Organic Linen Sheet Reviews: Rare Finds For Unparalleled Comfort

Updated August 1, 2019

Linen is a name synonymous with quality and luxury and is often found in high-end boutiques made into everything from clothing, furniture upholstery, and bedding. It is a natural fiber that has been in use for thousands of years, representing purity and wealth. Today you can buy bolts of it to make what you wish, or find it in all your favorite cloth surfaces.

True organic linen is actually quite difficult to come by. Organic labeling is quite the process, and linen, which is derived from the flax plant, does require many steps before becoming the supple fibers used in a material weave. Some of the absolute best organic linen sheets are reviewed below to provide you a standard of serious quality.

What is Organic and Why Do I Want It?

Organic is one of those terms that, unfortunately, is loosely used to describe products made from natural sources. You will often hear produce, cloth, and even animal by-products described as “organic”- but is it really? The term itself is not subjected to any standard measurements when used in certain contexts- which means you probably have no idea if what you are buying is truly an organic product.

In order to be a certified organic product, and thus labeled and sold in stores as such, a rigorous inspection must be completed, and specific qualifications met. In this context, organic refers to the entire process of the origin of the product, such as how and where the flax is grown, how it is harvested, and how it is processed and stored.

There are two certification processes for textiles, the United States Department of Agriculture (USADA) and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) processes. USDA labels are specific to products grown, processed and sold only within the United States, but the GOTS label is accepted worldwide as well as by USDA standards.

USDA Certification Process

USDA organic certification is a fairly involved process that requires a detailed application process that can only be completed AFTER meeting the standards and inspection of the National Organic Program (NOP) surrounding the use of any synthetic materials used in the process. This application includes a one time fee and is basically an agreement of accepted synthetic uses.

After the application is accepted an inspection is scheduled to determine if the application is valid. This inspection includes an exit interview to help bring the product to standard if needed, address concerns, or answer questions. Once this is complete certification is issued if all concerns have been addressed and the facilities and product pass.

GOTS Certification Process

This process is very similar to the USDA process but does have a slightly different definition of organic. Organic materials must be at a minimum 95% organic which allows for errors in exposure to those things that are hard to control- such as storage and scissors that may have first cut none organic material before cutting organic material. Basically, it is minimal in its effect and reflects fairly reasonable non-organic contact with organic materials.

It also requires a yearly recertification fee, but no follow up inspections as long as nothing has been changed in the process.

Why Choose Organic?

The organic growing process involves the lack of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides and is more environmentally friendly overall. The fibers yielded from the process are sought after by many who suffer from allergies and sensitivities due to the lack of harsh chemical treatments. Many are also looking for a long lasting quality product since chemically treated materials may not wash or wear as well over time due to the weakening of the fibers during certain manufacturing wash and dye processes.

What is Linen?

Linen is a textile made from the flax plant and has been grown for tens of thousands of years to be made into fabrics. Because of its low elasticity, it is difficult to work and weave with- making it a high-cost material that was reserved for the wealthy in more ancient cultures. The best fibers for weaving are also gotten when the plants are harvested by hand, which even today is a delicate, tedious process with machinery. Linen is still traditionally a higher cost material due to the delicate process of harvest and material processing. It yields a cooling, smooth material that gets softer with use.

Why Choose Linen Sheets?

Linen sheets actually have many advantages over other natural materials. It is naturally bacteria resistant, moisture absorbing, and has excellent evaporating capabilities- making it feel cooling and comforting as you sleep upon it. They also are hypoallergenic- making them perfect for skin sensitivities and those suffering from allergies as dust mites and other allergens do not survive well in the breathable environment.

Because they become softer with use and washing, they only become more and more comfortable to sleep upon. They also are much more durable than cotton, making them an excellent investment. Plus, with the ability to absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, they are the perfect solution for hot sleepers.

Top 4 Organic Linen Sheet Picks Reviews

Certified organic linens are a rare pick indeed. With linen already being such an environmentally friendly option, and fairly pricey to manufacture, the organic labeling and certification process is not as often sought after. However, those products that do exist with proper certification are amongst the best quality and luxury sheets you can find. Below we’ve briefly reviewed some of the best out there.

Linoto Organic Linen Sheet Set


  • Certification: GOTS (pending)
  • Pocket Depth: 9”-18”
  • Color Options: Natural, Off-white
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back

Linoto Organic Linen products provide one of the most luxurious experiences not just in reference to the comfort and quality of their product, but in the purchasing details as well. They truly allow you to make a more customized decision concerning what they offer, and provide a huge range of sheet sizes to fit any size bed, splits included, as well as variances in pocket depth. Separate pillowcase sizes are also available to fit your needs rather than settle for a one size fits all sheet set.

These materials are sourced from mills in Italy and Belgium, made in the US, and sold as an artisanal option in neutral beige and off white colors. Made from long-staple fibers, these sheets are made with woolly organic processes, the steps of which can be viewed on their website

Who Should Purchase This Product
If you are in need of a specialized sheet size, and the details of product production is important to you, these sheets are an excellent choice that will last for many years to provide unparalleled comfort.


  • Certification: GOTS
  • Pocket Depth: 15”
  • Color Options: Neutral options and striped chambray
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back or exchange

Coyuchi Organic Linens are made from French flax and processed through organic methods and water saving, traditional steps. The long-staple fibers are woven carefully into a chambray weave that incorporates white threads in the weft, and environmentally friendly, low-impact dyes in the warp to provide a neutral, soft look. Available in basic twin through Cal. King sheets sizes, a 15” pocket fits most standard mattresses for cooling, luxury comfort.

These are considered a durable sheet that can survive wash after wash, and only become softer and more comfortable with use. The subtle dye process allows you to match your decor without having to settle for more natural, traditional colors, and without sacrificing the organic certification.

Who Should Purchase This Product
If you have been looking for an organic linen sheet set that can match your decor and still provide the luxury of the material, this is an option well worth considering.

Holy Lamb Organics Linen Chambray Sheets


  • Certification: GOTS
  • Pocket Depth: 15”
  • Color Options: Deep neutral options and striped chambray
  • Guarantee: 30 days unused

Holy Lamb Organics is a subsidiary of Coyuchi and offers the same dependable quality and comfort standards. These sheet sets are available in basic twin through Cal. King sizes and has a deep 15” pocket to fit most standard mattresses. Made from organically sourced flax grown in France, long-strand fibers are carefully harvested and woven in chambray weaves to offer a selection of deep neutral-colored dyes and striped patterns to match your decor.

Made from quality, for quality, these sheets are designed to be cooling and breathable, yet highly insulating when nights turn cold. Its durability also dictates year-round use. No need to break these out as your good sheets as their quality only improves with use and wash through the years.

Who Should Purchase This Product
If lasting luxury options are important to you, these highly dyed, yet soft chambray linen sheets should be a consideration.

Elkie & Ark Organic Belgian Linen Sheet Set


  • Certification: GOTS
  • Pocket Depth: 16”
  • Color Options: light gray with a hint of sage green
  • Guarantee: 30-day full refund (minus shipping for international sales)

Based in Australia, Elkie & Ark provide high quality, organically certified linen sheets source from quality Belgian Flax. Woven with long-strand fibers, these sheets are gently dyed to provide a soft gray with a hint of sage green in natural lighting by fair trade certified partners, creating an environmentally sustainable and friendly process. Available in both Queen and King sizes, a 16” pocket fit most standard mattresses sizes. Care should be taken with the overall fit as well for international purchases (a size guide is provided).

Like all quality linen, these sheets only get softer the more they are used and provide all-season comfort. Wrapped in a reusable free-market tote bag made from scraps, the company takes care in each and every step of manufacturing to give you a truly green product.

Who Should Purchase This Product
Comfortable, soft, and cooling, these linen sheets from Australia are a perfect fit for European mattresses sizes. If you have had trouble fitting a sheet, these might be worth taking a closer look at.


Although truly organically certified linen sheets may be a somewhat elusive product, these reviews highlight some of the best to be found worldwide. Each company takes care in their fiber sources and take the organic certification seriously, ensuring you are getting the best environmentally sustainable set of sheets possible. Made to be long-lasting, their price tag reflects the investment you are making in a truly luxurious material that will last for years compared to other organic sheet options.