47 Bedroom Set Ideas For Your Next Home Makeover

Updated October 18, 2020

Struggling to figure out what you want to do with your guest room or master bedroom? I’ve been there, believe me. I have spent months trying to decide between two different pieces of furniture based on how well they would fit in my room or if they would even go with the color of my walls. Honestly, I didn’t want to repaint, so I was trying to find a bedroom set that matched. If you’re struggling with the same issue that I was having, here are 47 bedroom sets that could work for you.

Modern Bedroom Set Ideas

#1. Mid-Century Set

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This three piece bedroom set is simple and ultra-modern. It comes in solid wood oak or wenge color options and it’s complete with two nightstands and the platform bed frame. This style is very mid-century and super low profile. It would make a great addition to a minimalistic bedroom or, actually, in just about any bedroom. There’s nothing really fancy about it, so if you’re simple, this is a bedroom set to highly consider.


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#2. Simple Wood

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If you’re looking for simple, this is it. This beautiful bedroom set is completely customizable to include an upholstered storage panel bed, 2 drawer nightstand and a huge 6 drawer chest. I love the color of these pieces of furniture because they can complement just about any room. My favorite thing about the ensemble, however, is the storage in the bed. These are perfect for storing away extra pillows or comforters when they aren’t needed.

#3. Wood And Metal

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When I look at this room, I think of luxury. Why? Because of the shining white floor, skin rug and the white upholstered bed frame with matching dresser and night stand. These pieces are made from some beautiful wood and metal, specifically steel. Having a white wood bedroom set brightens up the room, especially one with reflection. The natural light will bounce off of the white wood and the metal, eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

#4. Black Faux Leather

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Do you have black furniture but are unsure of what kind of bed will go best with it. Why not go with something a little different, such as this black and white two tone faux leather bed. This contemporary platform bed comes complete with a padded headboard. Included in this set is the bed itself, the rails, chrome finished legs, slats and the headboard. The upholstery sits on top of very comfortable PVC foam, making it super easy and relaxing to sit up in bed and relax or watch television.

#5. Black & Red

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If it weren’t so expensive, I would definitely buy this for my husband because his favorite colors are black and red. This modern platform bed features red gloss and a wedge finish. The whole set comes with a 6 drawer chest, mirror, two 2 drawer nightstand, 4 drawer dresser and the bed. This customizable set is absolutely stunning and the red pairs perfectly with the dark wood color.

#6. Vintage Velvet

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If you love your upholstered furniture, you’ll love this unique vintage bedroom set. Are you old enough to remember how everything used to be all about the upholstery and the tufting? This sleigh bed features all of that and it’s quite lovely! Even the other pieces of the collection feature the crystal tufting. With this bed set, you’ll get the sleigh bed, two drawer nightstand and a 9 drawer dresser. You also have the option to add a 5 drawer chest to your set.

#7. Wooden Platform Bed Set

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This light wood bedroom set is very rustic. This is something that you would see in a log home or in a bedroom that’s going for the minimalistic look. The whole set comes with the platform bed and underneath storage compartments and a two drawer nightstand. The bed frame also comes equipped with two built in lights and a touch sensor to turn them on and off. The only downfall I can see to this set is that the wood is covered in laminate. After so many years, this tends to chip and peel.

#8. Rustic Heaven

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Oh, how I love this bedroom set! This is a very rustic gray set with beautiful craftsmanship. Notice how it has those barn door designs on the panel bed frame and the chest? Those are what really catch my eye. The entire ensemble comes with the panel bed, 2 drawer nightstand and a 5 drawer gentleman’s chest. Optional add-on’s include the dresser mirror and the 6 drawer tall chest.

#9. Light Gray And Wenge

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Here we have another prime example of a modern bedroom set sure to create a very nice atmosphere. This is a light gray and wenge Cullerton three piece set. Wenge, if you don’t know, is a very dark colored wood, which is the product of Millettia laurentii. It almost looks like black, that’s how dark it is. Complementing the dark brown color is the light gray headboard. This has a cracked look to it, making it not so plain. The rest of the collection includes the nightstand and 4 drawer dresser.

Italian Bedroom Set Ideas

#10. Modern Italian

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Love the look of italian furniture? Well, then you’ll love this. The 5 piece customizable bedroom set is designed with a matte gray woodgrain veneer with brushed stainless steel accents. The beautiful panel bed headboard has a layered look, creating depth and visual interest. The whole set includes the bed, two nightstands with soft-closing drawers, a 6 drawer dresser and the mirror to go with it. I absolutely love this design and the gray color of the real wood. It’s one of those sets that can go with any decor or room theme you have.

#11. Italian Walnut

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The ESF Flavia bedroom set collection is a luxurious ensemble of furniture fit for any bedroom. This elegant platform bed comes in a walnut wood color that gives the whole thing a high-end appearance. Complementing the bed is a nightstand with the same pattern on it as the headboard. They both have a very sophisticated lacquer finish and are made with high quality construction in Italy. If you want the other items in the set, such as the dressers and mirror, you can purchase them separately.

#12. Classic Italian

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If you want to sleep in a bed fit for a queen, here’s your chance. This absolutely stunning luxury Italian bedroom set is crafted in wood with an ivory veneer color and beautiful gold accents. The whole room also have a very vintage look to it. I would honestly expect to see this set in the room of a pop or movie star, you know, somebody with money. For the advertised price, you’ll be getting the Queen bed, two nightstands, a double dresser and the mirror.

#13. White & Rose Gold

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Rose gold has got to be one of my favorite colors in terms of jewelry, however, it looks great when combined with this white italian bedroom set. It was designed by Alan Soria and features a white lacquer finish with chrome acrylic handles and feet. All of the wood on the furniture is complete with an ebony lacquer finish and the headboard is made with eco-leather upholstery. Included in the set is the platform bed, a dresser, mirror and two nightstands.

#14. Leather & Crystals

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This “made in Italy” bedroom set is crafted with soft, Nabuk eco-leather and enhanced with hand-sewn Swarovski crystal strips. All ofthe case pieces have been treated with stain repellent teflon technology and finished off with a glitter effect. If you like glitter, crystals and elegance, you’ll definitely love everything in this set. It includes a platform bed, nightstand and dresser, all with a beautiful walnut and veneer finish.

Luxury Bedroom Sets

#15. Luxury & Lights

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Silver finished furniture, to me, is very luxurious. This particular set features the silver finish with mirror accents on all of the case pieces, including the footboard of the bed. The faux leather upholstered headboard is also lighted and so is the mirror! These can be controlled with an on/off button. All of the case pieces are crafted with four corner English dovetail construction equipped with full extension glides. The only thing that comes with the set is the panel bed.

#16. Luxury Comforter Set

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This set is a little different than the ones that we have reviewed so far. Rather than it being pieces of furniture, it’s actually a comforter set. If you don’t want to change everything in your bedroom and are quite content with the dressers, just switch your bedding! This 13-piece bedding set gives your room a designer look. It features a velvet printed frame design and deep, rich colors.

#17. Sleigh Bedroom Set

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If money isn’t an issue, then this beautiful customizable set is a good way to make your room more luxurious. The Cortina Sleigh Bedroom set comes in a honey walnut color, birch solids, cherry wood and Mapa Burl veneers. By far, this is one of the most elegant setups that I’ve seen on this list. It comes with a beautiful sleigh bed, 1 drawer nightstand and a 2 drawer combo dresser. You can also purchase separately a crowned top dresser mirror, 6 drawer chest base, armoire base and bedroom bench.

#18. Velvet Luxury

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Earlier we saw a velvet set very similar to this one, however, this particular one has a touch of luxury to it. That crown headboard has a tufted pattern and gray velvet upholstery. All of the pieces are made with chrome legs and silver nail heads. This particular set only comes with the platform bed, but you may purchase the 2 drawer nightstand, 6 drawer double dresser and 5 drawer chest separately. Believe it or not, as awesome as all of it sounds, it’s quite affordable!

Silver Bedroom Sets

#19. All Silver

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Silver is a neutral color that can be used with any color paint on your walls. When you purchase this set, there’s no reason for you to change your decor as well. It features a beautiful platform bed with tufted silver upholstery, creating a romantic atmosphere around you. The entire bed frame on the outside is tufted and finished off with a veneer. With your purchase, you’ll get a beautiful shiny silver three drawer dresser, a platform bed and a nightstand.

#20. Glam

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If you want something luxurious and glamorous, here it is. This bedroom set is crafted with a beautiful silver finish and mirror panel accents on the head and footboard. These do a wonderful job of emphasizing the shiny appearance of the silver coloring. The panel bed is made from durable wood, giving you the stability needed for years to come.

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#21. Platinum

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What’s better than silver? Platinum! This is a one of a kind bedroom set fit for Hollywood. The elegance in this entire setup is extraordinary and it has all of the detail work to prove it. It features stacked bun feet, mirrored accents and a platinum finish for a classy look. The headboard is an arched style and beautifully accented by button tufting upholstery.

#22. Black & Silver

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This color combination is one of my favorites. For some, black may be too dark and silver might be too bright, so why not combine the two into silver and black. The panel bed set seen here is a great way to bring a little bit of an European design to your room. There is quite a bit of intricate work with the detailing and the veneers. They are all lacquered using six layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Included in the set is a Queen panel bed, nightstand and a dresser.

White Bedroom Sets

#23. Classic White

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Classic is always a good choice when you don’t really know what you want to do with your room makeover. This particular collection features a bed frame, nightstand and chest of drawers. They are all made from solid wood and are finished with a clean white touch. I love how charming this set looks, just being as simple as it is. The bed that you get with it is a panel bed, which can be used with or without a foundation, thanks to the raised panels.

#24. White Leather

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Leather is luxurious and this is a great way to add that luxury to your room. This set is from the Orla collection and features solid wood and a white lacquer finish. This is one of those headboards that you can make yourself if you’re really crafty. All it takes is some leather upholstery and a little bit of time and talent. The set only includes the platform bed, so you’ll have to purchase the dresser, mirror and nightstand separately.

#25. Simple

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This is about as simple as it gets when it comes to bedroom sets. Not to mention, it’s extremely affordable, so if you’re on a budget, check this out. The collection is made from particleboard and laminate. That’s the only downfall to such an affordable set-it’s cheap material. The bed is a platform frame, so there’s no need to use a boxspring with it.

#26. Bermuda Set

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This beautiful ensemble is made with mahogany solids and engineered wood for a long lasting product. The headboard is made with shutter-style panels for a more beachy, Hawaiian look and brushed with a white finish and nickel hardware. The whole thing includes a queen headboard (no frame included), a nightstand and a 4 drawer chest. This is another one of those simple sets that would be a great addition to any home, no matter what color the room may be, whether it’s lime green or Hello Kitty themed, it will work.

#27. Modern White

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Looking for a modern white set that will enhance the beauty of your home? Well, here it is! This beautiful button-tufted headboard stands a whopping five feet tall. It’s finished with a wenge border to match any decor you may have and it blends into the matching frame with wenge border along the floor. The slats are made from solid pine and offer durability and added comfort.

#28. Sophistication

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This unique set is made from solid wood and leather upholstery. It features sophisticate overlapping manufacturing techniques and is elegantly designed to accommodate any style room. The solid hardwood construction adds durability to the set and the frame has flexible wood slats to allow air to circulate beneath the mattress. The headboard is a beautiful hand woven leather pattern with a simple leather frame.

#29. Very Chic

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The style of this bed is rather alluring and inviting if you ask me. It features a very unique curve and arch design that’s ultra chic and elegant. The headboard is made with a bonded leather material and looks to have built in pillows. The whole set is rather unique, especially the nightstand. It has three shelves rather than drawers like most of the ones we have seen. Everything included is made from a natural unfinished wood underneath and a white finish on top.

#30. White & Grey

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A lot of white can be hard on the eyes, especially if your walls are white and you have a lot of natural light shining the room. This customizable set is a nice mixture of white and grey. It’s perfect for those who don’t want just white on white. It’s made from MDF wood and features that high gloss finish. The whole set comes with the upholstered panel bed, a 2 drawer nightstand and a 6 drawer double dresser.

Black Bedroom Sets

#31. Black Upholstery

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The collection that we are looking at here features a beautiful deep button tufted and nail head trim headboard. This is a very contemporary look thanks to that diamond tufting on the bed. It’s finished with a charcoal gray fabric with soft highlights. The bed itself is also compatible with an adjustable mattress. Along with the bed, the set also includes a two tone 2 drawer nightstand, a shelved nightstand and a 6 drawer double dresser.

#32. Classic Black

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This set is very similar to the white one above. It has that classic tray inlay style with a rich black finish. It’s a very sophisticated style and it can blend in with both contemporary and classic decors. The bed included is a Queen made from hardwood solid and engineered woods with raised panels on the headboard and footboard. Included with the set is a nightstand and a four drawer chest.

#33. Recycled

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Here’s a first for this list! This bedroom set is made with recycled wood and packed with 100% recycled cardboard. It’s a very modern style and is designed with minimalism and modernism in mind. The bed is very low to the floor, so a thicker mattress would be best for somebody who may have issues getting in or out of bed with such a low profile. The rest of the set includes a 1 drawer nightstand, the platform bed and a 5 drawer chest, each finished with silver handles.

#34. Woodgrain Finish

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This collection is very stylish and contemporary. I love how it has that checkered pattern to mix things up a little bit. The bed is a beautiful panel bed with the woodgrain and black head and footboard. The 6 drawer dresser has the same pattern on it to match the bed. The dresser features dovetail drawers with silver toned handles. You can also purchase the matching storage chest and media chest separately to complete the look.

#35. No Boxspring Required

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I really appreciate this value-conscious set because you get so much for such a little amount. This contemporary design blends well with any decor and accent colors that you choose to use. The other feature that I really like is the drawer under the bed. It does not require a handle and it gives you adequate space for storing extra linens or pillows. The contents of this set includes a 1 drawer nightstand, bed frame with storage and a 6 drawer double dresser.

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

#36. Traditional Rustic

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This set is both traditional and rustic. I love the light weathered gray color on all of the pieces. Especially that beautiful sleigh bed. All of the pieces have those unique turned bun feet for a very classic look. Included in the price of the furniture is the sleigh bed, 3 drawer nightstand and 6 drawer dresser. Optional add ons include the 5 drawer chest and arched dresser mirror. All put together, this set beautifully complements any style of decor that you have.

#37. Ultra Rustic

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This is definitely one of those sets that I would love to have in my own home. It’s super rustic, is made from a beautiful solid wood and it has that unfinished look to it. This Ciera collection features the platform bed, two drawer nightstand and the six drawer chest. Optional items include the 6 drawer dresser and the rectangular mirror to go with it. This is a set that would go perfectly with any style bedroom.

#38. Antique Oak

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Her is another one of those sets that has that natural oak wood in it. The warm oak complemented by the rustic style gives your room a very consistent look to it. The antique handles do a very nice job of accenting the oak. The nightstands included in the set are sturdy and offer spacious drawers and a generous top surface. The bed frame also has a flat surface, allowing you to place small trinkets or picture frames on it to show off your style. You can complete this look with a beautiful Moroccan area rug.

#39. Rustic Vintage Style

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Vintage furniture is one of my favorite styles because the detailing on it is usually very precise and unique. Take these pieces for example. The coloring in them is a very trendy textured antique white with art deco work in the headboard. The dresser has those beautiful vintage handles and feet. I would love to have this in my bedroom some day-it’s exceptionally beautiful.

#40. Warmth

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His beautiful three piece bedroom set offers a very warm welcome. It features plank style accents along the headboard and a burnished pine finish for that rustic, cozy touch. The metal accents along the warm wood finish creates a very sharp contrast. The whole set includes the bed, a 5 drawer chest and 3 drawer nightstand. Each drawer is constructed with ball bearing metal glides for an easy open and close movement. Overall, this vintage pine finish ensemble creates a warming atmosphere.

#41. Wire Brush & Glaze

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This rustic bedroom set features a headboard with heavy horizontal slats, very similar to a pallet. It does a great job of accentuating the wire-brush and white glaze style of the wood. There is vertical metal strapping on the footboard and a double bolted rail system to ensure solid construction for many years of use.

#42. Rustic Poster Bed

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The poster bed is something that we have yet to see on this list. It features intricate designs and warm rustic detailing. The color of the wood complements the antique colored hardware perfectly and would fit in with any decor that you may have. This set would also look great in a whitewash finish and would make it look even more rustic. Included in the set is the poster bed, nightstand and dresser with mirror.

#43. Natural Tones

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The set that you see here has both a visual appeal and awesome storage space. It is available in different sizes and is finished with wood grain along the headboard. The low profile bed comes complete with two storage drawers hidden in the footboard. The dressers and nightstand have large block handles to match the natural appearance of the distressed wood grain and rustic natural tone finish. With your purchase, you’ll get the bed, 6 drawer dresser and a wall mountable mirror.

Victorian Bedroom Set

#44. Victorian Love

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If you want to feel like a Queen in your own home, incorporate this beautiful victorian bedroom set into your bedroom. It features that very elegant upholstered tufted design on the head and footboard with very intricate detailing. The dressers and nightstand are bowed out to look like a wave pattern and are finished with a metallic covering. The whole set includes the two dressers, nightstand, mirror and the bed.

#45. Hand Carved Designs

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This whole set screams elegance. The solid wood and marble traditional style set features hand carved designs and is made from birchwood, which is hard enough to resist fingernail damage. The headboard and footboard are complete with beautiful leather and linen upholstery with a tufted look. All of the items have very complex detail work, making it much more appealing to the eye.

#46. Black And Gold

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Hey, these colors match my nail polish right now! This very victorian bedroom set features a black and gold glossy finish to it. It’s very similar to a modern European style. It’s made from only the finest lacquered upholstery finish. There are five pieces included in this marvelous ensemble which includes the 2 nightstands, a dresser, mirror, and bed. This is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home.

#47. Victorian Canopy

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I would honestly expect to see something like this on Game Of Thrones. It’s a beautiful canopy bed inspired by the heritage of the City of Valencia. It features skilled craftsmanship and carved accents to give you a very unique ambiance to your bedroom. The bead features marble posts, cherry wood, pecan veneers and Elm blurt. All of the other pieces in the set are just as beautiful as the bed to complete the whole look.


There you have it, folks! These are 47 of the most beautiful, unique, creative and mind blowing bedroom sets out there. Some of them are more affordable than others, but remember, you can mix and match a lot of them to make your own unique style. A lot of them also come with additional items that you can purchase to complete the look. Don’t forget to share this post with all of your friends and family who may be looking to give their bedroom a complete makeover. There’s definitely something for everybody on this list, no matter what style you are into or the budget.