Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Updated July 18, 2019


Saatva Mattress

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Bear Mattress

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Loom and Leaf Mattress

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Avocado Green Mattress

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When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, everyone has their own unique preferences to factor in to find that comfortable spot in which to drift off. If you find that you’re inclined to experience this degree of satisfaction laying on your stomach, you are indeed unique. According to the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, roughly seven percent of the population reported stomach sleeping.

Since it’s not a preferred sleeping position, it can be tricky to find the right mattress to accommodate stomach sleeping. You may be wondering to yourself, “Is there something wrong with my sleeping preference? Could there be side effects I’m not considering? How do I find an accommodating sleep product”

Keep reading as we address these common concerns and introduce you to some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers that we’ve hand-tested.

Is It Good to Sleep on Your Stomach?

Truth be told, there are a few good reasons the majority of the population chooses not to sleep on their stomachs. Simply said, this position is known to put a lot of stress on your spine. Ideally, you want your spine to be properly aligned while you sleep. This decreases unnecessary pressure on your discs, nerves and muscles. However, when sleeping on your stomach, it can be very difficult to achieve neutral spinal alignment.

The awkward ways in which this sleeping position manipulates the spine are numerous. Just a few that cause discomfort in sleepers include:

  • Head is tilted too far upward when using a pillow.
  • Sinkage in the hip area can cause an unnatural downward bend in your lower spine.
  • Your head has to be tilted all the way to the left or right which causes even more pain.

While you may find stomach sleeping to be the most comfortable position, the truth is that it’s arguably the worst sleeping position to use. If you regularly suffer with back pain or general aches and pains upon waking, it may be time to consider sleeping on your side or back. However, for those who truly enjoy stomach sleeping, continue reading to see how you can make the most of your preferred sleeping position.

Are There Any Upsides to Stomach Sleeping?

We’ve been kind of harsh on stomach sleeping, and for many good reasons. However, if you suffer with snoring or sleep apnea, there is a glimmer of hope as stomach sleeping is known to reduce both. Furthermore, if you’re prone to suffer with heartburn and/or indigestion, stomach sleeping is known to alleviate these problems as well.

A Few Tips to Increase Comfort for Stomach Sleepers

The main problem with stomach sleeping is that it throws the spine out of alignment, and there are a few tips you can employ to help it assume a neutral position. A few of these include:

Tip 1:

Since you carry most of your weight in the hip area, this leads to misalignment in your lumbar region. To overcome this, consider placing a pillow under your hips to reduce or eliminate this downward bend. If this is uncomfortable, you may want to consider the investment in a firm mattress that will naturally reduce this unnatural curvature.

Tip 2:

It may feel a little strange at first, but sleeping without a pillow can significantly straighten the neck and lead to more comfort upon waking up. If this just feels too strange, you could consider the purchase of an adjustable pillow that allows you to make it thinner to meet your needs.

Tip 3:

Consider stretching out your spine for a few minutes after waking up each morning. Yoga teaches what is known as child’s pose, and it focuses on stretching out the back. This 12-minute video is designed for beginners and easy to fit into your schedule by simply setting your alarm a little bit early. You may be surprised at how refreshing this can be to start your day as a stomach sleeper.

Tip 4:

Avoid bringing one leg up toward your side as this only twists the lumbar area into an even more unnatural position, thus causing more pain.

Tip 5:

Consider the purchase of a full-body pillow. Some offer complete positioning capabilities, allowing you to lay face-down as you would on a massage table.

Is It Safe to Sleep on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

It can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy. As you progress, you’ll likely find it increasingly difficult to get really relaxed. However, if you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, there is a solution to consider. The purchase of a donut-shaped pillow can accommodate your growing abdomen and allow you to enjoy your favorite position for as long as it remains comfortable.

While it may seem as though stomach sleeping would pose the most risks during pregnancy, caretakers often admonish more strongly against sleeping on your back. This is because it can cause a number of issues including the compression of the large vein that runs along your spine. This can lead to dizziness and an increased heart rate. It’s always best to speak with your healthcare provider about your specific concerns, but, in general, stomach sleeping is okay as long as you’re able to do so comfortably.

Buying Guide

There are many other techniques out there you can consider following that very well may alleviate some of the downsides of stomach sleeping. However, the best way to enjoy your preferred position and achieve the comfort you need to enjoy a quality life is to consider the purchase of the best mattress for belly sleepers. As you shop your many options, there are some specific things to be on the lookout for to ensure you find something designed to meet your needs.

What is the Best Type of Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

As you shop for the best bed for stomach sleepers, you’re going to want to get familiar with the term indentation load deflection. This is a measurement resulting from a test in which a mattress is compressed a total of 25 percent of its thickness using a 50 square inch circular indenter. The higher this number is, the firmer it will be. The reason this number is important is that there is no set measurement when it comes to the terms plush, medium and firm. You get whatever the company feels is representative of each level, and you may find you have a different expectation. Knowing the ILD can give you a better understanding of what to expect.

To put the numbers in perspective, 12 is very soft and 50 is very firm. You’ll typically find lower ILD’s in the comfort layers with much higher numbers in the base and support layers.

Interpreting ILD’s Into the Best Mattress Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

Since sleeping on your stomach does cause your lumbar area to sink and unnaturally curve the spine, it’s usually best to find a product on the firmer end. Therefore, look for products with a higher overall ILD. It can sometimes be difficult to locate this very detailed information, but it’s worth it to get in touch with customer service to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting before making a purchase. This also gives you a chance to test out the degree of customer service satisfaction you can expect if you decide to purchase.

Take Weight Into Consideration

While you will likely enjoy more comfort with a firm product, this doesn’t mean you should automatically seek out the very hardest sleeping surfaces on the market. Make sure you include your weight into the equation. You can do this easily by calculating your body mass index and considering the following:

  • BMI below 19 = Soft Mattress
  • BMI between 19 and 25 = Medium Mattress
  • BMI between 26 and 31 = Firm Mattress

These are general suggestions geared toward the average sleeper. Therefore, stomach sleepers with a BMI below 19 may find they do well with a medium product. However, for anyone with a BMI of 22 and higher, I’d suggest considering keeping an eye out for products clearly marked as firm.

Consider Your Sleep Partner

If you have a sleep partner, there’s a good chance you may have to compromise on your firmness setting. This is especially true if their preferences and/or body type is better fit for a plush mattress. In most cases, a product with a mid-level ILD will offer the best solution that keeps the interest of both sleeping partners in mind. If this is something you foresee as being problematic, keep reading to hear about two solutions offered by Helix.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Reviews

While there are quite a few downsides associated with stomach sleeping, it all boils down to what’s comfortable for you. If this position makes you comfortable, you owe it to yourself to find a mattress that will be the most accommodating for your needs. We’ve tried out quite a few quality products that we think could be a good fit.

1. Saatva- Best Innerspring Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Layers: Euro Pillow Top Cover, Thin Layer of High Quality Memory Foam, Individually-wrapped Coils
    Steel Coil Base

Innerspring mattresses are great at helping facilitate movement in bed, and they can prove to offer the level of support necessary in stomach sleeping. However, in general, they can cause disruptions as motion transfer is often an issue. When you choose the Saatva mattress, however, you can rest assured that the individually-pocketed coils offer the bounce you’re looking for without the motion transfer.

Saatva offers three firmness settings, and these include plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. I would suggest the firm option for stomach sleepers. If you have a low BMI, you may find the comfort you’re looking for in the luxury firm option.


  • Good durability expectations
  • Excellent value for the cost
  • Easy to move around to find the best sleeping position


  • Some complaints of sleeping too hot

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2. Bear- Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers With Back Pain


  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Layers: Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam- 1 inch, Quick Response Foam Layer One- 1 1/2 inches, Quick Response Foam Layer Two- 1 inch, Foam Base- 6 ½ inches

Back pain can make everything in life more difficult including falling and staying asleep. Whether you’ve long suffered or recently sustained an injury that makes sleeping feel more like a chore, you may want to consider the Bear mattress. This product was specially developed with athletes in mind, and it uses Celliant technology in its cover that has proven to reduce aches and pains.

If you carry a lot of weight, this may not be firm enough as the ILD of the combined product is only around 23 pounds. While this could prove accommodating for those with a BMI under 25, it may be too plush for stomach sleepers who carry more weight. I found this product to be very comfortable and was noticeably more rejuvenated upon waking.


  • Celliant cover seemed to work for me in the reduction of aches and pains
  • Great price for quality materials
  • No off gassing


  • Can be a little plush for those who carry a lot of weight
  • Lacks edge support

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3. Loom and Leaf- Best Memory Foam Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Layers: Organic cotton cover- 1 inch, Convoluted memory foam- 2 inches, Contouring memory foam- 2 ½ inches, Transition loft pad- 2 inches, High-density foam core- 5 ½ inches

Finding an accommodating memory foam mattress for stomach sleeping can be tricky since this material is known for its conforming properties. However, Loom and Leaf is a great option if you want the memory foam experience without feeling like your face and lumbar region is sinking in too far. It comes in a firm setting that can be highly accommodating for stomach sleepers as it’s on the higher end of the spectrum. This product also utilizes cooling properties that allow the mattress to disperse heat efficiently. You’ll also enjoy the fact that, due to the quality of materials used, this product is built to last.


  • High durability
  • Great motion transfer isolation, a quality memory foam is known for
  • Choice in firmness accommodating for stomach sleepers
  • Good option for those who carry a lot of weight


  • Can be expensive for those on a tight budget

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4. Helix- Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers With Sleep Partners


  • Warranty:
  • Trial Period:
  • Layers: Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam, Microcoils, Poly Foam Base

Layers and placement vary depending on the results of your Sleep Quiz

Finding that perfect firmness to keep both you and your sleep partner is tricky business, and things get even more difficult when you’re a stomach sleeper. After all, it’s statistically unlikely your sleep partner shares your love for this position. Helix offers two great solutions to meet your needs. When you order, you’ll take a short sleep quiz, and it asks questions which includes your preferred sleeping position in order to custom-produce the best mattress for you. Best of all, you have the choice of a dual product that provides two firmness settings on each side of the mattress and a blended product that incorporates preferences of both sleepers in a single product.

If you and your sleep partner have highly different needs and preferences, I’d strongly recommend the dual option. It costs just a little bit more, but it can prove worth the investment as you’ll enjoy a higher degree of comfort based on your needs.


  • Helps reduce back pain
  • Customer service agents are quick to respond
  • Dual and blended products are great options for sleep partners


  • Cover is thin and tends to bunch up

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5. Dreamfoam- Best Latex Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited
  • Trial Period: 90 Days
  • Layers: Bamboo Knit Cover- 1 ½ inches, Talalay Latex Comfort Layer- 3 inches, High Density Polyfoam Base- 8 inches

Latex is a popular mattress material, and it’s tapped from the rubber tree. It’s one of the most durable materials on the market and can prove to offer unique benefits to consumers. Aside from the fact that it’s resistant to dust mites, mildew and mold, it is also known to reduce painful pressure points.

If you’re considering a latex product to facilitate stomach sleeping, you should take a moment to consider the Dreamfoam Ultimate Deams Eurotop latex mattress. This product was very breathable, and I found the cover to be very soft and comfortable. Stomach sleepers can also benefit from the fact that Dreamfoam helps you select the best firmness for your needs, and they consider sleep preferences in coming to this decision.


  • Great price for latex materials
  • Reduction in aches and pains
  • Sleeps cool
  • Great motion transfer isolation capabilities


  • Some off-gassing, but dissipates within 24 hours

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6. Avocado- Best Organic Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited, Pro-rated
  • Trial Period: 100 Days
  • Layers: Joma® New Zealand Wool- ½ inch, Natural Dunlop Latex, eco-INSTITUT certified- 4 inches, 3 zone pocketed coil system- 8 inches

It seems like everywhere you turn there are new organic products waiting for you to take advantage of their unique benefits, and the mattress industry is on-board with this growing trend. If you’re ready to enjoy a non-toxic product free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, the Avocado mattress is worth considering. This product features 100% natural Joma® New Zealand Wool in the cover, and it works to help your mattress breathe and smell fresh.

I think the primary benefit stomach sleepers can take advantage of with Avocado is the fact that the base layer includes an ILD of between 36 and 40 pounds. This can help decrease the tendency for you to sink in too deeply in the lumbar area.


  • Cover is durable and aesthetically-pleasing
  • Convenient side handles make it easy to move
  • Sleeps cool
  • Pressure point relief
  • Great combination of bounce and motion transfer isolation


  • Can be a little firm for lightweight people

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Stomach sleeping has a bit of a bad reputation, but much of this is due to the fact that the average consumer simply doesn’t know what to look for in a mattress that will facilitate their preferred sleeping position. Whether you just can’t seem to get comfortable or are ready to buy a new mattress and want to ensure it’s works well for stomach sleeping, you now have a much better understanding of what you’re actually looking for. A firm product is often more accommodating, and there are tips and tricks that can help you enjoy a higher degree of comfort.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to connect consumers with the products best suited for them. By taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge available, you’re one step closer to the discovery of a mattress that will take your stomach sleeping to a new level of enjoyment.