What is the Best Thickness for a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are a popular way to adjust the overall feel of your bed without having to spend a lot of money on a whole new mattress. They are excellent choices that can save your pocketbook when a mattress doesn’t quite fit your expectations but you can’t afford to replace it- whether it be new or old. Plus it can help with changing comfort preferences due to weight gain or loss, pregnancies, or even injury.

A thick memory foam mattress topper is a common option due to how well they conform to the body and come in a variety of firmness levels. But to avoid getting burned and buying a product that feels great for a few weeks but compresses and loses support in time, you need to ask yourself what the best memory foam mattress topper thickness is best for your needs.

We attempt to break this question down below to provide you a quick answer prior to making a final decision.

What is Memory Foam and Why Do I Want It?

I’ll admit, I was never a memory foam fan until I began to review quality foam products and realized just how amazingly supportive they can be if you find a good match for your body type. Memory foam comes in varying degrees of firmness, with some feeling soft and highly giving, while others are denser in feel and provide soft contouring of your body, yet holds it in firm support.

Your choice of foam type is very dependent upon your own body type, preferences, and sleep position. You want to keep your spine as aligned as possible while you sleep, with back and stomach sleepers needing a slightly more firm surface to keep the shoulders, hips, and legs straight. Side sleepers may need a bit more give to allow the curves of their body to contour into the foam top to allow the spine to lay straight.

Obviously, heavier body types will sink more, no matter what, and requires firmer support, while light bodies do not need as much.

Memory foam provides these options, and if you have been waking with aches and pains, are not getting the sleep you deserve or are otherwise feeling like your mattress may be the culprit, you may want to add a topper to determine if your quality of rest improves. Many people find they can extend the life of their mattress a few years with a quality topper, or even adjust a new mattress that just isn’t working out as they expected.

Best Thickness for a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The thickness of your topper choice should be considered based on what you need it for. Most toppers ranged between 2 and 6 inches in thickness. Heavier body types and those looking to revitalize an old mattress may want to consider a thicker choice. Lighter bodies and those who simply want to adjust their comfort level may prefer a thinner option.

2” Thickness Range

If all you want to do is change the firmness or softness of your mattress, a thinner 2-inch choice may be all you need to make that slight difference for your rest. Many people like to add a topper to provide added height to their bed which may sit slightly lower than preferred. A thinner choice might be all that is needed in this case as well.

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3”- 4” Thickness Range

3 inch to 4-inch toppers is amongst the most popular for pain management and injury recovery as they provide a lot of support and cradling of the body when a softer version is chosen. If firm, they are most likely the best choice for correcting the overall feel of a mattress that is at the end of its life, or just not as comfortable as you want. These also are the best option for anyone who wants the benefits of a memory foam mattress but doesn’t want to buy one.

5”-6” Thickness Range

Purchased for the same reasons as a 3 inch or 4-inch thickness, these thicker choices aren’t as readily available- but are great choices for heavy bodies. These provide the extra support needed to allow for mattress surface comfort without the fear of bottoming out.


If you have been struggling with a good night’s rest, are waking with aches and pains, or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of purchasing a new mattress, a topper might be the best option for you. Not only do they extend the life of your mattress, but they can also provide the support your body needs to get the rest you deserve.

Choose one based on your specific needs, body type, and personal sleep preferences to ensure you get what is needed. I also suggest looking for quality brands that will last.