting that is sure to make its guests feel as if they’re sleeping on a cloud. All the sheer bedding and curtains in this room make this bedroom feel like a romantic country farmhouse.

#4. Luxurious Elegance

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This bedroom is reminiscent of a French getaway luxurious enough for Marie Antoinette. This is a gorgeous, French themed bedroom with more romantic elements such as the exquisite glass chandelier and heavy bedding with matching drapes. The gold radiance throughout this bedroom help make the room feel cozy and impressive.

Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

#5. Simple Elegance

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This cozy, romantic bedroom features plenty of simple fabrics that make this bedroom naturally calming. The sheer bedding and light curtains reminds us that you can keep a bedroom’s décor at the minimal and still invoke that more romantic setting, you just need a little imagination and time to plan.

#6. Patterns and Texture

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This bedroom has so many interesting elements to look at. Everything from the interesting patterns against the wallpaper to the Euro-sham size pillows makes this bedroom a delight to all the senses. This is another great example of a bedroom that features more simple decorations, but still makes the space feel romantic.

#7. Minimalist Dream

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This bedroom simplicity is what makes it so endearing. Make your bedroom a romantic escape with minimal color and no appliances. This will help you unplug your brain from our technology charged world and help get you into a more relaxed state. The minimal color in this space is also less distracting.

Modern Romantic Bedroom Ideas

#8. Purple Paradise

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This modern romantic bedroom idea features plenty of that passionate color, purple. This bedroom has a lot to offer – from that luxury bedding to the colorful accents, this is sure to pique someone’s desire. This is a perfect example on how to use a bold color like this deep purple and accent a room appropriately without overdoing it.

#9. Eclectic Bedroom

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This gorgeous, modern bedroom takes a spin on the eclectic style with bold color. Of course, when it comes to decorating, you can really use any favorite color in order to create a space that you and your partner will both enjoy. Accent with interesting elements such as lamps and side tables for the complete experience.

#10. Contemporary Spin

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This bedroom features a more contemporary spin on a romantic bedroom. The deep gray of the curtains and pillow accents are what really draw you in. If you’ll notice, there are also plenty of neutral tones throughout the room to give this an almost minimalistic approach to a cozy boudoir.

#11. Perfect for Snuggling

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This room is the ideal bedroom when it comes to sleeping in late and snuggling up with your loved one. These gorgeous, heavy-draped blackout curtains not only look impressive, but they actually are impressive because they will block out the sun from entering the room – extending nap time.

#12. Modern Daydream

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This room screams modern – everything from the boxy looking four-post bed to the sleek covered windows. The room is adorned in a brushed chrome look, which is a great color for keeping things modern and fresh feeling. This is a cozy, yet impressive, bedroom ideal for staying up late.

#13. Oceanside Escape

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This is a gorgeous modern romantic bedroom idea that encompasses the sea. What’s better than a room with a view, after all? In this setting, let nature do the talking for you and just relax into the surf. Imagine watching a sunset with your partner, sipping a glass of red wine and heading into the night relaxed? Perfect.

Romantic Beach Bedroom Ideas

#14. Coastal View

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This is a gorgeous bedroom that brings the seaside to you. There are endless reasons why the sea is so romantic, and in this romantic beach-themed bedroom, you can encompass the allure of the ocean all year long. All this tiki furniture and airy accents are sure to bring the breeziness of the beach right into the boudoir.

#15. Ocean Breezes

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This beach house is sure to set the mood with all these great views. When you have a view as gorgeous as this one, you don’t need much else to romance up a space besides some very large windows or, better yet, a great balcony. This is a gorgeous setting all on its own that is sure to spark some romantic fires.

Romantic Bedroom Curtain Ideas

#16. Lofty Dreams

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You may not typically find bedroom curtains especially romantic, but definitely don’t rule them out. As you can see, adding some light and airy bed curtains is a fantastic way to get more ethereal and whimsical in the bedroom. These curtains help set the scene for romance, for sure.

#17. Traditional Drapes

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Don’t knock the allure of traditional drapery until you’ve tried them. There’s a reason that heavy, floor to ceiling drapes have been in style for so long. They are, after all, a timeless classic that can really help make a room feel more cozy and impressive. Find drapes with floral designs or soft neutral tones to help accentuate a theme.

#18. Flowing Drapes

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This bedroom features some of those fantastic, lofty bed curtains that flow into what looks like clouds in this more whimsical bedroom. The cream palette throughout this bedroom is reminiscent of all things vintage since that vintage style uses a lot of delicate lace and cream colors to accentuate any space.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Anniversary

#19. Touching Sentiments

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If it’s your anniversary and you are about to enjoy a staycation, why not personalize it? This is a super cute idea – print out some of your favorite photos together – photos of you both traveling together and just being cute together – and tie them to colorful balloons. The rose petals are an added bonus in this setup.

#20. Candlelit Path

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Draw your significant other in by the soft glow of candlelight. This is a super romantic idea that incorporates some of the two staples in all things romantic: candles and rose petals. This is a perfect idea for anyone wanting to celebrate an anniversary at home and away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

#21. Added Sentiments

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This bedroom is a super romantic way to get in that loving frame of mind and celebrate each other. You may not think something as simple as rose petals and candles would make much of a difference, but it certainly will. One look at this extra romantic setup and your significant other will swoon immediately.

#22. Romantic Relaxation

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With this incredibly romantic setup, who would ever want to leave? There are so many romantic sentiments in this room and that bathtub alone is decadence in itself. This is a great idea for that couple that is staying in for the night or this might even be a rented room somewhere within the same city. Changing up the scenery is a romantic way to remind the person you love that you appreciate them.

#23. Personal Celebration

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This is a super fun way to greet the love of your life! Have fun and spell something out with some rose petals and let them know you were thinking especially about them when you went all out decorating. You could even spell out their name or a fun message – just make sure to buy a whole lot of roses.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

#24. Luxurious Space

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Just because you may have a small bedroom, doesn’t mean that you can’t go all out when it comes to romancing the space up. Using plenty of textures and interesting patterns will help grow the space and create lots of interesting elements to fill it up. Using neutral tones will also help add some space into the mix.

#25. Interesting Textiles

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This is another great smaller bedroom idea that is automatically romantic due to the interesting textures and textiles throughout this room. Again, this bedroom also features a lot of those super great neutral tones which will automatically open up a space and keep the mood calm and cozy.

#26. Florals

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Even if you don’t have a massive bedroom to fill up with flowers, having floral touches here and there throughout the space brings in that effortless feel of romance without too much clutter. In this bedroom, although it’s a smaller space, the tiny floral accents such as the plant and throw pillows all add to the theme.


So, which romantic bedroom idea is your favorite? Are you a kind of flowers and hearts person or do you prefer a more subtle approach to keeping a bedroom on the romantic side? Whatever approach you choose, there are so many great ideas here that are sure to help inspire you and keep you on that romantic track. Do you have any insight when it comes to romancing up a bedroom? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments so that we can all get some advice and/or help. You’re that much closer to creating the romantic bedroom of your dreams!