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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating? Does your mattress have a tendency to provide too much hug to the point that it makes it feel like you’re marinating in your own body heat? If this sounds like a struggle you face, you probably aren’t getting the quality of sleep you need.

Jess unboxing and adding the e-luxury cooling pad to a mattress in her test studioBefore you can enter REM sleep, your body temperature needs to lower just a little bit. When your mattress isn’t able to properly transfer heat, this can prevent you from enjoying the most restorative stage of sleep. You don’t have to buy a whole new mattress to enjoy a cooler sleep surface. I recently had the chance to check out the Cooling Pad by eLuxury.

Whether you need to restore an older sleep surface or make it cooler, this product can provide the answer you’re looking for. We’re happy you’ve come to the decision to try something to improve your sleep, and I hope the information we’ve shared has helped. To celebrate, we’d like to save you 20% when you order. Just enter promo code SleepJudgeReview!

Multiple Efforts for Good Durability

This product is made to last, and I found that refreshing considering you can buy this product for less than $200. There is more than one way in which eLuxury worked to ensure you can enjoy this product as long as possible:

  • It’s stain and moisture resistant
  • Cluster fiber goes through an extra engineering process that creates balls of fiber that retain shape longer
  • You do get a one year warranty to protect against manufacturing-related issues

When you think about it, the addition of the Cooling Pad can even help increase the durability of your mattress. The first layer is where most wear and tear takes place. This product acts as a buffer to help protect your comfort layers.

Furthermore, it protects your mattress cover against staining and other damage. If you choose to use a sheet and/or mattress protector as an additional layer of protection, it shouldn’t interfere with the pad’s ability to keep you sleeping cool.

A New Lease on Your Hot Mattress

There is hope for your hot mattress. Many don’t realize all it takes is a small change to your sleep surface to make a big difference. I hope our review and unboxing has helped you come to your final decision. If you didn’t get a chance to see them or aren’t yet sure if you’re ready to make a purchase, we strongly advocate for making informed decisions.

Take a moment to see how this product worked out for us. While this product will create a cooler sleep surface for most, we clear up how the heat capacity of the Cooling Pad could clash with your sleep patterns and become ineffective. Just don’t forget, if you do decide to buy, enter our promo code for your 20% discount!