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Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattresses are expensive, which is why a lot of people turn to memory foam toppers. Toppers have the ability to turn any old, lumpy mattress into something that feel like they spent a lot of money on. Toppers can be made from fluff, memory foam, regular foam, and other types of materials. Since there are so many options, finding the right one can be quite the hassle. It is for this reason that I took the liberty of testing one out for you. Let’s check out the Visco elastic memory foam mattress pad topper.

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Presenting The 3 Inch, 4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper

Memory foam has the outstanding ability to make any mattress more comfortable, restful, and supportive in sagging areas of worn out mattresses. This is one reason why these are so popular-because they cost less than buying a whole new mattress. But what is it that makes the Visco elastic memory foam topper so special?

This topper provides you with 3 inches of body conforming memory foam with a strong 4 pounds of density. Made in the USA, the Visco topper exceeds PURGreen certification standards, which means that it’s environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s manufactured without the use of harmful metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, chlorofluorocarbons, polybrominated biphenyl ether substances, or any other harmful chemicals.

This is the ideal topper for anyone looking to add a little bit of extra support to an older mattress, or even a newer one that just isn’t making the cut. It’s also helpful when it comes to relieving those pesky pressure points. Although, if you aren’t a fan of memory foam that conforms to your body or overheating while you sleep, this isn’t for you.

Features & Benefits

Here is the section where I tell you everything you need to know about the product, the good and the bad because as we all know, nothing’s perfect.

What Sets It Apart?

A lot of the toppers that are on the market are purely for comfort or adding firmness/softness to a mattress. The Visco elastic topper does more than that. It offers support and reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn while you are sleeping, resulting in a better night’s rest. Yes, this probably sounds like something you have heard before, but the one thing that really makes it stand out is that it’s eco-friendly.

I was honestly quite surprised when I was presented with it. I had received a box that looked like it couldn’t fit a memory foam topper at all, even if it was vacuum sealed. Well,to my surprise, there were TWO toppers in it-the Visco and another one I was set to review. It was packed very tightly and neatly inside of this relatively small box. Once I took it out of the box, it kind of unrolled itself.


This was one of the more plain toppers that I have received. I was actually quite disappointed. Yes, it is a hefty 4 pound density, but it seems to me that those mere 3 inches would wear out over time from being slept on so much. There isn’t any indication of an open cell type technology, which to me meant that it wasn’t going to breathe well.


If you have a really crummy mattress and just need something to take that lumpiness away, this would be a good option. 3 inches really isn’t too much, especially for a topper that you are going to be sleeping on for a long period of time. I do foresee this wearing out if it is going to be slept on all of the time.

Although the pad did have good bounceback, it seemed to conform to my body way too much. When I was changing positions, I could feel the indentation of my body from my previous position, but once it went away, I was comfortable. I do feel that this is a good choice for all types of sleepers, not just one

What’s Promised

The Visco elastic topper makes the promise that you’ll experience less tossing and turning & relief from pressure point pain. It does this by conforming to your body at temperatures between 60-70 degrees, giving the best performance. Based on my experience with it, I did find those pressure points relieved.

The other promise that is made is that it will offer support in areas where your mattress may be sagging or dipping. I did put this topper on one of my other mattresses that was older and I can definitely say that I didn’t feel the older mattress underneath.

Heat Retention

Since I saw that there were no holes that allowed for breathability and it does happen to be memory foam, I kind of knew that it was going to retain heat, which it did. I found myself overheating while sleeping on this, as did my husband. It took around 27 seconds for the topper to cool down from 130 degrees to 98 degrees, which is kind of disappointing, although expected.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

So, in terms of maintenance, I couldn’t find anything anywhere about what’s needed to maintain it or how to care for it. Honestly, if something happens to get on the pad, just use some water and a sponge to clean it. If protection is a concern, I’d suggest a mattress protector or something of the sort. The topper does, however, come with a 3 year limited warranty. Once you receive your product, you can go on the manufacturer’s website and fill out the warranty registration form so that you’ll be in the database and easier to locate if you have issue.

How Easy Are Returns?

I can’t really tell you how easy returns are as for returning it directly to the seller. If you purchased it from a third party seller, I would suggest returning it to them first or contacting them about the return beforehand, especially if they offer the 30-day risk free return policy. As for trying to get the product back into a box, near impossible according to a few consumers who needed to return it.

Consumer Feedback

Because we like to include the opinions of others so it’s not just ours, here is some feedback from other consumers about the Visco elastic memory foam topper.


When it comes to durability, I seem to be correct when I said I didn’t think it was going to last very long because of how little to it there was. Other consumers have reported cracking foam and lasting impressions that won’t go away, making it extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. Although not flimsy, it’s still not recommended for regular use by other consumers.


Upon opening the plastic, there was an odor, which the company admits to it having-this is based on what time of year the foam was produced. Other consumers have reported a slight smell, but they allowed it to air out for a bit before getting angry about it-there were a few that reported a really strong odor. The smell took a day or so to go away in my case.

Customer Support

According to a few disgruntled consumers, they had absolutely terrible customer service when dealing directly with the manufacturer. They were unhelpful and their website is shoddy at best. Half of their links don’t work and you can’t really find any clear information about anything. It’s best to deal with the customer support of the third party website you purchased it from.

Feedback On Features

A majority of the people who have purchased this product have had nothing but good things to say about it. They agree that it’s comfortable, supportive, and conforming, but there are always a few bad apples. Most of the negative reports are about the cracking foam, horrible smell, and lack of breathability some encountered.


Honestly, i’m quite conflicted about this product. I do think it’s comfortable, but do I think it’s going to hold up? No. Do I think that it’s a good value product? It could be if it’s maintained properly and protected. I do think it has the potential to be a great investment, but I just can’t foresee it lasting more than a year or two of regular, everyday use. I have owned many toppers in my time and none of them ever lasted more than a few years. Luckily for you, it’s quite affordable and getting at least a year out of it would give you your money’s worth. It’s definitely recommended for a quick fix if you have a crummy bed, but not for life-long use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?

Designed to add a softer touch.

How thick is it?

3 inches.

Is it easy to store?

Due to its thickness, it is bulky.

Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?


How long is the warranty?

3 year limited warranty.