Best Nightstands for Your Bedroom

Corey Majeau

A nightstand is made to be a stylish, convenient table placed by your bedside. It allows you to have easy-to-access storage by your bed and surface space for glasses, lamps, books, alarms, and other belongings.

Nightstands usually go overlooked when you enter your bedroom, but they do help pull the room together subtly.

Choosing the right side-table can make your life easier and room more artful. With our helpful tips and guidelines, you can distinguish what type of nightstand you want and what differentiates a quality table from a temporary solution.

We’ve also provided some conventional and stylish options you can look through to get a better idea for what you’re looking for.

#1Prepac 2-Drawer Tall Nightstand

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#2Ameriwood Home Core Nightstand

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#3Furinno Andrey 2-Pack Bin Drawer End Table Nightstand

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#4Sorbus Nightstand with 3-Drawers

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#5Giantex Nightstand with Drawers

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#6LASUAVY Bamboo Nightstand

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What to Look For


Knowing the height of your nightstand is invaluable. It can differentiate between a perfect bedside table and a massive regretful purchase. The ideal situation is to have your side table even with the side of your bed.

The average mattress height is 25 inches, so you should look for something that stands between 24-30 inches in height. Keep in mind the additional height from placing your mattress inside of a frame.

A great suggestion is to measure the side of your bed before you purchase or look for a nightstand. This helps you make sure you’re getting the height you want.

Some people enjoy having the side table higher than the mattress while others find it easier to reach when it is lower. Whatever your preference is, remember that you have to compare the height of the nightstand to your own bed.

Do make sure to keep some distance between you and your table for hanging blankets and in case you roll around.

Storage Space

Sometimes, all a person needs is a flat surface at their side and they can call it their nightstand. But why not take it a step further?

Consider all the nifty storage options nightstands can offer you. With the right nightstand by your, your alarm clock doesn’t have to be the only thing by your side.

Some nightstands will come with an open shelf where you can place magazines, books, and electronics. They may also come with a drawer or multiple drawers for other smaller, more precious belongings you want to keep safe.

Some of the options we have chosen below come with decorative baskets you can utilize for your belongings anywhere in the house, the kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom!

Surface Area

The most important purpose of a bedside table is the accessible surface area. Think about what you want on your table- an alarm clock, a lamp, glasses, pictures, perhaps a book?

Whatever it is you place on your nightstand you’ll need the space to place it first. Always consider the measurement of the flat surface (the nightstand’s length and width, not height) before you get swept away by all the appealing nightstands on sale.


Colors are always fun to experiment with in your room. When you get a nightstand, you want it to complement the rest of the room, not be a statement all on its own.

Try to match its colors with the bed frame or wardrobes you have in the room. If you’re looking to brighten up the room, look to white and lighter shades. Darker browns, greys, and blacks will sober down the room to a generally darker tone.


The simplest style is a table with no shelves or drawers, just a flat surface by your side. They’re reliable and they serve their purpose just the way they’re supposed to.

Basketed tables have removable or pull-out baskets that are flexible and can hold your stuff. The great thing about baskets is that they can be used elsewhere if you don’t like them on the table and still serve a justifiable purpose. You’ll also have shelves instead of baskets on your table, so you’re not missing out on storage space.

Drawers are usually favored in a side table. They give you an easily accessible place to keep your belongings out of sight and nearby.

Open shelves are great if you place books or a laptop by your bedside often. Your things are protected and right where you need them to be. It also allows you to charge electronics while still having them safely tucked away.


Nightstands can be constructed out of different materials just to add to their aesthetics.

Wood is a classic material used in furniture that has an irreplaceable effect in any room. Wood is also easy to color with finishes so you can expect a very wide range of options with wooden nightstands.

They are, however, prone to staining and can be damaged under pressure or from moisture. Maintenance is a little high when it comes to wooden furniture.

Metal is another option that is no question, the more durable option. The more weight you need by your bed, the more metal seems to be the right choice.

Keep a very safe distance between the bed and your table, though. You don’t want your head to go crashing into the corner of a metal table anytime of the day.

If you’re looking for something different, then why not try adding some wicker to your room? Wicker tables give off a cozy, abstract air to any space and can be much more comfortable to use than wood or metal. The maintenance for wicker is higher than both wood and metal however, so be careful with wicker pieces.

Finally, there is the undying elegance of glass tables. These tables will usually be a simple flat surface, but their appearance is unmatchable to other materials. A glass table is great if you know you can handle it. If you know you’re clumsy, or have kids visiting your bedside often, then this may not be the piece for you.

Matching Accessories

Furniture pieces from different sources can begin to look like a clutter of assorted items, which can sometimes lead to a messy looking room. One very easy way to find the right nightstand for your bedroom is by buying one that comes in a bedroom set, so everything is made to match and create a stylish bedroom.

If this is not what you’re looking for, then try to match the shades or materials used inside your room so there is a certain guideline for all the furniture to match on.

 Best Nightstands

Prepac 2-Drawer Tall Nightstand

Best customizable option

Prepac has prepared a compact, cozy side-addition to your bedroom with this nightstand. With two drawers that run fluidly over metal roller glides and an open-shelf cubby, it’s made to provide you with plenty of storage space right at your fingertips.

With the Prepac Nightstand, you have a variety of styles and colors to select from to find your perfect custom nightstand.

Prepac offers three styles; Sonoma, with lacquered wood sides and a washed black finish, Monterey, with pewter finished knobs and a classic woodwork appearance, and Salt Spring, with a gray laminate finish and hooded black metal handles. There is also a simplistic white option with a solid finish and pewter finished metal handles.

All styles come in the same measurements; 23.25 inches in width, 28 inches in height, and 16 inches in depth. The cubby measures 16.5 by 12.5 inches with 5 inches in height. The drawers each measure the same as the cubby, with a large drawer door to hide any open spaces.


  • Wide variety of styles & colors
  • 2 pull-out drawers
  • Open cubby Space


  • Assembly tends to be difficult

Who Should Buy This?

If you’re in the process of finding furniture pieces for your new or renovated room, these nightstands are perfect to help you find direction. They can complement modern, classic, and homey styles, making your room pop out.

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Ameriwood Home Core Nightstand

Best open-space

The Ameriwood Home Core Nightstand makes it easy to keep items at your bedside. With plenty of space in the open shelf, and 17 by 15 inches of surface area, all your smaller belongings can sit by you at night.

The drawer has a large decorative pull that makes using the drawer easy, even if you are half-asleep.

There are seven different color options to choose from, all in the same style. First there is black oak with a woodgrain finish. There is a bank alder with a medium brown finish, a medium brown option, and espresso with, naturally, it’s espresso finish.

Walnut has a rich brown finish, weathered oak has a dark gray and oak woodgrain finish, and white has a solid finish. All of these nightstands are made from laminated particleboard for a cost-effective bedside option.

The dimensions of this nightstand are 24-1/8 inches in height, 17-11/16 in width, and 15-5/8 inches in depth.


  • Concealed pull-out drawer
  • Open shelf underneath drawer
  • Comes in seven different color options
  • Cost-effective material construction


  • Shipment faults

Who Should Buy This?

Some people need books, binders, or even a computer by their bedside. In this case, the abundant protected open space offered by this side table can become just the solution you need. As a bonus, it looks really good with any other pieces of wood furniture.

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Furinno Andrey 2-Pack Bin Drawer End Table Nightstand

Best for small spaces

The Furinno 2-pack bin drawers are a cute couple to complement your room’s aesthetic with. They have an imaginative construction that makes them stand out amongst any décor.

They each come with a tabletop, shelf, and drawer. Their cozy build makes them ideal for smaller, space-saving situations.

Both tables are made from medium density composite wood along with non-woven fabric for the baskets. The corners are rounded so you won’t run into a sharp edge getting out of bed. The square-shaped surface makes it easier to tuck this table into tight spaces.

The tables stand at 17.5 inches in height, measuring 15-75 inches in width and length. The table will securely hold up to 15 lbs. without strain on the wood.

There are five different colors to choose from, Americano or medium brown, Dark Walnut, French Oak Grey, Light Blue with white polka dot baskets, and Light pink with white polka dot baskets.


  • Removable basket drawer
  • Open shelf and tabletop
  • Square shape to fit easily in tight spaces
  • 5 different color options
  • Quality materials


  • Very petite, stands under elevated bed frames

Who Should Buy This?

These nightstands are perfect for rooms that are tight on space. With their square construction, they can fit snugly into corners and between other furniture pieces. They can even be great pieces in a children’s room.

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Sorbus Nightstand with 3-Drawers

Best storage space

The Sorbus Nightstand comes with plenty of storage space so you can properly place your belongings while still having some surface area by your bedside.

The table is extremely lightweight, so you can move it from one place to another. The frame is made out of metal while the tabletop is wood with a black finish.

There’s plenty of space inside of the fabric drawers, and each comes with a fabric handle to easily pull them out. If you’re not using your drawers, you can fold them up and store them away.

Each drawer is 8 inches in height and depth. There are five color options; beige, charcoal black, brown, gray, and white.

The Sorbus Nightstand can fit in tighter fits if you’re looking for a table to fit in your dorm or office. It can be partnered with other furniture pieces whether you’re going for a more rustic, modern, traditional, or even abstract look.

The whole piece measures 17.75 inches by 11.87 inches, standing 28.75 inches in height.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Foldable fabric drawers
  • Fits in compact places
  • Five color options
  • Lightweight frame can be moved around easily


  • Wobbly stand

Who Should Buy This?

This stand is more helpful for someone who is short on storage space in their room. Not only does it provide you with an ideal flat surface by your bed, but it also gives you chic drawers that can hold all of your belongings securely.

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Giantex Nightstand with Drawers

Most Versatile

Stylish and unique are two great words to describe the Giantex nightstand. This stand can come in two different colors; white and black. You can purchase either one individual or get two for either side of the bed.

Coming with the stand are two wicker baskets. Together, they create an environment built on class, elegance, and quirky style. The stand is made from Paulownia wood to ensure longevity and durability.

There is plenty of storage space, with a pull-out drawer and two wicker baskets. They can be easily removed and replaced, or even used elsewhere.

If you’re not sure about the wicker baskets, you can remove them and simply use the open space as two handy shelves. Assembly is not required upon purchase; it comes shipped and ready for use.

It’s made to fit naturally in tighter spaces such as hallways, bed or bathrooms, or even by the sofa. The entire table measures 16 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 25 inches in height.


  • Modern aesthetics
  • Two removable wicker baskets
  • Assembly not required


  • Drawer might make noise when opened/closed

Who Should Buy This?

This side table is an extremely versatile furniture piece that will complement any room in your house. The bathroom, dining room, living room, and even bedroom can all benefit from a littler more style and conveniently placed storage space.

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LASUAVY Bamboo Nightstand

Best bamboo nightstand

The LASUAVY Bamboo Nightstand is a perfect example of a simplistic mindset. Made of 100% bamboo wood, it’s durable and environmentally friendly.

The surface is lacquered for an easy clean, and the corners are rounded to prevent injury. The legs are padded on the bottom to prevent any scratches over your floor.

A great feature of the side tables is that they can be stacked one over the other. You can either have them standing separately, or on top of one another as a double-shelved stand. These stands have wide open shelves that can hold books and electronics.

Once assembled, one shelf measures 16.9 inches in width and 11.4 inches in depth. One stand alone is 16.5 inches high, but when stacked, two stands are 25 inches in height. The table can comfortably hold up to 55 lbs.


  • Made from 100% bamboo
  • Easy to clean & round corners
  • Padded legs to prevent noise & scratching
  • Stackable tables for taller shelf


  • Toxic smell upon arrival

Who Should Buy This?

These tables are great for any room in the house and will make anyone feel good about their purchase. Made out of 100% bamboo, you’ll feel reassured you’re buying an environmentally friendly product.

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Nightstands aren’t great only by your bed, they can be put anywhere in the house for the same provision of convenience. The right nightstand will not only look good in your home, but provide you with years of loyal, efficient service, holding your glass of water at night, keeping your chargers close by, and constantly standing with you day and night.