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Everything’s better when you’ve had a good night’s rest, and never has mattress shopping been more efficient. From the comfort of your home, you can browse hundreds of options and order straight from the manufacturer… no middleman markups. If you’re ready to make the DreamCloud mattress your next sleep product, we’d like to help you save $200 at checkout! Just enter promo code JUDGE200 at checkout!

Great Option for Sleep Partners with Varied Preferences

The DreamCloud mattress can be a great option for sleep partners, especially for those who vary in weight. The layer construction of this product is designed to offer slightly firmer-than-average support while accommodating those who don’t carry a whole lot of weight.

I’m 130 pounds, and my sleep partner weighs 100 pounds more, so there’s quite a bit of difference between the two of us. He often finds my preferred degree of firmness a little too plush. Likewise, I typically find his firmness too firm. I was impressed with how DreamCloud’s layer combination was able to accommodate both our preferences.

Strategic Layer Construction

DreamCloud is a hybrid product that incorporates a combination of foams and innerspring to arrive at a balance of support and comfort to accommodate all sleeping positions well. Much unlike traditional memory foam, you can enjoy DreamCloud’s visco-elastic components without feeling like you’re stuck.

Layer-by-layer, you’ll find:

  • Cashmere Luxe Quilted Eurotop
  • Gel-Infused memory foam
  • Soft polyfoam
  • 8″ innerspring unit
  • 1/2 firm polyfoam

Luxury Materials at a Fraction of the Price

From the moment I unboxed my DreamCloud, I could tell this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill mattress. The cashmere cover consists of extremely fine fibers. Consider this impressive comparison… sheep’s wool measures in at .036 mm while cashmere’s diameter is between .007 and .019 mm. The result is a really soft cover I absolutely fell in love with.

If you’re apprehensive about memory foam and its notoriety for excessive sinkage, you’ll be impressed with how well it pairs with the 8″ innerspring unit. Overall, this combination offered the contour you need for comfort without the “stuck” feeling.

DreamCloud… Is It for You?

You’re about to make a really big decision. The mattress you purchase will need to offer proper comfort and support for several years to come. If you like the contour of traditional memory foam but not the sinkage, DreamCloud does a great job at adding the right components to provide the bounce-back necessary to keep you from sinking in and sleeping hot. This product also performed well in our heat transfer test and incorporates zoning to properly distribute weight for a great night’s rest.

If you haven’t had a chance, take a moment to check out our full review of the DreamCloud mattress. We break down the pros and cons to ease any doubts before you make your purchase.