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Naturepedic Serenade Mattress

Maintaining a good sleep schedule is almost as important to our wellbeing as healthy eating. Neglecting your sleep will lead to health issues. That’s a fact. As we all know, a good sleep can only be achieved with a comfortable mattress. How about The Naturepedic Serenade? Will this hybrid mattress get you the healthy sleep that you so desperately need? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. Keep on reading…

Naturepedic Mattress Specs

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30 Night Trial Period

20 Year Warranty

All About Naturepedic Serenade Mattress

• Comfort and Feel

The Serenade mattress offers a unique combination of comfort and firmness. A layer of organic latex foam provides a contouring comfort to any sleeper’s body. This is known to alleviate pain in areas like back, hip, and joints. Then the layer of encased coils provides strong support and firmness to ensure a healthy sleep in addition to the comfort. We can thank Latex for that combo, a foam that combines the best qualities of memory foam and polyfoam. Soft, yet firm. Comfortable, yet therapeutic. This mattress truly does it all and your body will thank you for laying your weary bones on this beauty.

Comfort And Feel Rating: 4/5

• Motion Reduction

Light sleepers wake up at the slightest sound or disturbance. If a light sleepers shares a mattress with a restless sleeper, this will cause issues. That’s why motion isolation is so important. If a mattress has strong motion isolation, you can get up in the middle of the night and dance an adorable little jig on the mattress without disturbing your sleep partner. The Serenade offers decent motion isolation. It will significantly reduce any motion that you’ll feel on the mattress, but since it does not contain any memory foam it’s not perfect. You won’t be able to dance a jig on this mattress without disturbing your sleep partner. But you will be able to wake up in the middle of the night to dance a little jig on the floor next to the bed as much as you’d like. So that’s not too bad.

Motion Isolation Rating: 3/5

• Delivery and Set Up

Serenade mattresses are compressed, wrapped, and delivered in a box. Delivery is only available within the contiguous states of the U.S (so no delivery to Alaska or Hawaii), but the standard delivery charge is free. The mattresses are manufactured and shipped to the customer’s address within three to five working days. Unfortunately, white glove delivery and old mattress removal is not available.

• Off-Gassing

Most new products smell, depending on the materials used in their production. This is called off-gassing and most mattresses do it. The only problems that arise are when the odour is too pungent or takes too long to dissipate. The Serenade’s off-gassing is about average. The odour is fairly mild and should go away within a few days. It’s nothing to be concerned about. If you are particularly sensitive to smells, we recommend letting the mattress air out in a well ventilated room or using a mattress protector to mask the odour.

Off-Gassing Rating: 3.5/5

• Temperature

The Serenade mattress was constructed with latex foam, which is known to be quite breathable. Additionally, sleepers never sink too deeply into the mattress. That prevents the mattress from ever trapping heat. So, unless you plan on using this mattress within a sauna, you should sleep comfortably and cooly on the Serenade every night.

Temperature Rating: 4/5

• Edge Support

Thanks to the pillars on the top layer, the edge support on the Serenade is actually quite good. If you sit or sleep on the edge of this mattress, you won’t slide off or even feel like it might happen. The pillar support goes right to the very edges of this mattress. So if you ever wake up on the floor, that’s your fault. Serenade will be blame free.

Edge Support Rating: 4.5/5

• Trial and Warranty

Customers can return the Serenade within a 30-day sleep trial period. However, the mattress must be packaged in a box by the customer and shipping will cost $150. Those who have discarded the box that the mattress arrived in will have to request for another box ,which will cost them an extra $150 (making the total cost of returning the mattress $300). This trial/return policy is quite expensive and deeply disappointing given that most mattress companies offer a 100-night trial with free removal. It’s a bit ridiculous and doesn’t inspire much confidence in Naturepedic.

There is also a warranty period of 20-years, which starts on the purchase date. Naturepedic will repair or replace the mattress at its own discretion during this time. However, any defect that is the result of customer mishandling will not be covered by the warranty. There are also strict terms and conditions that must be followed before any customer can use the warranty (ex: the mattress must be placed on a strong foundation, the warranty is only available for the original owner, etc.).

Overall, this is disappointing. Naturepedic’s return policy isn’t exactly customer friendly and that feels like a bad sign.

Trial And Warranty Rating: 3/5


Naturepedic used unique and organic materials to construct the Serenade, breaking down as follows:

The comfort layer is made of latex. Most latex mattresses are soft yet firm. Sound contradictory, right? I thought so too until I realized that latex mattresses are soft at first touch, but firms up as your body sinks for full support. This feature makes latex mattresses ideal for anyone with musculoskeletal ailments. It helps to relieve back pain along with other advantages like air circulation and durability. There are two types latex used in the Serenade: Dunlop and Talalay. Talalay is soft and airy while Dunlop is firm and dense. Talalay was used in the comfort layer of the mattress, while Dunlop was used in the support layer.

Aside from natural latex, the other major materials used are 100% organic wool and cotton. The wool is chemical-free, hypoallergenic, and resists bacteria, mould, and dust mites. The cotton provides added comfort and is also hypoallergenic. So, the Serenade not only provides ideal comfort for sleepers, it also helps keep them healthy.

The last major material used is in the mattress is an encased coil system located in the support layer. The encased coil system is made up of individually wrapped coils that ensure balanced support by separating weight and motion. These coils also provide additional breathability to reduce heat gathering at the core of the mattress.

Overall, Naturepedic have delivered a wonderful mattress from impressive materials that should please even the pickiest of sleepers.

Materials Rating 5/5

Customer Reviews and Recommendation

Sure, Naturepedic’s trial and warranty policy might be weak, but there’s no denying that their mattress is strong. The Serenade is a very good mattress that conforms to the body without any sink. The materials are 100% organic and certified by GOTS. However, the price is higher than the average for latex mattresses. The twin size costs $1,499 while the king ships for $2,999. So, while this is certainly a nice mattress, the price is a bit out of control. This will only appeal to customers with unlimited budgets.

We would recommend the Serenade mattress for anyone who:

  1. Has an allergy to chemicals often found in mattresses.
  2. Intends to share their mattress with a sleep partner (or three).
  3. Enjoys sleeping in a bed that conforms to their shape without any sink.
  4. Intends to use their mattress for quite a while.

The Serenade one of the few all natural latex mattresses on the market, so you can feel good about owning it (even if your bank account might not be as happy). While we wouldn’t necessarily rate the Serenade as the best mattress on the market, it is definitely a contender that marks Naturepedic as a company to watch. Let’s just hope that they improve their trial and warranty policies.

Overall Rating: 4/5