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Our of the Quility Weighted Blanket

Ever since weighted blankets entered the bedding market, people are curious about the potential benefits that such a product offers. In the beginning, the entire purpose of a weighted blanket seems a little counterintuitive: weighing down the body to relax it and get a more comfortable sleep. Something doesn’t sound right, does it?

The entire concept that lies at the base of the utility of a weighted blanket is deep pressure technology. It’s a system that promises to mimic the sensation you get when you’re feeling hugged.

Without too much explanation, it relieves anxiety and stress, relaxing the body and the mind alike. We’ve recently come across a weighted blanket which is very promising and unique, so we wanted to share some of its benefits. And, in the end, you have to let us know: are you on-board the Quility weighted blanket hype train?

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A Closer Look

Quility is one of those brands that stand by the promise to deliver high-quality products, made with the best materials around. Since they discovered how efficient weight blankets can be for all those who suffer from insomnia, restless leg syndrome, PTSD, ADHD, stress, or insomnia, they have decided there’s room for one more item that can revolutionize the way we sleep.

Their mission is to deliver weighted blankets that meet rigorous production standards while promising that every product is delivered to the customer as soon as possible. But do they deliver as promised? Let’s find out.


  • Intelligent seven layer construction.
  • Silent glass beads core.
  • Made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads.
  • Available in six different colors.
  • Sizes available for both adults and children.
  • Different weight options.
  • Loops for a duvet cover.
  • High-quality stitching.
  • 30-day return window.


  • Some people felt suffocated because they chose a high-weight version.
  • Runs a bit hot for some.

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Sizes, Weight & Color Options

Manufacturers that create and sell weighted blankets generally don’t pay that much attention to how their product looks. That doesn’t mean weighted blankets are ugly, it normally means that you won’t find as many outer shell or color option to mix and match to your home decor, or your own personal tastes.

With Quility, you can tell there’s something different compared to other similar brands. Right from the start, you have a wide variety of color options, each one more beautiful than the next. Hey, who doesn’t love options, especially when you’re spending this amount of money? Their weighted blanket is available in six different color options: navy blue, aqua, grey, chevron, pink, and ivory.

Now, the weight of such a blanket is a crucial part of determining if you will really be able to enjoy the full benefits provided by a product of this kind. the rule states that a weighted blanket should have 10 percent of your total body weight to feel comfortable and be truly useful.

Next, we wanted to show you the generous weight and size options that Quility has in store for its customers. We believe in the freedom to choose the products that are best suited for you, so we really like that Quility has made all these options available.

The following information will prove useful for those seeking to buy a Quility weighted blanket for their child but aren’t sure which size and weight are appropriate for their particular situation.

  • For children that weight between 40 and 70 pounds, you can opt for the 5 lbs. blanket, which measures 36 x 48 inches.
  • For children that weight between 70 and 90 pounds, you can opt for the 7 lbs. blanket, which measures 41 x 60 inches.
  • For children that weight between 90 and 120 pounds, you can opt for the 10 lbs. blanket, which measures 41 x 60 inches.
  • For children that weight between 110 and 140 pounds, you can opt for the 12 lbs. blanket, which measures 48 x 72 inches.

As for adults, you have the following weight and size options:

  • For Twin-sized beds, you have two options:
    • One is a blanket with a total weight of 12 pounds and measuring 48 x 72 inches, suitable for individuals who weight between 110 and 140 pounds.
    • The other blanket is for individual who weight between 140 and 180 pounds, measuring 40 x 72 inches, and a blanket weight of 15 pounds.
  • Your Full-sized options are, as follows:
    • Individuals who weight between 110 and 140 pounds should opt for the 12 lbs. blanket, measuring 60 x 80 inches.
    • Those with a total weight between 140 and 190 pounds can choose the 15 lbs. blanket, measuring 60 x 80 inches as well.
    • People that weight between 190 and 240 pounds can choose the 20 lbs. blanket, same measurements as the other two above.
    • Lastly, people who weight between 240 and 280 pounds are compatible with the 25-pound blanket.
  • The Queen and King-sized blanket options are listed together, and have the following specs (the values below are indicated to match the best configuration for the spouse with the lower weight out of the two sharing the blanket):
    • For a weight between 110 and 140 pounds, choose the 15 pounds blankets, which measures 86 x 92 inches.
    • People with a weight between 120 and 190 pounds should opt for the 20-pound blanket, same measurements as the previous model.
    • The 25 pounds blanket is best suited for people with a weight between 190 and 240 pounds.
    • Those that weight between 240 and 280 pounds are best matched with the 30-pound blanket.

Materials & Construction

Naturally, the layout and the quality of the materials used to make a weighted blanket are a very important part of what makes such a product comfortable, durable, and strong. Quility features a seven-layered design, which each of these layers looking to create a product that delivers as promised:

  • The outer shell of the weighted blanket is made from quality cotton fabric. There are many reasons why cotton is the best choice: it can regulate body temperature, it absorbs moisture when needed, it feels really good even against sensitive skin and doesn’t add too much to the total cost of the product, because it is not an expensive material.
  • Right between the glass beads core of the blanket and the outer shell lies a polyester layer. The role of this layer is to transition between the soft cotton cover and the beads, which would otherwise cause discomfort if the cotton layer was the only one separating them from your skin. The fact that this layer is used here will also make the blanket more durable, preventing tears and beads leaking all over the place.
  • You’d think that polyester layer is enough to keep you comfortable. However, Quility wanted to make sure that you won’t feel those glass beads inside the blanket, so they’ve added an extra layer of padding, which is also made from polyester.
  • The very core of the blanket consists of glass beads, the elements which add weight and utility to the blanket. The beads are not toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic, meaning that this blanket is safe to use by adults and children alike, even if they are sensitive to different other kinds of materials.
  • The next three layers are a repetition of the ones above. There is a polyester padding underneath the glass beads core, plus another polyester layer for added comfort and protection, and it all end with the other side of the blanket: the cotton cover. The result is a glass bead center sandwiches between three top and bottom layers that create a product that’s both amazing, as well as useful. Also, the construction makes it easy to use the blanket on both sides.

There are two more features that come into play as far as the construction of the Quility weighted blanket is concerned. You have a multi-loop cover binding, which consists of looped corners that will help you secure the blanket to a duvet cover. To top it all off, the manufacturer used a reinforced sewing technology, to make the blanket as durable as possible.

Delivery & Shipping

When you opt for purchasing a Quility weighted blanket, you have several shipping options at your disposal. Normally, it takes anywhere between four and nine days to receive your blanket. If you purchase an item be pre-ordering it, you will receive an estimated delivery date on the product page.

You can also opt for expedited shipping if you want to receive your blanket in one or two days. All the information requires is available on the checkout page. I opted for the regular shipping it arrived at my door in about a week.

Warranty & Returns

The discussion of warranty and returns is crucial when dealing with a product purchased online. For a very long time, people were skeptical about using their credit card information online, especially with so many fraudulent attempts at phishing people’s credit card info, and then using it illegally.

Others were (some still are) wary about ordering a product they couldn’t get a chance to test prior to buying it, and that’s what’s keep offline shopping afloat. To convince more and more people to choose online shopping, companies like Quility have created a generous warranty and return policies, to give buyers peace of mind.

When you purchase a Quility weighted blanket, you have a 30-day window to return the product, if it’s not what you expected it to be. However, there are still some policies that you should be aware of if you choose to return your weighted blanket:

  • It’s very important to return the item in its original packaging. That included accessories, parts of pieces that are removable.
  • Not damaging the product within this 30-day return window is also important if you want to receive a full refund. The company does warn customers that it may charge a 25 percent restocking fee if the goods returned have been in any way damaged or overused.
  • As with most other companies that accept returns, Quility will not cover the return shipping costs. It’s up to the buyer to pay for shipping if they decide they want to return the weighted blanket.

The exchange policy follows pretty much the same rules as the return policy, only it addresses people that want to exchange their weighted blanket for another Quility product. You will still have to cover the return shipping costs, make sure that the product isn’t damaged, and return the item in the original packaging.

Customer’s Voice

Before we get into what customers are saying, we wanted to mention that we were really impressed with how many positive reviews this blanket has. Across all online platforms that sell this blanket, we have seen an impressive number of customers who praise the various features of this product, proving that this is, hands down, one of the best-weighted blankets on the market. After testing it myself, I have to agree. The quality is there. It’s a great weighted blanket for anyone.

Glass Beads Technology

The tricky thing about weighted blankets is that, if you’ve never researched them, the choice of filling can be confusing. As far as the Quility blanket is concerned, customers are happy to report that, unlike blankets made with silica beans, the glass beads are comfortable, and make no noise during the night.

Personally, I found that I hardly even noticed it filled with beads, they’re so tiny. The blanket has a nice, smooth, soft feel.

Extra Features

We always believe that it’s the small things that make a huge difference in terms of what a product has to offer. With Quility, they’ve used a strong sewing technique, plus corner loops for duvet securing. Both of these features seem to be a hit amongst customers, as you can’t have a weighted blanket shifting around inside the cover, and durability is always a plus.

I loved the hoops for securing the duvet cover. I tested another brand a few weeks ago and found that the weight of the blanket cause it to slide around inside the cover and made it impossible to rectify without taking it all out.

Comfort & Feel

Everything about the Quility weighted blanket seems very comfortable. Buyers have praised the softness of the outer shell, claiming that the product can easily be used without a duvet cover. Provided that you choose the size that’s right for your body weight, the blanket will never feel uncomfortable, although it might take a few nights to get used to a weighted blanket.

Myself, I have to say that this was one of my favorite weighted blankets. I’ve tested some that were itchy and ridged. But this one was soft, dense, and smooth.

Bottom Line

There really isn’t any reason not to fall in love with what the Quility product stands for. From a manufacturing point of view, the company really has thought of everything: they used a comfortable fabric for the outer layer, created a sewing pattern that evenly distributes the beads across the surface of the product, inserted comfort and transition layers that will both protect the contents of the blanket, as well as your own body, and more.

The Quility product meets all the items on our checklist of quality weighted blankets, creating a product that manages to be efficient and durable, but also keeping the best interest of the consumer in mind. It’s the kind of product that does everything it’s supposed to do, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. And if you don’t take our word for it, maybe you’ll believe the tens of thousands of customers that believe this was money well spent.

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