25 of the Best Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

Kids often express their own brands of personalities and interests at a young age. With that being said, it’s important that a child has his or her own space to be creative in. When you help a kid design their bedroom, it’s a way for them to express themselves while helping them with the overall creative process.

This can be a fun project for the entire family, but it’s okay to ask for a little guidance. We’ve compiled some of the best children’s bedroom decorating ideas to help spark some inspiration and get you on your bedroom decorating way!

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#1. Spiderman with Color Pop

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This is the perfect example of a modern kid’s room that has some of his favorite elements with some extra pops of color. So, this is proof that you can have a theme and still have a color scheme that doesn’t necessarily coincide with that particular theme.

#2. Classy Bunk Beds

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This bedroom features some pretty classy bunk beds and this goes on our list of super great kids’ bedroom ideas with bunk beds. Bunk beds don’t have to be bulky and weird. In this setup, the beds are set up to feel more natural and they fit into a great color scheme. And you can easily find this model or similar to places like IKEA.

#3. Contemporary Kid Room

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This super swanky kid’s bedroom is the ideal setup when it comes to capturing that modern feel in colors. This is the kind of bedroom that any modern kid would love, and it even shares a sense of minimalism within the setup of this bedroom.

#4. Car Bed

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This super cool bedroom setup features this really great car framed bed. This would be fantastic for the child that has expressed interest in, not only cars but that old-fashioned feel. The colors that are found throughout this room also give off that old traditional style.

#5. Beachy Themed Room

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This super hip and modern bedroom feature a great color scheme and elements that are reminiscent of hanging out by the ocean. This would be the perfect setup for a little girl or boy who loves the beach. This is also a great color scheme since it’s cool and refreshing.

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#6. Contemporary East Coast Room

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This kid’s room is super posh and impressive with this air of contemporary style. If you’re looking for red and white children’s bedroom ideas, you can’t go wrong with this super cool look. Fill this room with fun little elements that will only accentuate the color scheme within this room.

#7. Bedroom with Nook

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This super awesome room comes complete with an amazing little play nook. This play nook could also double as a study or reading nook just depending on your child’s preferences. That cool ladder leads up to a hideaway that your child could feel safe in.

#8. Geometric Color

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This room is just incredibly cool to look at. Whether your kid is interested in arts, science or math, this room has a little bit of everything within it. The geometric shapes along the back wall just pop with brilliant, vivid colors that your child is sure to find super cool.

#9. Traditional Room

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This is great if you’re searching for children’s room ideas for sharing. This is a simpler, more traditional take on a child’s bedroom that is subtle and really pretty. This is ideal for a two-child bedroom since it’s making the most out of the given space.

#10. Beach Style Room

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Another takes on a beach style room, this bedroom comes complete with plenty of intriguing ocean side attributes. Tiny painted shells and even a seagull toy peer out of this bedroom, adhering to the theme and making the room feel cozy and fun.

#11. Construction and Trucks

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This bedroom setup is perfect for the little one that is fascinated by cars or trucks, or just general construction tools. Most children, especially little boys, are fascinated by these types of machines so it’s not a bad idea to decorate their room according to elements that intrigue them.

#12. Rustic Room

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When looking into children’s bedroom layout ideas, consider that most kids like hideaway areas. For example, in this room, there is another fun ladder entrance to a cozy nook that a child could easily escape into to play or read or simply have some alone time.

#13. Modern Bunk Beds

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This swanky bedroom feature some pretty modern bunk beds that look as if you’re standing in a bedroom of the future. The color scheme throughout this room is also really modern and contemporary. This could be a room of a child who lives that big city life with the city lights glittering beneath them.

#14. Farmhouse Chic

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This farmhouse style bedroom features many of the cozy attributes that a more traditional child’s bedroom would have. The subdued colors and interesting stuffed animal characters make this bedroom feel sweeter and sleepier. Perfect for a nursery or a young child’s bedroom.

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#15. Colorful Characters

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This bedroom is contemporary in that it has plenty of funny little-stuffed animals, colorful characters and traditional child’s toys strewn about it. Accessories or toys like these can add a lot to space and it’s important to keep the room full of your child’s favorite playthings to keep them busy.

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#16. Calming Room

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This super modern child’s room is full of calming elements. The subdued color scheme and the delicate paper clouds hanging overhead are just a few of the elements that help aid that sense of calm into space. The bed frame, also in a subdued color, is another super great attribute.

#17. Boho Room

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Perfect for the fun-loving child in your life, this bedroom is full of super exciting elements that would be perfect for a playful, happy child. These bright colors and fun accessories make this room really interesting to look at, but also, a fun space to be in.

#18. Blue and White

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This super modern looking blue and white room is very classy. It’s not just that color scheme that makes it modern and classy, but the overall feel of the space is very intriguing in itself. This would be the perfect space for a kid who loves all things modern.

#19. Textures and Shapes

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This bedroom is full of intriguing textures and shapes. Just check out those fun geometrically shaped shelves along the wall and that really great super shagged out carpet right in the center of the floor. If your kid is into obscure things, this bedroom would be perfect for him or her!

#20. Pink and White Room

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When scouring for children’s bedroom makeover ideas, think about general color schemes. There are some colors that go really great together that you typically won’t think work traditionally. Take this amazing pink and white room, for example, the colors work so well together, and the entire space coincides so well.

#21. Comfy Room

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This kid’s bedroom is full of ideas from IKEA. You can find some really great stuff at that store, and though you have to build everything yourself, it’s a great way to help get your kid into the process and maybe build some stuff together.

#22. Condo Living

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This kid’s bedroom is set within a condo format. When it comes to children’s bedroom carpet ideas, you can’t go wrong with bold colors. This carpet depicted is not only bold in color, but there is boldness in these really great thick lines. This is a fun concept that really ties the room together.

#23. Fairy Tale Room

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If your child is into all things whimsical and magical, you can’t go wrong with this fairy tale themed room. There are so many great elements within this space including children’s bedroom curtain ideas. The curtain canopy bed is sure to help get your child’s imagination soaring.

#24. Chalkboard Wall

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I bet you haven’t thought of searching for kid’s bedroom chalkboard ideas, have you? Well, you should definitely consider it! This is a super interesting space that has so much contemporary feel to it and is sure to make your child super excited to be living in such a fun space.

#25. Intriguing Space

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When it comes to children’s bedroom lighting ideas, the funkier the better. In this intriguing space, those giant bulb lights really add some whimsical intrigue and fun into this contemporary room space. My personal favorite is the hot air balloon mobile that looks so great here.

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So, there you have it! Some of the best kid’s room ideas that you can find! There are so many great elements throughout these bedrooms, it may be hard to stick to just one theme or group of elements you like. Do not fret. Simply start to chart out a bedroom idea or plan, and you can add decorations accordingly. It can be a fun process! Do you have any experience redecorating a child’s room? What was your child in to or what was his or her reactions to the changes? Did you decorate together? Sharing is caring, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments on how it worked out for you.