50 Stunning Black Bedroom Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

You might be thinking “a black bedroom? Now that’s depressing.” But the reality is that black is one of the most beautiful and versatile colors found in nature. This color is the best background when you want vibrant colors to pop to the point that they are jumping off the walls and accent pieces of the bedrooms.

So, let’s journey through some different options for black bedrooms.

Black and Gold Bedroom Ideas

1. Gold Bursts

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Gold will definitely pop and sparkle when you combine it with black in your bedroom for a sleek, modern, and luxurious look. The other natural color that is featured in this example is stark white, allowing these three neutral colors to blend seamlessly and be anything but neutral. The feather rug at the end of the bed is just phenomenal in its own right!

2. Leather Rivets

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Black doesn’t have to be boring, depressing, or even unnoticeable when you pair it with luxe gold accessories and detailing in the most unexpected of places. It’s all about the little touches when it comes to decorating a bedroom and, in this example, the metallic gold lamp matches in with the decorative headboard, which picks up the gold detailing in the pillows, which in turn brings the eyes to the gold rivets in the leather-wrapped nightstand.

3. Greenery invites nature in

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Allow nature into the bedroom with the help of lush vegetation in the form of houseplants. These potted plants improve the air quality while looking great. The thick, overstuffed white comfort is at home against the soft black walls but it’s the floral appliques within wooden frames that bring this look from “blah” to “bam!” and gives you a great canvas to work with.

4. Metallic Gold Bed Set

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Like something out of a movie or television show, this bedroom uses gold detailing against stark black walls and a matching soft rug to turn this bedroom into one from medieval times (just with more modern amenities). The metallic and shimmering gold bedspread set also employs the use of pillow shams of various patterns. Pair with gold nightstands and mirrors for a completed look.

5. Repurposed Fireplace

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Do you have an old fireplace within your bedroom that you’ve never used, never once wanted to use, but you don’t know what to do with it? Paint it metallic yellow and hang a matching mirror over the top of it. Then place a lush potted plant in the opening and voila! The fireplace is now part of the décor. Pair with a padded black headboard and black walls (broken up with white striping).

6. Minimalist Bedroom

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take it down several notches and enjoy the look of a minimalist-inspired bedroom. The main focal piece in this one isn’t the black paneled walls, the smooth black bed sheets; it’s actually the sparkling gold chandelier and matching table lamp that draws the eyes.

7. Geometric Prints

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The key to making sure the use of black within the bedroom doesn’t visually decrease the size of the room is to use the right things to break up the swath of color. In this case, the gold bedspread picks up the geometric shapes that outline without any rhyme or reason on the wall with a metallic gold stripe. Also – check out that light fixture! It’s not any particular shape and a bunch at once!

8. Fit for Royalty

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Transform your bedroom into something that would be considered the executive suite in a 5-star hotel with the help of luxurious accent pieces. The slick and sleek black walls are broken up by a lighted, golden-backed shelving unit, the plush and cozy rug that screams “sink your toes in me”, and the matching golden hue comfy chair and footrest = perfection.

9. Soft Oasis

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The first initial reaction when stumbling across this black and gold bedroom was that it must have been designed for the royalty of decades gone by until I noticed the modern amenities. Drawing heavily on inspiration from medieval times, this black paneled bedroom is all about the luxe gold accents and hanging chandelier but the oversized bay window is the true winner for letting in all that natural lighting!

10. Modern Bedroom

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Your bedroom is one of the safest places a person can go, be themselves, unwind from the stressful day of “adulting”, and just breathe in and out. So you want to ensure that the bedroom is a facet of your personality and somewhere that reflects your creative desires. Use thick throw pillows, unique golden wall fixtures, and surprising artwork to offset soft black walls.

11. Crystal Clear Luxury

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Modern bedrooms are all about simplicity and minimal amenities for a greener approach to living. This black bedroom uses a solid black bed frame that rises over the mattress for a futuristic look with clean lines. To break up the solid bedspread set against the walls, the gold side table and draped chenille throw blanket are used to draw the eyes around.

12. Black and Gold for the First Place Win!

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At first glance, this black and gold bedroom looks opulent all on its own but it’s when you break down the details that you can see the work that went into creating this luxury piece of paradise in the home. The padded black headboard with metallic silver outline, the metallic silver and gold chairs resting on a black and white rug, the plush fur thrown on the edge of the black bed set – these are all amazing pieces in their own right but the clear winners are the matching crystal table lamps.

13. Exotic Bedroom

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Like a bedroom fit for a queen (or king), this black bedroom is anything but basic when you take in the metallic exotic lighting. Not only do the matching lamps feature ornate detailing, but the hanging chandelier also has multiple crystals just wanting to throw a rainbow of colors against those black walls. And come on – the scrolled headboard with matching footboard? Can we just move in already?

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Teal and Black Bedroom Ideas

14. Black and Teal opens up a smaller space

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In a smaller bedroom, you don’t want to clutter up valuable floor space with too much furniture or an overzealous decorating scheme – you want to instead visually open up the space and let the details do the talking in your creative sense. This black and teal bedroom uses the square footage that is available to create an oasis of space.

15. Retro Vibes – Black and Teal

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Are you an old soul with a love for the eras gone by? Then you’ll love this bedroom idea which features heavily patterned rugs and curtains (bold like the 80s) and homages to the classic movies of the golden era (check out the Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster). The bedroom as a whole looks amazing and not at all cheesy and that is largely due to the soft colors chosen – they aren’t neon bright, but they are dark either!

Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas

16. Pink Delight

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Another color that pairs extremely well with black and can be matched with various other colors is pink. Use a paler shade of dusty rose for the best results when pairing it with a heavily patterned wall. The little pink bits that are peeking out in this picture and the pink details such as the pink flower pot on top of the black nightstand are what makes this room so inviting to look at.

17. Cozy Pink Fluff

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to break up a monotone color scheme in the bedroom is to use pops of color in the form of a throw blanket. This bedroom has been decorating using white and black for the most part but then we notice a swash of pink across the bed – that is the fuzzy and fluffy pink throw blanket that helps break up the sea of solid colors.

18. Pink Bed Frame

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Don’t want to go overboard with the pink and end up having your bedroom look as if a 10-year-old lives there when in fact, you are an actual adult? Then you want to avoid overusing the pink shades and make it the focal point of the room instead. This bedroom has painted black walls and darker features but when the bed frame itself is a soft shade of pink that is right at home and holds its own.

19. Patterns for Days

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If you are going to paint your walls in the bedroom a stark black – break up the monotony by painting one wall something unexpected – a geometric pattern of pinks and whites and blacks. This helps break up the solidness of the room and visually expand the space available. Pair with a solid color bedspread to avoid dizzying competition between patterns!

20. Focal Pieces

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In this bedroom, the pink details, the black walls, and the starburst mirrors are actually not the focal pieces in this stunning minimalist bedroom – it’s actually the bubble-hanging light fixture that draws the eyes. The best thing about black as the decorating color is that it’s the greatest canvas to allow pieces to shine and not be overpowered by bright colors.

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Black and Blue Bedroom Ideas

21. Black and Blue Bedroom

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The beauty of using black is evidenced here by pairing it with a darker shade of blue for a symmetrical and sleek look. Using lighter colored accents brightens the room without lasting the overall look and feel of the theme while the plush and inviting throw blanket just begs you to lay down for a minute…or two…or 30 and more.

22. Shades of Blue Bedroom

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Using stark black walls as the canvas, this bedroom gets a modern makeover with the use of varying shades of blue highlighted with gold. The wooden bedside table is in a golden shade along with the light fixtures and picture frames. Then you see that the bed starts with dark blue (the headboard) and proceeds down the color wheel, ending with a light blue comforter.

23. Modern Bedroom

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This bedroom gets refreshed in a big way when you see the modern hanging light fixtures, the dark abstract artwork, and the range of blue bedspread items. It’s stark, it’s not garnished but it completely works and makes this bedroom go from drab to absolutely fabulous. You want to focus on centerpieces instead of the room as a whole and work with what you have to freshen the existing décor.

24. Book Lover Paradise

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Showcase your love for books by installing a book lover’s paradise as part of your bedroom décor. This basic bedroom gets a bookie upgrade when one full wall has a bookshelf decal applied to it. The hanging mirror reflects these books, making it seem as if they are all around the room and the unique artwork on the walls makes this bedroom seem as if it belongs in an old-time movie.

25. Potted Plants Express

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There is just something about potted plants that makes a room look cozy and inviting. Depending on the species of plants, they can also make a room smell amazing while gently cleansing the air around them. This blue and black bedroom uses large potted plants to showcase the style which is a refreshing and welcome departure from typical wall art that can clutter walls.

All Black Bedroom Ideas

26. Black paired with Black is Never Wrong

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Go outside the box in terms of your bedroom decorating and showcase your designer skills by pairing black and black. The key to making this transition work is to use both dark and soft shades of black so it’s not a black hole of depressing but instead, it’s a bedroom that is a modern work of art. Use comfortable materials and plush soft blankets to give an inviting appearance.

27. Sateen Bedding Set

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One of the best feelings in the world is crawling into bed at the end of a long and hard day in the office, feeling the silky-smooth sheets cradling your body and providing you with the ultimate comfort experience. These Royal Egyptian Sateen bed sheets will do just that and when paired with overstuffed pillows? Can you say never getting out of bed again and you just live here now?

28. Bachelor Pad done right

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The ultimate bachelor pad is a sleek and modern bedroom with lots of exposed lighting, wall shelving for storage, and precious artwork hung on the walls. While there isn’t a lot of color variation within this room, it’s decorated so seamlessly you don’t even notice anything lacking. This is a prime example of how you decorate black-on-black bedrooms.

29. Romantic Darkness

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Bring a sense of whimsy and romance into the bedroom when you pair a hanging crystal chandelier (imagine the rainbows of color on those dark walls as the natural light hits it just right), a sheer dark lampshade (for the best shadows and contrasts), and a luxurious bedspread featuring hundreds of tiny sequins that capture and reflect the light in the best way possible!

30. Simple but Bright

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When you are lucky enough to have a full-sized window that stretches from the top of the wall to the floor, you don’t want to clutter up the room with a lot of decor. You want to let the scenery outside the window and the natural lighting speak for itself which is why this minimalistic bedroom looks so amazing even though there isn’t a lot in the space.

31. Use the colors of nature

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One of the easiest ways to ensure a properly and stunningly decorated bedroom is to take the colors of nature and bring them inside the home. This dark, black bedroom looks as if the woods are slowly creeping inside to reclaim what was theirs. It works because the lush and padded headboard brings the cozy and the splashes of green, and burgundies brighten the room to the right amount.

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32 Cavernous Wonder

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Step inside to another dimension when you take a look at this bedroom design. The first thing you’ll notice is the hanging chandelier filled with multiple crystal flutes to capture the light and create your own light show. The next thing that comes to mind is the geometric prints on the wall behind the bed, then you notice the sleek silver lamps. To be honest, you could look at this bedroom all day and find new things to love.

33. Vintage Bed Frames always work

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When in doubt, go for styles that have been tested and proved to be the best for generations now. This padded bed frame in a sleigh model gets a major upgrade when it’s covered completely in crushed velvet. It’s vintage, it’s comfortable, and it looks completely at home in this century when paired with lush greenery and natural lighting.

34. Padded Walls, Silver Decals

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The black painted paneling on the walls of this bedroom is anything but boring when you realize that the designer has used deer figurines in a shocking metallic silver to break up the continuation of color. Then you notice that the padded headboard reaches far up the wall in a complementary grey shade, showing how similar colors from the same color family will always work in tandem with your design.

35. Around the World

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For those that are experienced world travelers or those that hope to travel the world someday, this flowing map is the ideal decorative piece. The black walls allow the glow and brightness of the map to stand out while the hanging exposed light bulbs provide well-needed illumination. By keeping the bedspread and bedding set a muted black as well, you don’t have any worry about competition.

36. Exposed Brick

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Transform exposed brick walls (especially those found in older homes) by painting them a deep black. Allow all the cracks, lines, and crevices to stay as they are because this provides character and depth, a visual retelling of the history of the room. The darker colors used in the overall bedroom blend in as there are subtle pops of blues and beiges with the bedding set.

Black and Burgundy Bedroom Ideas

37. Burgundy Bedding

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Burgundy is a rich deep color that has roots in both the black and red color families, so use this knowledge to turn a drab boring bedroom into an oasis. These two colors, when paired together, come together in perfect harmony with the burgundy brightening up the black and the black picking up the hints of darkness in the reds.

38. Burgundy Back shelves

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If you are going to build shelving units into the walls, don’t just make them the same color background as the rest of the walls because then they blend in and don’t pop to the viewers. By painting the background of these shelves a deep burgundy, there are pops of color in the bedroom and it isn’t overpowering at all. You are able to then have another color in your décor to play with and pick up on.

39. Burgundy Backsplash

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Brighten up and break up a wash of pure black on the walls with a backsplash of color that extends from behind the headboard all the way up to the ceiling. This is one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room and it doesn’t require that much DIY work. You simply need a large piece of wallpaper that can be glued (or features self-adhesive) and the height to do it properly (praise for ladders here!).

40. Black, Burgundy, and Wood = Magnificent

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This black-painted bedroom gets a major upgrade when you pair it with natural dark wood that has been treated to a shiny veneer and burgundy curtains (get the blackout kind that prevents sunlight from waking you up before your alarm). Choose the same shade of burgundy for your bed and suddenly? Your basic bedroom is now 100% magnificent.

Photo Credit: Roger Davies

Black and White Master Bedroom Ideas

41. Black and White Explosion

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White has major brightening and illumination powers and that is never more apparent than when it’s paired against stark black. The deep tones of black are magnified and illuminated when you use white detailing as shown here with the geometric block print on the accent wall. It’s about using large swatches of color instead of small details – which can turn into Dalmatian territory.

Photo Credit: Linda Holmes

42. Iconic, Yes it is

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This boring and basic bedroom becomes completely iconic in its own right just as the sign proclaims. The black walls are great for neon signage as no other color will make them pop such as black. The large windows, the natural lighting, and the peaceful and cozy rugs – yeah, this look is definitely one that can be considered iconic for sure.

43. Luxurious Elegance

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Elegant takes on a new meaning when the colors used are stark white and lighter black. These two shades play off each other so well and it never looks garish or tacky. The clean lines of the furniture and the décor ensure that this room is luxurious without being over-the-top and the scrolled mirror resembles something from an old castle in the countryside.

44. Chanel Bedroom

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Pay homage to the one person that made fashion and design the powerhouse that it is today – Coco Chanel – by channeling her basic approach to luxury. This black and white bedroom has ornate features and plush blankets for a fabulous effect. The matching wall hangings and the signet letter pillow are just the final pieces of the puzzle, the same way the right pair of earrings and shoes can make or break an outfit.

45. Black Detailed Walls

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Even if your walls feature scrolls and designs (rather than the smooth walls of today), don’t cover this over but instead, embrace it and play it up with a coat of glossy black paint. The unique mirror with the beveled edges adds a little something-something as well that is just to die for. The sleek black bedroom furniture, the white pattern comforter, and cozy throw pillows make this room the perfect oasis when you are needing a minute alone.

46. Patterned Walls

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For those that are daring in their bedroom décor, this bedroom features patterned walls on every single wall and not just an accent wall. The simple bedframe rises to the ceiling with clean lines and simple pieces so it isn’t an overwhelming look. The key to making this work is to use solid colors elsewhere in the bedroom to prevent a dizzying effect from competing patterns.

47. Sleek and Stunning

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When you are using a black and white color combination, especially in interior design, you want to avoid outlandish patterns that can come across as cartoonish. You want to instead focus on clean lines and simple decals with one or two focal pieces. In this case, the white textured feather wall hanging, and the black caged light fixture are the chosen two.

48. Neon Lighting – Not just for Clubs anymore

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If the term neon lighting is used – the first thing that comes to mind is probably a dusty dive bar in a small town or garnish lighting in a man cave. However, when it is used properly it can look as if it belongs in a fancy townhouse in an expensive area code. This black bedroom uses slashes of neon white lighting to draw the eye to the bedroom and showcase the best features.

49. Animal Love

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Why is it that furry little creatures can make our hearts melt within seconds? If you recreate this in your bedroom, it’s guaranteed to be cozy and inviting. The hanging macramé hammock chair is the icing on the cake but then when you notice the furry bed stool, lampshade, and blanket? I just want to curl up with a furry little friend and snuggle, like nowish.

50. The Galaxy is the Limit

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Reach for the galaxy and the stars when you play up a black accent wall combined with exposed painted brick. The white painted brick blends in seamlessly with the walls and the hanging abstract light fixture draws attention to the wooden ceiling. The low bed, low bedside table, all give space for the large moon wall hanging with complimentary colors.

In Conclusion

See – black doesn’t have to be dreary and depressing or even boring when it is accented properly. Once that happens? It becomes one of the best canvases for making other colors in the bedroom theme pop loud and proud.

Did you enjoy this article? Have you learned some new tricks for the next time you redo your bedroom? We hope you did, and we want to hear from you in the comments below! Also, always feel free to share this article with your family and friends. And check out more bedroom décor tips with this 68 rustic bedroom decor ideas guide!