In-Depth Sleepletics Celliant Performance Sheet Review

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In-Depth Sleepletics Celliant Performance Sheet

Celliant technology is the new hype of the bedding and clothing world. It’s believed to be a revolutionary fiber that somehow gives you energy. When we first heard about this claim, we were curious to see how this actually works, so we’ve dug deeper in order to understand as much as we could about Celliant. And, aside from sharing our discoveries with you, we’re also going to talk about a very interesting brand that sells Celliant bed sheets. Ready to dive into the hype pool?

Understanding Celliant

Celliant is a synthetic fiber that’s made from a mixture of 13 different minerals, mixed with polyester resin and PET. On a very short note, Celliant if infused with different fibers that absorb your body’s heat and convert it into energy and then convert it into energy that’s reflected back into your body. It basically sounds like a fairytale, but let’s examine the entire process closely.

The human body loses a lot of energy through the heat it emits. Even static tasks, like sitting on the couch, can release up to 100 watts of energy. This number, of course, increases with the movement of the body. This is the first thing you need to remember. The second piece of this puzzle is how infrared light is beneficial to humans. When exposed to infrared lights, your body’s cells receive more oxygen, blood circulation is improved and your body’s temperature is easily regulated. In fact, infrared lights are often used in different forms of medical treatments.

Now let’s put the pieces of the puzzle together. Due to its construction, Celliant gathers a number of thermoreactive chemicals. Because of that, the fabric can basically take wasted energy that your body releases, turns it into infrared energy and then sends it back to your body. There are five steps to this process. First, the thermoreactive minerals are combined with polyester resin. As a consequence, Celliant can now absorb infrared energy emitted by our bodies and then changes the wavelength of the energy. Then, the resulted energy is sent back to our bodies and our tissue absorbs it. This new wave of energy acts as a catalyst for improving vasodilation. In turn, this helps our blood circulate better and our tissue to receive more oxygen.

So, there are two main benefits to having this infrared energy sent back to your body: oxygenation and vasodilatation. We’ve already talked about the latter, but let’s explain the former concept a little more. Through oxygenation, our bodies naturally receive more oxygen. While important to every person, this feature is critical for athletes and people who live a very active lifestyle. Through oxygenation, our bodies can recover faster from fatigue caused by physical strain and pressure put on the body. But yet another important consequence of oxygenation is thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation is a term that characterizes the body’s capacity to maintain its core internal temperature. When this temperature is in normal parameters, your body has balance and equilibrium which, in turn, causes us to sleep more comfortable. As you already know, a lot of mattress brands have invested in different forms of gel infusions and constructions that can make a bed more breathable.

That’s because thermal discomfort when sleeping is an actual thing and it causes sleep disruptions and interferes with our natural sleep/wake cycle. It’s a very common thing for our body’s temperature to rise as we’re sleeping. This can have negative consequences: we feel fatigued, have trouble digesting food and even end up waking frequently because we feel uncomfortable. Celliant is looking to solve this issue by helping your body regulate its nocturnal temperature, by either raising or lowering it, as needed.

It’s also important to note that since Celliant technology was first tested back in 2003, there have been no reports of allergic reactions to this material. However, since Celliant is typically part of a synthetic blend, there are other components that could trigger allergies (like polyester fiber, for instance).

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Does Celliant Really Work?

It depends on who you ask. Back in 2017, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has recognized Celliant-based products as being medical devices, since they are proved to be able to increase blood flow and have verified medical benefits. However, a lot of experts claim that it’s too soon to tell for sure if the Celliant really meets all the promises and lives up to the hype.

Hologenix is the company that patented Celliant blends, created a board that consists of doctors specialized in sleep medicine, wound care, photobiology and nanotechnology. The main goal of this Science Advisory Board was to test and see if Celliant claim is true and if there really are any benefits to using this technology. But aside from getting expert opinions, it’s important to analyze the testimonials of actual customers which have worn Celliant-based clothing or slept on Celliant bedding items.

Among those who’ve chosen Celliant apparel, is a considerable number of people that claim the benefits are real.

Due to its properties, Celliant can reduce fatigue sensed after sessions of physical effort. There was also less shortness of breath experienced when wearing this type of clothing. If the oxygenation claim is true, then all these statements actually make sense.

Sleepletics Celliant Performance Sheet Set

Features & Benefits

Available Sizes & Colors

It’s important to pick sheets that match the size of your mattress, to fully protect it and enjoy the pleasant feel of the fabric no matter on which corner of the bed you find yourself sleeping on. Sadly, the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set is available in only three sizes: Queen, King, and Cal King. Upon ordering the Queen-sized set, you will receive a flat and a fitted sheet, plus two standard pillowcases.

The King and Cal King sizes, on the other hand, have King-sizes pillowcases, plus the flat and the fitted sheets as well. No matter which size you opt for, you can choose between four different color options: Chalk, Blue, Tan and Light Gray. All the colors are pleasant and will most likely match almost bedroom decor because of their elegant nuances. It’s also worth mentioning that every one of the three sizes has a fitted sheet available in two different pocket depth options: 12 and 15 inches (except for Cal King, which is only available with a pocket depth of 15 inches).

Fabrics & Comfort

The Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set is all about the quality of the fabrics used. The sheet is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% Celliant polyester, each with its own set of benefits. Cotton is a fabric typically used in manufacturing quality bed sheets, because it’s soft, breathable and really good at regulating body temperature, to avoid the sleeper from feeling any discomfort related to overheating. The Celliant polyester is what really makes these sheets stand out. While rather new, Celliant technology has found its way on the list of blends used by a couple of mattress manufacturers, and it seems that it’s slowly making its way into more bedding items. Because the main benefit of this fabric blend is to pick up wasted energy and redirect it back to your body, Celliant makes people wake up more energized and feeling well-rested.

The sheets are made with a sateen weave that incorporates a long-staple cotton yarn, combines with the Celliant polyester. The thread count of these sheets is 400, which is pretty much above the industry standard, guaranteeing a durable product and money well-spent.

Because Celliant is a technology embedded into the sheets, the properties of this blend will not fade as you wash the sheets. It doesn’t wear out, because the technology isn’t based on application or coating. It’s at the core of the materials and will stick with it all the way through. Because the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set is resistant to wrinkles, they don’t require any special care. You can wash the sheets and pillowcases in your washing machine, as long as you pick a delicate cycle. Also, make sure you don’t use any bleach and that you tumble dry on low heat. If need be, you can steam iron the sheets as well.


Sleeplectics offers free domestic UPS ground for all of its orders. For an extra fee, you can upgrade your shipment to or 2 days, to better suit your schedule. On average, it takes about 24 hours from the moment you place an order for the company to ship your sheets. However, orders that are placed on Fridays or during weekend and holidays will be shipped within the next business day. Once the order is validated, you will receive a UPS tracking number that allows you to monitor your package every step of the way.

Return Policy

We are always fond of products that have a specific return policy, as every respectable brand should. So, if you’re skeptical about spending your money on a Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set, maybe you’d have more peace of mind knowing what their return policy implies. First off, you have a window of 30 days to return the product if you’re are unhappy with your purchase. However, the return policy for the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set is not as generous as with other sheets we’ve reviewed in the past. That’s because you can only return the sheets if you haven’t used them or washed them. What’s more, you are the one who has to pay the return shipping fee. Basically, you can’t test the product to really see if it delivers as promised.

Customer Opinions


In a unanimous voice, customers have agreed that the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set has a very pleasant feel. They are both soft and cool, capable of regulating body temperature and caressing the skin so that every sleeper can enjoy this high-quality product.

Sleep Improvement

It’s almost unbelievable seeing that something as basic as a good sheet can improve the quality of one’s sleep. Customers who’ve bought the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set said that they wake up feeling more energized, more refreshed, and their morning moods are significantly improved because of the restful sleep they are now experiencing.

Celliant Technology

Of course, a lot of people were skeptical about the promises made by products that use Celliant fabrics. Placebo effect or not, buyers that own the Sleepletics Celliant Performance sheet set claim that the quality of their sleep has increased, and they no longer feel anxious about how much they would toss and turn during the night or how often they would wake up.


If you’re still skeptical about jumping aboard the Celliant hype train, no one can really blame you. Every miraculous claim should be taken with a grain of salt. While there’s a lot of talk about the amazing benefits of Celliant (and also some tests that back up these claims), it could still be too soon to tell if this blend really has these amazing benefits. We’re confident about the FDA recognition of the blend, so there’s definitely some truth behind all this advertising.

But Celliant claim or not, the Sleeplectics Performance sheet set still has some aces up its sleeve. The comfortable and soft cotton used in the construction of the sheets is combined with a fine sateen weave, and a 400 thread count to support the claim of a quality product.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Wash on delicate cycle without bleach and tumble dry on low heat.

Do they include organic materials?


What sizes are available?

Queen 12” Queen 15” King 12” King 15” California King 15”

What colors are available?

Blue Tan Light Grey Chalk