Casper vs Tuft & Needle: Breaking Down the Original Mattress Differences

Casper and Tuft & Needle mattresses are some of the original Bed-In-A-Box designs that cut out the middleman for warehouse to home shipping that saves consumers time and money. Both companies make various designs for specific comfort needs, but all options are influenced by the original designs that made them famous to begin with.

To see if either of these mattress companies are worth a closer look, we’ve compiled a side by side contrast to highlight the materials, designs, and overall feel of each so you can decide if either are right for you. Take a look at Casper vs Tuft & Needle to help you break down the differences.

Tuft & Needle Original Casper Original
Layers Used 2 layers – 3” of T&N Adaptive® foam, 

7” of support foam

4 layers – 1.5” of latex foam, 1.5” of memory foam, 2” of transitional foam, 5” of support foam,
Height 10 inches 10 inches
Firmness Medium- Firm Medium- Firm
Motion Transfer Good Good
Breathability High High
Trial Period 100 Nights 100 Nights
Warranty 10 years, limited 10 years, limited
Standard Shipping Free across the Continental US Free across the US and Canada

Casper Mattress Construction

The original Casper mattress is a foam layered mattress that provides body support and natural body alignment. It eliminates motion transfer and offers a cooling mattress cover for a more comfortable night.

— Mattress Cover

The patented blend of breathable, cooling, and stretchy fabric cover provides a perfect mattress fit and serves as not only a comfort layer, but a protective one at that. Hypoallergenic, it reduces the amount of germ and allergens that naturally build up on bed surfaces, and allows you to keep your mattress under warranty longer by protecting from stains. Since it is removable, it is easy to wash, and provides a nice breathable option that works with the mattress layers for all night cooling.

— Latex Foam Layer

Latex foam is popular for its amazing support without creating a surface that leaves an impression behind. This 1 ½ inch latter offers bounce back and avoids compression sinks to offer a truly comforting sleep surface. Latex also is poured with air flow channels to help improve air circulation to allow you a cool night’s sleep.

— Memory Foam Layer

Beneath the latex layer is another 1 ½ inch layer of memory foam that helps distribute body weight and provide true support to your body shape and size. It works with the latex to create a customizable feel that is specific to your shape, weight, and size.

— Polyfoam Transition Layer

This 2 inch polyfoam transition layer serves as underlying support to the top two layers that allows for weight distribution without sacrificing overall body support and [pressure relief. This layer is blended to allow a softer feel at the head of the mattress with a firmer support located through the mattress to provide a more firm support for heavier areas of the body.

— Dense Supportive Foam Layer

This 5 inch foundation slayer is a dense foam that provides support to the top three layers, and serves as a structural base. It’s support is crucial to allow the top layers to work as designed and to keep compression sinks from occurring.

— Firmness Level

It is suggested that you sleep on a more firm sleep surface than a soft one to ensure you received the proper support your body needs for overall body alignment. Most mattresses are scaled from 1 to 10, with 1 being super soft, and 10 being extremely firm. The Casper mattress falls near a 7, offering a medium firm feel overall that is perfect for back and stomach sleepers, as well as heavier side sleepers who can better take advantage of the foam layers to cushion their shoulders and hips in alignment.

— Motion Transfer

Motion transfer of the Casper is considered average to good overall. The foam layers help control motion from one side of the bed to another, and the edge support is decent, but not as stable as an innerspring or hybrid mattress option.

— Other Casper Mattress Options

On top of their original mattress option, Casper offers the following to choose from:

  • Original Hybrid Spring and Foam Layered Mattress
  • The Wave Hybrid and Hybrid Cooling Snow Mattresses for Ultimate Firmness and Support
  • The Nova Hybrid and Hybrid Cooling Snow Matresses for Ultimate Body Contouring and Softness Layered Support
  • The Element Basic Foam Mattress for Whole Body Support and Comfort and Budget Priced

Tuft & Needle Mattress Construction

The original Tuft & Needle mattress is also a layered foam option to provide excellent cooling abilities and a very structured support for a wide array of body shapes and sizes. The company also prides itself on their affordable price point, and has designed this mattress as their bounce back option for all body types.

— Mattress Cover

The soft knit poly fabric and Tencel blend cover is designed to be a highly breathable, stretchy, non-bunching option that offers a cooling feel and protective layer to help keep your mattress under warranty. It also helps repel dirt and allergens, and provides a healthier sleep surface. Plus, it is machine washable!

— 3” of T&N Adaptive® foam Layer

Tuft & Needle’s 3 inch patented adaptive foam layer is a highly guarded secret, but it delivers amazing comfort! Designed to highlight the best properties of both memory foam and natural latex, it offers a conforming, yet rapidly responsive surface that provides the support you need, where you need it. It also is blended with a heat absorbing graphite and cooling gel combination to help draw heat from your body, dispel moisture and odors, and keep your mattress feeling as new as the day you received it.

— Dense Supportive Foam Layer

Unlike the Casper Mattress, Tuft & Needle only has two layers in the design, but they are incredibly effective. The bottom 7 inches of the mattress is a support core that works with the top 3 inches to provide amazing support and weight distribution. Structured into the foam are air channels to increase breathability and cooling properties, something that is often neglected in base mattress construction.

— Firmness Level

Like the Casper Mattress, the original T&N also is rated as a medium-firm option and falls at approximately a 7 on the firmness scale.

— Motion Transfer

Motion transfer of the T&N is also considered average to good overall. The foam layers help control motion from one side of the bed to another, and the edge support is decent, but not as stable as an innerspring or hybrid mattress option.

— Other Tuft & Needle Mattress Options

Along with the Original Mattress design, T&N provides a few other options for you to consider. Unlike Capser, they have kept their choices simple to highlight various overall needs and to keep you focused on what really matters:

  • Mint Mattress: an all foam, cooking design that is similar to the original with a softer sleep surface to better accommodate side sleepers.
  • Hybrid Mattress: a foam and innerspring design for all sleep comforts with innovative cooling and body support.

Which to Get?

Since both mattresses are fairly similar overall, and you might struggle to decide which is best for you without actually seeing them in person, we’ve provided a quick list of reasons to consider both to help you further narrow down your choices.

Reasons to Consider Casper:

  • Casper is an affordable choice, especially when combined with The Sleep Judge’s Coupon Codes.
  • It has a plush overall feel, but provides a conformity to allow for position shifts and body support without creating a sink.
  • The layered creation truly allows it to work with your unique body shape and size to keep you supported where you need it, and contouring for spinal alignment for a more targeted support system.
  • The overall feel has best been described as comfortable for back and stomach sleepers, and some heavier side sleepers.
  • Good breathability is built into the overall design, but it could be warm for naturally hot sleepers.
  • It has good motion isolation for those who hate to be distrubed when their partner moves in the night.

Reasons to Consider Tuft & Needle:

  • If you are on a tight budget, this is a very affordable choice and offers a quality option you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for.
  • The layers are integrated with various cooling capabilities, making it a comforting, cooling option for a good night’s sleep.
  • The overall feel is considered best for stomach and back sleepers, although heavier side sleepers may also find it very comforting.
  • It adapts quickly to your own movements and contouring with excellent bounceback. It also isolates motion well to avoid nocturnal disruptions.


Despite the similarities, both of these mattresses have a few differences that can make them stand out from one another. They are quality, affordable choices, built for a wide range of sleepers to offer bounce back and body support. Cooling properties also exist, although the T&N seems to be a bit more attractive in this area overall due to the materials and construction used. Both companies offer alternatives to their original mattress as well, making them available to a wider variety of sleep needs.