AmazonBasics Unboxing and Initial Thoughts

Most of us have used or at least heard of Amazon. The Seattle-based electronic commerce and cloud computing company has grown since its foundation back in 1994 to become the largest Internet retailer in the world in terms of revenue and market capitalization.

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What started off as a site for book sales has become one that markets just about anything you can think of ,and, while this has included mattresses for quite some time, they now have their very own product.

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress just hit the market, adding to their private-label Basics brand which sells everything from batteries to paper shredders and cutlery sets and more. While the brand has been selling furniture and bed frames, this is the first mattress being sold directly from Amazon, and we’ve got one right here that just showed up today.


Unboxing/First Impression


Three Layers for Support and Comfort

You have three options when you order in terms of overall mattress thickness, and these include 8-inches, 10-inches, and 12-inches. Regardless of your decision, you can expect the same composition as each is made up of the same three-layer construction:

    1. Plush Memory Foam- Found at the sleep surface, this layer works to provide the contour you need for comfort. It also promotes good posture and keeps pressure points to a minimum.

    2. Soft Foam- Amazon’s Soft Foam was specifically designed with cool sleeping in mind. It also works as a buffer as we begin to transition into the base layer.

    3. Hard Foam- Amazon’s Hard Foam features a convoluted design that helps the mattress breathe. During our full review, we’ll be taking samples from each layer to the lab to see if the densities indicate good durability. Make sure you check in to see if the base is as durable as it’s touted to be!

During our full review, we’ll be taking a closer look at each layer individually to determine important details like durability, firmness, and more.

Refer here for the specs.


Low Cost: Is It Too Good to be True?

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress is priced significantly lower than others that are equal in thickness and similar in material composition. It’s still very early in the existence of this product, to there are a number of details I’m not able to find just doing a Google search.

During the course of my full review, I’ll be contacting Amazon to see if we can get details that will help us indicate how long we can expect this product to last like densities of the three foams. We’ll also be checking to determine whether or not this product has a sleep trial as I’ve not run into indication this is the case.

The product is covered by Amazon’s one-year limited warranty. While many mattress companies offer much longer, keep in mind you can buy the AmazonBasics mattress for a very low price:

   Mattress Thickness    Twin    Full    Queen    King    California King
   8-Inch    $129.99    $169.99    $199.99    $209.99
   10-Inch    $159.99    $189.99    $229.99    $229.99
   12-Inch    $179.99    $219.99    $259.99    $349.99    $329.99

I’m really excited to see what this product brings to the table. First impressions tell me this is a good option to consider if you don’t carry much weight and/or need something that should hold up for a five to seven year span.

This is speculation, and there’s a lot of missing information that needs gathered before we can back up these claims, so stay tuned for our upcoming complete review. In the meantime, learn more about AmazonBasics to get a better idea of everything Amazon has to offer from their own product line.