15 of the Best Blackout Curtains for a Nursery: #12 is So Cute!

Blackout curtains are particularly helpful if you’re looking to get some shut-eye and natural lights crawl into your bedroom and won’t let you sleep. They’re also a great choice for those lazy Sunday mornings when the alarm clock can finally take a break. But for a nursery… consider being able to create the perfect sleeping environment for a baby. There’s no putting a price on that.

Overall, having blackout curtain is both practical and genius, but when it comes to choosing one for a nursery, the level of cuteness out there is just overwhelming. How do you pick just one?! We’ve taken the liberty of putting together 15 fantastic blackout curtains for a nursery and, who knows, your winner might just be in here.

1. Monochromatic Elegance

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Let’s start off with a monochrome example, perfect for both a boy’s and a girl’s nursery. You can take even a simple curtain and pleat it with the help of some curtain tape and hooks that you can use in the process. This way, you can turn a pair of obsolete curtains and make them a wonderful piece for your baby’s nursery.

2. The Adorable Combo

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How cute is this triple curtain combo that would perfectly fit a girl’s nursery? The combination of pink and white with red dots is absolutely to die for, but you don’t have to stop here. You can combine other different blackout curtain and create the color combination of your choice.

3. Faux Is the New Original

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Here you have a simple, but beautiful example of a single-color curtain with a faux silk top. The combination between tones is great for parents who want a less colorful bedroom setting, but rather one that inspires finesse. You can control the level of light that goes into the nursery without all the patterns and nuances.

4. Floral Wonderland

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Nothing says “nursery” better than a set of blackout curtains with a lively floral imprint. It really brings life and color into the room, and babies are all about life and color. This particular model features huge white flowers and dual shades of green leaves, making it seem like spring all year round.

5. Playful & Warm

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If you’re exploring your yellow blackout curtains nursery options, we have an idea that might float your boat. Yellow is a color-filled with warmth, but also playful, which is just what nursery décor should be all about. The tricky part is that yellow isn’t a color easy to combine, so you need to be careful with matching it with the rest of the room setup.

6. Sun Kissed

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We return to yellow once more, as it’s a comfort color perfect for every nursery. Even when pulled all the way through, these yellow curtains still fill the room with light, because of the pleasantness of the color. It goes to show you once again that blackout curtains don’t have to darken a room, but can sometimes make it bright despite them blocking outside light.

7. Daydreaming

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Just look at this perfect blackout curtain for a nursery fit for a little prince/princess. The semicircles on the bottom side very much resemble colorful Easter eggs, while the top hangers match their bottom half-circle in terms of color and pattern. It’s the best combination that creates a nursery curtain fit for daydreaming.

8. Is That… Seabiscuit?

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This is a blackout curtain for baby room setup chosen by parents who pay extreme attention to details. There’s something so childish about this curtain, it brings back some amazing childhood memories. Efficient in keeping out light and really pleasant to look at, this model has colorful horses and trees scattered all over its surface.

9. Baby Blues

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If you’re a hopeless romantic, that’s going to weigh in on your choices for decorating a kid’s room. For those of you who recognize yourselves as being romantics, we have this blackout curtain proposition. The natural shade makes it easy to mix and match this curtain with a lot of different types of furniture.

10. Ruffled Lullaby

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Who’s to say you can’t make a princess gown out of these creamy blackout curtains? Even when the nursery stops being a nursery, you can move them to your own bedroom or the guests’ room, as your kid will want something with a lot more personality. This is a much more suitable choice for people who are looking for something simple but with an elegant detail that can give the nursery class.

11. Summer Vibes

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The vertical and horizontal lines of color meet perfection on this cotton blackout curtain that would make an ideal addition to a boy’s nursery (girls are welcome too!). The entire pattern looks so messy, it’s actually eye-catching, and the colors used will take away the dullness from any room.

12. Fit for a Princess

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When you feast your eyes on this pink blackout curtains for nursery room, you can just picture your baby girls smiling as she falls asleep to a perfectly-lit room. The details on this piece are just awesome: plain pink on one side, white with pink flowers on the other. If you’d ask me to describe what the best pink blackout curtains for girl’s room look like, I’d give you this image straight away.

13. Purple Flower Reign

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Nursery, teenage girl’s room, your bedroom, kitchen, you name it. These purple blackout curtains for nursery room will fit any room, to be honest. As long as you want to make the room more girly, they’re perfect. This soothing shade of purple holds tiny colored flowers, and the entire ensemble has sort of a relaxing effect.

14. Unisex White

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A pair of white blackout curtains for nursery rooms can save you a whole lot of trouble. They give you the freedom of decorating the baby’s room before even finding out the gender, but they are also easy to match with a lot of different room styles, wall colors, and furniture choices.

15. The Silver Lining

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We couldn’t resist adding one more white blackout curtain for your nursery because there’s something about white that makes everything so pure (and so simple). White will always be the go-to option for people that love the simplicity and hate spending too much time thinking about how to combines styles and colors. There are just a few silver lines on the edge of each piece, which make the curtains look even more tasteful.

Bottom Line

Having a hard time choosing a blackout curtain for a nursery? We feel your pain. In fact, decorating an entire nursery is painful, especially in that euphoria that precedes the actual birth. Everything looks so darn cute, how can you possibly choose?
But we do hope that at least one of the models in this list inspired you. If so, which one was it? Be honest, was it the horse and trees one?