Labor Day Mattress Sales

Updated September 26, 2019

It’s here again! The day of long lines or constant clicking through numerous websites fighting for your perfect Labor Day sale. The day that consumers rejoice for the paid holiday from work and the unlimited sales on every object imaginable. Find yourself wanting to make a small purchase or throw caution to the wind and go big? Maybe your desires are a little selfish or perhaps your mindset is in a practical place. Why not combine both of these and treat yourself (and others if applicable) to something soft and comforting. A spanking new mattress should be what is in store for you on this Labor Day for an amazing deal and the victorious feeling of being the top dog!

Purchasing a new mattress can be a daunting task when faced with decisions from the type of mattress wanted to the design and size. Should you get one that can adjust to different sections or one that will self-cool and stay dry? The majority of mattress retailers will try their best to convince you that their product is the one you absolutely have to purchase.

With a few guidelines in place concerning how to research and what style is suited for all aspects, the task can be easily accomplished with the best bang for your buck. Throughout the sections below, we will quickly discuss the best place to get started so you are ready and prepared for the craziness of Labor Day sales to start.

#1 Figure Out What You Can Spend

You can’t ignore it any longer. You need and want a new bed. It’s been decided. Great, but now the research starts! Start a few days before to the big sales begin to weed out unwanted stress and impulse buying while looking at the man, many options floating around out there. To keep things simple, set a number in mind so you are not persuaded by the first shiny deal that comes along. Maybe there’s a certain bed you’ve had your eye on, or perhaps there’s a particular model that comes highly recommended but the price has always been too high and you’ve been waiting for a great sale day.

#2 Decide on the Bed You Really Want

There are a few important things that go into figuring out what type of mattress is best for you and/or your partner. Are you a side sleeper? Back sleeper? Do you suffer from some serious (or even minor) back problems?

According to the nationals Sleep Foundation, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. So, with that sort of commitment, be sure you’re invested in your choice.

#3 Research Mattress Retailers

There are so many, almost too many, mattress retailers available around the world and with the ease of a credit card and click of a mouse, you can be sleeping on a new bed in no time. Regardless of where they are or what they claim, all retailers are going to be promoting Labor Day sales. Just be careful of the ones who are focusing on traffic and profits, rather than actually providing quality products that are right for you.

Knowledge is power! Narrow your choices down to a select number of retailers, such as five or six of the best ones according to the web.

#4 Research Warranties, Returns, and Trial Periods

When investing a large sum of money into one product, even at a sale price, you want to be sure you’re covered. Take a look and make note of the various return policies. How many days do you have to test out your new bed? Can you return it if you’re not happy? What are the conditions of the return? Do you have to pay to ship it back?

Some mattress companies will offer a trial period. Meaning you can test it out to your heart’s delight and if you’re not 100% satisfied, they’ll collect the product and refund you your money. This is great for a product like this because, with most new beds, there’s always an adjustment period. You have to get used to it, break it in, see if it truly is the right choice.

Final Labor Day Tips

Don’t save the research and shopping until the day of the big sales which can cause you to rush your purchase. There is a small window of opportunity to score an amazing deal and once armed with the knowledge of the type of mattress you desire, it is easy to sit down online and start sifting through deals.

Make sure you’re buying the right bed for you this coming Labor Day. Bypass the lines and do your research so you can confidently make your purchase online and be sleeping in the bed of your dreams in no time!