Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds Review Comments

Updated August 23, 2019

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Our Rating
Marie Strauss

I received my full airbed in perfect condition. It goes up easily, might need a couple of times to stay completely full of air (this is probably due to the fact that the vinyl needs time to adjust,) but very comfortable to sleep on……my experience with customer service – they were excellent!

Sandra Applegate

What you fail to mention about fox air beds is the lack of customer service. I used my bed once and 3 months later pull it out for a friend and the pump doesn’t work. Fox air beds is like. Oh sorry you purchased it 6 months ago. 90 day warranty on a product one uses only a few times a year for a guest is a joke. The cheap blow up bed I bought before lasted several years. Make sure you mention this next time you review.

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