List of Online Mattress Companies and Major Mattress Manufacturers

If you’re reading this massive list, it’s probably because you’re curious as to which mattress manufacturers are the best, what they sell, or you’re just looking for general information on how to buy a mattress online. This list is going to give you some insight into exactly which manufacturers sell what kind of mattress, where they’re located, and a bunch of general information about the company. For me, this is something that I can see myself referring to the next time I want to buy a mattress, but can’t figure out where. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Online Mattress Companies & Brands

Online Foam Mattress Companies

To begin the article, here’s a list of the foam mattress companies that sell gel foam, polyfoam, memory foam, and other types of foam that may include a mixture of a few.

#1. 4Sleep

4Sleep is a relatively new mattress company, but they have a huge passion for sleep. Their main entrepreneur has 25 years of experience in the mattress industry. Him and his wife pursued a partnership with one of the top US foam manufacturers and created 4Sleep. Their website is extremely easy to look over and since there’s only one mattress available, you won’t have to struggle over which one to choose. They also offer financing if want, but cannot afford to buy the mattress all at once. You can also chat with a friendly representative if you aren’t one who likes to talk on the phone.

As of right now, they only offer one mattress. The mattress they offer, the 4Sleep. This particular bed is 11” and is composed of 4 layers: The first layer is 1.5” of 3.5lb density, temperature responsive gel memory foam, the 2nd layer is 1” of 3.0 lb density foam, the third layer is 1.5” of 3.0 lb density high resilient foam, and the last layer is 7” of premium foam. All of the foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and the mattress itself falls between a low and medium price range, depending on the size you want. Overall, the website is generally easy to navigate and order from.

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#2. Ameena

The Ameena company is one of those unique companies that want to make a positive impact on the world. For every mattress that is purchased from their website, they donate one to a local shelter, which is pretty cool.They call this the Ameena Dream Movement. Their website is relatively easy to navigate around and order from because there’s only one mattress to choose from.

The mattress they offer is the Ameena. It’s a mix of ENERGEX foam, gel memory foam, and a base foam. The top layer is a 2” layer of EMERGEX foam, the next is a 2” layer of gel memory foam for a cooling feature, and the last layer is 6” of breathable support foam. They are all packed inside of a cover that should not be taken off to be washed, rather, spot cleaned. All of the foams are CertiPUR-US Certified for a healthier sleeping environment. This particular bed falls into the low to medium price range, depending on the size you need.

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#3. Amerisleep

Amerisleep is a massive mail order mattress company that proudly manufactures their beds in the United States. They feel it’s necessary to keep their processes clean and healthy by using eco-friendly techniques and plant based materials. Their website is a whopper! I say this because there is just so much to explore. The don’t have one, not two, not three, but five memory foam type mattresses to choose from, plus accessories, bases, and whole packages. If you have any questions, their website offers you a chat option with a live representative.

The Liberty mattress is one that we personally tested and one that is their most popular. This is one of their mattresses that is made for every type of sleeper. The cover is infused with Celliant, which is thermo-reactive. The next layer is 3” of bio-foam, which is an open-cell type material. The next layer is the 2” affinity layer or “transitional” layer, which is mainly for supportiveness and responsiveness. The last layer is the 7” bio-core layer which is the base of the mattress. You can get this mattress in 7 different sizes, falling in a medium to high price range, depending on the size. If this isn’t something you’re interested, feel free to check out some of their other categories!

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#4. Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress company was created over 25 years ago and is run by a group of Team Bear athletes. The company created the mattress so that people like them-athletes-could have a bed that helped them recover from their everyday lives. They make all of their products right here in the USA and even have a showroom in Hoboken, New Jersey so that you can test out your bed before you buy it. If you can’t make it to the showroom, their website is easy to navigate and you not only have the option for a mattress, but also accessories and foundations. If you need help with anything, one of their friendly chat representatives will be happy to assist you.

Their only bed available for purchase is their Bear Mattress. It’s a 10” graphite gel-memory foam bed that features a celliant cover, 1” graphite-gel memory foam layer, 1” quick response foam layer, another layer of 1.5” quick response foam, and a 7” bottom high density support layer. Altogether, it makes up a versatile mattress that can be used on a variety of foundations, including adjustable beds. In terms of price, it falls into the medium category.

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#5. BioPosture

There aren’t many mattress companies out there that are going to say that their mattress is doctor recommended, fortunately, this one does. The BioPosture memory foam mattress was created to support health and wellness and has been doing it for about 8 years now. They actually have a professional advisory board that inspired the orthopedic support of the BioPosture. It’s built on order in their 200,000 square foot New England facility and compressed in an environmentally manner and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the chat feature on their website.

Their BioPosture mattress company is very tight lipped about the specific layers in their mattress, but we can give you some details on the cover of it. The cover is made of Celliant, which is made from 12 optically-responsive minerals that help recycle body heat as infrared energy. It promotes better blood circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen to body tissue. This cover is removable and washable for your convenience. Their mattress in its entirety is also CertiPUR-US Certified and falls into the medium-high price range, depending on the size. Financing is also available for those who may not be able to afford the whole price at once.

#6. Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home is a highly recognizable company with a variety of name brand mattresses and other highly sought after bed brands. Located in California, they bring you essential handcrafted bedding items with healthy materials. Brentwood Home has spent 30 years sourcing and researching materials themselves to bring you products that you can purchase through their website without the hassle of pushy sales people.

Since they are such a large manufacturer of mattresses, here is 1 from each popular category that ranks highly.

Check out our review of the Brentwood Home Crypess Gel Memory Foam mattress here.

A. Sierra Mattress-Memory Foam

The Sierra Mattress is a medium firm mattress that’s ideal for all types of sleepers. It’s compiled of a New Zealand Wool cover, 1” QuiltFlex foam, 3” gel memory foam, 2” Airlux foam, and 5” therapeutic base foam. The foams that are inside of this bed are CertiPUR-US certified and will help keep you cool as you sleep. It works on most foundations and here’s the best part-it falls in the low-medium price range! Check out this video to learn more.

B. Solano Mattress-Latex

The Solano Mattress is from the Brentwood Home latex collection. This is a very firm mattress and it’s compiled of 4 layers. Layer 1 is a New Zealand wool cover, layer 2 is 2” of natural latex from the rubber tree, layer 3 is 2” of Airlux foam, and the last layer is 6” of therapeutic base foam. This one also works on most bases and falls in the medium-high price range, depending on size.

C. Oceano Mattress-Innerspring/Memory foam Hybrid

The Oceano Mattress is a mix between a memory foam and an innerspring mattress. It has a medium-plush feel, which means it’s ideal for those who sleep on their sides, but may end up on their stomach or back while remaining supported. The top of the mattress is New Zealand Wool, followed by 2” of gel memory foam, then 2.5” of individually wrapped micro-coils, ending with 8” of individually wrapped base coils. This bed falls into the high price range, but it does have that luxurious eurotop to it.

#7. Casper

The team over at Casper has spent countless hours and performed hundreds of configurations to get the perfect mattress construction right here in the USA. They’ve actually spent 3,240 hours testing over 100 formulations of foams and developed 108 prototypes. If you head on over to their website, you can see that they do have a few different products to choose from, but only one type of mattress. If you just can’t see yourself buying a memory foam mattress online, it’s okay! They have four showrooms and if you are in one of these locations, you can test the mattress out for yourself. These locations include NYC, LA, West Elm, and London.

The mattress they offer is the Casper. It’s a 4-layer foam construction bed made that goes as follows: an open-cell layer for breathability, layer of responsive memory foam, layer of adaptive transition foam, and a layer of durable polyurethane support foam. All of the foams in this bed are CertiPUR-US certified and they have all of the certifications that make it non-toxic. The Casper falls into the medium-high price range, depending on size.

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#8. Cocoon™ By Sealy

Located in North Carolina, their flagship testing center does all of the proprietary and patent tests to make sure all of the Cocoon™ by Sealy mattresses are built strong and will last long. In their facility, they put their mattresses through a Mattress Durability Impact Test, which uses 225 pounds of force to test how the Cocoon™ by Sealy holds up against wear and tear. Each bed is put through over 100,000 cycles of this simulation, acting as 10 years of use.

The Cocoon™ by Sealy comes in two different types, the classic mattress and the chill mattress. The classic is your average memory foam mattress and the chill is made with special cooling foam to help you sleep cooler at night. Both mattresses have 3 layers and the cover. The cover on the chill mattress is the only thing that’s different because it’s made with special cooling technology. Other than that, the rest of the layers are the same. They both have a layer of perfect fit memory foam, a layer of personalized comfort foam, and a layer of essential support foam. The chill mattress is going to cost a few hundred dollars more than the classic, putting it in the medium-high price range and the classic runs in the low to medium price range.

#9. Crave

The founder of Crave, had 15 years of experience working in her family’s mattress manufacturing company. During her journey, she decided that she was going to create a mattress that she could sell directly to you at an affordable price. She launched the Crave Mattress and spent months researching ideas on how to make the mattress perfect. Her company works out of the USA,specifically High Point, North Carolina, and is completely eco-friendly. All of the components of the mattresses are sourced within a 200 mile radius for carbon footprint reduction.

Here are two of the models available:

Ultra Plush Hybrid Innerspring Mattress-Innerspring Hybrid

This particular mattress is a hybrid, which is a mix between an innerspring and memory foam. IT begins with a soft cover made from a heavy poly nylon blend that’s breathable and will keep you cool. This cover encases 1.2” of egg crate latex, 1.5” of memory foam, 8” of individually wrapped coils, and ends with a 1” poly foam layer. The Ultra plush hybrid innerspring mattress will fall into the medium to high price range. You can also get this in a firm option as well if plush isn’t to your liking.

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Luxury Firm Three-Stage Foam Mattress-Memory Foam

The Luxury Firm Three-Stage foam mattress is hypoallergenic, along with all of their other mattress, and features 3 layers. The first of these, encased in a soft heavy poly nylon blend cover, is a 1.5” egg crate latex top layer, followed by a 1.5” memory foam layer, finished off with a 6.5” base layer of high density foam for support. In total, it’s a 10” bed that falls in the low to medium price range.

#10. Danican

Danican is a Danish-based producer that distributes their products to more than 30 countries. In 2012, Danican started to distribute in North America from their Atascadero, California headquarters. Although they just started doing this in 2012, they have actually been in the business since 2000. One pretty neat thing that the company is known for doing is sending sets of mattress and pillow protectors to qualified shelters through their Danican Cares Program. Now, let’s check out their staple product, the Danican Cool Pointe Mattress.

The Danican Cool Pointe Mattress is one of those cooling memory foam mattresses that have the outlast material built into the cover. The whole mattress is composed of 2 layers and the cover. The cover is 1” of memory foam built into it, the next layer is 1.5” of cooling gel memory foam, and the last layer is the 4.5” support layer. All of them combined make for a medium-high priced mattress that’s completely CertiPUR-US Certified.

#11. Dozebeds

Dozebeds began 4 years ago when the co-founder was just a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. He spent countless hours sifting through hundreds of mattresses and dealing with pushy sales people who kept telling him that their ridiculous super fly mattresses were the hottest things that have ever happened. This was when he realized that mattress shopping shouldn’t be that hard and three years later, he and his co-founder joined Venture for America, a fellowship program for college grads looking to build businesses, create jobs, and help the community. Then, Dozebeds happened.

The Dozebed is composed of 3” of premium gel memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable and 7” of moderate density support foam to give you enough support and bounce for any bedroom activity that you can think of. It offers the perfect balance for stomach, back, and side sleepers, and measures a 6 on the firmness scale and falls in the medium-high price range. You can also use it on any hard, flat surface that you could possible imagine!

#12. Dreamfoam

Dreamfoam bedding is one of those companies that will create memory foam mattresses custom for you. They create all kinds of mattresses for all kinds of different people. Rather than offering one type of mattress for their customers, they offer 3 different varieties and even RV mattresses.

A. Ultimate Dreams Eurotop-Latex

This 12” EuroTop latex mattress is composed of quite a few layers. The first one is a 3” talalay latex comfort layer. The next is 1.5” of reflex foam, and the last is 8” of 2lb high density base foam that allows for increased airflow. This particular mattress is ideal for orthopedic support and it has a very luxurious feel to it. This one is in the medium-high price range.

B. Ultimate Dreams Supreme 12” Gel-Memory Foam

This is one of the medium mattresses that’s offered. It’s great for back, side, and stomach sleeping. This 12” thick mattress is constructed of 1.5” of 4lb gel foam, 2.5” of 4lb foam, and 8” of base foam for support. All of the components of this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and you’ll sleep 33% cooler. This mattress comes in at the medium price range.

C. Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel

This is one of the more firm mattresses that they offer, it’s also one of the coldest. The energex inside of the mattress has all of the benefits of visco elastic except it doesn’t have the slow recovery. It’s also got superior construction and is CertiPUR-US Certified. This mattress falls in the low-medium price range.

#13. Drommabed

The creators of the Drommabed only had one thing in mind when trying to create their bed and that was putting everything all mattress companies were offering into one. From comfort, to support, to materials, breathability, and so much more. They have spent so much time researching all the key attributes that customers look for when buying a bed. In 2015, they put their accomplishments out in the open and the Drommabed was born.

The Dromma is composed of three layers. The first layer is 1.5” of natural latex foam, which helps with bounce and circulation. The next layer is 2.5” of Preserve VG Visco Elastic gel foam that helps with neck, back, and hip pain. The last layer is 8” of a foam core for support. This bed comes in medium soft or medium firm and falls in the medium-high price range.

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#14. Eight

The talented individuals who work for Eight make it their mission for people’s sleep to count for more. They use detailed design, innovative technology, and proven data and science to improve the way people sleep. They turn sleep into a luxury experience and they do this only by using high quality materials in their mattress.

The Eight mattress has four different layers. The first layer is 2” of reactive foam to help you stay cool. The second layer lis contouring memory foam to help with pressure relief. The third layer is 2” of supportive transition foam for additional comfort and weight distribution. Lastly, the fourth layer is 4” of high density support foam. Smushed all together it makes for a super comfortable medium-high priced mattress.

#15. eLuxurySupply

The company eLuxurySupply is one of those wonderful Veteran owned and operated companies out of Evansville, Indiana. They are considered to be one of the most trusted linen providers on the internet. THey also support and assist different causes and charities, constantly asking themselves how they can give and donate for a maximum impact.

Their most popular mattress, and one that we personally tested, is the 8 inch eLuxurySupply gel memory foam mattress. It has two main layers which include a 2” gel swirl memory foam for comfort and contouring and a 6” high density support foam for pressure point relief and spinal alignment. They’re all put together and held inside with a 100% tencel cover. All foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified and it falls in the low price range.

#16. Endy

Endy is names after Endymion of ancient Greek lore. This Greek lore was in love Selene, the moon goddess. She was in love with him so much that she cast a spell to grant him eternal sleep to preserve his youthful beauty forever. The creators at Endy had only one thing in mind; taking the pain out of mattress shopping. They are partnered with a company called Nothing But Nets, which is dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria in Africa. With every mattress delivered, a bednet is donated to help the cause.

The Endy mattress has three layers to it. Layer one is 2” of gel infused visco elastic. This layer helps to disperse body heat. The next layer is 3” of transition 1.8 lb soft high density support foam. The last layer is a 1.8 lb 5” firm high density base support foam to keep you propped up. This mattress runs around the medium-high price range.

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#17. Eve Mattress

The eve team spent 12 years between all of them developing mattresses and selling them. They created 70,000 prototypes and finally came to the perfect design. They got rid of springs & crummy memory foam and don’t give it the same labels as other companies do with theirs. Today, their team has 61 specialists that bring life into a seemingly boring industry.

The eve is another mattress that was personally tested by us. The cover is a breathable fabric that regulates body temperature. The next layer is 1.5 inches of a bouncy memory foam material for comfort and support. The second layer is 1.5 inches of a breathable cooling layer with open-pore technology. This layer is 30% more breathable than other traditional memory foams. The last layer is 6.5 inches of an ultra resilient reflex base foam for support. This mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified and falls in the medium price range.

#18. Fleep

The creators of the Fleep are best friends. One has an MBA and 7 year of experience with family experience in the mattress industry and the other has a 15 year career in the communication business. In 2014, they partnered up to create the Fleep. They realized that not only did they need top quality materials, but they also needed a lot of innovation, which they had. When they came together and brought all of their ideas to the table, they created this 100% Canadian mattress.

The Fleep is a dual sided mattress that’s firm on one side and soft on the other. On the firm ‘n perfect side, you’ll find 2 inches of perforated response foam, 2 inches of dense therapeutic foam doe firm comfort, and 4 inches of dense therapeutic foam adjusted to provide soft comfort. On the Soft ‘n perfect side you’ll find 2 inches of perforated gel infused memory foam. The mattress is kept safely tucked inside of a thermocool fiber spandex washable cover to keep you cooler on hot nights. This mattress falls in the medium-high price range.

#19. Ghost Bed

Ghost Bed was created to take the stress out of mattress shopping and spending a whopping 10 seconds on a mattress with a pushy sales person telling you how good it is. You may recognize the Werner name (Owner of Ghost Bed) because they own the Werner Ladder Company. They have 100 years and 5 generations of innovation and invention, so it’s no surprise that the CEO of Ghost Bed would create an innovative mattress.

The Ghost Bed is 11” in total. The top layer is 1.5 inches is 3.5 pound density aerated latex foam. It’s naturally responsive and doesn’t retain body heat. The next layer is 2 inches of 4 pound density gel memory foam with large cells for cooler sleeping. The last layer is 7.5 inches of two pound density base layer for support and durability. All together, it’s summed up to a medium-high priced mattress.

#20. Helix

The Helix team has spent years researching body types. Sleeping styles, personal preferences, and they coordinated with a team of PhD researchers to build their personalization technology. These experts have experience in biomechanics, mechanical engineering, and sleep ergonomics. Their mattress is made right here in the USA, from shipping, packing, and assembly. On their website, you’ll find a sleep quiz that will help personalize your mattress to best suite your needs.

The Helix is made with quite a few different foams. The dynamic foam is not a memory foam and not a latex foam, it’s right in the middle. It’s very contouring, reactive, and cooling. Inside f this hybrid mattress you’ll also find hundreds of mini coils that allow your weight to be distributed equally for optimal pressure relief with a light bounce. The other foam inside is a polyfoam. This is all about the density which allows strength and durability for the base layers. This mattress falls in the high price range.

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#21. Hibr

Those at Hibr are all about heat technology management because it’s one of the hardest things to do in the mattress industry. Companies claim to be able to do it, but it’s false. So Hibr dedicates all of their resources into making it happen. Another great part of their company is that they work strictly out of America, meaning they also employ American workers as well to help promote the country’s growth and development. They can be found in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Hibr mattress has three layers. The first layer is a graphite-infused memory foam that conforms to your body shape and weight. It also helps keep your body at the right temperature while you sleep. The second layer is a higher-density foam that provides a deep layer of support and pressure relief. The bottom layer is a supportive foundation that can be used on all surfaces and to prevent motion transfer. The Hibr falls in the medium-high price range.

#22. Hyphen

There are very few mattress companies out there that own their own factories, meaning they can’t make the mattresses themselves. They then don’t know whether or not the mattress is right. The creators of the Hyphen actually invited people to test the mattress to isolate what they liked and didn’t like. They would then start from scratch, play mad scientist, and perform thousands of tests. In the end, they end up with a mattress sold online that has passed a 30-point inspection and you didn’t even have to listen to a sales person go on and on about it.

The Hyphen is another mattress that was tested by us. It’s anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and CertiPUR-US certified. There are also 3 layers to make up this mattress. The first layer is 2” of proprietary hyphen foam for temperature control and universal comfort. The second layer is 2” of polyurethane transition foam for bounce and weight distribution. The third layer is 6” of durable polyurethane support foam to ensure the longevity of the mattress. With everything this mattress has to offer, it’s going to fall in the medium-high price range.

#23. IKEA

IKEA is a huge manufacturer of all kinds of furniture, including mattresses. You’ve probably heard somebody say that they’ve gotten lost in an IKEA store before. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with their online version of shopping. Before we get into exactly what they offer, let me give you a little bit of background about them. IKEA combines the name of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad (IK) and the initials of farm and village where he grew up, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd (EA). Every concept they create is is based on an idea for making the home a better place to live.

IKEA currently offers a variety of different mattresses. Let’s check out three of their most popular ones.

A. Myrbacka-Memory Foam

The Myrbacka is a memory foam mattress that features a lambs wool filling that helps keep your body at a consistent temperature all night long. The high resilience foam inside of the mattress gives your body the proper support it needs. The memory foam also helps to mold to the contours of your body to relieve pressure to help you relax. The Myrbacka is easy to machine wash and comes with a 25-year limited warranty. This mattress falls in the medium price range.

B. Morgedal- Foam

The Morgedal foam mattress is made of high resilience foam that gives your body support in each area by closely following your movements. There are comfort zones inside that give you precoce support and relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. There’s also a generous layer of filling that adds comfort . The cover can be removed and washed in the machine, but not tumble dried. You will get a 25-year limited warranty with the mattress and it falls in the low price range.

C. Hjellestad-Innerspring

The Hjellestad is an innerspring hybrid that incorporates springs, memory foam, and pillow top features. The memory foam molds to your body and the double layers of pocketed springs give you the support your body needs. This helps to improve your blood circulation to your muscles and skin which helps your body relax better. There’s also another layer of mini pocket coils that enhance comfort. With this mattress you get a 25-year warranty and it falls in the medium price

#24. iKrema

The iKrema company was founded in 2011 based on the fact that the CEO was not getting a relaxed sleep on traditional spring mattresses or old mattresses. He was also waking up and his arms were falling asleep. He then began to do some research with a friend of his who works in the mattress industry in an attempt to come up with their own brand of mattress. Over the course of a year their designs turned into an ice cream bar looking memory foam mattress that worked perfectly for the CEO. He then decided it was time to share his innovation with the world.

The iKrema is composed of 6 different materials and layers. The first layer is the top fabric which is breathable and allergy free. The next layer is a memory tex foam. This foam has an active air circulation for a comforting relief. The next layer is another tex foam layer for weight distribution and firm support. Next is the HD foam to give the weaker areas of your body extra support. Then we have the fire retardant sock to prevent the mattress from catching fire. The last layer is actually a side board fabric that allows air to pass throughout the mattress freely. This bed is CertiPUR-US Certified and falls in the medium-high price range.

#25. IntelliBED

The IntelliBED company was founded in 2000 and its products are proudly made in Salt Lake City, USA. They company is huge on promoting the three keys to healthy sleep which is good posture support, pressure point relief, and a healthy & safe sleep environment. They also have a network of healthcare professionals who educate people on how important a proper sleep surface is and how it plays a role in achieving a deep sleep.

The IntelliBED Gel Elite is a 10” mattress that incorporates both innersprings and intelli-gel for cushioning topped off with an organic cotton top panel. The top layer of this bed also has a natural silica fire blocker. The next layer is the intelli-gel layer which helps you sleep cool, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and seeks out and relieves pressure points. The next layer is the soy foam. This offers superior durability and does not leave body impressions. Lastly, the support layer. This layer includes pocketed coils made from only the highest quality steel for the best alignment support. With this mattress, you’ll receive a 20-year warranty, 60 day in home trial, and it runs in the high to very high price range. They also have a selection of 2 types of therapeutic mattresses that run in the extra high price range.

#26. Keetsa

The Keetsa company was created as a challenge to the old traditional ways of buying a mattress. They created new types of products and a new way of serving their customers. They were one of the very first companies to start compressing mattresses to reduce carbon footprints and using plant oils to create foams with low VOC’s. They use only eco-friendly materials and ingredients without sacrificing comfort or quality. They are partnered with many local green businesses in California to help preserve the environment as well.

The Keetsa Plus is the most popular mattress in their line of products. It is a mix between memory foam and innerspring with comfort that you’ll love. The cover is unbleached, 100% organic cotton that’s channel quilted with fiber fill for breathability. The next layer is the comfort top which is made with high quality memory foam to conform to the shape of your body. This memory foam is made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials called BioFoam. A portion of the synthetic material is substituted with plant oil to reduce the emissions of VOC’s. The core of the mattress are iCoils which are independent coils that support each and every part of your body. There’s also less motion transfer between partners. This mattress comes with a 12-year warranty and runs in the medium-high price range.

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#27. Layla Mattress

The creators of the Layla mattress had the idea in their heads that they wanted to give consumers a mattress that would actually help with their pain. They teamed up with world leading scientists in the industry and came up with the idea of infusing copper with their mattress. Why copper? Because it’s been used since the time of the time of the Ancient Egyptians for all kinds of medicinal purposes which included reducing inflammation, joint pain relief, and improving blood circulation. Not only that, but they also made a flippable mattress, one of the only ones available.

The Layla is a very unique bed, not only because it’s infused with copper, but also because it has flippable firmnesses. If you don’t like how soft it is on one side, flip it over for a more firm feel. This bed is made with just three layers, making it that much better. The first layer on the soft side is the 3” copper infused memory foam. This is infused with copper for better blood circulation and temperature regulation. The middle layer is 6” of convoluted base foam that provides airflow and long lasting support. Under that, which turns into the top layer of the mattress once flipped, is the 1” copper infused memory foam for the firm side. Layla comes with a lifetime warranty and runs in the medium-high price range.

#28. Leesa

The creators of the Leesa were just like us at one point in time, they had trouble sleeping. They were buying beds from all over the place with different fillings, but nothing worked. It was then that they had asked a friend of theirs in the mattress industry what they would change about mattresses to reinvent the sleep experience. The response was that they would take out all of the “stuff” they have been adding for years to justify the high prices. That’s when the Leesa was born and they started offering a mattresses that they called the Universal Adaptive Feel.

The Leesa is composed of four main layers. The top is actually the cover which has seamless edges and is soft to the touch. The next layer is the 2” cooling Avena foam which allows for a cooler night’s sleep. This foam also allows freedom of movement and enough bounce to do so. The next layer is 2” of contouring memory foam. This offers pressure relief and body contouring for maximum comfort. Lastly, the bottom layer is 6” of dense core support foam. This adds to the strength, structure, and durability to support sleepers of all sizes. The Leesa comes with a 100 night trial, 10-year limited warranty, and runs in the medium-high price range.

#29. Linenspa

LinenSpa is a growing mattress supplier that sells their products specifically online. They claim that all of the foams in their beds are CertiPUR-US Certified and they give 25-year warranties for them as well. LinenSpa is actually a trademark that’s owned and registered by Malouf Marketing, Inc. based out of Logan, Utah.

A. Lucid 12”- Memory Foam

The Lucid 12” is one of their most popular mattresses. It’s got a “just right” feel to it and it’s composed of 3 layers, including the cover. The cover is made from a Tencel material, which is made for extra breathability. The next layer is 3” of ventilated gel memory foam for more breathability and temperature regulation while sleeping. The last layer is 9” of supportive high density base foam. This keeps the mattress and your body weight well supported. This mattress has a 25-year warranty and it falls in the low-medium price range.

B. Lucid 10”-Latex

This 10” latex mattress has a medium feel to it, which is ideal for all types of sleepers. It is more responsive than memory foam and more springier. The cover is made from a soft Tencel material for comfort and breathability. The next layer is 3” of ventilated latex foam for temperature regulation and a cooler night’s sleep. The last layer is 7” of supportive high density base foam for durability. This also ensures proper back support for a refreshing sleep. This mattress has a 25-year warranty and falls in the low-medium price range.

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#30. Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf is a company based out of Westport, CT. and Austin, TX. They are one of the largest online-only luxury mattress brands in the United States and have 135 fulfillment centers throughout the country. All of their partners have a minimum of 25 years experience in building mattresses, ensuring they know what they are doing and that they are they best of the best. This company is committed to researching and implementing sleep technologies for relieving pressure points, energizing active bodies of all ages, and improving circulation.

The Loom & Leaf is compiled of quite a few different layers all stuck together with an organic cotton quilt package. The first layer inside of this package is a 2” enhanced conforming and cooling memory foam. It’s specially designed for superior spinal support and a cooling sensation throughout the body. The next layer is 2.5” of 5lb visco elastic memory foam. This is the heart of the mattress and it’s the layer that gives your body the contouring support it needs. Next is 2” of transition loft padding. This transfer layer provides transfer to transfer, which allows the layers below and on top to work off of one another. The last layer is the support base. This is 5/5” of high density foam that supports all of the other foams above it. This mattress has a 15-year warranty, 120 day sleep trial, and it falls in the high price range.