How Can I Decorate My Bedroom?

The bedroom is the most personal room in the house. It is the spot that you return to at the end of each day, and it should be a personal sanctuary that allows you to fully unwind, reset your body, and give your mind some much-needed peace. When you look at things from this perspective, bedroom decor becomes even more important, so here are some tips on how to decorate a bedroom that might help you get started.

Match Your Style

There are plenty of articles out there that will give you very specific ideas on how to choose the colors, the style of the furniture, and the decor elements for your bedroom, but plenty of these pieces of advice overlook one very important thing: we all have different personal tastes.

With that in mind, the best thing to remember when decorating your bedroom is to choose the colors and elements that best match your personality or, in other words, what you will be comfortable in seeing at the end of every day. The bedroom should be a place that welcomes you to sleep-ins during the weekend, but also one that makes you feel secure. We can’t tell what you’re thinking and what your personal preferences are, but we will give you some tips on how to make this a fun and fruitful experience.

How to Decorate Your Room: Keeping It Simple

With a little imagination and some cash, you might be tempted to jam all sorts of things into your bedroom, but you’ll eventually feel the walls closing in as you’re lying in bed. You want to have room to store all your clothes, but you also want to have about three feet of space between the bed and the sidewalls, for easier movement.

You might actually find it refreshing to have a bedroom that’s furnished to a minimum because that gives you room to breathe and move around without knocking down anything. In order to stick with that plan, you should buy furniture according to some space measurements.

If you own a small bedroom, don’t buy large furniture. Stick with proportions to make the most out of your space. On the other hand, if you have a large bedroom with plenty of space, don’t choose small furniture because it will simply look out of place. Here are some great small bedroom decor ideas to try!

Go with a Blackout Bedroom Interior Design

Blackout curtains are a must for any bedroom (or at least some sort of opaque curtain that can keep as much sunlight away as possible). That’s because these curtains will be able to block out a great deal of morning sunlight, which is something you want to have on a lazy Sunday afternoon when your schedule finally allows you to sleep in.

It doesn’t really matter what color and pattern you want your curtains to be, as long as they are opaque enough to prevent the sun from getting in the eyes while you’re still lying in bed.

Add a Nightlamp

And I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan of ambient lighting, but because a night light is super practical when you want to switch off the main light and not stab your toes on your way to bed.

You can either have ambient lights that stay on an entire night, nightstand lamps, or even wall-mounted lighting on your side of the bed. The idea is to have some other form of lighting other than the one on the ceiling. These lights serve many different purposes and are an absolute must for people who like to read before going to bed.

Maximize Storage Space

This tip is particularly useful if you don’t have that much room inside the bedroom. You can choose fitted units that cover the entire wall, from ceiling to floor. This will help you take advantage of all the storage space you can get and keep clothes and other personal items out of sight.

You can choose a nightstand or bedside table that has more drawers for your personal belongings. Another very common storage unit in modern and classic-looking bedrooms is the trunk that’s usually placed at the foot of the bed. You can use this space to store bedding items, like blankets, extra pillows, or sheet sets.

Another suggestion would be to opt for a headboard that comes with built-in shelves for your books and maybe pictures of you and your family. If you have a bed with clearance underneath, you can opt for storage boxes and safely put away items like underwear, socks, shoes, and such. Why not, maybe even some old love letters and high-school trinkets!

Have a Reading Corner

If you are an avid reader without a particularly favorite reading stop, the bedroom is one of the best places to set up such a corner. You don’t even need too much for such a lounge, just a comfortable armchair, a footstool, and maybe a lamp and a small coffee table for your books and glasses. If you have a generous window in your bedroom, try to create this spot as close to natural light as possible.

Avoid Electronics

Sound is required for communication on many levels, whether between people or between you and an object (such as an alarm). However, noise is an unnecessary distraction.The light coming from electronic can really keep you up at night. If at all possible, avoid having a TV inside the bedroom, and try to stay as far away from electronic devices after you’ve climbed into bed. What you can do is have a docking station for your phone to maybe listen to some soothing music to relax before you fall asleep, but make sure your sleeping partner is OK with that as well.


The bedroom is considered a sanctuary by most people, so it only makes sense for everyone to choose furniture, decor elements, and colors that appeal to their own personal taste.

While there are plenty of tips on how to decorate your bedroom, the most important thing is to choose the colors, prints, patterns, style, and decoration objects that you would like to look at every day. Did you find these room decor ideas helpful? Be sure to comment and share below!